Second Life Ranker

3. Shadow Painting (3)

“So you don't know anything about that?” Y-yeah! So Zhang Wei, the paladin, kicked his tongue to see something twitching underneath his feet in blood. I thought I was wrong again.

How many times are you wasting your time?

It's already been half a year since I received a commission from the Summer Queen.

Meanwhile, Zhang Wei scoured the area around Bajal. The Summer Queen said she had entrusted him with an important clan task. If so, I thought that there might have been someone involved, that there might have been a perpetrator, or that there might have been a snitch.

Especially at that time, Bajal was in a frenzied position within the Red Dragon. Of course, there were quite a few who wanted to line him up.

The Summer Queen gave Zhang Wei the power to dispose of them however she wanted. Those related to Bahal in the Red Dragon didn't want to leave anything behind.

And as soon as Zhang Wei gave his permission, he scrutinized them every day. He was more insistent when there was anything suspicious about them, people he met around them, and even the things involved in them were knitted together like the trunk of a sweet potato.

Then I caught three other 81 eyes, but I didn't mind. Rather, the Summer Queen, who was reported regularly, revealed fury strong enough to blow their throats out the next day.

However, Zhang Wei could not find any secrets.

Sometimes, a player named Cain, who Bajal loved most recently, was trampled on.

Suddenly he became the most important Lugi in the tower, or he built a huge public record of finding the son of Dorothy in this war.


"It's hard for me to relate to such a big thing. And after the war began, he joined an alien army. The past events are too obvious. In order to be involved, Summer Queen must have been involved at least before the war was thought to have played with the Red Dragon and Purity on a plank.

Then I should have been thoroughly prepared for a very long time. Zhang Wei was under the impression that there were other eight clans that matched. And that was the 'obvious' plan.

In that regard, the monopoly Cain could not find any merit.

My time in the tutorial was short, and I didn't have time to get involved with anyone. Achievements and robberies that were early in each stairwell were also too narrow.

Moreover, the Summer Queen was very reluctant to re-engage with the one-horned tribe.

The fact that Cain is already discussed as the next King of the Lonely Tribe between the Fant Brothers and the Brothers of Medicine, and that everyone knows that he is the disciple of the King.

The Summer Queen never received a report of Cain. As Zhang Wei was not very promising, Cain's suspicions were cleared to the side.

There were a lot of people who were spoken by Bajal besides him anyway, and many of them were suspicious. Among them, I was able to find a suspicious situation that was planted by other clans.

But I searched every inch of them, every noose and cranny. So I couldn't find anything, whether it was a good tail-cutting or whether it really went dark somewhere. By this time, I was wondering if the Summer Queen said, 'Is the culprit really there?'

While the logs were planted within the Red Dragon, the Bajal lines were cleared.

Only 81 eyes are satisfied here.

Neither the Summer Queen nor Zhang Wei could be satisfied.


Zhang Wei believed in the 'tentacles' of the summer queen.

The polyp was once called a Wise Man with an eye that pierced the truth. There was no way I could hear what the last descendants of such a polyp said.

'Though right now that tack is almost a heap.' Then where should we start looking again?

Zhang Wei is still begging for his life, and he breaks the strings and sits in a chair nearby and thinks again.

In the meantime, he began to pursue the family assumption that the people behind this work would have 'made contact with Bajal, aiming for the goods.'

But maybe he made a mistake in the first place? If the Summer Queen started this work out of a personal vendetta with Bahar, instead of something she said, and in the process she had an idea of obtaining information about and intercepting it.

I thought it might be too much, but I couldn't think of anything better right away.

And there were actually a lot of people who had a grudge against Bajal.

Especially the most famous of them.

'Arthya.' Tim Arthya remained a strong memory as well. When I was in the palace, I had a crisis with them several times.

Although they were too few in number compared to the other giant clans, it was remembered that they were strong enough to make up for it 'although they were blind to each other and put knives in their commanders' backs.

And in the process, members were known to be enemies.

What does that have to do with anything? There was no evidence, but I thought it was worth a try right now. No one knew Bajal as well as they did, and they were in each other's clans, one by one.

But there was too much to investigate to follow behind with nothing. First of all, I had to choose a way to follow it.

Zhang Wei was able to find one thing that stood out as he searched through the information windows related to the Bahal handed over by the Summer Queen.

Teacher: Dwarf Henova 'The Five Masters, Anvil of Fire?' The Dwarf who was once a great master, but turned everyone away in connection with Arthya.

First, I thought it would be good to search from here.

Zhang Wei strokes Doug with his hands and starts digging into the relationship between Bajal and Hanova.

Five large, two-metre hellhounds flocked in.

According to the name Hellhounds, they were fierce and rough. When the liver spit out, the fire made all the walls of the compartment not so wide black.

Any player would get Neurosurged by the persistent attacks of those surrounding them.

'My imagination doesn't quite fit.' Of course, at the Hellhound reference point, Yeon-woo turned a bunch of aggregated Krashna Daggers inward and exploded with the ignition.

For the purpose of the experiment, some black chapters were mixed.

Kwakwa-kwa-kwa - With the feeling that all minds are drawn to the tip of the blade, various skills that were mixed together were combined. The strength to focus on various types of energy such as excessiveness and spirit, error and black energy on the dot (-39822;). Yeon-woo was defining the art as such.

And that focused force caused a powerful explosion. The three that ran in front of him were completely smashed, and the other two had to be crushed in the head or affected by half of the body flying away.

Kuku! The instant dungeon shook violently up and down.

[Third Statement, Chain 'successfully released.] [Currently acquired arts: verse, horn, chain] Yeon was passing by Gate 2, Gate 4.

In the meantime, Yeon-woo has not only faced welcome. I focused more on practicing my skills.

