Second Life Ranker

1. Shadow Painting (1)

“I'm glad you like it.” Hanova bursts into laughter.

He was always making a grumpy face, but now he feels very good.

Yeon-woo can only say thank you to Henova.

[This is 21st floor, 'Shadow Cadet Doctor.] after all the maintenance is done.

Yeongwoo gives a short greeting to the one-horned tribe, checking what is needed in the night position = 0 and climbing back up the tower.

Except for a few words with King Yeon-woo, there was little talk.

I haven't said a word since saying that I had a deep thought in my face. They notice that there is something unspeakable between Yeonwoo and Henova. Rebecca asked me a question.

What's your relationship with the old man? “Ugh” Eun Man? Rebecca laughs.

However, Yeon-woo gave no answer. The only one who misses his brother. Of course, if you're not a savior, what should I call you?

r seems to care a lot. You. Like a parent.

Rebecca says nothing more. I read that it wasn't the mood to do it, and I thought I would know enough about it.

Yeon-woo tried to stay awake while tapping her face with her palm. He encourages Henova to cheer on his favorite ingredients.

It was time to focus on staircase attacks. And the floor here was important to Yeon-woo in many ways.

As I passed through the front door to the courtyard, I remembered the message.

[Begin the trial of the base.] [Crucible: The Shadow has always been the faithful companion who follows you silently.

But there are shadows like that that that sometimes want to stand up, think and act on their own terms.

They always stand in the same place and try to take away the bodies of passersby.

Shadow dwellings are divided into five doorways and 33 compartments per gate.

From now on, choose a gateway and compete against the shadows to stand on your own will through over 20 compartments.

The more shadows you break, the more ambition they will lose.] sees the message and walks inside. I knew what was going on anyway, and it took me a lot of time to circle all the areas in the stamp.

At that time, the green portal opened in front of Yeon Woo. Yeongwoo has stopped walking and is green for someone to move their space. It was mostly used by administrators. Who's coming? I met Laplace on the 16th floor, and I'm curious because I haven't met any other administrators. The more you go up the stairs, the less likely managers are to show up unless you need emergency or help.

Soon, a little boy comes up on top of the green portal, terrified. The round eyes were filled with tears. It was a fight that refused to approach Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo's eyes lit up slightly.

The year of the twelve, Rupee.

The highest-ranking managers were known to have a power that even the original High Rankers could not easily overpower.

So it was mostly self-confident, or it could not fly.

Cow 0 0, but Rupee was a little different.

There were a lot of cowardice and tears, like a weak look. The other managers were in trouble because they sat down and cried.

So Dorupi was treated as a nuisance among the players.

A manager gives a little hint about the stage, but he just cries and doesn't have to die.

Of course, there were some women who adored such loopies.

But people who really knew Rupee were busy avoiding him.

Actions seem cowardly and timid, but if that were really all, the tower wouldn't have selected him as the Chief Administrator.

In fact, Rupee was a pleasurer. I don't care about anything else. I'm just looking for something irritating. It was only an auxiliary device to create such a stage that attracted tears.

Why would he come here? Looks like he's been looking for himself.

“#, # # Is this you?” “But?" Oh, I see, as I've heard, you're terrified. ”I wonder what they say about me. Yeon-woo stares at Luffy with a calm gaze without answering anything.

“Well, if you look at it that way, I'm so, so scared • • but I still didn't have any answers. Managers should not get involved as much as possible. Luffy was more him. It was better to clear my mind and let me take matters into my own hands.

Luffy hesitates for a long time as he turns around and speaks slowly.

“# # #, have you ever been to La, La Plaz?” “Laplace?" Yeon-woo tilts her head to see what this means. Why would he be looking for him all of a sudden? Luffy reads the curious look in Yeongwoo's eyes and shrugs slightly.

“Oh, I guess you weren't here.” Is something wrong? ”La, Laplace is currently on fire, impenetrable and in custody. So, Joe, we're doing some digging.” The Chief Executive is impeached? Yeon-woo opened her eyes slightly because she had never heard of this before, and then I thought for a while somewhere.

When I first stepped foot on the 16th floor.

Ralph says it's some kind of demon's message. He just says to watch out for the Urds and then disappears. Does it have something to do with that? However, managers were those who fought the gods and demons being detained on the 98th floor, and occasionally served as messengers, too.

However, it didn't make sense that I became mononuclear just by preaching the word. Was there another cost involved afterwards? Or maybe they're not right at all.

But then Luffy got hurt because he had no more reason to come find himself.

“If not, thank you.” There, done.

Luffy just said that and reopened the green portal. And as I lay my foot on it, I turn my head cautiously.

“Do you need me, him, and maybe some air cover?” “Not at all.” Well, then. ”Luffy bows as if for good, and rides off in a portal in a hurry.

Yeongwoo narrows her eyes. It was a big case that one of the twelve branches, Ralph's, was impenetrable.

I didn't get curious about what happened.

However, the manager's work does not significantly affect the players. That was the tower's system.

Yeon-woo soon stopped thinking and went deep into the yard.

