Second Life Ranker

11. Demon Forest (1)

There's no vision of Allfoone? The vision of no king was as unthinkable as having a doctor. No, even though his determination could have remained with the data in the king's case, it was not the case with Allfowon.

It meant that one section of the stage, defined by the system, was completely different.

Given that God and the Devil are tied to the 98th floor without ever getting out of the system. This was never going to happen.

However, the vision of Allfowon could not be found even after washing my eyes.

Instead of where he would be, the blue portal to the next stairwell was wide open and waiting for Yeongwoo.

How the hell am I supposed to take this? 'Yeon-woo thought for a moment and nodded his head. It was none of your business anyway. If it wasn't for Allfowan, this place would be yours now.

[Great Record Achieved.

Would you like to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [You have declined registration.] [However, even if it is not public, your achievements will be engraved deeply into the tower, allowing you to toggle registration whenever you want.] [Level Ranking] Joint 1st Place. Private & third-place Vivasvat. 4th place, 5th place. Although he did not meet Olfowon's vision, he did not make it to the solo ranking. At least this was a good result for the first time on the floor.

After seeing these results, I was also curious about how the King's face would change.

Yeon-woo replied with an 'N' to the message that she would be rewarded, as she has always done, and climbed the portal. It was much better to keep accumulating rewards all at once.

And I was about to fire up the portal, and suddenly the communication ring rang. It was from a nightspot outside the answer.

“What's going on?” I, uh, I think you need to stand up quickly. "" Abraham, who was on the 23rd floor, has been invisible in his residence for the past few days. Yeon opened her eyes slightly and quickly activated the portal. In the meantime, I was relieved that Abraham had only stayed in one place.

I felt like I had to hurry.

The Huaia-Portal is activated. The swallowing of the swallowed lily as a swarm of light spreads.

Word soon spread throughout the tower that the top of the Hall of Fame had changed.

The issue was that many rankers who had not been paying much attention to the hypotenuse section had to be touchy.

A record that has never been changed. There is a broken record that even the King failed to change.

It was already great to have scored equally well with Ulpopon, although it was a strange record of being in the joint rankings.

This made the nickname "monopoly" an up-and-down bubble between the golden rankers and the giant clans.


Some of them asked questions.

- The monopoly, why doesn't he reveal his name? From the tutorial to here, the monopoly has never made his name public. It was definitely treated as private, but no one knew who it was.

However, since things are a world of towers that work from time to time, not many people have paid much attention to this yet.

Such a small question was spreading very little from somewhere.

“So Wonhenova tries to shout at the disturber who asks a silly question, but suddenly sees a message in front of him and stops speaking.

[The Hall of Fame record has been updated. On the 21st floor, it was the stairs where the condensation had gone up this morning.

After sending the kite, Henova set an alarm so that she would know when her muscle record changed.

However, I didn't care for a while because I knew it would take a few days, as many years, to break a single staircase.

Suddenly, the alarm rang, so I had to be childish. I quickly opened the window thinking that something might be wrong. I had already forgotten about the disturber.

So, in the rankings I checked, there was a strange name in first place.

“First place together?” Is it possible to work together in a system system? No, I mean, even with Thai records, has there ever been anyone who's been alongside Allfowon's? There was none.

So Hanova was taken aback, and soon she was able to catch a slow smile as she calmed down.

However, after seeing how he set the record, I thought it would be rewarding to match the artifact with difficulty.

At least he didn't defile his father-in-law's face. No, Echo, this was natural.

“Home. He's a prick, though.

Henova smiles and lowers his hammer, raising the bear pole next to him and asking.

Henova's eyes sank deeply, sucking out awful, awful, and smoke.

I sometimes thought about it.

If only I had the talent to play. I wanted to see the face of the 21st floor first. Even though it was just a false shadow, I used to wonder how good it would be if I could go and visit it sometimes.

He listened to his own wishes. I didn't say anything else, but I thought it was as if I had left with my own armor.

So I wanted to think about it.

It's true that Yeon-woo met the armor he made. What did he look like? Was he smiling, or was he expressing himself like a normal visionary? What was he like when he was passing through the basement? It was the brightest time, I think he was smiling. Even the onlookers must have been foolish enough to laugh. Was it time to build you a dragon slayer or was it before that? The thought bites the tail.

And the deeper I thought, the more I remembered my old memories one by one, and I smiled unknowingly.

Things that I never thought would be painful to think about. Now I can smile with a little open.

Haven't you had any guests? And I thought the one-horned tribe said people were coming. 'Henova was immersed in memories for a long time, but something came to mind. = I turned my head and looked out the side of the door.

But there was no one to find but the wind through the wide open door.

Zhang Wei felt a strange feeling when he saw Henova smiling.

When I investigated him separately, all I could hear was, 'After Artiya collapsed, her skills as a blacksmith also rusted.

But I assure you, when Zhang Wei saw it, Henova was never rusty. The power of wielding and hammering the brazier was still great. It was only because I saw that such a rumor had been disheartened.

But it seemed like Henova had regained his morale. Even though you knew his apprentice was dead.

Even though I broke up with her, it wasn't an easy smile to make with the death of her disciple.

'There is something.

So Zhang Wei decided to touch Henova properly.

Kidnapping and torturing, if necessary. Although rumored to be a hardened dwarf, Zhang Wei knew a lot about how to open his mouth, but just before he stepped forward, the door suddenly opened wide.

The man who opened the door had a long horn on one side of his head, whether he was on an errand from the one-horned tribe. Hands full of weird iron blocks.

Instead of even touching Hanova in the face of loneliness, he drew his dagger and left the forge pretending nothing had happened. It's Hanova. We could always come back for more.

