Second Life Ranker

Along a vast basin, the invisible

An azirang blooms over the wall.

He slowly formed a human figure as he joined hands.

And as it appeared, Yeon silenced the soup.

There was a picture of my brother. With a bright expression, everyone seemed to like it, and there was a spiritual energy in the blue armor around them.

Though he did not have an accident, he seemed to call it a 'harbor' soon.

• • ❯ i “I know. Don't flatter yourself.” And Nemesis calls out to him, as if reading the thoughts of a brotherhood like that.

It meant not to be too emotional.

Yeongwoo nods, swallowing her dry saliva. I wanted to clear my head somehow.

However, it was not easy ['Cold-blooded' traits do not occur for unknown reasons.] [The 'Cold Blood' characteristic is not valid for unknown reasons.] I haven't seen him in years.

A face that I tried so hard to find, but could never find. I had the same face, but I really wanted to see that face that made a different impression. Not my mother, not myself.

[00: 27: 59-83] [00: 27: 59 82] And the reason I keep staring at that face is because I know it's just a replica.

Probably because of the grief and the remorse.

All this time, he thought he was running away somewhere, and he was just grumbling.

It was the same when I turned my back on Korea. There were no more connotations left in Korea. My father died when I was a very young boy who had no memory.

Relatives have long since disconnected from their poor families.

I hated all that stuff.

I hate those marks. It's like those memories are holding me back. So I wanted to forget, and I got on a plane leaving Korea thinking of throwing it away.

[00: 19: 02-31] And now, when I came to think about it, I thought that Yeon-woo had left Korea only because she wanted to leave Korea.

Maybe I didn't want to think about my own position where there was nothing left, so I didn't know if I was going to die.

So I ran like crazy.

I was not willing to live. I just went crazy as if I didn't have a life when I had a mission, and despite the currents around me, I always got to the first line first. If anything dangerous happened, I always found myself alone.

Then, when I woke up, I heard the sound of 'Mad Dog'. Once bitten, it was a nickname I would never miss.

And even with self-expression, it was a great force for allies and a name that drove them to drop school.

And over time, the code name Cain became more famous, so I searched everywhere else.

At that time, the commander who liked him and the only one who guarded him looked at him with a sad look.

I didn't care about that at all.

I felt alive when I moved like that. After giving him a vacation and a reward, he was stuck in a room and stuck in his own world.

You don't die where you go to die. You listen to monsters. It was absurd.

However, when the gun was aiming at me somewhere, I always remembered the last voice that Mother left before closing her eyes, and I couldn't die. Eventually, his will followed him around like a amulet.

- Until your brother gets back. Hold your ground.

That's why I kept the house where my family lived when I left Korea.


Unlike Mother's wishes, the bad one remained like that [00: 10: 07 83] and slowly swept his head off with a soft hand. Then I took a deep breath and slowly took off my mask.

It was the same as the vision, but I saw a face that made a different impression.

Like looking in a mirror. Two of the same faces were facing each other.

There was silence between the two.

The vision was not supposed to speak, and Yeon-woo watched the vision quietly.

I wanted to put him in my head in a little more detail. At this time, I was so thankful for the fact that I have a good memory.

[00: 05: 55-1 At this time no one else said anything.

The noisy Shannon, the occasional advice he gave, Rebecca, Nemesis, Nicado, Boo and Goose all watched Yeon and helped the group read the mind of Yeon and end his mind.

But the new truth was, she was also in a state of shock.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo did not explain her story to Sanon and Han.

However, I was guessing the story because I saw Yeongwoo naked and sharing the surface ceremony of Yeongwoo.

However, I was surprised again because I was able to compare directly with Cha Jungwoo.

Havon Wing. It seemed to have made the tower rocky once, and only the man who caused the blast came back. I was surprised how he could achieve excellent growth by walking along these different paths side-by-side.

And on the one hand, my heart was frozen.

In the footsteps of his brother, he came to the tower. I felt sorry for them, too.

Rebecca gazes at Yeon-woo with a quiet gaze.

[00: 02: 47] He thought the waiting period was too short for 30 minutes.

I just want to sit here and watch him like this. I knew it was just a vision, but I couldn't help but notice Yeong-woo's brother.

I did not intentionally use parallax to help accelerate the accident. Now I wanted to organize my thoughts rather than free the world, just as I was given.

But now we have to look at it that way.

[00: 00: 58-21] Time was running out, and his followers were hoping that he would wake up again.

Then Yeon-woo slowly got up from his seat. You sweep the dust off your butt and pull the beagrid out of the Intranian.

Thoughts? Have you cleared up? "Then Nemesis, who kept silence for a different reason than the others, spoke.

That 0 ”['Cold-blooded' characteristic has succeeded in maintaining reason.] [Get away from the 'chaos' opponent.] My complexion became clearer with the application of features. It was as if fatigue had flown away together.

“You must be upset, too. I'm sorry." Should I just be the owner? "Nemesis surrounded it in a way that was OK, but it was not the intention conveyed through the connections. He was also very emotionally shaken, but he didn't just express it outwardly By the way, it's the same thing.

Ha! I don't know who designed the floorboards, but they're a stench. I agree with you. "

Plus, the data you had at the time seems to apply as well.

If you applied what you said, you'd be annoyed. ”About 30 seconds left.

