Second Life Ranker

16. Demon Forest (6)

After the explosion that turned the lake upside down only sank.

Aether changed it.

Because of his fame-seeking personality, he was shaken by all the insults, but he had fewer reactions. It was a different situation than usual.

The piece of armor I was wearing seemed to be shattered at the bottom of my dreams and burned my insides.

It is expected that the resistance to heat is high because the attributes are light. If it were not for this, it would have been really bad.

“Who's left? How many are safe?” One by one, the men who were connected to Aether's urgent call came forward.

None of them had an intact corner. There were those who were only holding their breath. There were three of them.

Four people. Nine people came and killed five people. Among them are a handful of skilled people who excel high rankers.

It's not enough to catch Galilee and Braham, so it's a lot of power.

But he came out of nowhere and ruined everything. Though I wasn't careless, I kept thinking about it.

However, the results were already like this.

They say they're after him again with this kind of power. I wanted to be able to fight properly first.

It was the first time since I went to catch Haven Wing.

My fist trembles. There's a lot of veins coming up.

Aether was seriously concerned.

Whether to retreat or not, I was able to make sure that the matter was dealt with because I could replenish enough power. I had some insight into the power of the new eggbeater, so I was confident I wouldn't have to.

However, you will receive unbelief from your clan. I was beaten by a man who was not even a ranker.

Although the tower has become a buzzing force because of the recent 21st coin being on the same line as Allfowon, the families who restrain him still seem to think it's a good time to rush in and bite him like dogs.

Stay out of sight. 'Ultimately, there was only one choice the Aether could make. One way or another, we have to defeat Abraham with just enough power to kidnap the dragon Caesar.

With the exception of the Summer Queen, if we can save the gene by securing the dragon that is at the top of the dragon inferior species that remains in the tower, we can help Elohim to rationalize later.

One step closer to restoring the polyp.

But how? I had to think. Even Brahms is equal to Aether, but his head aches if Galeed and his connoisseur go out with him.

After all, I have to rest a bit and aim for a gap. Aether's trying to keep her mind clear and look back at the hostages.

“What the hell are you going to do?” Suddenly, a familiar voice echoes through the air. Aether realized who the protagonist of her voice was and was filled with grimace. As the green portal opens, a woman comes down quietly and lands.

It was a woman who had the same look as Aether, but the whole line or feeling was the opposite.

A Hemera of Daylight. Born Aether and twin brothers, but pursued a different path, and destiny changed.

“Are you here for the month?” “Don't you see? I'm here to help my bad brother." “• • • • • • if you're going to play a joke!” “You think this is a joke?” Hemera flicks his fingers lightly. Then, as she opened several portals around her, thirty people appeared.

They're all a little hard to see in a tower. They were all her henchmen.

“I think this much power is enough to fill the shortage. What do you think?” Hemera smirks slightly at the pouting lips with her index finger.

The Aether clenched her fist tightly.

“Are you trying to steal my ball?” Ah. What a horrible thing to say between brothers. To hijack it. It looks too much to eat alone. I'll help you. ”Aether clammed her mouth shut.

Pride was telling me not to take her help, but reason was blocking it.

Reconstruction of polyps. No, exactly 'Restore Ancient Species' was Elohim's master business. Restoring the extinct dragons and giants to enslave Elohim. There's nothing more exciting than this.

In addition to being able to defeat the Summer Queen on the basis of a small restoration dragon, it was also able to reach the Devil on top of the Ypopotamus broadly.

Especially when it was clear that the dragon heart, the Summer Queen's magic machine, was nearly destroyed.

I was even given good ingredients at the right time, so I could never let go of the opportunity in front of my eyes. Hemera knows that and wants to put a spoon on it.

The problem was that if it did, the Aether would be tied to Hamera.

This was the only option for Aether. In front of many clans, he shouted, "I will get a sample of the dragon." He grabbed his ankle.

Hevon Wing. If only we had the remains of Hevon Wing Chongwoo, the heir to the dragon calatus, we wouldn't have to go through this.


The decision was brief.

“Good. Join us. Instead, the public ratio is half.” Hemera's eyebrows twitch slightly.

“Why are you doing this? You can't do anything without my help? Can I be so bold? Three-seven.” “Hmph! Screw it. I'm the only one who knows where he is. Or why don't you go scout the rest of the stages with the bad guys by yourself?” Aether folds her arms and laughs.

“And most of all, you have no idea what he's preparing for.

You'd better think about it.

I'll just throw it away if I can't have it. ”We can't afford to leave our hands together. Eventually, Hemera took a step back.

“Good. Four." Seven to three. I'm 7. You're 3. I told you, you don't have to hate it. As long as it's like this, there are plenty of people out there who don't have to be you.

This is unbelief. If you're ready.

As long as we can get samples, we can make up for it. ”Hamera changed his teeth. He really is a thorough human being in this sense. You must have thought of excelling in that good Artyria by doing all this mathematics.

'If not, we'll have to do something else.' Hamera hides her insides and bows her head as if she had no choice.

All right, I'll do it. Then where are they? ”“ They spoke to Aether somewhere. A name I never thought of. Hemera's eyes widen slightly.

When Abraham and Galilee returned, it was time for Yeon-woo to take a nap and feed her.

Thanks to the snack, Cesar was very alert about Yeongwoo.

Until I went to sleep, I talked to her about things like Yeonwoo Wiren. Now I know, but Cesar was a child who loved to talk cost.

He smiled and fell asleep. He was cute like a baby angel.

“Sleep?” “Yes. I had a snack, and he was like,“ Thank God. I couldn't even get you a snack like this. ”Abraham smiles faintly as he puts down his tools. Your body smells of magical power, whether you've strengthened the barrier or not.

