Second Life Ranker

14. Demon Forest (4)

It was only a long way away from Lake De Roy that the kite stopped the ball link.

Maybe it's because he turned the magic circuit too roughly. My body felt hot and hot with my core.

“If it's here, they won't be chasing us anymore.” “I see.” Galilee landed lightly away from the kith's arms.

He looked at Yeon Woo with strange eyes.

I've just seen a lot of explosions and swordsmanship. I wondered for a moment if it was a child I knew, or if I was mistaken.

But soon after Yeon-woo said something, he realized that he had looked straight at people.

“It's been a long time, Galilee." You, too. Cain. "“ I've heard that you've been quite active. But it's changed more than I thought. You look pretty ripe yourself. ”Galilee did not miss the foothold she stepped on when Yeon Yuan hung the ball link.

Good footwork. I was quite good at appropriately placing magic here. I felt a little proud that I was handling the skills I gave her.

But I also heard some questions.

Galilee opens his mouth, slowly flowing his magical power so that he can start cruising immediately.

“But how did you know I was here?” “It was a coincidence." “0" Yes. I was just about to ask you for a price for Abraham. Galyrid nods, his head clashing with the Elohim people in place of Ephraim.

I'm pretty sure that's where he's been for over half a year. Now it's completely gone by the explosion.

“I'm sure. Is that why you helped me on a fateful day?” It's a famous story that Abraham was banished from Elohim. And he was a friend of Abraham's, and I thought something had happened. ”“ That's a reasonable deduction. But there's still something you're not telling me. ”Galilee narrows his eyes.

“You didn't know Abraham at all like you said in the tutorial. How do you plan on answering this?” Yeon-woo shut up for a moment. In fact, it was a question I had never thought of.

When I first met Galilee. Galilee asked Yeon-woo who she had been introduced to, and Yeon-woo said she had been introduced to Abraham here.

Of course, it was a hoax surrounded by lies.

I had never intended to enter the tower in the first place, so I surrounded it based on the contents of the diary.

No, I thought it had nothing to do with Galilee, even if I met Abraham.

We haven't seen each other in a long time, so we have no reason to talk about ourselves at all.

But it was different when Galilee went up to the top and he was with Abraham.

They seemed pretty sensitive.

If I see anything suspicious, I don't think I can get anywhere near Abraham.

“Don't think too much of it.

There's a lot of sensitivity on this end. ”Galilee puts her hand on a dagger tied to her waist. It was a gesture that even if you saved yourself, you wouldn't believe it easily either. I was sure I'd pull out my knife if I did.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo had to quickly roll her head and give her a reasonable excuse.

At this time, the plausible excuse that mixed the truth with about 90 percent worked well.

“To tell you the truth, In the tutorial, I lied because I needed a crutch and a cup of Unni. I heard you can't get it unless you say it.” Who told you about Abraham? ”I heard about it from a nobleman on my planet.” “Earpants?” Galilee frowns deeply.

A nobleman. A nobleman who gave up climbing the tower and eventually returned home.

If those living outside the tower still do not abandon their sense of humor and live as stragglers, the nobles were the ones who left without even such a sense of humor.

And they were also disqualified as players, so they could never return to the tower.

So, it was hard to tell if it was true or not if it was a noble patient.

“Who is it? Is it him?” “We are unable to inform you. because I don't even want to be mentioned here anymore.” Galilee stares at Yeouido silently for a moment without saying anything. The light flashes into the snow and disappears.

Racial Skill, Nymph. An Elvish eye that conceals truth and falsehood.

Although the Dark Elves have been separated from the original Elves for a long time, they have not lost their basic racial traits.

Good for you.

And Galilee's fairy tale proves that Yeouido did not lie.

However, I noticed that the lies were mixed somewhat. because the white that meant true, the black that was lying, blended a little bit.

In fact, what Yeon-woo said was not a complete lie. If you're referring to people from the tower to Earth, your brother was one of them. It was obvious that he didn't want to be mentioned.

Galilee asks Yeon-woo a few more persistent questions, and Yeon-woo proudly persists in a line that is not snared from the fairy.

In the end, all the better answers are true.

“So it's easy to say you had a favor to ask of Abraham, and then you joined the fight.” “Yes. That's right." “Does that make sense? Just like you just lost that fight with Elohim?" He showed himself in the fight. Even if I didn't know him well, I could easily identify him just by looking at his clothes and features.

It means you've turned a giant clan against them. However, Yeon-woo shakes her head as if it were not a big deal.

“There won't be any rumors.” “Why would you think that?” Yeon-woo didn't really answer this question. I can't say I know the character of the Aether, and I didn't actually have to answer for it.

Ouch./€//He had a lot of pride. Always on your own 0./phrase, centred/is/e. Maybe even in Tal for a long time, it is a 7/clan/grain e} 50744; {Dun Taekil Ö,/Fly e/Seo.

It was always a style to tire/make people tired of the state law.

In fact, if you think about it - I've always known that others can be very strict about themselves, like they are strict.

And Edie did not go out and do other people's things, and she did not even think or talk about them.

And then I have a relationship with him. It may have come from there.

Aether was, in fact, expelled from her own people for the sins of her family, and returned to her own country after raising a ball.

