Second Life Ranker

15. Demon Forest (5)

Sexual property.

This was a very different concept from self-immolation and incarnation.

The alter ego was just a replica of a fiction that would fade away someday, and the incarnation was a form in which one of many personalities was given independence and went out for a while.

That's why apostles are often called God's Enforcers and Autocrats.

Those who receive God's direct blessings and interference must frequently experience ecstasy mixed with God in some ways instead of exercising God's power. Sometimes there was a time when I lost the boundary between myself and God. Of course, it did not lack identity.

However, the sexual body had a much higher concept than this self-naturalization.

God came into this world in a prison called "the flesh."

The concept of the three goddesses sitting on the 16th floor was slightly different. They cannot exercise their power beyond the sanctuary.

However, the physical body was able to freely walk back and forth the stairs.

However, there is a limit to the power that can be exercised because the body is locked up in a prison, and dying here was likely to deprive the soul of its self-esteem. Maybe they were completely extinct.

That's why God and demons preferred to have apostles, never to make a sexual body.

Something that could kill you. And no one went into a suffocating prison where power could not be exercised.

But Brahma was different.

He hated the involvement of the 98th floor gods and demons so much, he went downstairs.

That's why I was better off walking from Elohim.

In his view, their privilege was no different from the 98th floor gods and demons.

However, Elohim could not ignore the Divine Spirit, so he had no choice but to confront him and watch him from afar.

And in the meantime, Abraham freely walked down the stairs, unraveling the myth and creed he was pursuing.

Lord Brahoma's stature is in high spirits. And knowledge.

Finding out unknown knowledge while doing various experiments, touching a costless practice. That alone was enough for Abraham.

Of course, the fact that Abraham was the sacred body of Brahma was strictly kept secret.

There's nothing widely known that can help you.

Abraham's philosophy was simple.

He tried very hard to hide Elohim from spreading such things as his shame that he would never interfere or accept unless it was related to him.

In fact, his brother knows who he is, only through an incident that happened a long time ago.

I did not set foot anywhere because I promised not to say it anywhere.

If you have a diary.

Of course, Yeon-woo did not say anything about this.

It had nothing to do with the fact that it was the physical body of the Brahman God that made the Wise Man's Stone. Like Abraham, he couldn't feel anything unrelated to himself.


It's a little annoying that the opposing Pokémon recognizes the hidden ability to intervene.

Yeon-woo said nothing for a moment, switching between Abraham and the girl.

It was complicated.

What should I say here? I thought it might be a good idea to take it all out.


• • • Is it because of Yongmaian? ”Yeon-woo finally decided to reveal some secrets.

As long as the opposing Pokémon is convinced, it's hard to keep holding them back. Moreover, if I wanted to learn skills by my side for a while, I had to build trust first.

In fact, when I started working in earnest, I was also going to reveal some secrets about the Wise Man's Stone.

However, the secret was never leaked.

'In the event that Jungwoo is dying, he is so thorough in his beliefs that he does not help to the end.' If there was no grudge, it was a lie.

He thought he was still a close acquaintance, but he didn't help. But you didn't stand up to them. Only the thorough observations were kept.

However, it was reasonably reliable against the trade.

“Yes, because exactly = 1 1 Knee = l-- 00 0 0 1- - and my skills worked together.” Abraham stroked the girl's head. The girl holding the collar tightens her grip.

Yeon-woo nods.

In fact, the Summer Queen did not only pay attention to the battlefield, but also looked at herself with Dragon Eye, and she might have been caught. No, maybe he didn't know better because the Dragon Heart was broken.

But if the power of Abraham is added to the dragon horse of a girl, Probably will be more effective. Exactly, the power of Abraham's 9th act would have been the one that Dragon Eye did, but of course, Yeon-woo ignored it again.

Instead, I looked at the girl and asked. The girl hides further back.

“Are you Anantara's son?” Abraham lit up his eyes.

“Do you know her?” “I only heard the name. The Summer Queen hates her own kind and refuses to leave a legacy behind, and Hevon Wing, who was Calatus' will, is dead. Then only Anantara remains. He's about a quarter.” There are no more polyps left to mate with the half-Anantara. And if you take a quick look at it with your supersenses, you have far less potential than Anantara.

“While being chased by Elohim, I think it was because of that child that you let me in. Is that what you want to make a deal about?” Abraham rolled his mouth.

In a way, it looked like a satisfied smile, but in a certain way it was a cynical smile.

When you meet someone you can communicate with, you are satisfied with everything.

“Why? Is it bad?” “No way. Rather, it's better for me. He was actually thinking about what kind of deal to make with you.” Of course, I didn't think about it. However, the story is different if the contents of the deal are presented by Braham. The negotiations will go smoothly.

