Second Life Ranker

6. Shadow painting (6)

Nemesis laughs loudly after a few moments of silence, even if he never thought of it.

"Phew! That must be true, too! Though I can't fully understand without my brother. Behind the stream, Nemesis revealed a huge body.

Somewhat predictable.

I think it's like my heart not wanting to lose to him. "Nemesis was looking for a return that had risen to his brother's vision.

An orange body that is close to gold and tall. Premier Hwang-ryong, Nemesis' former life, was staring this way.

The stage reveals all the secrets of the vision. Seeing that Nemesis and Miriam, who met with their eyes, frowned slightly, immediately melted into the air and crashed strongly in the sky.

And under it.

The vision of Yeongwoo and her brother also collided.

It was like confronting the sphere and the sphere of dragons. It was a species that exerted enormous power over a certain area, and it was the process of invading and robbing its territorial anomaly.

It's as if predators are fighting a sequence of predators over a certain territory.

The species of Sage was not so different in that sense.

But for the polyp, "It was a very important concept.

Scope of authority to change the law to my taste. Such ranges were invaluable for the rational species, and the desire to overthrow and expand the realm remained an instinct of the species, but ironically, the realm struggle of the polyps was shaped by larger physical clashes.

The regions never overlap.

Power and power do not overlap. In fact, the only way to hide the sequence was to have physical strength.

The same was true of Yeonwoo and her brother's vision.

The two were already descendants of the polyp, and although the territories declared by each other, naturally spread to physical conflicts as they collided, the stage of power with the illusion was much higher, so the breeding ground was secretly constrained from moving.

The Dragonic Fresher was similar to the Dragon Pier, but slightly different in concept, both of which were overwhelmingly pressed by the energy of the polyps.

But the Dragon Pier was merely an act of secretly spreading the presence of the soul.

Using the zero-pressure of the transcendent, it was a process of checking the grid with the opposing team and imprinting the sequence.

Dragonic pressers, on the other hand, watered the surrounding area in the color of polyps.

Just as predators fill their territorial disputes with their own discharge to cover their predecessor's tracks, the Dragonic Presser was able to reinforce the sphere further.

Over projected and empowered. The law begins to return to the center of the polyp.

It could also be a step that refined the surplus that Yeongwoo realized on the 20th floor. However, if there is a difference, there is a huge difference from the power that ordinary players can see, as there is a surplus of polyps. Because the original soul is different from the original one, it shows a huge difference in zero pressure.

So Yeon-woo had to feel the intense pressure as she struck the sword with her vision.

My skin feels like it's hurting my country with a needle. Dragonic Preacher was still trying to suppress the young solutes that had only built up the magnetic region, just as a higher order would make the low sequence dragon squeeze with only hypotension.


[Stun for a while.] [Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [Stun status has been canceled.

'Resistance to the operation of the dragon' ['Solvent' properties also work together, creating immunity against the operation of the dragon '.] Just as her brother had the fraudulent trait of being sick, Yeongwoo also had the coldest blood for mental immunity.

The intensity of Yeon Woo, who was able to withstand the pressure of Dragonic Fresher, spread out to all sides.

At this point, there were overlapping options.

[Purification of the Blade] [Goddess's Spear Knife] Vigrid's option makes the illusion an opponent, and a huge spectacle occurred in proportion to his power. Added to Eigis' options, speculation multiplied several times.

Compared to the Dragonic Fresher, the power of the vision bounces back at once.

The stages of power that are left behind are filled with artifacts' options.

Kwaen-Visions are pushed back heavily by the shock wave. Over half the vast basin of the instant dungeon.

Yeon-woo chased him through the ground. A long, dark red aura, mixed with error, murmuration and black energy, rises along the beagrid and plunges into the heart of the vision.

The vision quickly fluttered on the wings of the sky, and the balance was almost restored. Then he lowered his posture and shot the ground with one hand, spreading the wings of the sky high. It seemed to be about 2 meters in size.

The welcome spectacle becomes sharper, as if the cat and beast had met the enemy to inflate as much as possible.

He came up with three or four magical factions at the same time, and with the spectacular effects, all sorts of magic were fired. It was a skill my brother had boasted about in his entire life. Lean on the knowledge of the dragon, memorize it in advance and trigger successive magic.

No computational errors or imaginary conflicts have to be rated.

Within the dragon's domain, most of the laws were designed to work in his favor, centered on polyps.

And when exposed there, there were often zero big injuries that did not respond well to all sorts of sudden magic. Because his casting speed was much faster to cope with different magic.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo had a runway and Aegis. There was also a way to blow the cohesive force and break all the magic from the front.

But Yeon did not try to defend herself. Instead, I triggered a ball link that was engraved on the bone.

21 `Le Yeon Woo disappeared and the indiscretion passed by in vain.

Overwhamming. With all sorts of deafening sounds, a deep crater backwards fires, and a pillar of sand rises.

