Second Life Ranker

25 Us. set (9)

In fact, it wasn't that hard to combine Rebecca and the Blue Spirit.

because all you had to do was implant Rebecca's data into the blue power. 'The nature of the self Buda was that easy.


[You have successfully overlaid the Blue Spirit with a hundred.] It forms itself and is reborn as a Lesser Blue Spirit.]

[Lesser Blue Spirit has sworn allegiance to you. From now on, she will be bound by a spirit and your sword will be your shield.]

[Do you want to name the Lesser Blue Spirit?


[Lesser Blue Spirit's Name 'Rebecca Cargo Designated']

[Fifteen more loyalties.]

[Domination has increased by 5.]

[Rebecca's (Lesser Blue Spirit) Conceptual Physique cannot handle the high 'gallop' currently created by the body. The stats will be readjusted.]

Born in a blue transparent pattern, Rebecca is busy looking around for her new flesh.

Then I realized that I was about to lose my temper, and reached out to the spirit of Hepburn and Sol Luna for a quick revenge.

Like when I swallowed a blue soul, I put two ghosts in my mouth once more.

[Rebecca (Lesser Blue Spirit) enjoyed the soul of Hepburn (Apostle of Urd).]

[Stats will be readjusted.]

[Rebecca has evolved from low to medium.]

[Rebecca (Medium Blue Spirit) absorbed the soul of Sol Luna (Vampire).]

[Increases fire.]

[Stats will be readjusted.]

[Grade has evolved from Intermediate to Advanced.]

Rebecca's pale existence continues to become as intense as Death Knight's.

All the calibration of the saturn that could be broken was accepted, and even the flesh that was transparent began to show some color.

[Successfully subordinated the extracted bag (Sanum). We took a bigger step in the way of death. Additional rewards will be given.]

[Additional reward will create skill 'Abyssal Necromancy'.]

[Abyssal Necromancy]

Grade: A—

Skill Level: 2.1%

Description: It is the rarest of innate sexual animosities divided into several sections. To acquire it, you need to learn more skills. The more skilled you are, the more powerful your spirit becomes.

Yeon's skills and connections allow her to convey some of Rebecca's thoughts.

It also contains Rebecca's long-standing stupidity. The Sovereign LORD brought Rebecca back to life. He had to help me solve this as promised.

And then...

[Urd is furious.]

[Kernunos glances at you in the face of ruins.]

[Urd says something to Kernunos. Chernunos rejects it.]

[Kernunos watches you with a calm gaze. I've decided not to comment on this issue.]

[Demons start discussing you based on someone's agenda.]

Is it because of your achievements? '

God and demons are trapped in a field on the 98th floor and can never interfere downstairs.

If I wanted to indicate a intention, I would send a message using the system, and if I wanted to do something, I would borrow a sanctuary where I could easily reach their influence. Alternatively, there were times when they used the power of the Apostle.

However, even with the use of apostles, there were limits to the intervention of doctors. Even though Urd had a grudge against Yeouido, it was zero days, as if he could not be carelessly seduced by his past history. I could never do anything to interfere with my 'achievements'.

And this seemed to be the same thing.

Yeongwoo was pioneering an achievement one by one about how to die around a black bracelet, which was protected by an intense system.

Perhaps Chernunos knew that, so he couldn't help himself.

However, even if it were, it could bring down a light week, but there is no such thing. Also, there was less repulsion than expected.

'He is an apostle who has won his own Apostle.'

The apostle was not just a messenger of God. He was an agent of God's will, an avatar who inherited God's blood and soul.

Of course, I have no choice but to treat the apostle. I felt like I was going to keep an eye on things for a while longer.

And Rebecca was busy looking around at her half-transparent body to see if her body had changed into a permanent adaptation. Then I began to check my limbs gradually and check for a different body.

Instead of looking at her, Yeon-woo stared at another message.

The constant attention of any demon that has been trampled on for some time. What kind of agenda are you proposing? What are you proposing?

I couldn't stop caring even if I didn't care.

The first thing Rebecca tried was refinement.

It was more natural for her to want the flesh than the spirit.

The problem is that there are still limits to the proficiency of Abyssal Necromancy.

I can't help it. However, I would like you to increase your skill level as soon as possible.

