Second Life Ranker

8. Shadow Painting (8)


Shin Yeon-woo slowly opened her eyes that a new message had emerged. The whole world had changed, and the greenery had returned to a lush basin.

[The thirty-third compartment of the trial begins.] [Soon, the battle with Hwang will begin. Prepare for battle during the waiting time "[You will be given a slightly longer waiting time based on the challenger's status.] [03: 00: 0 Usually the waiting time is calculated based on the time spent in the previous compartment. The 3 hours were given when the fight against your brother's vision was that long.

I had no choice but to.

Yeonwoo threw out all her skills, and only after she had suffered hard enough to win. The despair of the last burial ground was not used, but it was still a triumph.

When I fought the Summer Queen's vision, it wasn't as hard as this.

I could see how my inner brother was able to climb to the point where he threatened the nine kings in just five years.

And on the other hand, I thought about it.

If even the fourth brother is this difficult, what level are the remaining three?

If they were this good when they were really passing through the basement, it was hard to imagine what level they were at now.

'Indeed. It's quite impressive just to see the current teacher.' Yeon-woo momentarily remembered the King who was in second place and made a bitter smile.

Obviously, the battle in the thirtieth compartment was remarkable. However, the image of blowing up half of the city on the 11th floor of Toshikuram was still not forgotten in my mind.

I've handled such destructive power very well. Controlling the waves of fire was still a long story for the pond to borrow power.

He was a monster in his youth, I'm sure.

So, for a little while, I thought I'd go out for an instant dungeon, get some rest, and then I'd come back.

'Let's do it anyway.' Yeon tried to recover quickly by turning the magic circuit, filling up the lack of magical power from the outside, and waking up the dragon's blood and factor.

'When you get a feel, you have to keep grooming.

The waves of fire and skills I gained as I was fighting my brother's vision.

Although it was given a strong motive from the waves of light, this was the first time that the honeycomb created itself.

Numbering [wave of fire] (Measuring) Skill: 3.2% Description: Numbering Skill with Player # # # 'Extremely Complex Mixing of Energy Around Lightning'. Because of this, the explosive force and the extent to which the compression is misunderstood are proportional to the size of the loaded magical force.

Although it resembles the skill 'Light Wave in many ways, it has a more complex pattern, making it much more powerful, and vice versa.

Powerfully explodes in proportion to consumed magical power. At times, the user has a high chance of shattering the Defense Boundary and destroying everything around it to confuse the target.

The user charges an electric charge with compressed force, spreading lightning along with the explosion. The lightning that spread like that moves the firepower to a farther place, causing a chain explosion that will turn the area into a big field. Leaves a fire that does not go out easily afterwards, causing continuous damage.

And there's only one of them. If you succeed in transferring the item to someone else, the unique item will disappear and you will instead be given an additional benefit option to the creator.

However, the potential value is high, so be sure to 'complete' it to achieve a higher rank or numbering.

In order for a skill to be formally recognized as a skill from the system, it had to have a special definition that had a particular pattern and skill that was so shaped.

The waves of fire had only just formed such a pattern.

However, justice has not been created yet, so it was a matter of time before it disappeared as a skill.

Yeon-woo wanted to establish this justice quickly.

As explained in the description, the potential value of the waves of fire was already good enough to surpass the numbering, and I didn't want to miss a feeling I had once caught.

I couldn't express it properly, but I kept thinking that if I refined the waves of fire, I might wake up a new cost I had never seen before.

And most of all,

Now that Yeon Woo knows that the three remaining people are great, she will be much better than she thought when she first arrived on the floor.

Even so, I never thought I would be who I am now.

Stage 2 Awakened, and even waves of fire were obtained.

Moreover, Yeon-woo was able to learn many things in the fights of the illusion of her sister.

How to make a difference more efficiently in the body of a solvent.

How to harness power to get more power. I was able to open up a lot of things that I didn't know. Solvent and power surgeons clearly outweighed him.

In the meantime, it was all crazy to fix the various specialties cores of the solvents that grind, and even when using the method called MA0 Muscle Seconds 0, to carve directly into the bone.

However, it was now a somewhat eye-opening opponent.

After all, if I had enough time to rest, I could deal with the remaining three welcomes, but I only managed to recover.

In the meantime, a new vision is emerging beyond the invisible wall.

Thin. Less than two meters. I felt as black as snow on the skin of a bird's eye. However, the slightly raised eyes looked like a sharp impression.

Second place, hall.

That man is a giant horseman clan led by nine bishops.

The archbishop, ranked # 1 among them, was an apostle of Massin served by the horse army and was famous for having the characteristics of a monarch.

Since he had two businesses that were difficult to have only one thing, the Archbishop caused a great blue when he first appeared on the official statue.

Even though he had removed all the four bishops, including the 'Black Dawn,' which was the Archbishop at the time, and had sat there instead, he was still strong as he had been before joining the Marines before passing through the floor.

'I heard that Kindred became officially the second bishop, since he was sitting on the archbishop's throne.

