Second Life Ranker

10. Shadow Painting (10)

“Declare a Realm.” [Dragon Realm, 'Bina' has been declared. We are now able to exert our power across a certain realm.] [The power of Phase 2 is revealed.] [Power: Dragonic Presser.] [All stats increase by a certain number over a certain period of time.] [Increases Physical Defense Power by a certain figure over a certain period of time] [Increases Attribute Defense Power by a certain figure over a certain period of time.] The message was now too familiar, and Yeon immediately triggered the bowling ball.

pot-the place where the lotus emerged was right behind the welcome. Immediately, Yeongwoo wields a rough beagrid mixed with error, and the vision instinctively twists and bounces the hand blade forward.

His blade is hard enough for Vigrid to pierce. The carnage was all torn apart.

Yeon Woo and the visions exchanged a number of times on the spot.

Yeon shakes her beagrid eagerly, fixating on the neck of the vision. The vision calmly pulls back and forth, pulling back the attack.

It is weaker than I thought. 'The vision of the King was less powerful than expected.

Of course, I was never weak. The power to bounce off the beagrid or the speed to move was greater than his brother's fantasy.

But it was never enough to do the wave that I had just seen. To put it this way, it was about the same as the self who expressed the power of Phase 2. 'How well it feels to do it.

Are there any significant changes in the data? 'Then I suddenly thought of that.

There may be persistence, but once the data figures in the Hall of Fame remain unchanged. It is in accordance with system constraints.

Maybe that's right. If only progress could be made after the visions were made. You couldn't have a vision right now, but you had to grow close enough to the real king.

Having made that decision, I understood how the illusion could use the bizarre power of the eight poles.

You can't make any difference to your stats. Did they go to sharpening and polishing? 'There are times when Yeon-woo kicked my tongue lightly.' It's been written in the Hall of Fame for decades. If so, he had only been training the eight poles for that long time. It made sense that his right to the extremities was unusual.

On the other hand, the persistence of the visions that had developed this much in the state where there was no progress was remarkable.

'No. This is more than persistence.} Then, the vision pulls the fist inward. The room fluttered with fists. Chain chains. It was also an eight-generation draw.

'Just an automated habit • • • Yeon triggered the bull link again with that idea. Strong enough to wiggle the space through the void, and Yeongwoo sweeps out her lower body roughly as she appears at the back of the welcome.

The vision lifts the bridge high and slams the ground as it is. As you do so, the grouper rises high behind you, blocking the beagrid. Ironclad. The 'gon' of the armpit is rubbish.

Nose! A wall of dirt exploded and shattered. Between the rocks, the illusion and fellowship showed different behaviors.

The vision was about to burst the glass's lightning bulb, which tightened the palms of his hands wide, and Yeon was preparing for the waves of fire.

Bang! A flashlight and a firearm collide to soar above the pillar of light. The dust and black smoke also rose high, and as they descended, they vomited a series of explosions and afterstorms.

The breeding grounds are as far from explosive as possible, with Bleak and Hayes in place. Now you can adjust the range to some degree, but thanks to the new power evolving, the effects of both enchantments were also greatly increased.

Yeongwoo stares into the debris from the explosion at the edge of the instant dungeon.

Along the crumbling grain, I chased a vision of the supersenses and the dragon's eye in there.

At that time, Sanon shouted in his mind. The ghost and Rebecca's will are buried together. It meant to ask them to let go. You are angry at me for getting hit just now.


'Wait,' Yeon-woo silenced their expectations.

It was time to focus here.

'Coming.' Ko} The dark shadow casts over the dust oil, frightening to the end of N-Yeon Woo's thoughts. Immediately, a vision of the King appears, swarming this way at a terrifying speed.

The smiling face was somewhat distorted. Unlike the one who escaped the explosion with relatively little damage, the vision was slightly injured. Smoke was rising over the burnt skin.

However, Yeon-woo knew that the wounded beast was more ferocious. If he had been enjoying himself for half this time, he would have really been hit with power by now.

Besides, he seemed less secure than he looked. How did they find a way to get out of this mess? Or was the attack carried out to the side with the eight poles as well?

It seemed to be the latter side.

That's what the dragon's eyes and supersenses were saying. The grain is scattered and the remnants of energy are read.

[Parallax cracking] Just before I bumped into him again, Yeon thought.

