Second Life Ranker

4. Shadow Painting (4)

Tooth Tooth Toothday9///Sun Kyung}.

It's just so dark in front of me.

No/You say there is a way to go to Tam to save Elisser/, How about/Notify} the city/Ö is carrying the stock.

Give up and go home and shoot a plant. I got him.

Vald/Tsk/Ha. Spicy but sweet; Dunn, my lawyer/friend.

The first impression he felt when he saw Baldevich was' scary. '

He also felt like a monster to a creature born on a human-only planet that was intelligent.

But unlike that first impression, Baldevich approached his cool brother in front of compartment A.

He could learn a lot from his conversation with Valdivihi. How to turn on the system window, how to deal with it, how to check and adapt characteristics.

Thanks to this, I quickly realized what a unique trait it was, and learned Mana along with Valdivich through compartment A.

Rebels and Naive Human Combi were well-known within the tutorial, and Viera Dunne was curious about this.

The Star Witch, who later became his sister's lover.

As a result, the team that started out as three people went through the different sections, and each time, they could barely finish the tutorial by holding hands with other teams or players.

Many of the relationships that occurred in the process eventually underpinned the formation of a team, Artiya.

A elite team of nine. It was an easy team to see everywhere, but no one at the time thought they would be reborn into a giant clan that would threaten the sub-sexes of the eighth generation.

It was a lot different from the moat that went through all seven compartments solely through solo play.

Just like that.

Baldevich was forced to mourn his brother with Viera Dunne in many ways.

What was even weirder was that after losing his back, Baldevich had completely concealed his religion.

Each of the other members either found a way to live, or settled in a large clan. However, Valdivich was only seen by accident while living alone, but he did nothing else.

One thing's for sure, though, is that he pulled the trigger first when Artiya collapsed.

So, even though I didn't know the details, even if it wasn't Bajal or Lient who put a knife in her brother's back, she was no different from Yeon-woo.

[00: 00: 00-02] [00: 00: 00-01] [The wait is over. Gateway 1, the first section of the trial begins.] The invisible barrier is gone.

Valdivich's vision roars with Bastard Sword.

Kuaaaa! "Here it comes. That crazy scream. Every time I heard that, I was annoyed, and she was mumbling in this annoying voice.

Above Khrai. This unique skill from Valdevich explodes before battle. It was effective in killing the enemy. Power originally derived from the Giant's skill, Jotunheim's Scream.

However, it did not have much effect on Yeouido who had cold-blooded properties.

He felt that, too. Immediately, he hit the ground tempted by the red speculation. Expansion. 'It was also a skill famous for the word secretary. Instead of falling into chaos and confusion, it had the effect of pulling agility and attack power to over 300% -500%.

Increasing the brutal power of witches and rebels, as well as the effects of photo-explosion. There were very few people on the battlefield who could handle a knife directly against him.

That's why he was nicknamed Black Night Car.

A monster who lives in hell.

It meant he had a sword. The battle with War Cry was a trademark symbolic of Valdevich and a significant nuisance to the enemy.

That was the reason why he sighed because he was annoyed by life and ghost.

He had been injured in the battle against Baldevich as a child who had been struck by Artyria, and had to lose many of his men to the living one.

'Magic weapon.' Gorgeous - but Yeon-woo did not show a tense look, even with that one in front of her.

The only difference is that the other hand had the same edge as the Dagger of Krashna.

Yeongwoo swarmed at him, flapping the wings of fire as much as she could. The violent blow blows Baldevich to the other side, along with the shockwave that lands on the ground.

Yeon-woo started running again.

I haven't used magic weapons, but since I opened it, I've been constantly turning the magic circuits and breaking through the sections.

The second compartment showed the appellator Black Skull, but was able to easily repel it by burning it to a crisp. In the third section was the first tail of the eight clans, the 'Nine Tails', and in the fourth section was the mask of Kindred, the second bishop of the Horsemen.

One by one, all the people who had once made the tower tremble were gathered there.

Shutting down Gate 1 was no longer important. Even if it's a fight, do everything you can.

And I wanted to sneak a peek at everything the visions had.

And when he arrived at the twenty-first compartment, he had a fierce sword that he had met before he had yet to wield the winning sword. Daytime sword in the snow of Yeongwoo. It was the eighth pole.

However, it is just like the original skeleton. It looked a lot different in many ways than the eight poles that Yeongwoo dealt with.

It was a little more shaped, a little deeper. It was very difficult to deal with because it was mixed with strange herbivores unknown to Yeon-woo.

Although it is said to be derived from the same master, you should not see your master's sword and swordsmanship equally. In terms of swordsmanship, the swordsman had already reached the rank of a master, but he coldly explained the difference between Yeon and the swordsman.

Unlike Yeon, who handles many techniques at once, the swordsman had only one sword for a long time.

Of course, the time invested in the sword was different, and the machete was much deeper. And at the time of the imager, the Swordsman used the power of the eight poles as his own, and even fixed it to his taste.

Yeonwoo also gained a new name, the 'Sword of the Palm,' but it still did not escape the category of the Ocean. But the Swordsman has taken a new leap beyond that.

Perhaps, if we confine the sensation to a very narrow area of dance, neither the King nor the Magistrate will be able to win. "This is what Tombstone said.

Description of tax withholding.

The King accepted him as his apprentice for a reason.

Furthermore, the Swordsman was able to acquire all of the Christian vision of disappearance, and that is why he was able to change the Predator's Blade as well.

However, I think the owner will have many dots. "According to Tomeshin, the way that the sword has pioneered brings a lot of inspiration to Yeonwoo;

Especially since you've only mastered up to five eight-generation boilers, and the other three are still nowhere to be found. The three seemed to be able to open together little by little.