But something was seen in the eyes of the lonely tribesmen. He gives a strange look and treads behind Zhang Wei's back.

Zhang Wei notices that and turns the alley several times, reaching the outskirts of the tower.

“I don't know why you follow me from the tribe of loneliness.” Zhang Wei deliberately shouted while looking at the gritty alleyway where no one was.

Soon, someone walks out of the corner quietly.

I liked the look on his face as a whole, but his cool eyes added to his coolness. Janu, one of the heirs of the psychic, who served the Panthers.

I was looking for the forge because there was a deal between my family and Henova, but I ran into Zhang Wei and came here by chance.

“Although it's nothing compared to Edora, I'm a bit of a 'hunch' myself. You smell too dangerous. Anyone, you?” Janu crouched lightly as Zhang Wei lengthened the unknown. I didn't hide my life.

He was the only one who always had a clear smile in front of the Yeongwoo or Fant sisters. In fact, he was famous for being wild among the warriors of his clan.

Moreover, Jana was the one who emitted a very dangerous smell in the forge. It was clear that they were trying to harm Henova. I had to ask him what he was trying to do.

Zhang Wei kicked his tongue lightly. Wouldn't want to get involved with a queen of the summer zero - "they were so difficult not to. So, even if he wanted to talk nicely about it, he couldn't stay silent until he revealed his murder like that.

Moreover, in the beginning, he was not a very good talker. Why do I have to talk so loudly when it's so much more convenient?

Above all.

Zhang Wei's intention to be a loner is simply 'annoying'. It wasn't because they were afraid.

I risked getting back at them later, but I didn't care.

He had already lived long enough to die.

So, as if there was no choice, Zhang Wei untied the bow he was holding on his shoulder without a word and held it in his hand.

'It's really hard to handle a mission.

Thankfully, Henova has more mouths to dig up. This piece of junk could have nothing to do with Artiya, but checking it out couldn't hurt.

Zhang Wei lightly flew to Janu. I caught an arrow in the Sile Dong Palace.

“Hehe. Like a dog, there was a lot of blood pouring out of his mouth. Janu wanted to get up somehow, but she had to sit down again because of the arrow in her right chest.

Zhang Wei glanced at him with a cold gaze. It couldn't have been a fight in the first place. High Tanker and Semi Ranker. It was obvious what the two of them were up against.

However, Zhang Wei had to taste the cooling of his liver just twice as he dealt with Janu. I should say it's a lonely tribe. Even a rookie like this was never worth it.

“I want you to answer my questions from now on.” Zhang Wei tapped the white arrow on Janu's right shoulder and said.

Despite the terrible pain, Janu smiles. As if it's up to you.

“Me, why?” “If you answer me correctly, I'll let you live.” Huh-huh. You think you're getting that kind of generosity? ”“ I don't think so. ”“ That's a good look. "Zhang Wei kicked his tongue lightly. You don't have the strength to fight anymore.

My eyes are still sharp on the topic of breathless dreaming like death.

He knew these eyes well. No matter how much torture you inflict, you will never answer.

“I can't help it. It's not my preferred method.”. What, are you giving up? "Zhang Wei grinned and raised his index finger on his lips. And, of course, with your left hand you can't move it. An unknown horse begins to frown.

Suddenly, the purple smoke rises from the surface and becomes entangled. And a little bit more revealing. It was a blue snake with nine heads.

Gu-young. It was one of the many monsters that God caught when he was a hero. They became a member of God's family after their deaths, and occasionally sent their bodies to the ground according to Zhang Wei's summoning skills.

“Eat." Gaah! Gu Young bared his teeth and crawled to Janu. Janu opened her eyes and did not look away as if she would never miss Gu Young and Zhang Wei.

Gu Young squeezed Janu's mouth and began to dig inside.

Then, some fragmented scenes passed by Zhang Wei's eyes.

Gu-young has the ability to absorb some of the memories of the person she ate. Zhang Wei often used the method of chasing the enemy as he peered at the scenes absorbed through his connections with Gu Yeong.

even though it was just a piece of information that wasn't mixed voices. There was a lot of information that could be inferred by that alone. And in Janu's many memories, Zhang Wei was able to figure out quite a lot.

Why the Lonely Tribe allied with Cleanliness suddenly didn't join the war. You can see how the children of the King were taken over by the Red Dragon.

And at the heart of it all, Cain? 'There has always been a figure of Cain the Monkey.

After reading all the memories, Zhang Wei had to put his mind to rest for a long time.

“You weren't just scouting for a reason, were you? I was going to reverse cleanliness in the first place. But before that, I didn't care much about fighting the Red Dragon." Zhang Wei had to feel a strange feeling in Cain's image.

He said it didn't matter if he got into Purification before the hatred for Phoenix even happened.

Though I fought as a mercenary of the lonely tribe. Engaging in war seems to come first.

It was interesting.

There's still a lot of things that don't add up. It was still something that I would be interested in.

Everything that's going on around here is circling Cain without you knowing it.

The one who feared that it would be nothing at first. In fact, it seemed to have quite a lot of secrets.

“Cain, Cain.” Zhang Wei muttered a name he was never familiar with. Cain. I don't like the name.

But on the one hand, it got interesting.

The reason he wanted to join the war indistinguishable. That strangely bothered me.

Gu-young, who had dug up all the flesh just in time, slowly came out of the corpse. Janu's corpse was completely drained of life, dried up like a mummy, and soon it was crumbled and disappeared.

Zhang Wei reaches out, wraps Gu Yeong like a bracelet, and walks towards the tower.

In my memory, Cain was headed to the 23rd floor.

“Tenjiangway's lip twists slightly when something fun happens. After entering the tower, he felt the feeling of leaning for the first time.