Second Life Ranker

7. Shadow Painting (7)

However, unlike that joy, Yeon-woo's accident quickly began to pursue the current situation.

The tip of the sword is covered in a blazing virtual ball. As the atmosphere drifted, the world turned red and swept through the waves of light, creating high heat and afterstorms.

The waves of light come deep inside to tear the flowerpot apart.

The more I draw, the fireworks spread out everywhere, and a large yellow stool builds up a chain explosion that envelops the instant dungeon.

Atmosphere fluctuates with fever. Hot enough to melt the scales of the dragon that covered the honeycomb.

The explosion pushes all traces of the explosion to the ground below.

Yeongwoo picks up the trail of broken fire and lightning in such an explosion, and quickly moves between them.

However, the turbulence that was swinging around made flight difficult, and even the slightest flare of fire touched the skin, followed by terrible pain.

However, even in such a chaotic situation, the vision triggered a grizzly ball link, approaching the location of the pond and bursting the waves of light.

The lightning spread back through the explosion, leaving strong traces in every corner of the instant dungeon.

Are we all going to die? 'Yeongwoo released a chain and blocked the waves of light, but the explosion was spreading in all directions with a larger heat storm and firearm.

It was fun to confront his brother's vision and sword, but apart from that, the idea of being welcomed was hard to infer its origins.

I'm sure he's not trying to detonate the bomb.

But in the immediate situation, there was no way to completely escape the explosion. In addition to minimizing the damage only to himself, Yeon pondered countless ways to minimize the damage in this inferno.

Although it was only a moment, the acceleration of incidents and parallel operations that began to be maximized produced numerous assumptions and forecasts, and repeated reviews.

But every time that happens, there's only one conclusion. Not possible.

No matter how cleverly I avoided it, I could not avoid serious injuries. And of course, I was never welcome to miss out on such an opportunity.

In the end, the only way to be free from the explosion was to get out of the instant dungeon or the dungeon was destroyed.

However, the stage cannot be so vain that it is broken by players who are neither gods nor demons.

Then there's only one way left.

We had no choice but to announce our own territory, so that the explosion could be avoided from within.

"Yup! I've waited!" So Yeon-woo accepted Niche, who was still waiting for a call inside the Wise Man's Stone, to become a prisoner, and to the best of her power over the impermanence.

And I caught the flame that was flying towards me, and I stumbled around as if I were holding on to the space. I applied the same way I used excess.

The flames continue to follow and sweep away from the pits.

A huge amount of firearms was absorbed into the body and melted into the vessel. And the rest of the unsolved tried to control the subsequent firearms as they were released little by little.

Thanks to you, I feel like my arms are boiling to a crisp. The carotid bone, which does not nod to any fever, melts away, and the skin and muscles evaporate.

The high heat seeps into the magical circuit and tries to break the core. The magic circuit burns hot, and the magic seems to evaporate quickly.

I was in such terrible pain that I thought my soul would melt away like this.

But the more you do.

The dragon factor imprinted on each cell of the cow began to awaken gradually, stimulated.

[WARNING! You are exposed to an environment that cannot withstand. Recommend leaving the premises.] [I want to exercise control over only heat across certain areas "[Lack of dominance indefinitely.] [Endless dominance.] [Stun temporarily.] [The Dragon Factor works.] [Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [Stun status has been canceled.

Strong Burn Resistance. Excellent resistance to high heat "[Domination over flower attributes increased by 5.] [+17 Control over Coin Attributes.] [Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [Control over Light Attributes is increased significantly.] [+16 Control over Light Attributes.] [With a strong will, you have strong dominance over anger attributes and light attributes. Strengthens the law for specific areas.] [The Dragon Factor has begun to imprint the attributes of fire and the attributes of light.

Argument starts with a property of fire and light.] [I will awaken the providence of fire and light. Get a deeper understanding to improve your skills.] ['The skill level of the gallery has increased dramatically.] [We have learned the concept of' Realization 'expands the dragon's knowledge. Information about your new powers will be available.] [You've awakened the concept of the Dragonic Presser.] [Skill' Sexualization will become stronger. Skill levels have skyrocketed greatly. 25.9%] What Yeowoo chose was enhancement for certain attributes. No, it was more than fortification.

Yun, who already had some control over the fire attributes through Nigeria, has chosen to gamble more on this.