“Then I'll take care of Cesar from now on. Go outside and pick Purple Devil Flowers here.

Abraham gave out his sub-space pocket and said,

Yeon-woo asked you to find Hiddenpiece, looking for him, and smiled a little.

Well, there's no way that a refinement practitioner who became a Brahmin wouldn't know the benefits of a purple devil flower.

'It was hard to see purple devil flowers in the forest. Did braham actually do most of the digging?' But now, even the remaining Hidden Pieces were to be taken.

“I'm sorry, but I also need Purple Devil Flowers.” Abraham's eyes sparkle slightly. He twisted his lip slightly.

“You're going to plant the horse's son?” Yeon kicked her tongue slightly. I just said the ingredients, but I get to the point. At this point, I couldn't hide it until I hid the moon while staying here.

Since time immemorial, polyps and demons have always been enemies.

A demon who cheats at his convenience by interpreting and conforming to the laws and tricking the polyps and laws to melt into them. Of course, they couldn't get along instinctively, and they had to confront each other for a long time.

But on the contrary, because they are on the scale, they are good nutrients to each other.

The polyp was able to swallow up the devil, a psychic, and the devil was able to eat the polyp's hard flesh and get closer to Mana more easily.

The deeper each other's factors are embedded in the genes. Power is strengthened, and magic shines.

And Yeon knew how to get the results, even if she couldn't catch the Devil.

Purple furniture/flowers e/Üh./Ö/a place where only families can have relations. The dragon factor was equally helpful, as it contained a high grade under the Old Testament.

But before that, it was harmful/touching to any respected polyp.

No matter how much I did it orally, 7/Degrees was a human, so I carried it around to give it a flower. That's an approaching reaction to size/flaking.

So I needed to purify.

Help me with the sale./Rick Ö/

When you pass through the 23rd floor. He was already having a big, scary blast. Exactly. My brother and Artiya.

Apparently, several clans had to pull strings, and members were looking for ways to raise power in a short period of time.

At this point, Anti Venom, Bakuk, studied a way to boost his brother's power.

In addition to the Awakening Phase 3, I tried to find a way to learn about the Horseman's Factor.

That's why I found the purple devil flower.

The goal was to refine Margie so that the solvent could be easily absorbed.

And one more ingredient was needed to neutralize the component of the poisonous flower.

The dragon of Lake De Ruyter. I needed his heart.

However, Abraham could see the truth through just a few words of conversation.

It meant that they already knew the benefits of purple devil flowers.

“How did you know?” “I'm doing the same thing.” Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

Abraham struck his hand as if it were nothing.

“As you can see, Cesar is still very bad at dragon magic. Quarter limit. So I'm refining the Devil Flower to improve my Magical Power rating.” Yeon nods. Now I think I know why Abraham stayed on the 23rd floor for so long.

“Fortunately, I don't think I'll bump into you much.

“I'm not sure what that means.” “What you're looking for is a concentration greater than or equal to four, right?” Yeon nods.

“But what I'm looking for are flowers that are less than three lighter colors.

If the concentration is too high, it will dislodge. So if you want to be too hard, bring the weak ones over here at your expense.

Abraham folds his arms and rolls his mouthpiece.

“They're thick anyway, and they're overflowing.” Yeon smiles. Purple Devil Flower Overflow? In this vast forest of demons, you'd think you'd have to search 1,000 of them to find one. “Follow Galilee for details.

I'll explain it in detail. "The nominated Galilee = annoying, frowning, but the ground finally lets out a sigh.

What power does he have as an eater?

As long as the landlord does.

Galilee tells Yeon-woo to follow him, and leaves the prison. Yeonwoo followed Galilee, thinking that Abraham was joking.

But it didn't take me long to realize that Abraham's words were the truth.

"Wow, Mijin" I've heard that the exile is half-sane. I didn't know it was going to be like this. "After Shannon and Ghost's horror, Yeon-woo turned to Galilee and asked.

What is this • • •? ”Galilee laughs as she looks at the swaying pond. It was because Yeon-woo, who always felt like a cold doll, looked like a person for the first time.

Well, he was surprised when he first got here.

From the bottom of the dunes to the end. Demons are spreading high across the boundary.

Trees with dazzling blossoms! Galilee crosses her arms and snorts lightly.

“Don't you see? It's a farm.” Yeon-woo looks ridiculous.

“Was the Devil a form of worship?” If that were possible, the polyp would have raised a large number of demons in an instant. And there would have been no extinction, but Galilee-1 said with a grin as if to say no.

“Abraham said the Devil was a simple breed of plants after all, so if you give him a bath in time, he'll grow on his own.” [Demons express unpleasant emotions in Abraham's speech. The Unknown Demon King is furious with it.] [An unnamed Demon Duke curses Abraham.] [Stuck in the Divine Constraint.] [Stuck in the Divine Constraint.] [Due to enhanced seal of contact with the outside world, no observation can be made on the 98th floor.] To compare demons to plants. The relentless demons have no choice but to be angry. But even when their anger was great, there was a limit to what they could do in the end. I had no choice.

Moreover, the identity of Abraham was so powerful that even the most devils couldn't touch him.

'By the way, what the hell did you do? Purple plants alone can produce demons that compete with the gods on the 98th floor, meaning that sometimes they can produce demons as well as demons, not just demons. It was a terrible idea.

The moment I got there, Yeon-woo seemed to have been hit hard with something dull.

I urgently opened Dragon Eye to check the farm.

He was right. Along the farm, there was a wide range of softeners.

Abraham's Favorite, The Book of Mercury, was released entirely as an annuity scheme.

Did “Galilee“ Braham mean to go to war with all the players in the tower, Elohim? ”“ Why would you think that? ”Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

“If not, why are you preparing to enslave the devil? ”