Of course, the ball was a betrayal of Artyria.

Anyway, he had such great pride. He abandoned everything, so he never tried to do anything to hurt his dignity.

Same thing this time.

Rumor has it that they were foolishly beaten by players below the semi-ranker level, the Aether was the one who would be most devastated.

He must have been trying to hide this fact somehow and avenge Yeon-woo.

Galilee says, 'He kicks his tongue lightly and asks one last question.

“What's the need for help?” Of course, I couldn't tell you about the Wise Man's Stone. So I'm going to make a reasonable excuse.

Galilee suddenly pauses and lowers his head slightly.

Acting like you're exchanging costs with a doctor. He seems to be communicating with Abraham, who will be watching from afar.

Then Galilee finishes her communication and looks at Yeongwoo in a strange way.

With unbelievable eyes.

“The landlord asks. Why do you smell of dragons? This time, Yeon-woo was surprised.

The Dragon Warrior will never appear on the surface until he has awakened. How could he read something that even the Summer Queen couldn't? Yeongwoo shakes her head as much as possible. Wearing a mask was so convenient at the time.

I don't know what you're talking about. "“ Ask the landlord about it. He wants you to come get him. Follow me. ”Galilee turns around and starts guiding the way.

Yeon-woo looks behind Galilee like that, sighing briefly and following behind her.

Giving away the plates isn't easy enough. Since I came to ask you, it seems that the power has gone that way.

And on the other hand, I thought about it.

How did Abraham really read the Dragon Factor? Galilee travels to the hills to the southeast of the Demon Forest.

It appeared to be simply a part of a forest where ghosts roam. As I passed through a point, a small ripple was drawn along the space, and the surrounding scenery changed widely.

Instead of the deep red sky, a clear blue sky was opened, and the old forest became a place to bring fresh wind.

On one side, the stream was choking.


Yeongwoo noticed what she had passed through and had a slightly strange look in her eyes.

Consolidation. Consolidation to build an abstract world. Simply a boundary that separates the outside from the inside, the deep boundary was a high-dimensional magic that allowed the inside to be flooded with the color of the caster.

For example, the area that a lotus can build is in a more specific form.

This was the solidarity built by Abraham.

And of course, it took considerable effort and time and supplies to build this.

But it only means that it has been installed like this.

It meant that Abraham had been stationed on the 23rd floor longer than was known.

What the hell is in here? 'Galilee said.

“What you're about to see must never be spoken of elsewhere. No, we may be forced to detain until this is resolved, so if you don't want to bet, go back now.” I had no intention of returning to Yeonwoo anyway. Yeon-woo answered that it was okay, and asked.

“What we're protecting here. Does this have something to do with Elohim's pursuit?” “That's right.” Galilee nods and shuts up the soup. A little sad light passed by his eyes. Yeon-woo did not miss it.

Soon the two of them were able to arrive at the center of the underworld.

The only vast area where trees don't grow. There was a hut that looked exactly like the hut where Abraham had originally lived.

And in the yard, there was a man with glasses, like a scholar, playing with a girl.

Whether she was playing hide-and-seek, the girl ran around smiling and suddenly stopped as she felt popular.

Then, seeing someone other than Galilee, he quickly hides behind the man in surprise.

Yongin? 'In addition, Yeon-woo's eyes grew as big as a lump.

The girl looked a lot like Yeon-woo when she woke up.

Overall, the human form was 46572; however, a part of the torso was covered with scales, and under the skirt was a lingering lizard tail. Sharp fangs, longitudinal pupils, and the back also had wings.

Born to transcend the limits of race, between a polyp and a human every hundred, or even thousands of years.

In other words, they were called anti-anti-anti-dragons.

'But surely the dragon will no longer end the Anantara.' 'After the last extinction of the dinosaur calatus, there were only three players in the tower that were closely related to the dragon.

Last Dragon, Summer Queen.

Anti-In-Long Dragon, Anatta.

Cha Jong-woo, heir to the dragon.

But now that Cha Jungwoo is dead, there's only one person left.

Here, the Summer Queen was the head of Lee-Lae = = Go-Go, and Anantara suddenly hid her longevity for unknown reasons.

And Yeon-woo knew why Ananta disappeared, through her diary. It was because Anantara was the last person she saw.

And then a new dragon appears? Of course, among the few descendants of the dragon, sometimes the Dragon Factor wakes up, but that's just the extent to which the potential evolves. It did not possess such a distinctive dragon feature.

That's why Yeon-woo went that way without even knowing it.

I also understand Elohim's interest. The capture of polyps was originally one of Elohim's long-standing hospitality businesses.

Even the girl felt that look and was burdened, or she hid herself deeper into the back of the man. I felt the strength in my hands that held the corners of my clothes.

The man said he was fine. He stroked the girl's head, fixed her glasses, and looked at Yeongwoo. It was a colder look than when I was treating a girl.

He's Abraham.

A cynical man who was expelled from Elohim but was proud of it, always pursuing freedom.

And the Holy Spirit ( 32905; thb, Incarnation), who left 98th floor and came in the flesh to sit on the earth.

“You're the one with the power of the dragon. ”