Though they could not control the explosion and heat that covered the instant dungeon at once, they thought they could at least overcome the damage within the area.

That gamble was half a success.

The explosion was too intense and full domination was impossible, but it lowered its power to a minimum. In addition to the fire attribute, the light attribute rose significantly, and the skill level of maturation was also remarkable.

The factor of the dragon. The fact that the arrogant polyp's information was engraved, the effect was great, especially as the dominance of the realm increased, some Phase 2 powers were opened.

Growth due to gambling in crisis. If I just saw this, I could say it was a success enough.

Under the heat storms that swirled a few times, the condensation bounced off.

“You're crazy.” Yeongwoo landed on the ground in a close stance.

Already, the basin was left with only a crater that sank so deep that it was still spreading hot water, and the mountains surrounding the basin were swept by the flowerpot and covered by the ruins of the Shaqmann.

Yeongwoo's condition was not so good either.

The right arm that tried to dominate was melted so badly that it could not recognize its shape, and the dragon scales on the other side, and its skin and muscles were burnt to pieces. Especially after swallowing the heat, my internal organs were burned to a crisp, making breathing difficult.

Every time I took a shallow breath, there was black smoke.

If the blood of the dragon had not suffocated as it rotated rapidly, it might have lost its life in an instant.

A life-threatening power of a caster. Particularly, this attack was much more intense than anticipated by the Mongolian parallel operations, which resulted in significant damage.

'Here, I'm going to hear you yell again from Hanova.' I was so sorry to think of Henova who asked me to save up to 50 floors and covered my lamps. You've only worn it for one day and it looks like a bun.

Fortunately, the built-in restoration function worked, repairing the broken part itself, and raising its durability, but it seemed inadequate to regain its function.

That's why half the success was due.

With this kind of injury, it's hard to fight anymore. Holding the beagrid with your left arm was also difficult.

This is what he looks like, so the visions had to be gravely hurt.

Shoot - then, in front of Yeon, the welcome slowly descends with the wings of the sky spread wide and finished repairs.

I chose a breath sound rather than Yeon-woo. However, he was very different from before.

The dragon scale that had risen to the top of the upper body and the sides of the neck was extended beyond the neck and below the right eye. Under the wings of the sky, there was a thin covering. The wings of the dragon were clear.

The more powerful they are, the closer they appear to be.

The only thing that means is that you took out the Dragon Scale to its wings.

It meant realizing the power of Step 3, Elemental Contact.

• • • That talented little brat came out of nowhere and laughed nonsense.

Some people die trying to survive an explosion, and they barely gain control.

Someone else learned a new power at the risk of combusting the explosion relatively easily.

That absurd talent seemed to have set a new stage by stimulating the limits.

Elemental contact is artificially used to attract and artificially use certain elements that wander within an area.

Elements could be used for a variety of purposes, such as collecting simple magic, raising attributes for a period of time, etc.

Perhaps it was used to attract the elements of fire and light and lure away most of the damage.

Of course, it was hard for him to fully dominate, so he couldn't avoid some injury.

But at least it looked better than Yeongwoo.

The vision raises its layer of awareness that it will catch even the most formidable pond. Trying to kill yourself with the same face as you, you feel strange for some reason.

'Yes!' 'Master, I sent my thoughts to the head of Living and Ghost who felt like joining us in the crisis. They said they'd join us.

The Black Bracelet is one of Yeon-woo's abilities, but it meant not to take it out until now.

“I told you,” Yeon-woo refuses to cut it just this once again. Even though Hwang-ryong couldn't help it, he still wanted to turn over to his own power as much as his brother's vision.

That way, when I walked forward, I could grow bigger.

And fortunately, Yeon-woo's hidden shield was not yet finished.

“I don't want to do anything embarrassing. The blue and yellow murmur blooms along her ankle, wrapping her around the lotus. Then the flame seeped in and restored the broken arm and threw a new scale onto the skin.

And the dragon scales gradually grew thicker and tougher, spreading upward, and eventually reached below the right eye of Yeongwoo.

Left-handed, left-handed - [Level 2 power unlocks.] [Power: Dragonic Fresher] [Dragonic Fresher] Description: ArchaeoDragon Calatus refined power over eight steps to allow contractors to quickly adapt to solvents. Step two of them.