If you keep hitting it like this, you won't end up in a battle. No, if you continue to fight, you will lose yourself, but if you use the help of life, you can increase your odds up to the draw.

But you shouldn't. Yeon-woo wanted something bigger than that.

Overwhelming Victory.

I wanted to make a picture somehow and press it. It was not simply because I was angry. I was eager to defeat the existence of the King, and there was a sense that I could bring my brother back to life.

Then we had to come up with a strategy to defeat the king before the conflict could happen again.

Or you get that kind of remarkable growth.

First of all, what's the difference between you and the King?

Clearly, the overall specifications were similar. However, there were too many skill differences in various settings, including the sword.

I had to draw it. He's been stuck here training for decades.

But even so, the visions must have been more profound than the current pond, even when they were first created here.

The Eight Biggies that the vision had been released had been the same as what the King had taught us. I was already somewhat skeletal since then, so I thought again.

'What's the difference between me and the Necromancer and Knockdon?' I recall the disciples of the King who met in compartments 21 and 24. They've been making their own way ever since. But you? You've mastered many skills, but you're not that crazy after all.

Your own path. This is the story of Yeon Woo's long-suffering mind. Even though she made an error and became a master, Yeon-woo was still a desperate opponent about her path.

There was definitely something I wanted to pursue. Faster, stronger. But it was still a lot of work for me to want a higher hardship just by being blunt like that. The road to the dance was just as hard.


The problem was that Yeon-woo did not want to walk the path of the dancer.

Clearly, it was fun to master the art of working without balls. I had a battle insult, and mastering swordsmanship gave me a strange pleasure. But I didn't want to live like a monk who fell in love with swords.

Fun and goals were completely separate, and what Yeon-woo wanted was a power to become stronger and a way to get there, away from endless self-fulfillment.

So we decided to twist the viewpoint a little.

If you can't clear a path right now. I think we should walk the road that has been cleaned up. No, why don't we just run over it and make it mine?

It was much easier and efficient.

Above all, there were three very good materials for Yeon-woo. Teaching materials that can show you the right path.

First of all, Yeon tried to become a swordmaster. The grains of the swordmaster I saw in compartment 21 were already sealed in her head.

Using the microscopic senses of the supersenses, I wanted to display the grains evenly.

The path of the Swordsman that Yeon-woo interpreted is rigid. It was a tighter, stronger, tighter force.

Immediately, Yeon-woo's body seemed to sink heavily, but her eyes changed subtly.

[I realized the new option, 'Sync'. Supersensory skill levels have increased. 28.1%] Whoa. At that moment, a message pops up and the slower time returns.

Suddenly, the vision of the King was upon us. Immediately before the collision, the vision suddenly felt a subtle change in the air surrounding the snow.

Ta-da-da, Yeon-woo swung the beagrid ferociously. How quickly, in the blink of an eye, I was able to put together 30 herbs. The hand of the illusion that prevents it is also busy.

The visions slightly widened. It was essentially different from the way I had dealt with Yeouido. Previously, if I had a dream that would explode, now it's as hard as diamonds.

The error shrunk inward and boasted a hard hardness. A large tear in the hallucination's hand caused the blood to spill out.

Wedge! Vigrid stabs you in the glabella. I would have just ignored it and stepped aside, but by now, my arm would have blown off.

The visions changed their minds to confront in front of them. I stretched my hands out hard in front of him. Grrrrr. The explosive force of condensation swept over the kite as it exploded.

However, the hardened beagrid tears back at once and reaches the heart of the vision. Sile. It was one of three stories that Yeon-woo had not been able to realize. By focusing your strength on the dot, the visions that pierce everything bounce off the target with a large split right chest. My eyes slightly widened. Completed Slash.

It was definitely different from the lotus we had been dealing with.

• • • You, anything? "The vision growls like a beast that meets an enemy. However, Yeon-woo was moving on.

'Melted down.

This time, the substrate surrounding him spread to a soft yet glamorous brotherhood. Nocton's path has been interpreted by Yeon Woo as an illusion. It was a power to hide sharpness in glamour with a sword made of several herbs.

Yeon-woo opened a new empty season, GooGoowol, while living it as it is.

With each glamorous shot of Vigrid, the welcome hand is stretched out, and a sharp blow is added between the two.

