Second Life Ranker

2. Shadow Painting (2)

Similar to the movement of the kite, the grid bounces forward together.

You hear no metal, even though it must have been a knife and a knife. The sound of a small explosion rings my ears.

'Exactly. Everything is well implemented. I'm not supposed to just look at it as a metaphor.' Yeon felt the shock wave following Krashna's dagger and sparkled her eyes.

'Swords and equipment look pretty good, and the nickname greed is not because of anything else. An obsession with treasure.

It was because of the viciousness of my colleagues behind my back to get better things.

And it's clear that every time the equipment that the grid is wearing operates something, there's a magic box on the surface.

Fifteen, roughly speaking, in dragon horses. Shock absorption, some reflections, durability restoration, and speculation increase d = I can see how much investment you would have made.

However, Yeon-woo did not think that her equipment would run out.

You're wearing a masterpiece artifact that can only be purchased at the highest ranker level. The arena made the movement of the kite seamless.

The same is true of Krashna's dagger, reborn by his own hand. I was satisfied with myself.

[+3 Krashna's Dagger] Classification: One-Handed Weapon Class: A Description: It was originally a dagger used by one of the performers. However, after transferring many hands, he entered the hands of an unknown player and changed greatly.

The determined blade meets the basic skeleton, and the rest almost forgets its original appearance after several modifications.

In particular, the back of the blade is firmly fixed with Amanda. It has excellent durability. On the day, it is specially processed with various Mysterious Ore and Magic Gemstone for sharpness.

The determination of the weapon is transformed into its own personality and responds to user and proficiency, making a big difference. The more attachment and skill you have to your weapon, the greater the Attack Speed and Attack Power.

It was specially crafted to link with the blade of the Hump 'The Despair of the King of the Humps', so it was best suited to the attributes of the dark family. Increases Attack Power by about 15-20% when receiving Black Stories.

Made to fit perfectly. Add more passion to enhance your features.

The more you continue to strengthen, the harder it will be and the better it will be.

The newly refurbished Krashna Dagger has many new techniques that Salmon has tried in many ways.

There were two of the most deployed technologies.

Processing gemstones and self-reinforcement.

The clearer the crystal, the more powerful the gemstone becomes. It's also one of the basic ingredients of alchemy, so there was a magical discipline that specialized in jewelry within the tower.

Fortunately, Henova was an excellent blacksmith and knew how to handle gemstones.

Yeonwoo has focused on getting this technology transferred to her the whole time helping Henova.

It was a way to help Henova work by day, and by night, learn the skill to keep it steady.

And of course, Yeon-woo also used a parallax here.

I tried to understand the technical theories and put together the magical knowledge I had learned from Victoria in the 20th century.

At first, the direction was not well seen, but the dragon's knowledge was appropriately applied, and I was able to grasp the framework for gemstone processing in my own way.

The method was simple.

As Victoria had learned, the rune characters needed on the blade were engraved, and the gem powder with magical effect on it was gently sprinkled and firmly secured.

Of course, the jewels used here were excellent, more than 90% pure. What was left of Yeonwoo was money anyway, and even the most difficult items could be easily obtained in any quantity through Henova's network.

Yeongwoo made a lot of money to perfect her jewelry processing. After hearing Henova's nagging, she was able to perfect her skills.

There were two types of runes engraved on the dagger.

- Darker. Darker.

- Something hotter.

It is engraved according to the magical properties of Yeon-woo.

And so is self-reinforcement.

Now that you know how to handle the enchantment lineage of gemstones, it wasn't that hard to learn self-enhancement to amplify the effects of artifacts.

That's it.

After various studies, Yeongwoo was able to complete Krashna's dagger by hammering iron with the design design design in her head overnight.

Other times, the steel of the dagger is solid amandatium, and the outer surface used alloys mixed with mythril and miscible seasons in the proper proportion.

It's based on the know-how Henova made at the end of his old blacksmith's life, so it didn't give him much trouble.

However, that did not mean that I handled it well.

No, I was deeply obsessed with stealing all of Henova's know-how.

With the dragon's knowledge, he tried to understand the meaning of his actions, watching Henova restlessly with the dragon's eyes, and melting the observations with his supersenses.


Yeongwoo was only the first artifact made. He was confident, even though he was still a brutish result of a young beginner blacksmith.

They say the blade of the Grid is formidable, but nothing compared to it.

Nose! And the grid falls far back, unable to withstand Krashna's dagger, which was swinging violently, as it reflects the idea of such a storm.

It's a hallucination where you can't express your feelings or your doctor's words.

Yeon-woo felt like he was in a bit of a panic.

So I plunged the ground again hard to not miss a single win.

I hurriedly threw away five of the dressmakers hiding behind my waist like he told me not to come.

Ta-da! Yeon-woo managed to put the guards aside and quickly approached him. In the blink of an eye, the dagger and sword collided several times.

Then the balance shifts, pushing his sword to the side of his waist as he stabs it, and he does not miss the gap and loads of errors on the Krashna Dagger.

Then he turned it hard to the side as he lit it on fire.

Guako-Fireway burns the ground hot and quickly fills three lockers. The grid trapped within appears to be too dangerous.