The conditions that Abraham wanted to stake were simple.

'Maybe he's trying to induce the power or habit of the dragon that he hasn't yet realized.' The girl was tolerant but still did not seem to handle the power of the dragon. Where the hell did the mother Anantara go? “Very well, then. First we need to see if you're qualified to trade." Bitch, who is it? "I'm not asking your name. It is to ask how the dragon's heir is known to be gone, and how a new heir can emerge.

“I don't think you need to answer that. Don't you just need to see the qualifications instead?” Yeon painted a clear line and tried to awaken the solution.

A large scale of dragons rises from the top of the Huaiak-Skin. More blue than blue. The pupils were formed longitudinally as the dragon paw opened.

The girl who was staring at me for the first time, she opened her mouth. I hid behind Abraham again, but soon I pulled out my head and looked at the lotus.

You can see relief in finding your people.

Yeon-woo looked back at Abraham and asked.

“Is this enough?” You're heavy.

“Let's talk about it in more detail.” Yeon-woo followed Abraham into the dungeon.

Like a trainee practitioner's residence, there were various reagents and samples divided by classification, and there were many containers that kept strange materials separate.

Galilee leaves, hoping to take a quick look around, as she may have stepped on Aether's back.

Thanks to this, I was able to have many conversations with Yeon-woo Abraham.

“In fact, if Galilee hadn't told me about you, I would never have invited you, even if I felt the spirit of dragon. You're the first person that's ever talked that much about a black guy. Of course, selling my name was a little offensive." I apologize for that. ”If Abraham was the only lover, I could think of only one. At the beginning of Galilee's relationship, which began to save Wounded's Cup, has now evolved between distinct friends.

Yeon-woo thanked Galilee in her heart and entered the story in earnest.

“I hear you're thoroughly indifferent to the work of others. But how did you manage to take care of Anantara's child?” “I don't have to tell you about that, either, as you don't have to tell me why you're tolerant. But let's just say it was a deal with Anantara.” Abraham narrows his eyes.

“What's important to us is to fulfill each other's needs.” Abraham spoke about the terms and conditions of the deal, drawing a thorough line.

“One thing I must ask. I want you to stay here and pass on dragon-related knowledge to that child for a while." Yeon-woo turned her gaze toward the girl.

She hides behind the pillar, head out and looks over here. As soon as the snow meets the stream, she quickly hides behind the atmosphere.

“Is there a line I should tell you about?” “No. Tell me everything you know. Power knowledge, genealogy. Their location. If necessary, tell me their history, meaning that I should feel free to tell them about the extinction of our ancestors. When I first saw her, she looked like her own daughter. In this way, it seemed thorough.

“What is the name of your child?” “Cesar.” Cesar. It means' remnant 'in the language of the dragon.

Maybe it was a good name for a girl. A little sad.

“And in time, I want you to be my guardian. We'll take care of the defenses from the outside. I still don't know.

I think you're capable of taking care of your kid. ”“ I understand. Let's say, ”Abraham's eyes became a little surprised when he accepted the conditions too mildly. In a way, it could mean getting involved in what they're going through. It was too easy to accept.

But I had to be prepared for that, too. Actually, I was going to ask a little too much.

“Then I'll tell you my terms.” “Say it.

“I want to learn the 'Book of Mercury' that you wrote.” Abraham's eyes hardened. Following him, an ominous aura swirled around Yeon-woo.

It was a dangerous statement because the atmosphere of the underworld, which was always bright, became heavy and depressing.

The book of Mercury was a book of refinements made by Abraham combining the memories of his time as a god and the knowledge he had acquired downstairs.

I asked him to give me what I could call a governor of all things. It was also natural to take it sensitively.

Especially here, the area of Abraham could be in danger.

However, Yeon-woo was immense.

“Caesar is afraid.

Is that okay with you? ”Abraham bites his lower lip slightly and reaps. First impressions. Yeon-woo did not miss it. It seemed that Abraham cared more about Cesar than he thought. I didn't even know if I really thought of her as my biological daughter.

“How do you know the Book of Mercury?” “Didn't you hear me talking to Galilee? I heard it from a nobleman.” “No one knows it.” “Not entirely. Some of us have seen it firsthand.” Abraham stared at Yeon-woo sharply. Nothing is more rude than asking for your gun and weakness. Perhaps even at this moment he is still calculating. I'll leave Yeon-woo as it is. Or I'll kill him.

Yeon-woo knew she had to take a step back from here.

“Of course, I'm not going to learn everything.” “Then? All you need are items related to Alchemy.” “Alchemy?” Abraham's eyes sank slightly.

