Second Life Ranker

9. Shadow Painting (9)

Rebecca feels strange the whole time she watches the moat by her side.

"Did you have a child like this? How could you not know that? 'Rebecca recalled the first time she encountered Yeongwoo on the 20th floor. I didn't pay much attention at the time. I just thought he was a quadriplegic who appeared once or twice a year. She was too busy focusing on her training to care about anything else.

However, it changed my mind after receiving a trust from Chernowsin while I was sleeping.

- In the future, you'll have to keep an eye on him.

Chernunos was one of the few gods to express himself as a poisonous physician. So when he placed the trust, Rebecca was greatly astonished. So I asked him for detailed reasons, but the answer never came back.

So from then on, I started observing Yeon-woo.

However, Rebecca could not find anything special in Yeonwoo, and eventually she neglected to observe and eventually forgot her trust.

And now, through the Palace of the Minhu, he has been resurrected as a spirit like this.

Rebecca seems to know why Gernunos told her to keep an eye on Yeouido.

'As we fight, we keep getting stronger.

How is it possible to • • • • • • • each time you pass through them? Are we going to clear our minds, or are we going to have a new epiphany? 'As Yeon Woo passes through each compartment.

Rebecca was able to see the pits clearly different from before passing through the previous compartment.

Obviously, the visions in each compartment were strong.

However, every time Yeon-woo was first pushed, she made a breakthrough in the war and won.

Especially when he defeated Hebonwing Cha Jung-woo and the Archbishop of the Horse Army.

Perhaps, it occurred to me that Chernunos did not take his powers from her entirely, in order to take a closer look at the sunset with her own eyes.

So I was curious.

I was a little worried about where he could go.

The opponent is the King.

The greatest king of the Onehorn Tribe ever.

It was a welcome for those who had hoped that the Summer Queen of Dragons would be able to yield, and that if a little more time passed, they might be able to stand up to Olfowon.

Wouldn't it be hard for you to treat someone like that? By the way.

The King's vision indicated his intention to 'surrender'.

Rebecca opens her eyes wide as if she couldn't believe it.

Welcome to Surrender. Never seen it, never heard of it. Especially if it's a royal vision.

What, that? "The vision, like Rebecca, frightened Shannon and Hanoi.

because they were also players who once passed the 21st floor. I knew too well how absurd it was.

The illusion is just a collection based on the data of players who passed through the staircase at the time. Since it was not copied to the self, it never had a doctor.

But even though the vision of the King was beginning, he had no intention of lowering his high arms, other than cheap ones.

Hey, Master! Did you know that your teacher is hiding in disguise? "He knew that he was talking about a ridiculous assumption. Once the trial had already begun, there was no possibility of anyone else entering the instant dungeon.

Even the manager was unable to enter, but he felt that it was much more believable than the visions said.


'No, it's not impossible at all. I looked at the vision of the king with narrow eyes. He thought it was unbelievable, but it was not as negative as Sa-Non.

Haven't you already been through something like this?

The visions of his brother. Just before he disappeared, he told Yeon-woo the cost price. At that time, I thought maybe the memory that was left in the data just worked for a while.

'If that's not it.' If only for a very brief moment your brother's visions had an ego.

Even though the vision of the King was somewhat egotistical, it was not uncommon.

The King's vision is more perfect than your brother's.

Of course, none of this would have been one of the many reactions that a simple assumption would have seemed to react to meeting someone who was' small 'in the mere pattern of imperial thinking that BB had left in its illusion.

Whatever the reason, it was sure that it was much different from the many welcomes he had met.

The vision of the Emperor slowly lowered his arms, whether he thought Yeon-woo was interested in him or with a sharper smile. And my lips tingled.

'I know I can't win even if I fight you. So let's talk for a minute.' I could not cultivate, but the visions clearly said that.

You really say that? Wow. Confused, Confused "Master. Rather, you need to be more careful. It's an unprecedented phenomenon. Rather, they're trying to do something else." Even Yeon-woo was never careless.

No, I would have voted for Vigrid without hesitation, given his original personality. It was his nature to be most wary of swinging at unknown cost. He would have tried to take care of it before the vision set in motion.

Above all, the opponent is nothing. He was a deep hearted man, but he could give up his brother when he needed to.

Perhaps talking to him is just a ploy to keep him occupied.


'I want to check it out.' Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

'What if it's not just the action of copying the data, but it's actually replicated consciously?' 'So if you have a self.

Even if it was convenient back then. Maybe I'll see my brother again.

Why don't we go around the 21st floor and talk to your sister whenever we want to?

And as soon as I woke up the self that was hidden in the vision, then I could find a way to get it out.

“What do you want to talk about?” The outside story. "The outside story?” 'Yes. I don't know the outside world at all because I'm the only one here. Only the memory of the last Circle in my head. So tell me about it. Then I'll send you straight to the next trial. I don't think it's a bad condition for you either.' The vision said that and laughed again. A mischievous smile, but somehow it feels ominous.

Yeon-woo thought for a moment.

“No. One answer.” 'How?' “Questioning and answering each other. I want to check something with you too." 'If that's the case. Well, whatever.

The moment the vision smiled and my hand lowered, I said, "Life. Ghost.” Suddenly, the shadow of the vision extends and splits in two. Suddenly, Sae and Han put their swords to the neck of the vision.

The welcome face is rigid.

What the hell are you doing? But Yeon-woo said in two words, "Isn't it natural?"