“Why did you go to Gate 5? During the day, the biggest interest among players who challenged the trial of the base was the lotus.

On the 20th floor, a loner, who was hanging out with the Sadoons, began attacking the stairwell again.

But unlike everyone expected, he challenged Gate 5 instead of Gate 1.

Of course, everyone had to wonder.

It was a fact that everyone recently knew that "private" was ranked # 1 in the Hall of Fame on each step.

So, of course, I thought I'd go to Gateway No. 1 to win first place again. I turned around and headed to number 5. I was embarrassed.

It was the same for Trinity's three members.

Yeon-woo may not know who they are, but in fact, they had a small relationship with him on a few different steps. It was unilateral to them, to say the least.

When she was sweeping the pieces to hatch the eggs, she had to suck her finger from the Shadow Serpent's Dungeon.

He was briefly promoted by the Red Dragon's foreign forces, who were determined to build up a shortage of public values.

But every time there was a bad memory, I didn't want to get involved with him anymore.

The damn tornado still disappears, and I run into them again at a donation they're struggling with.

However, even if it was a bad story - even though it was a bad feeling that only they had unilaterally - the person who was usually looking at it did something they wouldn't understand, so the question had to be raised.

“What do you think, dictator?" Did you really suck your fingers on the 20th floor, as rumored? ”There was once a rumor that Yeongwoo had stopped attacking the stairs for a while.

It was that he had only been on the road for the first time, and that he had lost most of his skills because of his deep slump.

If the rumors are true. It was not unusual that you went through Gate 5 for a more comfortable offensive.

“I've been through that vicious human and still believe all that nonsense, you 7." At that time, I stubbed my tongue as I watched Heidi's pathetic conversation with Delan.

Delan and Jun look back.

Heidi, an Elf, possesses the skill of a tribe called the 'Elf's Eye,' so that I can glimpse the truth.

Thanks to that, I was forced to pay attention to those who were able to escape the crisis many times.

“Can you see anything?” “What do you need to see to get your mind straight?” What are you talking about? Explain to me, "Can't you see if the dictator's after you? You idiots." “Eww." Delan and Joon grimace for no idea what you're talking about, and Heidi squeals with fists.

“Of course, from start to finish, they're trying to get through all the gates!" Then their eyes changed as well.

Despite Delan's dullness from the beginning, June, who was usually the smart one, is also the reason why this happened.

I guess he's been tied up in the basement for too long. He's been getting a lot stiff lately.

No, maybe I could have predicted it, but I didn't know I wasn't thinking about it there on purpose.

Even if they are merely data from their youth, they are still monsters.

Those who rule the current tower have performed as well as rankers in their youth who have already passed through the low barrier.

Especially the absolute people who were called the Nine Kings deserved to be called 'real'.

Even the High Rankers wanted to strike them directly.

In fact, it was only after the battle with High Ranking that the King began to receive a full spectacle.

So, it was hard to think that even though Yeon-woo was great, such monsters would be hit continuously.

But Heidi raises her head slightly, crossing her arms, as if she were right.

In the end, Tellan and June's gaze also turned to Gate 5. Given that Heidi's predictions were rarely heard. It was a reasonable word.

“You'll see. Maybe you'll find out in a day." It didn't take long for Heidi's words to come true.

“W-what, this?” Suddenly the ground is chaotic. The stage is relatively quiet because the main stage of the crucible is within the instant dungeon. What the hell is going on?

Players quickly turn their heads to find the source. I sprayed my senses everywhere, but I didn't come up with anything like this.

All you get is Gate 5.

But you are mistaken because you don't think the instant dungeon will shake commonly, and you try to check the other side again.

But the look on Delan and June's faces, which Heidi had already heard, said, "No way? 'I was embarrassed.


Nose! At first a brief jolt, and now a huge turbulence.

Players wandering around looking for other origins. Players who ignored the noise and fell into a duel. All the players who were studying the weaknesses of the vision they were fighting started gazing in awe at Gate 5.

The elongated gateway shakes up and down. So far, no matter how strong the conflict was on the inside, it had no effect on the outside. Now all that common sense has turned out to be a lie.

It feels like a giant is rushing here very quickly from afar.

The explosion continues to sound louder and the cycle is accelerating. Later, it was so noisy that I had to block my ears as if the thunder had erupted near me.

Delan and Joon have finally stopped talking.

Heidi narrows her eyes.

With a lot of magical power, the Elf's Eye is expanding more than ever.

The wavelengths of magical power that spread through Gate 5 are constantly being trampled on by the eyes.

'6: 31 and 6: 32 also, Heidi was inside the clock. I just wanted to see how quickly a new monster with that ridiculous magical power could get through the gate.


Kuang! Like dozens of cannonballs exploded simultaneously, the last exit of Gate 5 was smashed open and spilled out of the black smoker.

Along with a tank that looks like it's going to paralyze its nose.

She walks quietly as if nothing had happened in the meantime.

Pré Le finally had to open his mouth and look at Yeongju like that.

He never took a break. He just walked right past Gate 5.

The time spent there.

It took less than 10 minutes.