“As far as possible, everything.” “The rest will be filled with the knowledge of the dragon.” I won't deny it. ”Abraham was briefly lost in thought. Let's do the math. Is it bad for you or good for you?

“What is your knowledge of Alchemy?” “I think it's at a basic level. I learned metallurgy from Hannova, and Rune magic from Victoria.” Abraham's expression became unexpected. He's actually a master of five. 'If I had learned a lesson from the other two talents, it was a higher standard for ordinary people.

“That's a relief. Teaching from basic knowledge is not sleeping in a castle.

And I have to do something else, and I can't teach you much. "But that's okay.” “Good. That concludes the terms of the contract.” It was only after they entered into the Covenant that the two of them entered into the words of the Covenant that the two of them held hands.

"This is true. You're a very nervous man, that one. Why is he so stubborn? One bat at a time. I heard it is still a reasonable nature. Is it the kid?" It was the evaluation of Shannon with Abraham.

From then on, Yeon-woo began listening to Abraham's lecture on alchemy for two hours every night.

Fortunately, the knowledge I learned from Henova was very helpful. Henova surrounded it in a way that it was not a separation from what he had taught, but it was deep because it was an old blacksmith's know-how.

Rather, some of them were about to be coordinated by Abraham.

And during the day, Yeon-woo mainly had to take care of Cesha. It was originally what Abraham did, but he had to leave because he said he had other things to do.

"You are an unscheduled babysitter. This is going to be a bit much. Hxanon continues to pounce on me like he's going to die because it's fun. I had no choice but to question whether Yeon-woo, who was a clumsy person, could take good care of the child. It was a good thing it didn't ring.

Although Sesame showed a little interest in Yeonwoo, who could also be called a tribe, he did not approach her.

It was all I could see lurking behind the scenes at a distance. No words.

Look at me. Master, what do you say? If he cries instead of teaching me anything, it's a horsecake. Ahem. But don't worry. If I were to say it myself, in fact, many widows are • • • • • • 'Who can't take care of them? "Huh? That's it.' I thought.

Yeon-woo ignored Sanon and suddenly went to the kitchen and began to look at cooking utensils. Fortunately, unlike only men, there was everything there was to need for self-help.

Among them, I prepared what I needed and put out flour, eggs, brown sugar, milk, strawberries, bananas, and chocolate syrup from the Intranian.

Then I remembered what I had buried in one side of my head, and I started cooking along the recipe.

"Ugh? What is this? I think you're about to cook.

You look familiar. What? This wallpaper, cooking? "Whether the sandalwood was surprised or not, the mixture of flour and baking powder, butter, and brown sugar made dough, and the two eggs that were extracted and divided into white and yellow, began hitting the meringue.

While watching what Yeon-woo was doing behind her back, Caesar was curious and kept his gaze fixed on this side.

Yeonwoo pretended not to see it, even though she could feel the gaze of Cesar. In this case, you have to pretend you don't know and make them approach you from there. If I try to force myself out of here, I know that I'm running further away.

So the frying pan was mixed with egg dough and heated to a boil.

Smelling a pungent odor, the tax collector gradually approached this way with a look haunted by the price. I drooled a little. I was about to slow down my meal time.

“What is this?” In the end, the curious tax collector quietly pulled on Yeon-woo's "46572;

“Snack.” “Snack?” Cesar's eyes gleam brightly.

He looked so cute that he smiled unconsciously. Reminds me of someone. It reminded me of a memory I had hidden.

I put the cooked pancakes on a plate and placed the sliced strawberry and banana pieces on top to look good.

Then I sprinkled some chocolate syrup onto the table.

“Eat.” Cesar climbs onto his short legs and starts eating fearless pancakes. It was delicious or covered in syrup.

Yeon-woo steals Cesar's entrance quietly with a handkerchief. There was nothing to say, but it was incredibly sweet.

"In the world! This is a sign of the end of the world tomorrow! The tower is going to collapse!" There's a side to it. "Shannon shook his head, and a man with experience cheering for his child joyfully smiled as he recalled an old memory. Rebecca flashes over Yeon Woo's head and laughs.

She didn't wipe her smile the whole time she watched the yummy sausage taste cute.

And the whole time I've been watching that.

It reminded me a little of the memories I had forgotten.

When I was in Africa. There was a love life that was very short, but made me feel 'happy' for a little while. I used to have a girlfriend who had a daughter like this, so I used to make pancakes.

But in the end, it was gone. It was still one of the few memories for Yeon-woo.

“Is it good?” Cersa licks the chocolate syrup off the bottom of the plate with her tongue and pushes the clean plate forward.

“More!” Yeon-woo smiled as she looked at her smiling face.