The vision soon became bloody.

Now both eyes gloat in anger.

I pressed Yeongwoo hard as I untied the beakers.

However, Yeongwoo calmly plays Knockton's pattern and combats, avoids, and counters the brute force of her vision.

There was a huge difference in understanding between condensation and melting. So, although he could not follow Knoxton uniformly, Yeouido sought to follow him constantly analyzing the pattern of Meldon with incident acceleration and parallel operations.

And the by-products that appeared there lifted the swordsmanship of Yeon Woo to the path of a complete master at once.

Adding the power of the dragon and the magical weapon, the judgement, of course, had to lean towards the twilight.

Guang! A welcome left arm splashes into the air in a blow struck by Yeon Woo. In front of the vision of the unbelievable 0, Yeon once again called for a new synchronization.

This time I became one before my eyes. There's so much difference that you can't be a real king. But the visions were different. Through the shin and the melting of the sword, I enlightened the remaining swords in turn, and now I was able to get close to a vision of polarity.

The vision now stares at him with a frightened look on his face. Obviously, it was one guy. I felt like I was fighting three people in a row. The vision of being tied to the stage was yourself, but it seemed to be you who went through the trials one after the other.

Yeon-woo unravels the last remaining beak. It was a herbal herb that tore everything in front of me with a fierce gust.

The King who interpreted Yeon-woo was defeated. The user slashes the target with its powerful power. Of course, it was a herb that fit the family.

Nose} Ah-ah-finally, the welcome had to bounce back big, with its strong fist broken. It hit the very edge of the dungeon, at the edge of a basin.

“Well, for the first time, Gilded Vale has vomited fury as she grits her teeth. It was not anger against Yeon-woo. It was only here that I was tied up and angry with myself. And the anger against the other costs was mixed together.

Do they think that if they get caught here, they won't be able to catch Allfowon forever?

I felt that strongly. Is the king's obsession with the Cannon strong enough to replace it? No, I didn't know that such an obsession was going to last for decades.

So Yeon-woo could realize. He wasn't no king.

Derived from the King's data, obsession is now just a remnant of debris. This was never what Yeon-woo knew.

Stronger than anyone and tougher than anyone. Also, I was freer than anyone else.

He was never this tied up. He is a • • • • • • loophole. Yeah, you'd better put it that way.

Immediately before the final inspection, Yeon-woo once again changed her temperament.

The shape of Hae Bong Wing Chae Jung Woo overlapped. The path my brother pursued was free.

The sword, which had been confined so far, was released naturally and quickly entered the heart of the vision.

Puh-there, Yeon-woo could see some of the path she was on. Fast. What if even God's eyes could unleash the speed, the intensity, of deception? It seemed to suit me well. It was a way to think about it.

The vision lets out a rough breath and stares at Yeon-woo, immediately shattered and scattered.

[You made it through the 32nd compartment in one piece.] [We have made great progress through this trial. It was an incredible achievement. Additional public values and rewards will be given] Owner, you? "In a blurry dungeon, Sanon asked a mixed question. I wonder why they don't catch the King's vision. Knowing her obsession with her brother, it was a question of course.

However, Yeon-woo shook her head instead.

I felt like I had a happy dream for a little while. But I could have hoped.

How do you bring a vision of your brother? How can it be a real brother? It was just a copy of the same image. Even if you only see the vision of the King. Rather, it was an insult to my brother.

Dreams end with dreams. It could never be real.

"Yes. He can no longer meet • • •. 'Yeon-woo decided to accept the reality, so she also robbed her mind of the remaining polish, but she couldn't build the bitterness.

Because now I can feel the reality that I can't really see my brother.

Maybe in a tower of all sorts of miracles, he didn't even know he had a dream he couldn't hope for.

Shoot - like that, the dungeon disappears, and a new dungeon begins. Last remaining compartment. Olfoone. She wanted to get over the walls that couldn't even make it over, and clear 21 floors as soon as possible.

[The thirty-third section of the trial begins.] [The battle against Bivasvat will begin shortly. Prepare for battle while you wait.] When I saw the message, Yeon-woo refurbished.

[1st place 'Bivasbat' was removed for unknown reason.

No data found.] [The challenge in the thirty-third compartment has automatically been completed.] [All trials have ended.] A message I never thought of.

Yeongwoo's eyes narrow.