The will of the dragon was once so intense that even the gods and demons who ruled the law could be threatened. Projecting this will externally builds stronger dominance across the declared territory.

The polyp is a transcendent species ahead of all species. They sprinkle enormous freezing pressure resembling their arrogance to exert pressure on their enemies and strong dominance on their allies.

The deeper you understand power, the greater the amount of additional effect given to the realm. Furthermore, it is possible to build a conservative underworld.

[Dragon Realm, 'Vida has been strengthened. You will be able to exert power and attribute control across a certain realm.] [All stats increase by a certain amount over a certain period of time.] [' Realization 'has been achieved successfully.] Just as the illusion opened up a new power, it opened up a second level of power, gaining concepts of Yeouido regionalization.

Furthermore, as his proficiency in sexual maturation became deeper, he was able to cultivate a higher level of power than the two-level power that was welcomed.

Yeon woo raises a furnace, swinging the beagrid once more.

This time, I really wanted to welcome him.

He spread the wings of the sky and dragon and burst the waves of light as he flew overhead. Dozens of repetitions falling from the sky were cut down to tear the flowerpot.

{0} Kwako {/0} - After a temporary vacuum, the atmosphere, which had been pushed outward, rushes inward into the road, creating a huge vortex.

Lightning strikes without rest in a storm like a natural disaster, and a flame shoots out.

The turbulence dissipates and repeats itself to regenerate.

Nose! At that time, the cost came out as the vortex split one side.

The vision fell to the ground helplessly, with all the sky wings and dragon wings that had been protecting him broken.

Then Yeon-woo climbed on top of it and pressed the welcome firmly. Beagrid plunges through his right shoulder deep into the ground.

“Ha, ha." Yeongwoo and the vision stick close enough to each other to feel each other breathing. The same face vomited hot tubes looking at each other.

It was a fierce battle that was not strange enough to defeat Yeon Woo, the visions, and anyone else first.

But in the end, the victory leaned toward Yeon.

The reason was simple.

Her talents and skills had excellent visions, but her skill level was far superior to that of Yeon Woo.

Particularly, the ability to run ferociously in an explosion that made it hard to fully support the body was advantageous for Yeondao, who was trained without balls. In addition, the amount of magical power was also dominated by the mildew that absorbed the interior of the four Legendary Beasts.

Above all.

Over time, Yeon-woo began to freely manipulate explosions using tactical chains, even skill-setting them.

[You made it through the Thirth compartment successfully.] [We have achieved many inspirations and achievements through this trial. I made an incredible achievement. Additional public values and rewards will be awarded.] [You have gained 5,000 PJC.] [3,000 additional Prudential Points.] [Unique Skill 'Flame Pharaoh has been created as an additional reward.] [The skill' Lightning 'has been bound together with the waves of fire. The skill level of' Wave of Fire 'has increased. 3.2%] The waves of fire were inspired by the waves of light and could be produced by refining the explosion.

I still couldn't get out of my way completely after the casting, so I needed to refine, but even just this, I was already surpassing the power of the waves of light.

It was thanks to a mixture of skills, and the difference was that we were only able to win a victory.

In other words, it was subliminal and medieval. The only difference is the difference in the battlefield.


Yeon-woo thought this was a gift from her brother. A gift that you told me not to go around getting beaten up.

The instant dungeon begins to sink as the message of overcoming the ordeal fades. However, his visions were shaken as loud as noise.

Yeon-woo wanted to impress her sister a little more.

If you keep going like this, you'll never see this again. Even though I wanted to be this close until the dungeon disappeared, I have no idea how close I was to him. He's a fake.


Siik - I've been stubborn like a doll for so long. Slightly, but for the first time, I rolled my mouth slightly.

As soon as Yeon-woo's eyes opened, her visions lightly tingled.

Five years ago, the way I saw it before sundown, it was fun, bro. 'And finally, the welcome dungeon disappeared as it shattered.

The welcome is based on the original owner's record and achievements. Then it was not strange that some of the original master's memories were transferred together.


Even if that's the case.

I thought that Yeon-woo might have enjoyed meeting with her sister for a long time without even knowing it was broken. Not in a diary or photograph, but her sister who lives here, she closed her eyes until the next section was opened. Like he said several times.