So I took a long time in the fight with Kim Mu-Sin. To get a little more peek into his path.

But still.

Of course, victory belonged to Yeouido.

Fruit! The blade of the Forge Blade is stuck in Kim Mu-Shin's neck. As you turn the sword as it is, the head of the vision pops into the air.

[The trial of the twenty-first section has ended.] [Go to the next section.] On the outside, as Yeongwoo ran, there was a commotion.

“Mi, you're crazy.” [Base Ranking] 1st Place. Second place in Bivasvat, number eight. Private, "Boo, are you sure you were fifteenth place before?” “But you're already in eighth place? No one didn't know that crazy • •" private "means alliance. Their interest was to see where the ranking of the sudden comrades in the 100th place had risen.

But today. Yeon-woo's rank was going up like crazy.

One day. One day. No, just a little over a day, to be exact.

Whereas others were investing days, months, or even years to target the gate, Yeongwoo was continuing straight from Gate 5 to Gate 1 without rest.

And of course, this achievement was still being addressed to Yeonwoo, because the system rated it as such a high public value.

“Don't you know you're actually ranked number one on the 21st?” “If that's the question that Liga asked, player, could it be? 'I made a 1-expression.

Unlike the Hall of Fame of other staircases, the Hall of Fame of the staircases had a slightly different meaning.

Bivasvat, ranked # 1. It was the name of the Ulpowon, which reigned as the eternal barrier between all of these High Rankers and the Giant Clan.

Even the King in second place didn't make it over the wall in first place.

What if Yeon goes over it? Other rankers who have been trying to ignore the lower levels and the clans have had no choice but to focus on Yeouido again.

It means there's someone out there who might be able to cross the walls of Allfowon.

So the players thought that no matter how unique they were, they wouldn't be there.


He said that, but on the other hand, he looked anxious.

He's the only one who's ever done anything crazy, so maybe he's doing something again.

“Heidi, what do you think?” Delano thought the same, so I looked back at Heidi.

Heidi grumbles, pouting her lips.

“If I had known that, I would have started a fortune, wouldn't I be doing this?” But Heidi 0 = l-— 0, who opens the Elf's Eye, does not sink deep.

In the twenty-fourth compartment, the vision was the face of Yeon-woo.

A face you couldn't see in the diary.

It was definitely not a figure of the past.

'A new skillful person has emerged relatively recently If he is good enough to change the hall of fame, he also needs to memorize it as a lotus.

I didn't know when and how I would meet.

Overall, I had a strong impression of being fragile because I covered my face with long hair and had an elegant body. It was hard to tell if it was a boy or a girl.

But when he grabbed the sword,

Yeon-woo felt an invisible pressure. It felt sharp like a blade hidden in a soft knife shed.

Moreover, the aura of the breath suddenly ripened during the day.

"Teacher?" No, actually, it was the middle between the King and the Swordsman. It smells like the Ocean Circle, but it seems to be getting away from it.

At that moment, Yeon-woo remembered what she used to say as if there was no king.

You said you were the third apprentice.

The first was Kim Mu-Sin, and the second was too short to tell me his name.

Is this the second apprentice I told you about? Yeon checks the opponent's name again.

11th place. Melted down. 'I was originally in 10th place, but I felt like I had moved up to 8th place.

But if you look at it higher than Mu-Sin Kim, is it more talented than writing it down?

Yeongwoo started the fight by sprinkling the eight-generation beak and waves on the death penalty I had never seen before.

The twenty-eighth section was Hayateh, Elohim's old leader, known to have died a long time ago.

Torra, an apostle of God, was said to have reigned supreme in those days, using lightning as a long-term sprinkle.

With a similar skill called Lightning, Yeongwoo had a lot to learn.

Under the overwhelming spectacle of aggregation of dozens of lightning, Yeon-woo attempted for the first time to awaken to hemolysis, thinking it would be dangerous this way.

On the left, the scales of the dragon rose above the skin, and the lightning rose above.

Guaian- “Ha, ha, no matter how many polyps, this is a little harsh.” Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes to open Dragon Eye. The blue scale swells and repeatedly sinks.

Left, left, left.

And as he reacted to it, the distant creature saw his scales and fleshy skin cut together, making a big frown.

Size up to 10 meters. The ferocious eyes, wings, and tail falter.

The Summer Queen's vision vomited fury at the enemies who had wounded her.

Kuang! Although compared to the summer queen I saw in the war against cleanliness, she was much smaller and had much less power. However, the dragon pier that he was emitting was creepy even though the beef on the ground was cold-blooded.

Even if it was just a vision, it was based on the data that the Summer Queen had at that time, and her personality was the same.

The arrogant gaze of looking down at all things. It was the eyes only the polyp could have.

The Summer Queen breathes out a flame into her mouth.

Huaiak-Yuan pushed Krashna's dagger and arena sword into the intrenian and pulled out Vigrid and Aigis.

Now he really had the ability and he had to use all the equipment. Otherwise, his life would have been in danger.

Above all.

"Behind you is the • • • • -.

The queen of summers is next in fifth place, Cha Jung-woo in fourth place.

Of course, I had to be more empowered like a villain. Even if it's just a vision, it looks like he's climbing the tower.

I wanted to see it with my own eyes, not with a diary.

Gold was fast, but on the one hand, I also bumped into the contradiction of wanting to see it as late as possible.

Swoop - [The thirtieth compartment of trials begins.] [The fight against Cha Jung-woo will begin soon. Prepare for battle while you wait.] [Given the challenger's status, a little longer waiting time will be given.] [00: 30: 00]