Second Life Ranker

12. Demon Forest (2)

[Begin the trials on the 22nd floor.] [Trial: A port city facing a vast ocean has long been a major problem. The trial on the 22nd floor of the Marmalade Kragen site was very simple.

Catch the Kragen, a monster that appears on the coast.

But the Kraken was a gigantic monster, about 70 meters tall.

The ten legs that swing like tentacles sweep away everything, but even the poisonous food was dangerous, so it was never easy to catch.

So we usually need a Raid Party of at least 30 people.

The newly released Kragen had to experience the terrible pain of more than half his head breaking off before the Raid Party arrived.

Kaeeek! Kraken cries out in agony. And somehow, I whipped my legs to catch this guy flying in front of me like a fly.

The over-the-counter draws his sword high as if he were waiting, speeding through the sky, avoiding the attack and cutting off his legs.

As the blood fountain splashed up high in the sky several times, fragments of the severed leg poured out excellently. It's been drenched in its blood for a long time.

He was supposed to come at players with tremendous size and stamina, but he was supposed to be terrified.

Rather, those physical strengths were becoming weaker and calling for death more quickly.

She swings her beagrid across the air with the wings of fire. Every time the waves of fire blaze, the monster slowly collapses, giving birth to even the strangest pleasures.

And then, when I hit Beagrid hard down in accordance with the description of the verse,

With the remaining head and body of the collagen in two cavities, the heart splashed high into the air. It was a heart the size of the head of a person who didn't fit into a big size.

Yeongwoo gripped her heart with magical power. Kragen stores as much magical power and stamina as a big one. The heart could be a good ingredient for elixir.

[All trials have ended.] [Successfully defeated Kragen, Lord of the Sea, as a solo player. Achieved achievements that no one could easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.] [You have gained 15,000 Public Values.] [+20,000 Additional Deficit.] [Acquired Public Values are added to Accumulated Public Values.] [Do you want to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [You have declined registration.] [The god of the sea, Poseidon, shows great interest in you. I consider the Apostle's proposal.] [An unknown god marked the opposite.] [An unknown god expressed concern.] [Demons pay attention.

Have a deep discussion on someone's proposal] Poseidon? 'After going through Olympus' reports, Yeon-woo found a contact point for Olympus in many ways. From time to time, I saw messages from Hermes or Athena.

But I've never seen Olympus deal with a great god like Poseidon before.

Is it because I caught a superior Kragen alone among the monsters of the sea?

But as always, underneath God's statement of interest was a sign of concern with the opposition of others, followed by the demons discussing something.

I usually don't pay much attention to these things. I couldn't help but notice that content was repeated.

Who are these gods and demons?

It doesn't matter to anyone. 'They had no intention of getting any kind of offer anyway.

Moreover, I had to rush to the 23rd floor. I keep thinking about Abraham's disappearance.

The honeycomb unloaded all messages and triggered a green portal.

[This is the 23rd floor, the Demon's Coffin of Rest.] A new place appeared on the rocky shore. The high sky was filling with sight.

However, it was completely different from the sky on the stairs that Yeongwoo had passed through. Red sky. Not a color that feels as beautiful as sunset, but a color that feels as creepy as blood.

Yeon-woo turned her gaze down.

A dense forest fell into the snow beneath a vast canal. I knew it was scary.

Especially in the wide open dragon horses, there were all kinds of energies and ghosts, tangled like cobwebs and translucent ghosts all over the place.

[Begin the trials on the 23rd floor.] [Crucible: Unlike today's demons, who have been civilized enough to stand up to the gods, their ancestors were said to have been born in an abandoned world whose names no one had ever touched before.

Their world is always red because the light doesn't come in properly, and it hasn't rained for hundreds of years, so the rivers and oceans are full of ugly land.

It's a land where no life is likely to exist, but there is a mysterious creature that has evolved to be able to live in one of these places.

An unknown origin demon, greedily depletes the world's few remaining energies and conceives its young.

Survive the attacks of greedy demons and the obsession of hungry cubs. The more demons and cubs you kill, the better your chances of survival.] Although 'polyps' include dragons such as Dragonians, Wyvern, and Sea Servants, they can never be compared to dragons, but even the demons currently detained on the 98th floor and their ancestors originally became their origins could not be treated the same.

No, to be precise, the demons on the 98th floor may have once begun on a small scale, but they are now the Demon Kings and Dukes, culminating in numerous fights and predations.

They had gone through a power that was never deserted by God, and had also brought down the polyps that had once fallen from the tower.

But the demons here were different.

Often, those who are called the 'Horse Clan' are conceived as fruits from a plant called the 'Devil's Tree', and live only by their instincts without thinking or self-esteem.

Rather, they were much less intelligent than monsters at this time, so the demons hated being compared to them.

Little Frog OldÖ/The ones who don't think are best suited to Ugh # %? Forward 0/Families were c//7//Girls Ö/Girls of the Byruhan era 0/7/mild 7 Agents 0./Coney/can kill all kinds of things. T/Sub Heat Solvent in Complex/Minus Energy (+30408; +37328; 2 s.

For convenience, they are classified as spheres/divisions, etc. 4 Fact Ö. I wasn't going to do it separately.

Instead, my instincts were strong. The instinct to beat. The instinct to sink. The instinct to sink. The subject tried to swallow whatever he could. The subject did not cover up the co-states.

However, as I continued to be far away and strong, it seemed to open my eyes a little. From then on, I knew the grasp of thinking and felt that it was emotion. and 0/nothing added. I wanted to have it. Whether it's power or power, one day you'll be, uh, Hma, Grand Duke or Demon King.

07% 7 I also drove that freedom/so/so/falling/losing was the only way they survived.