The vision had to quickly turn back. Suddenly, Yeongwoo appears behind his back stabbing him in the neck with a beagrid.

The vision almost prevents the ambush and takes a step back. His face was hard. I barely held back the wings of the sky, but I threw them down with a sword. My arm hurts like it's falling off.

The white wings of the sky were also broken in half and burnt black. As the magic flowed in, it was restored, but I never thought it would be such a ridiculous power.

Yeon follows the chase to the end of the chased vision, stacking up the Hayes.

Never give them time to adjust. I wasn't even going to give up casting.

With an early machete tied to the level of a pomegranate, the vision flashes wild. 71} The 7NB technique also threatens the life of the visions.

The vision, however, calmly reaches for the beagrid, without much embarrassment.

He realized he couldn't defeat Yeon with his sword skills anyway.

Using a physical technique that I learned from the rebel Valdevich, I only cared about defense, and I couldn't read it. I used the wings of the sky as proper defense gear to block it, or I combed through it by triggering boundary magic.

And every time I saw a gap through the dragon's eye, I tried to get as far away as I could by using brute force.

Every time the Guaian-Sword and Sword collided, a colorful effect erupted and the ground sank into an explosion.

Yeongwoo frowned slightly as she saw the vision of slowly getting into position.

No matter how crazy the specs look. 'Yeon-woo actually knew that her armor was nonsense for the player on the lower level. But the equipment he was wearing was not so bad either.

Each and every one of them was a "masterpiece" that Gorong Calatus had collected for many years, or that Henova had done everything in his power.

Especially the rustic black collatus and henova work with the visions.

Dragon Slayer.

The dinosaur Kalatus himself extracts his ribs and gives them various magical effects, and Henova beats them endlessly for three months to produce his best work.

The mysterious name "Killer" was actually equivalent to, or greater than, Vigrid, the Black Bone theme.

So with just the dragon slayer and the wings of the sky, the welcome was able to withstand the brutal onslaught of the sun, and now we have the time to try and counter it.

I realized that Yeon-woo is capable of learning. Now he was reading some patterns about his tours. Occasionally, the reactions were cold.

Suddenly, the two collisions hit a tight clash.

On the one hand, it was absurd.

Obviously he knew that his brother had no skills for accelerating accidents or calculating pathologies, such as parallax.

Though the dragon's knowledge makes for a fast thinking speed, it must still be much lower than its own.

While defending against such a wild attack, the process of reading patterns and identifying weaknesses and preparing for counterinsurgents was too fast.

Moreover, Ganji took a similar gesture as Yeon Yu's Armpit Sword. The user passes through some of the target's moves and applies them to the target.

It won't be long before we reverse the tide.

"This is why I'm talented. 'Yeon-woo seemed a little annoyed because she remembered her childhood.

He was originally very intelligent. I did not forget what I saw, and I studied quite well because I understood it well.

Although I was weak, I spent a lot of time in the room. However, it was a lie if Yeon-woo, who was only specialized in sports, did not sometimes have envy and inferiority to her brother.

Moreover, I could not hate myself so much when I took my report card and laughed and scratched myself.

Of course, it bothered you after the game.

It was just like that now.

With the same face as himself, I felt a slight overlap when I was smiling unconsciously.

'There should not be any gaps,' so Yeon-woo urged the vision more and more.

The magical circuits burned hot by rotating the 360 cores until they overheated. With the wings of fire more than doubled, the speed of a larger firepower overlaps with the Silicon Magic weapon.

The relatively tense force of quaquaquaquaqua leans back toward Yeouido.

The vision's hand and feet get dizzy, and I'm pushed back and forth. However, he still calmly followed the stream of Yeonwoo into Yongmaan. It only sped up, but the pattern stayed the same. Then I could sneak a peek at the opportunity.

At that time, Yeon-woo turned around and split the abdomen of the welcome with Vigrid, and the vision decided that was an opportunity.

I folded the expanding wings of the sky and wrapped them around my body. Beagrid, which melted into space on the rolled wings of the sky like a cocoon, released the art temple.

Kuaang! The wings of the sky were broken for the first time.

The wing pieces glitter like jewels and scatter the mountains. Meanwhile, the vision bursts the skill you had in mind.

If the waves of light had been specialized in the attributes of fire, he was a style attributed to the attributes of light. Light repelled darkness and evil attributes, and lightning had the greatest destructive power of all.

The wave of light condenses dozens of lightning bolts and enormous magical forces into one, then explodes indiscriminately.

The destructive power was so great that it was all over the place.

The problem was that the casters were far too heavy to handle the damage.

Of course, after growing bigger, I was able to control all of that power, but I couldn't use it properly until now. Even if you made it yourself.

Yes, it was also a unique skill made by my brother himself combining magic and power with the wings of the sky.

I can't believe you've already made this 20-story player. It was a crazy gift no matter what I thought.