“Don't flatter yourself. I'm gradually gaining proficiency just by keeping summoning like this. And I'm going to study animosity in the gaps. ”

She no longer respected Yeon-woo because she was a member of the family.

It's a sudden change in attitude, so it's a bad idea. Rebecca doesn't care much.

She was concerned that the truth was more important than the apparent courtesy.

And if there was one unintended reward, it was that the Seed of Divine Power was formed on one side of Rebecca's body. Chernunos didn't take it.

Although it was a trivial level compared to the power of the present life, I was thankful that Que Renunos had not yet achieved his will.

It meant I could lend my power back at any time.

After all the cleaning up is done.

Yeonwoo was small again when she helped Henova.

Hanova suddenly notices Rebecca following the brothel, but soon realizes she's a spirit and ignores her. It's because I knew a long time ago that if I started talking about Yeonwoo like this, my goal would hurt.

Moreover, Rebecca was helpful in many ways.

When I was hunting, I often had to be self-sufficient because I usually had to play solo.

So, of course, metallurgy had a deep craftsmanship, and having a small amount of power, it was possible to bless the casting.

In addition, if you help Yeon-woo Henova, she gets angry from time to time. Henova allowed it.

It's a very clear way to be buried evenly over high fever and high temperatures and over low rainfall because of the soil and the soil and the warmth of the earth.

[The armor of Artifact Genova is complete.]

[Artifact Genova's Gymnastics Boots are complete.]

[The artifact 'Henova's Blacksmith's Handcuffs' has been completed.]

[A Stable Set has been born.]

[Helping Dwarf Hanova complete his masterpiece. "Your blood, sweat, tears, and determination are all over your armor.]

[Only +20 sensitivity to the Stable Set will be deepened.]

[I have a deep knowledge of metallurgy. Some of the knowledge of the Dragon has been unlocked.]

['Dragon Eye' skill level has increased. 65.2%]

[Let's build more knowledge to establish your own metallurgical system. Yeon-woo looks at the new set of arenas, wearing the face of the ghost of Haran at all times. Some of them were obsolete and some were newly made.

That's why I want to check quickly. I'm reaching out.

“Huh. Where have you been? ”

Hanova quickly lowers the bear stand and restrains Yeon-woo's hand.

“What's the matter?"

“What's the matter? It's not too late yet, but he's trying to eat some raw food. ”

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

“What do you mean you're not done yet? ”

Hanova grins nervously as she bites the bear stand.

“Wait a minute, boat."

Yeon-woo stares at Hanover with a distant look because she doesn't understand what she's trying to do.

At that time, Henova takes out a glass bottle the size of a palm of his hand from his arms, containing a strange, glittering liquid in the color of 1-Ruby.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes changed. My eyelids were slightly blurry.

“Hehe. You look like you know your way around. At least I'm glad I didn't have Dong-tae's eyes. Well, if you're human, you've got to have those eyes to learn how to do magic by torturing me like that. ”

“Are you sure 'Hell's Tears'? ”

“That's right. The one I saved a long time ago. I've been thinking about what to use it for. It's useless anyway. I'm gonna give you some seed for your stuff this time. The points you gave me, think you spent them on this. ”

Hell's tears were the last remnant of his feet, the Princess of the Giants, who had been killed much longer than the polyps.

Hell's Mother has been so powerful that she has been nicknamed Mother of Hell. So I bought hostilities from many demons, and I had to be warned by the gods.

Such tears that she possessed were special enough to have legend that they had become the sulfur fire of hell.

Among other materials, it was the highest rated object, except for God's material.

“Based on your attributes, it seems that the dark side or the fire side is the best. And with that, Hanova explained in a confident manner," If you're a person, you should have two respects for me. "

However, her eyelids still did not stop twitching the whole time I watched Hanova.

I knew Hell's tears were a very good ingredient. But that's not what was important to Yeon-woo right now.

'Why is that still Hell's tear.

It was originally a gift from my brother to Henova.

Ram was having the most/flinching/flinching/one thing was that they were carrying the/period/birthday 7//.

They had a habit of keeping the day alive. But it's just one day/mid-day/even then.

The culture that celebrates and destroys each other's birthdays was preached to them.

I said no.

It's still 7 years in a row. As expected, Tom's world was too small.

, he/she planted. So I planted my birthday by myself.