There was also a reason why the unwise seeking polyps were on the device.

Nevertheless, despite such a sore theory, the 23rd floor, which implemented the family 0/living machinery, was nowhere to be seen.

I suddenly remembered the records of the 23rd floor in Yeongwoo's diary, and suddenly I remembered the Hidden Pieces to be obtained here.

'Here's what you'll get, perhaps purple devils and Lake Deroy's dragons. These were the two, right?' The devil opens the devil's flower, which has a deep scent before giving birth to the devil.

The devil flower is called that for convenience, but its shapes and characteristics were very varied. From the smell of sweetness, there was something inside that was as big as a fly's cage.

What Yeon-woo was looking for was a purple devil flower.

A flower that is not well known for its rare nature, but is actually conceived by the higher horsemen. I also had a lot of quality Margie.

It was also the most central lake in the Devil's Forest. It is very large, but could not be seen where the lotus is.

The dragons living in that lake were as difficult to catch as the 22-story cragen, or rather, much harder, but they were still very useful and coveted.

'If you mix the inside of a dragon with a devil flower, you'll get good elixir. I should be able to raise my magical power rating.' Yeon-woo already possessed a lot of magic. So there was no need for quantitative growth anymore. Instead, what was needed was qualitative growth.

I thought it would be a big help if my brother learned from Baker.

However, if there is a problem, the illusion made of the ingredients here usually contains the energy of evil or dark systems.

'It's a good thing for me.

Just in time, as I was leaning toward the evil attributes, I got out of the Start Zone by slowly organizing my plan to get along with Margie.

In fact, I was looking back on things, but in fact, Yeon-woo was paying the most attention.

'Wise Man's Stone.

The paleontologist Abraham was staying on the 23rd floor for a very long time. I didn't know why. I just thought there might be a reason to draw it, just as much as his character was determined to be free, but difficult.

'The problem is where to find him.' In the Night's Watch, Abraham suddenly hid his end. Thanks to this, Yeongwoo did not find any more Hidden Pieces on the 22nd floor.

'You said there have been a lot of people looking for him lately.' As many enemies, friends are guests who wash their eyes and can't find him.

I smelled something.

'Let's go to my place first.

Yeongwoo develops with a Bulllink to the coordinates taught by the Night's Watch.

Unfortunately, the coordinates point to a place not too far from Lake Roy.

Obviously, the Devil's Forest was so dense with larger trees that the red sky was invisible as it entered the center, and the air was thick. As though Margie was mixed, her breathing was difficult and she consumed both health and horsepower quickly. Growing up powerful towards the Amazon system seemed to be subject to enormous penalties.

On the other hand.

"Wa-ha-ha! This place is supposed to be full of people! Is there a place where 23 is always this refreshing?" It must be because we have changed that much. It feels good. "Sanon and Han were out in the shadows, joyfully wandering through the forest. Players were usually reluctant to go to the lake, so they were able to wander around unpopular.

It was a painful place for the living, but an unparalleled pleasant place for them. The goons were running around for a while.

Above all.

Kia Ekkaa! Khurok! Kurrok! All the ghosts were snatched by the monsters and eaten by them. This is what you get when you move around looking for food.

So this was like a banquet hall for the monsters. The Horses are usually composed of zeroes or spirits. Of course, it seemed like a tasty prey to geeks, and the horses without natural concepts became fireflies, and they kept coming.

['The rich man ingested angler21.

You have 2 more Magi attributes.] ['The cloth has eaten the little warlock 99. Gain 5 more Magi attributes] Thanks to you, Yeon is moving quietly and comfortably strengthening the gangsters.

Rebecca was staring at them with her arms crossed. As spirits with powers, it was a bit of a burden.

But as soon as they were near their destination, they had to reclaim the freedom they had been given.

"Hmm? This? • • • Unfortunate power." Life and Ghost made annoying voices like when they enjoyed each other.

A sacred and arduous energy, unlike the Devil's Forest, is spreading calmly along the shore.

Elohim? 'Only an elite clan of eight can join, such as the Tremendous Tribe and Transcendent.

They said they had to fit in with their dignity, and they used to use all this power.

But Elohim is not in the best relationship with Abraham. Why do I feel Elohim's energy here? Yeongwoo recovered the living and the ghost back into the shadows, and as hard as I could, I climbed up to the tallest tree and looked down.

A little hut sits right next to the lake. A place with garden plots.

There were nine groupers who were blonde around it, many with gray wings and hardly saw in the towers.

But the most prominent of them were the others.

Immediately, a spark appeared in Yeongwoo's eyes.

What's he doing there? 'Red hair like silk and eyes without black pupils. And I noticed that the blue blood vessels were evenly glistening with clear skin.

It was all protogenic in nature.

Protogenous means those who were originally born as a clan of gods, but fell to the lower levels of the chastity.

Because of this, they are the top rankers within Elohim and do not travel well externally.

I never thought he'd show up for the 23rd thing he hates the most.

Moreover, he was a face for Yeon-woo during the day.

One of the chief executives, Aether of Light, who ruled Elohim, was once a member of Artiya.

The first time I met Au,/Ei//was, uh, 7. It was 77 Jung Ö.

Yeon-woo suddenly pressed the dense anger and examined the situation as calmly as possible.

Why is he looking for him? Leaving what Aether looked like, Elohim was the archdiocese of Abraham. If those guys are looking for Abraham, that means something's wrong.

I wondered if it had something to do with Abraham's sudden concealment of religion.

I thought I should keep an eye on the situation, then I lowered my posture.

Sink-- someone was rapidly rushing out of the woods and shooting arrows at them.

The user blinds itself in the shadows, making the target's eyes slightly larger.