A yellow and white lightning bolt of Kuaa-Saturn spread out in all directions across a wide area.

Lightning so intense that when the basin was born, the charges were again connected to each other and became very dense like a mesh, and everything in between was torn apart.

I have no idea how far it would spread if this empty 71} were not set apart.

Followed by an enormous explosion that made me wonder if my ears would be torn off like this. Sound was never able to keep up with the speed of light.

Yun quickly turned off her hearing, linking the Hearing Haste and Blink, and moved as far away from the ground as possible. You tilt the wings of fire wide, and Aegis widens.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo could not escape from complete hypnosis. High heat has caused some damage to the equipment.

Massive damage to the body.

Fortunately, it was relatively less damaging because it could be far from the center.

I got my balance back from above, and I cleared up my cold blooded rationality. He also triggers a parallax to quickly assess his damage and surroundings.

Fortunately, the dragon's blood quickly heals the wounds. However, the dragon scale that was hard was stripped off, and it seemed to be hard to recover quickly because it was so severe that the bones were clearly exposed.

Fortunately, neither the magical circuits nor the core were severely damaged. I had internal injuries from a fever, but I recovered quickly.

Yeon-woo thinks she can move her body, and this time she checks her surroundings.

The aerial stare is already a wrecked opponent. The atmosphere bends with enormous fever, and the remaining fireworks rise everywhere.

Yeon-woo almost put the word "madman" in her mouth.

I already knew his skills and effectiveness through the diary. However, I couldn't really understand it because I saw it with my own eyes.

Once again, I put my tongue to tactics using 20,000 techniques that I could not control, despite being insulted by my brother's talents.

The welcome copies the personality of the original owner as well. If he was the calm one, he would never gamble with a pawn he couldn't get away with.

Think of the cost price, maybe they copied it? At that moment, I suddenly wondered if Yeon-woo's vision had been modeled on her.

It seemed to recall the memories of the lotus that remained in my childhood.

Before moving to Africa, Yeon-woo was more emotional than rational.

If I had something plugged in, I'd have to try to relax, and I'd rather act first than worry about it.

Then I had a lot of accidents, so it was always my brother's job to fix things. On a fictitious day, I nagged about my younger brother and waited for him. Please make up your mind before you do anything.

Perhaps in Africa, in the answer, I didn't even know that the habit of repeating doubts during the process of organizing and executing thoughts many times before executing any plans was the effect of the nagging.

But here he is showing more emotion than reason when fighting.

It is a process that is dirty and then repaired.

From the look of it.

Yeongwoo felt overwrapped as a child, and had a strange feeling.

Did they look like each other?

Yeon-woo shook her head and laughter without even knowing it, and quickly got into position with the popularity that she felt over her head.

One day, a vision of vengeance appeared up to the wings of heaven, and the waves of light were erupting once more. However, the waves of light that spread this time seemed to be much stronger than the previous use.

Triple Gasting. Magically treats the skill and compresses several waves of light into one.

The light was so bright that I thought it would blind the sky.

Yeon-woo was foolish to try such a thing. All but the wings of the sky were in a state of great damage, and in the slow real-time without [parallax crackle], Yeon-woo was prepared to face this.

I didn't avoid it this time. I'm already avoiding it a little differently, but even if I was avoiding it, I was sure that I would catch up with it and blow up the waves of light.

Then in response, we had to show the waves of light a suitable attack.

Yeongwoo did not have broad-spectrum skills to resist the waves of light, but there was just one skill that came to mind that would give her the destructive power she needed.

When you see Nike's unique snail outside the tower.

Shockwave that was used to propel the body at extreme speeds and swing the sword. It was powerful enough to break a few layers of boundaries.

I had an idea at that time.

If only I could come here and carry the black season. If you add power to the hemolysis awakening and compress the lightning to burst. What will happen? Han insisted that it would be dangerous if he came back from the prime of his life.

However, he advised us to avoid that there is no power beyond our control.

So Yeon-woo considered how to compress all that power into the Tactical section. However, the process of compressing such a huge amount of energy at once in the practice I have tried several times has been too difficult, so I put it off for a moment.

If we can solve this another way.

There was also a good way.

Shamanship, spirit and chain.

If you mix those complex forces with your soul and release them in a chain that causes a violent explosion. The waves of light produced a power that could, perhaps, surpass that.

Of course, you have to kick your own safety with your feet.

It may have been sparked because of the sudden creation of technology, but Yeon-woo had no time to think of anything else. There was no other way to face the waves of light.

At that time, the slow reality time returned to its original state.

Yun rushes to the edge of the sword, squeezing the Haste, Blingh and Crucible to the limit. Without looking back, she mixes all the lightning, error and black energy and flies away.

Kuaaang! The fruit-world is covered in dazzling light.

And that moment.

Yeon-woo thought. I was too tired and tired. I didn't know I was gonna get blown up in here like this, but this moment with my brother, it's so much fun.