And I know that Ha-Nova's birthday hasn't happened yet. - A month. - A month?

- My mother said I was a good gift before a month before she wouldn't listen.

She thought for a long time what she would like to give Hanova for her birthday, and finally decided to give Hel a hard time saving her tears.

Since Hannova is a blacksmith, I thought it would be good to give him a gift.

Hanova thrashes his brother with a single glance to pick up anything useless, but when he turns back, he doesn't miss the strange look on his face.

And over time, my brother also, of course, thought that Hanova had cried Hel's tears.

It was still there?

Moreover, when I looked at the glass bottle, there was no sign of opening the lid at all. It meant that he had kept the Goi without ever using it.

Hanova opens her lid carefully before Yeon-woo says anything.

Along with the sound of air entering, the magic that had been sealing Hel's tears was released, and the contents flowed out of the glass bottle as red smoke.

The red smoke swirled around the set of chariots, slowly sinking down and infiltrating deep into several artifacts.


Huaiac - A red swarm burst, and the armor parts, except for the horse iron cotton and the horse armor sword, merged together, leaving only a lump of black chest.

All of a sudden, all of a sudden, there seemed to be only one good artifact left.

“Hoho. Check it out. ”

Hanova boasts, smoking a bear stand. You point at your breastplate with your jaw confidently.

Yeongwoo lowered her head slightly to take her hand toward her breastplate to avoid raising her trembling eyes as much as possible.

[Congratulations! You helped Hanova finish her masterpiece. A masterpiece is called unity from the gods who love art, and envy from many demons.]

[Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values and additional rewards will be provided.]

[You have gained 10,000 Public Values.]

[You have scored an additional public value of 15,000.]

[As an additional reward, I gained a much deeper understanding of metallurgy. ']

['Emotional' combined with 'Dragon Eye' has increased Yong Eye's skill level. 69.8%]

Yeon-woo checked her breastplate.

[Henova Stadium]


Grade: S&?? (Fabulous)

Description: Combined with a fully powered set of horseshoes by Henova. The horse market set was originally designed to serve as a great accessory to a man's specific information, but it also had tremendous potential to stay in Hel's tears.

When worn, free form conversion is possible according to the user's perception.

Automatic repair allows automatic repair of any damage and is also weighted to greatly help with mobility.

* Contains the purification of Hel, the mother of Hell's tears. It has a big impact on darkness, evil, and fire attributes. The change in speed depends on the user's skill level.

* Opens the eye field of view left by the Dragon Eye (Auxiliary) Great polyp. Makes contact with the world smoother.

* Areas of hypersensory (secondary) sensation • • • • -

* * This artifact is unique. There is only one tower, and it is fully attributed to its owner. Impossible to move or transfer to another person.

* * Spirituality has been created due to the influence of the Four Masterpieces. The impact on different skills and attributes varies proportionately, depending on the user's personal use and skill level. When there are additional skills, respond to them to create new options lines. The stronger the fire and the darkness, the stronger the spiritual power.

* * The effect of 'masterpiece' makes your hair clear when worn. I call upon the throne and envy of many gods and demons.

I felt the strength in Yeongwoo's hands, holding her breastplate.

Custom equipment was originally built on the player's propensity, so the secondary effects were natural.

Every single one of these skills was affected at first sight, even as a young woman. He also said that it was specially crafted for Yeouido, specializing in the attributes of fire and darkness.

In order for this to be possible, a thorough analysis and example side of the flat layer is required. It was never possible in a day or two.

Even though Yeon gave away her information window. I had to spend that much time, nerve, and attention to analyze it so carefully that I could hear its effects.

“Suit up."

Yeongwoo wore breastplates. It's hard, but it feels like a rubber band. I stretched and stuck to my body firmly.

At that moment, I felt like something was connected between my armor and myself.

Yeon-woo had already thought of the vague content in the description window. Even light armor can be a little uncomfortable to move. Thinking about the black cloth with the map, the breastplate changed accordingly.

I was envious and natural to move around as if nothing had happened. And as the option came into effect, the heat turned and the body warmed by itself.

“What do you think?"

Hanova smiles satisfactorily and asks.

Here you go.

• • • Comfortable. ”

Yeon-woo replied.

Like mother and father.

The words that I couldn't bear to say stayed in my mouth.