'Even though there are so many outstanding contenders, it's stupid to just go through them.

Using proper incident acceleration and parallel operations, I was able to acquire a third statement.

"Soul" meant mixing, which was an important auxiliary for the release of the narrative, and the "chain" you just learned was broken, which meant that the compressed force was detonated and helped to destroy the surroundings.

However, there was no efficiency seen in the palace of the future king. Is it because I'm not as nervous then or because I'm less affected by the restraints of the 20th floor?

However, Yeon-woo was able to unravel two things somehow, and now she has caught the strand in the direction of practicing to get it perfect. The first tactic, 'The quality is not even ripe enough, so it took considerable concentration to unfold. The same was true of magic.

Once more, the three gangsters that came over my head were smashed into pieces, spilling out after the flesh.

Yeongwoo approaches forward past the piled corpses of the summoners.

Then, the man who had been fighting so vigorously backwards.

Though he was welcome, he seemed to be somewhat confused.

The Summoner, Hanabi.

Inside the tower, he was once famous for the nickname 'King of Magic'. As the last remaining descendant of the Church of the Odd Demon King, he was infamous for summoning all kinds of hell and occasionally corpses on the battlefield.

Somehow, there were many aspects of wealth. Energy, personality. Probably because there are many things in common with the skills you have.

'Boo, take a good look. He's the one you're going to have to follow.' 'Remember. Yes, sir. "I listened to the voice of wealth and rushed back. I opened up the dragon's eyes and supersenses.

The advantages of the 21st floor were not just practicing your skills. I could watch and learn other players' skills.

Shoot - [Gateway 2 has ended.] [Total time: 02: 31: 25-66] 'I ate quite a lot this time.

Yeongwoo sweeps her head up by hand as she exits Gate 2.

Was it 10 minutes at Gate 5, 30 minutes at Gate 4, 3 to 1 hour? Every time I went through one of the gates, it took me twice as long, and this time I ate a lot more.

I thought I had to.

Different from the beginning, fatigue continues to accumulate, but the visions that appear were strong ones. In addition, there were also vocational exercises, and visions such as Hanabi deliberately slowed down time and memorized patterns of behavior.

Thanks to you, my body was already soaked in scorching heat and sweat. I blew my guts out in my mouth.

He never stopped fighting with more than 100 skilled men.

It was weird not to get tired.

Solvent helps you recover quickly, but it doesn't cure mental fatigue.

The queue continued to trigger the new rune magic that was engraved on my left forearm, hoping that Yeon-woo would feel a little better.

If healing magic helped heal wounds, Cure was good for relieving fatigue. The fatigue in my body made me feel even better.

I hope you stand still for 30 minutes.

After wanting to clear up a bit, Yeongwoo headed for Gate 1.

I could feel people's gazes following me. But I ignored it. After this staircase attack, it was almost too loud.

I didn't want to make a name for myself, but if I couldn't avoid it, it might be better to do something bigger and more chaotic.

[You have selected Gateway 1.] [Shadows of players will appear one by one from 33rd to 1st in the Hall of Fame on the floor. If you defeat each shadow, you will move on to the next section.] [Since you are already qualified to pass the trial, all future matches will be converted to public values.] Soon, a new Instant Dungeon appeared.

However, this instant dungeon was much different from the gates that had been so far gone.

Although it was a confined confined confined compartment from Gate 5 to Gate 2, it was now a vast plain and a basin surrounded by high mountains, the area was so spacious that I could hardly feel it.

Enough to run, enough to hide, and rest in a vacuum.

However, it was a space that could hit each other with all the power they had.

The vastness that had been incomparable because of the narrow space was now possible. There were a variety of other tactics and strategies.

You have to use your skills and your visions in total.

Gate 1 also meant that it would be completely different from the previous four.

'From here on, the level of the visions is different from the other gateways. The difficulty is greatly adjusted.' Yeon narrows her eyes.

Passage through the compartment was acknowledged as long as it lasted until Gateway 2. And during that time, I was able to give up and relax, study the offensive method, and then challenge the compartment again.

But Gate 1 was different.

Once you enter the compartment, you never give up. There were only two ways to get out. Win or die.

There is no time to analyze each of the visions separately, as before. This was also a discipline created by the system to respect those players who excelled enough to enter Gate 1.

Therefore, the challenger could not enter Gate 1 for the purpose of absolute fun.

Only those who want to be thoroughly strong or prove their worth could come.

Yeon-woo knew it well. So, unlike before he entered the next gate without rest, this time he took a break.

And every time I went through each compartment, I thought I'd make the most of the rest.

From now on, the people I meet are monsters. I was never able to fight back.

I was going to hit him with all my heart power. Even if you have to use it to awaken the hemolysis.

Above all.

The first opponent at Gate 1 was one of Yeon-woo's must-know enemies.

He was planning on catching Bajal and his next client.

[Soon, the battle against 33rd place, Redevich 'will begin. Prepare for battle while you wait.] [00: 15: 00] [00: 14: 59 99] Then, as the shadow came up from afar, a huge figure appeared, an enormous man, about five meters tall.

I shaved my head and beard briefly, and my angled jaw and beady eyes were impressive.

He slammed the giant Bastard Sword to the ground, which was a lot bigger than his body.

As the ground settles, a fierce speculation fills the chamber.

"The Mad Dog was also a Mad Dog back then." Was he in 33rd place? I think you have a headache. "The living and the ghost saw him and kicked their tongues lightly. They knew too well who they were dealing with.

'Baldebich the Black.' As a hybrid born between Giants and Humans, the main actor who caused the biggest storm with his brother as soon as he entered the tower with natural strength.

He was also the founding member of only three team members, Artiya.