Second Life Ranker

13. Demon Forest (3)

Galeed was a dark elf I met in the tutorial. The one who chased Akasa's snake dozens of times and also handed her cruises over to Yeon Woo through various quests.

And he was my brother's first teacher.

After I got the pictures of my family I wanted so much, I thought about it a little bit because I didn't know what I was going to live for anymore. It seemed to have just climbed the tower.

And it looks like he's staying with his friend, Abraham.

However, because Galilee and Aether were a union that had never been thought of, Yeon-woo's mind was complicated.

'If Aether etc. is after Abraham and Galilee is stopping him.' Yeon-woo quickly pursued Galilee's movements.

Galilee was already famous for his tutorial work before climbing the tower. I was evaluated that my skills would never deteriorate compared to rankers.

But with the rewards I got from climbing the tower, I feel like I've gotten a lot better than I used to.

Every time I deployed a crusade, there were so many survivors everywhere that it was hard to catch up with my naked eye.

Moreover, the arrows were not commonly found. Iron wire made of solid iron (37941; 30690;, iron arrows).

Did braham make you one? {nose} Boom! There was either a magic spell carved separately, or a violent explosion in the place where the clock struck.

Home players of Elohim, including the Aether, quickly scattered to the four winds.

When fighting archers, collective damage increases. I had to go in a way that narrowed the range of attacks as far apart as possible.

They thought the same thing, but after dodging the arrow, they tried to catch Galilee by drawing a big arc.

But such an operation was only possible when we could keep up with the archers.

Galilee, who had already mastered a skill called Purebra, was fast enough for them to catch up with.

Besides, this is the Devil's Forest. Galeed is an elusive stage for Elohim's players, and Galeed is like a meat that meets water as long as there's a lot of cover everywhere.

Pababat-Garid draws a long way back and fires an arrow. Very quickly, the arrows dig deep enough to cool down their livelihood as rankers.

Those who thought it was inevitable swinged their swords with the intention of bouncing back. Overwhamming. The moment of the collision, a massive shock wave strikes them with a flame.

“Kuaak!” The two men who tried to grab Galilee take a deep breath and plunge further back. One was burned to the whole body, and the other was covered in blood from the broken blade.

When Galilee looked at their movements and tried to put an arrow back into the demonstration.

Suddenly another player appears hiding behind Galilee.

High elves with blondes. He was the only one who could keep up with Galilee's speed.

The High Elf smiles confidently and stabs the spear deeply into Galeed's place, but soon his figure hardens.

Galilee's figure is blurring and fading like an illusion on a lake.

When the speed is maximized, there is a shallow shadow in the space. Galilee has unlocked new and higher-level skills while mastering the cruiser. Lee Hyeong-hwan was one of them.

A skill that can conjure the eyes of an opponent by leaving multiple shadows behind. It also stealthily hits the target with a critical hit.

And after the trap, the trap always works. A shadow flashes from the tree behind you. The arrow blazes on the wandering High Elf's back.

Nose! “Kuargh!" He turns the Wind Spirits and makes a barrier close enough to stop the arrows.

However, the power of the explosion is so great that your body is heavily pushed back, and the black smoke blinds your vision that you miss Galilean's trail for only a short while.

At that time, Galilee suddenly bowed backwards and bounced forward.

Unlike what we've been doing with Heath and Run so far, we've been aiming for melee combat.

“Dare! A child of darkness!” The High Elves grind their faces as Galilee appears through the smoke.

For a High Elf born to Frey's blood, the noble god of beauty, the Dark Elves melt in darkness, and they are a vulgar people who can never be near them.

Dark Elves are attacking from the front, so I have no choice but to express my anger.

Moreover, when he sees it, Galilee is more than just a quick foot-hunter. I was going to show him an example because it meant that he could see himself.

But the High Elves were wrong about one thing. The only organs used by the Galileans are bows and feet.

He was very good at other techniques and martial arts.

Increasing its speed, the High Elf spear has no chance of catching up.

Galilee draws an arrow and grabs it with reverse water, swiftly swinging it across the High Elf's carotid artery and Achilles Gun in the leg.

Leech + {0} sec - “Running late" Others rush to stop Galilee, but Galilee already falls back and fires another arrow at him.

When one person is slandered and others come to save him, he chooses to use it against them.

Given the situation like this, Elohim is thoroughly playing into Galilee's hands.

In front of an attack using geography, environment, and rapid maneuvers, Elohim was forced to be put to shame.

Eventually, Aether, who was worse than this, stepped forward.

“You look like a rat.” Aether frowned slightly, using her innate power to make the arrow of light thick in the air.

Each one of them held a great sacred place. As I stir my hands down, they pour down on Galilee like a hailstorm.

Galilee avoided the marching altogether, but the arrow of light pursued Galilee to the end.