“Proprietary • • • •“ for a while.

I heard you stayed on the 20th floor for a long time. What happened to him? All of a sudden, the Sadducees were gone. ”As always, there were eyes that followed him wherever Yeongwoo went.

There were already some rumours about whether the incident on the 20th floor had spread quite a bit.

Yeongwoo glanced around, fixing the horse railing, then slashed her head.

'Is it here, too?' Yeon-woo shrugged and smiled bitterly. Again, no sign of the liver or Victoria.

After getting better on the 20th floor, Yeon instructed the Night's Watch separately to find out where they were going.

But the answer came back: no news. After that, I stayed a full night outside the tower, but I couldn't find it.

Are you running away from the Horsemen? But the other thing that didn't seem to be true is that since then, the horse army hasn't shown itself any action to do either.

It may be that the relationship between you and the one-horned tribe keeps you from getting close.

'If the horses were moving back and forth like that, I wouldn't have listened to those lunatics.' In the end, there was nothing clearly resolved about the matter related to the palace of the future king.

But I always felt overwhelmed because I knew I couldn't be careless.

By the time I thought about it, Yeongwoo had suddenly arrived at the resistance of the building.

However, the gaze of those who were studying Yeon Woo changed strangely. It was because the shipyard was Gate 5, which was the least difficult of the five gates.

The base layer is divided into five gates, of which one or more gates are required.

People who always knew he was moving on the hardest path always got loud because they had to be divided.

Yeongwoo opened Gate 5 wide without being overwhelmed by such eyes [Gate 5].] [Shadows of players will appear in order from 165th to 133rd place recorded in the Hall of Fame on the floor. If you can hold each shadow for more than five minutes, you will move on to the next section. Defeat 20 Shadows in total to qualify for the Trial.] Based on the content of the message, 5 minutes seems very short.

And everyone's like, "Well, aren't we going to make it? I have an idea.

However, the opposing Pokémon has been welcomed by those who have only scored the highest score since the tower was created.

Over the years, the average level of the players continued to rise, but this did not make it easy to compete with the greetings in the Hall of Fame.

Moreover, it was not easy to escape because of the narrow location.

Players were therefore more than likely to challenge each other as they tried to pass through one compartment at a time. And every time I was badly injured, I tried to figure out how vulnerable I was as I recovered.

However, Yeon-woo knew that there was no progress using the same methods as them, so she intended to constrain herself in other ways.

'Let's go through Gate 5 without stopping first. In the direction of turning all the visions.' Even though Yeonwoo was clearing the records of all the hall of fame on each staircase, it was not easy to deal with the record-keepers.

Especially if it's beaten in less than five minutes.

Huaiak-Soon, a new place appeared as a swarm of light spread out in front of the kite. It was a compartment packed with angled bricks on a level that was not so wide.

The base gate was entirely in the form of an instant dungeon for each individual player. Otherwise, sometimes too many people could crowd the stage.

It also meant that Yeon-woo could use my skills with peace of mind.

[Soon, the battle against Graden will begin in 165th place. Prepare for battle while you wait.] [00: 10: 0] Then, with a message, a black azimuth rose from the tip of the room, slowly forming a human figure.

Her pale, red eyes sparkling faintly at her face were impressive.

Yeongwoo was a familiar face I had seen several times through the diary.

High ranker, grid.

Did he look like this in his youth? "The man who abandoned his real name and now uses the nickname Greed was a real pain in the ass when he had a brother.

He doesn't belong anywhere like this. He just wanders around like a jackal and grabs what he needs.

The specialty was a whimsical machete with a fake sword, perhaps? 'The grid slowly draws its sword from the sword at the waist. However, Yeon-woo did not miss sneaking her left hand behind her waist. Perhaps there are daggers hidden behind the belt.

In many ways, it was similar to the way Yeonwoo used to fight. I grabbed Krashna's dagger from the mildew belt.

Krashna's dagger has changed greatly in the midst of Yeon Yuan's hand. In fact, it is only the Dagger of Krashna as its name suggests, but it has already changed most of its contents. During the waiting time, a sneak attack was not possible. It was because he was passing through the welcome after throwing an attack.

Instead, it could have the advantages of setting up magic in advance or occupying an advantageous location.

Of course, Yeon-woo was not prepared to do anything other than pull out two swords.

What should I do? At that time, Rebecca squeezes her arms together and asks.

In fact, the Spirit, the Undead, and the Goose Legions were also among Yeouido's abilities. I could intervene as much as I wanted to.

“Just stay there. This is about me doing this alone.” Yeon shakes her head decisively. Staircase attacks have always been your own.

Rebecca nods as if she knew. Then I crossed my arms and watched Yeon-woo. I knew Yeon-woo had a lot of hidden power, but I didn't know what he was capable of, so I had to check.

He is his master in the future. In many ways, you need to know in advance how you can help.


[00: 00: 00 0th Term [00: 00: 00-01] [Waiting time is over.

Trial begins in the first compartment.] As soon as the count was over, Yeon-woo hit the ground immediately.

The heat surges as he passes by.