Yeonwoo looked at the Archbishop's welcome with quiet eyes. "The One Who Has No Identity except The Hall."

However, as it has the characteristics of a monarch, we could find a countermeasure to it.

In the diary, there was a record of my brother bumping into him.

'There are some things I want to check as a bonus.

Yeongwoo narrows her eyes.

His consciousness was still focused on recovery, but his eyes were firmly fixed in the Archbishop's vision.

[You made it through the thirty-third pass.] An elf-yoon strikes the beagrid hard, the waves of fire raging and pushing away the remaining body of the vision.

The waves of fire were still not completely controlled.

However, it was now possible to direct with continued practice. The moment the vision was exposed to the specified range, it was possible to see the terrifying explosive power once again as the skill was deployed.

Moreover, the amount of magical power consumed was reduced to a minimum, reducing more power than in the previous compartment.

It was the same when a giant crater formed, and silver turned all the moisture around the parched area into a land of death full of cracks.

As if a giant snake had crawled over the ground, it remained as long as it had passed.

By leveling the power of Phase 2, it was the effect of controlling the sea of fire with control over the realm.


On the spot where the vision disappeared, something yellow floated upward to Yun Woo.

At the same time, even though Yeongwoo did not manipulate it separately, the pieces of the female staff rose and merged as the intrenians opened widely.


Good night.

Along with the sound of the cost engagement, the piece of the female staff fell back to Yeongwoo's palm, just the size of a human finger.

It was a sudden thing. However, Yeon-woo, who was somewhat expecting, did not panic, calmly opened her eyes to check the pieces.

[Piece of Woman's Club (5/???)] [I found 4 pieces of the new Woman's Club. Find more pieces to complete the Female Wand.] 'Fragments have the characteristics of singing pieces. This would be a lot of strength to explore forward = = 1- 0} and' Yeon-woo squeezed the piece of female staff and poured out a laughter.

More than that, it was a trap, wasn't it? 'The horseman is collecting pieces of the Woman's Rod. So what's one of the easy ways to gather? Yeon-woo thought of a way to assume he was a horse soldier. The answer came out quickly.

'You can take it from the challengers of the vision.' The female staff sings the piece.

And at Gate 1, there is no better way to fight life and death, so it would be better to take the pieces that the challenger has.

You wouldn't think the Archbishop's vision would be defeated. Those who were full of fanatics thought that the apostles, who were never going to lose the Drunk Enforcer, were more likely to be strong enough to come here, coincidentally or not.

So I planted the pieces in my vision, and I've been collecting them steadily for four years.

But now the fragments are in the hands of Yeon Woo.

There was still no reaction to what functions were lacking in numbers.

However, Yeongwoo smiles softly and hands the pieces over to the Intranian, moving directly to the next compartment.

The 32nd section has been opened.

There, the young faceless king looks over and smiles, with his throne bent.

Most of the visions were expressionless, but the visions seemed to be heavily influenced by the Pointless Monarch.

The atmosphere seemed familiar to me.

However, Yeon-woo could see a sharp predator within.

A beast that hasn't taken off its time yet. And he had sharp claws and teeth.

I heard you were in a lot of trouble when you were young. I could see exactly why I was saying that.

Yeongwoo straightens up her beagrid.

Before leaving the one-horned village, the king asked. Can you beat yourself in the past?

Here, Yeon-woo replied:

I'm going to torture the teacher who's been torturing me for the first time.

to beat. I'm trying to make a bluefin fish. Perhaps the disciples who had a great teacher had thought about it once.

And it was the same with Yeon-woo.

Even in the one-horned tribe, I was too curious about what the so-called genius would look like at the same age as him.


On the other hand, the battle cry boiled. I defeated my brother and even defeated the Archbishop of the Horse Army. As long as I came here, I had to see it through somehow. The King was just one of the bowels on his way to the end.

The moment the barrier was lifted, [The thirty-third compartment of trials begins.]

Immediately, the king smiled and suddenly raised his arms. And as I said, my lips petrified.

Section. Blessing.

The visions of the stage being crucified are free will to move at the right time? It was ridiculous. There have been no similar incidents in the diary.

Yeon-woo could not rush forward. For the first time since entering the base, an unspeakable anxiety tickles my heart.

“Are you here?” Zhang Wei looks at the intersection of the anvil and the hammer and opens the forge door.


“Excuse me." “We're closed. Go back.” It's still daylight. The voices inside are filled with annoying grudges. I heard you only do business when you're sick. It was the same as I investigated.

Zhang Wei ignores his voice and walks inside the forge. Inside, there is a loud bang of iron with hot steam.

“Damn it! I don't do business. Who are you?” Hanova looks back, frowning and frowning at the sudden popularity behind her.

Zhang Wei bluntly looks at the dwarf's face and asks.

Genova, is that you? ”While waiting for an answer, he took the dagger he left behind his belt. The dagger drawn from the sword's hilt shines sharply.