Several of them diverged to the left and to the right, taking Galilee's rear and lateral flanks in a large turn, and by the time Galilean figured out the situation, he had already fallen into a trap.

Front, back, left, right. In a situation where everyone is blocked by the arrow of light. The arrows of light spit out more dull light.

“Blow.” Dozens of light arrows erupt, with a commandment that only those who hold the sacred spirit can sing.

Quoian-white light started pushing the forest around the lake at shovel while drawing a hemisphere.

The sound of the explosion was not very loud.

However, as if the sun was shining, the white flashing light pushed out the red sky and black smoke.

The Devil, all sorts of things, even the ghosts disappeared without a sound.

I wonder if Galilee's got into it.

He rolled his feet up into the air with his magical strength tucked into his feet.

And the other players of Elohim move in unison, aiming for it.

Below is the explosion of an arrow of light making the atmosphere dizzy. It won't be easy to hide in the open air, so we thought we could catch it. Kwakwa! All sorts of effects erupt in a splendid fashion, and the gust rages.

Aether has also developed her signature skill, Shinbu of Light. A fierce blast of light strikes Galilee.

There is no retreat. Galilee knows that, so she twists from the air and pulls out the disc she had wrapped around her belt and throws it forward.

Before I came here. A friend of mine, Abraham, told me to use it in times of crisis.

The disc quickly expanded into several pieces, forming a solid honeycomb shield.

And as soon as it collided with several attacks, the octagonal shield shook as if it were going to snap.

Players saw it and prepared to recharge their skills.

Just in time.

Boom, boom! Lightning struck from the sky between the stars.

A lightning bolt of red flame. It was a skill triggered by Yeonwoo, who was only watching the situation for an opportunity.

The lightning absorbed the wave of fire, but the skill did not completely disappear. Rather, the lotus was able to control the intensity of the skill as it passed through 21 and 22 floors, with a greater power side.

For players who focus only on their attacks and never thought there would be another attack on the outside, this is a thunderbolt.

Several lightning strikes the players at a moment's notice. Especially those who were injured in direct collision with Galilee had to experience the terrible pain of burning their whole body to the ground.

Three people cooked black, vomited the mine and fell down. The rest of you were able to save lives by activating skills and artifacts, but you were not harmed.

A decent man was severely burned by the emperor. The rest were badly wounded, breathless.

And with a sharp blade of wind blowing over them, Yeongwoo opened up the space. With Blink, Beagrid is hit hard.

Leftovers! With the king's vision, three players' heads soar into the air at the crack of dawn, with increased skill and skill.

What happened in the blink of an eye. The rest look at Yeon-woo with a look of awe.

Black masks and black clothes. And a red wing and a white sword. It was the same outfit I had just heard rumors about.

Galilee, who didn't know Yeon-woo's different outfit, noticed his figure at once.

I'll get out of here and tell you the details. "Galilee was slightly surprised to hear of the unfaithfulness of the kite.

When I realized it, it meant I had become a rank Hanker.

It was a surprising growth for Galilee, who had no other memory of the tutorial.

However, given the situation, Bonegalid nods, saying he knows.

Yeon holds onto him as soon as Galilee's permission falls, spreading the wings of fire wider.

“Yes, Nooham!” Then, Aether bursts into flames with a disfigured face down there.

I lost five of my henchmen unexpectedly. The remaining three were not in good condition. However, as I tried to steal the goal, I couldn't help but look away.

I saw the look on his face when he said he respected face under any circumstances. It seemed that the millennium had subsided for ten years.

But I couldn't afford it.

Soon he blew up the Shinigami again, and gripped Beagrid tightly.

The Shinbai of Light is a skill that connects dozens of lightning bolts to a spear. 'The word shoe is so powerful, and Aether's beaf effect of the light attribute was added to it, and he was mostly trying to hit the front even within Elohim.

So she turned the beagrid to the right and burst the skill without any power control.

[72Tactics - Width, Heat] [Waves of Fire] With newly acquired Tactics, the waves of fire produced a fire that was nothing compared to what the arrows of light produced.

Adding the identity of light to this, the red and white energies tangled together and rose high into a mushroom cloud.

Heat storms spread in all directions, drawing a ripple. The nearby forest area was strong enough to reveal itself beneath the ugly terraces.

Yeon-woo quickly leaves the room, joining Galilee and the ball link, while everyone is out of their minds.

I could see Aether screaming furiously, but he was also distracted from the raiding horses. We're going to have to do a lot to save the survivors.

Seriously, this is crazy every time I see it. Are you playing with fireworks? The bigger problem is that the fireseeds will spread widely in the Devil's Forest. • • • • • • I don't know how. "While listening to Sanon and admiration, not awe. I have confirmed that they have taken the souls of the five dead rankers.

And Yeon-woo quickly left his post.

Then I glanced back to the side where Aether was struggling.

I'll see you soon enough. That's when I thought I'd catch him.