“Trust you?” Most of Yeon-woo's impressions of the King were unknown. I couldn't tell what would happen if I let the panels flow as deep as I wanted.

So Yeon-woo was going to solve the questions after suppressing the visions first.


“Fuck. I thought I had a favor to say, but the vision is a little ridiculous." Sound like the King. He was able to breed himself.

“If this happens, well, I can't help it.” That was the beginning.

An intense horsepower storm erupts along the way. Life and Ghost were swept away by the explosion and richly bounced to the left and right before using their hands, and the vision rose strongly into the rapid air.

At that moment, Rebecca, who was waiting behind Yeon Woo, flies roughly to the place where there is a vision. Even the Sapphire quickly balanced.

"K, at last, we too! I can run a little." They were smiling greatly in the event of an unexpected explosion.

In fact, it was a little painful for those who had to observe it the whole time Yeon-woo was going through the gate.

Sanon in particular has not been properly groomed for more than half a year since she and Lyent were slaughtered. Since then, they have gained the legacy of the late king and even the weapons of Hannova, and their bodies have been largely suspended.

Even if you have an enlightenment and a good weapon, you have to use it to make it worthwhile, because if you can't use it, it's just a game.

But this time it was different.

The gateways that I had met so far were only limited by Yeon-woo's self-discipline. However, Yeon-woo had no intention of doing so.

No, there was, but it's gone-redeem the king's vision.

That was an order from Yeon-woo.

It was definitely not easy, but it seemed like it would be fun to try. Even with the magical storm you just caused, I was amazed enough to laugh.

So the two of them were ready to go back to the ground. Rebecca was dumbfounded by the visions. Nothing could be more embarrassing than snacking delicious food from a rookie right in front of my eyes.


A group of comforting shadows spread all over the place, ready to climb to riches.

Yeonwoo wanted to capture the vision of the King somehow, using all her skills.

Maybe there was a way to bring him back to life, or maybe there was a way to bring him back to life that wasn't really his. I had to do something.


Ata is filled with longing, but Sanon and Ghost have not moved quickly.

Immediately after Rebecca attacked the vision of the king with her twin swords, the vision of the king suddenly twisted and tightened and spread.

Then, the tightly compressed magical force rushed inward into my fist and burst out excellent debris everywhere.

Such debris was then crushed again as it crossed the air in a trajectory, making tens of millions of debris that broke again and drew water out of the sky.

From a distance, it looks like a meteor shower is falling.

I even thought it was beautiful when I saw it dazed.


The results were absolutely not.

Guaco} Boom! Everything that hit the Magic Fragment broke apart. Immediately before the ground was seared, the explosion exploded in the air again, splitting apart by dozens, and the explosion tangled with each other, pushing what remained larger and larger into the four corners of the shovel.

The group is swept away, and the wealth slumps down with a magic retaliation instead of spreading the blood mist.

Rebecca is thoroughly scattered and pushed to the outskirts of the stage. More than half of your body shatters and splits into the shadows.

Luckily, Yeongwoo heavily lifts the wings of fire around her body and dodges the attack, but she is forced to splatter at once.

The waves of light were a force, perhaps similar to that. The problem was that the waves of light were so naturally controlled by the visions of the king, whereas the waves of light were out of control.

A group of gangsters with only one blast and a living ghost = 00 wiped out.

He said he was a monster, but he was worse. It was absolutely absurd.

Yeongwoo was out of balance, looking at the vision of the King landing lightly over the wings of fire.

Yongmaan's eyes widely opened and her eyes widened.

Processing. Definitely a wave. 'Yeon looked at what the vision of the King of Yeon used. Eight masterpieces of the eight poles. Yeon-woo was recently available. I couldn't do anything like this.

Besides, there was one problem.

'This must have been the time when the teacher was building the Ocean Circle. How did it go?' As Yeon broke, she pulled a group of monsters back into the shadows, pulling out a beagrid and rethinking what she knew about how visions can tell the eight masters.

Then I remembered.

Just before leaving the one-horned village.

What the King said to him.

- Are you confident? As a student, there was another question that followed right behind the teacher.

Beat it, if you're a king, even in first place.

I didn't think much of it at the time. If you think about it now, there was definitely a certain amount of jealousy in that tone of voice. Given that there was no king in second place, it was clear that the vision of Olfowon in first place would not have been won.

Maybe that's all that's left of the King. And if there was a strong determination that remained strong in the vision.

The visions were self-reflecting, researching, and they might have completed the quartet here in a different direction from the original owner.

Kukuku-kun, between the calming dirt oil, the vision twisted his lips.

“That was, like, the eighth pole.

Do you have something to do with the main body? This is gonna be fun. I have so many more questions to ask. ”The vision unfolds casually, smiling like a king. Woodpeck. Duck. As he smiled, there was a lot of predatory intent.

I thought that Yeonwoo might have met a talent as good as her sister, or maybe even more. With such great talent and determination, it would make the illusion move like a ghost full of Han.

But what's more remarkable about Yeouido than that is that

You think you ate me? 'He was thinking of a strong compass as a nurture to become stronger than he thought. That's the look in the eyes of the blind man in front of the tasty prey.

I thought I knew why Pants kept pointing to the King. I was a little annoyed when I saw it right in front of my eyes.

Yeongwoo spreads the wings of fire wide.

As I assured the King.

I thought I'd feel better if I patted it on before catching it alive.