Yeongwoo used a parallax to cause accidental acceleration. The use found while passing through each compartment greatly increased the skill level, so time multiplication was hard to feel.

One thing is for sure, Nemesis came up with that time scale that was enough to strategize for the rest of the time.

First of all, The specialty of Jeon Jui • • • Jungwoo is anti-magical power. "Yeon-woo also knew about it, so she nodded.

He has always grown up on the 11th floor under the protection of the dragon after contracting with Calatus the Dragon through the Huanglongs.

Unlike the pond, which had barely completed its solution Awakening while rolling around, rapid growth was possible while training according to Calatus' India, which was in the direction of systematic development.

It was also due to the outstanding talent and deceptive nature of managing freely in the tutorial.

Thanks to this, he reached a level he could not compare with others in dealing with magical powers.

He artificially twisted Mana around his body and put dragon's blessing on it. Furthermore, he reversed all his pain and used all his magical powers to block even the skill of .

As it turns out, the emphasis was on the power of magic and the skill of the shaman system. Before approaching the younger sibling, the magic caused a catastrophe that significantly weakened power before the near 0s . When the power of the Huanglongbing was added, all wizards and shamans who encountered the enemy were expected to avoid him. Even the High Septon didn't deserve to be called the Magic Slayer.

'Funny thing is, he wasn't constrained by that at all.' Only external inflows are blocked due to pain, and internal emissions were applied.

When he entered the base, he was in a state of flourishing talents across Amy's various disciplines.

Magic was able to triple cast possible from a high ranker, and he had a deep understanding of spells. In addition to aesthetics, code, black horses, summons, annuities, elements, and divinity, physical abilities through their own magical weapons were also on the move.

And of course, with the dragon blessing blessed by Mana added, the efficiency and efficiency of the magical power could not be expressed in words.

Diverse tactics and strategies were possible, including broad areas, unspecified majority, and one-on-one warfare.

The only thing he couldn't get close to was a duck.

But that didn't mean I was completely cut off from martial arts.

Baldevich, a natural warrior, said he had to quit, and he rolled around, so he was able to learn simple tricks.

Of course, the simple technique we're talking about here was the technique of a Native Giant Warrior. Even though I didn't make it to the one-horned medical technician, I could steam up enough dancers.

Magic in the end. Magic in the end. Protection in the face. Physical in the body. Talent, even talent. Good in a variety of fields, so no one on a similar staircase could surpass him. Even rankers avoid him.


The most troubling thing.

'The wings of the sky. That's the problem.' The unique skill that gave me the nickname Habonwing was a problem.

Based on the power and blessings of the dragon and the complex knowledge and characteristics that he had acquired, the skills he created himself were what could be called typical fraud skills.

The H-always-wings were able to bring some of his ability by reinforcing the link with Gorong Calatus during activation.

Magic enhancements and physical abilities were also greatly enhanced, allowing me to enjoy various magical effects.

In addition, physical actions were possible to fly freely, and the durability was excellent, and it could be used as a replacement for a shield on the body.

The wings of fire that the honeycomb uses to artificially produce were actually motifs from the wings of the sky.

However, the wings of fire were more clearly defined than the limits, and the wings of the sky were even acknowledged by the system while positioning the perfect skills to unite all of his brother's qualities, powers and skills.

Numbering diagram 002.

Comparison itself is impossible.

That's why everyone calls him a genius.

Perhaps it was because of this talent that others had been able to threaten the nine kings after only a few years, even though they had not been up for decades.

And the 21st floor was the time when such talents began to bloom properly.

Even the Last Dragon, the Summer Queen, was one step ahead.

And. Solvent Awakening is possible up to Phase 2. • • • “” That's right. Yeon had not yet left the first stage of the Dragonic Load, but she was already looking beyond the second stage of Presser and looking at the third stage.

There are 22 floors that have been fully completed in Phase 3, so it's probably applied here up to Phase 2.

But I couldn't say thank God. That would be immature, too.

Are you, are you? "Nemesis asked with a fierce voice.

If it was hard, there was a nuance that they could use their help.

In any case, the Legendary Beast, the Goblin, and the Spirit were all the same. Of course, Yeon-woo had no problem mobilizing power.

Moreover, Yeon-woo was mentally quite tired by continuing to fight only in succession without much rest.


“Can I teach you one thing?” With a mouthful of laughter, Yeon-woo slowly opened her mouth.

I didn't wear a mask. I couldn't see him anyway, so this time I wanted to fight him with my own face.

"What?" I mean. ”Declare the seven Eyegis rising and hovering around as they opened, the dragon scales rising from the chest and covering the upper torso.

With the power of Phase 1 open, my body was greatly energized.

“I never lost to my brother." And finally, I got the paralysis. The counter dropped rapidly.

[00: 00: 00 01] [00: 00: 00] [Wait time is over.

Trial begins in the thirtieth compartment.] Then the invisible barrier disappeared.

Guava - At that moment, his vision expanded the wings of the sky as he tried to Awaken the solvent. As if an angel had descended, a massive magical storm spread out from all sides with white wings running.

And it was a huge tidal wave that filled the skies of the stage.

Dragonic Presser.

In other words, a force, also called the Qing Qi, gradually filled up the space to bind the cow. It looked similar to the constraints posed by the Five Mountains.

Yeongwoo cynically muttered as she saw such a magical storm.

“But wouldn't it be embarrassing to lose this time? ”