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17. Demon Forest (7)

"Huh? Does that make sense?" You have enslaved the devil. Ligashanon and Han have had no time to wonder how many times they have been surprised since entering the deep details of Abraham.

Demons are God's favorite creatures.

Of course, many demons are so weak that they cannot be detained for 98. Some of them are on the border with the Horses, so it could be talking about them.

Nevertheless, demons are exceptional enough to extinct the polyps.

You enslave them? No matter how devoted Brahma is. But now, limited by most powers, I couldn't help but think it was possible.

Isn't that dangerous? Owner? At that time, Rebecca, who was hiding quietly, appeared and examined the Devil's Forest. The Fields of the Devil Flowers that borrowed Yeon-woo's dragon eyes and supersenses were clearly abnormal to her who was a monk.

Yeon-jin is composited of hundreds of alchemy and hump magic, but can be divided into five processes at large.

The first is to massively increase their intelligence and distribute it evenly to the demons in the farm.

The second was to stimulate the genes so that the purple devil flowers that made this were able to open the flower net as quickly as possible.

The third was that the born horses were forced to eat each other by spiritual enchantments such as chaos and madness, and the fourth was supposed to be used as an offering to summon the cost price of these fast-moving horses.

Demon Summons.

This area was arbitrarily transformed into the domain of the magic system, and was designed so that the demons could appear along with the sacrifices.

At this time, the fifth and final step was to be triggered.

Sealed Jeans. The moment the Devil appears, a great amount of magic will be released to bind him.

Some of the magic was familiar to the eyes of Yeon Woo.

'There's even a magical way to solve Shin Jinchul's structural formula. Is that even possible?' Yeon-woo wondered how much knowledge of alchemy he had. Ever since I got here, I felt like all my common sense was breaking apart. You think he was a god? However, there were still many unfinished parts of Yeon-jin.

Perhaps it was Abraham's intention to leave during the day to complete the sentence.

'Usually, I only trigger the first two magic tricks to retrieve the Devil Flower, and the other three I think I'll use later to catch the Devil.' The more I looked at them, the more carefully I looked at them.

The magic that was used as a gear part was also exceptional.

Galilee's eyes were slightly startled when the spirit appeared, but soon he thought he was a familiar elf.

Then I smiled as if it was funny.

“The Devil's enslavement. In fact, if it's similar, if it's different, it's different.” Can I ask you a few questions? ”“ Cesar, you see? "I don't know if you felt it, but he's not going to live long.

Yeon-woo clammed her mouth shut.

Galilee's smile turned bitter.

“I don't know if it's because of the tribe's limitations or for some other reason. Cesar was too weak at birth. No matter how good the pills were, they only showed up for the first time, and then they were too busy getting back in bed.” Yeon-woo nods as if she knows.

Obviously when I first met Saesar.

I felt a lot of weak energy.

In the beginning, tolerance was a hard thing to be born with. A child between a different species and a human.

It has great potential, but it was hard to be born healthy. How bad is the quarter?

I knew that when I handed the solvent properties to my brother Calatus, I put a reasonable distance between them. That is why we divided power into eight levels and allowed it to open one after the other. And neither was Yeon Woo.

“But there was only one time the sickness was getting better.

Yeongwoo was seduced by the murmur.

“It's when you swallowed the Horseman's Son.” Galilee nods.

“Yes. It was only recently that Cesar was able to leap over like that and get a snack from you.” I remembered the look of Sesha shining brightly in my eyes eating beetroot pancakes.

“But that's starting to push the boundaries, too. It seems to be resistant.” Yeon-woo seemed to know the reason why Yeon-jin was created.

“So I caught a whole bunch of demons." Yeah. When that stupid demon shows up, I'm gonna seal it up and make the tax collectors absorb it. ”Yeon-woo's laughter has deceived her without even knowing it.

You're thinking of catching demons for a sick child. It was great to think of such absurdity, but it was also great to drag it to the point of execution.

There was a saying on Earth about this person.

'Idiot.' That's exactly what Abraham looked like.

“What happened between Abraham and Cesar? It's a lot different from what I've heard about Brahms.” Galilee laughs in relief.

“Actually, I don't know. He keeps his mouth shut about that, too. But one thing's for sure.

Galilee's jaw rises.

If he needs to heal, he'll want to catch a god. ”She picked a beautiful purple devil flower and returned to Motherland.

Like Abraham said, there were also quite a lot of Devil Flowers at concentration 4 or higher, so I was able to collect as much as I needed. They were not used yet, they were all stored in the Intranium.

“Hello?” He looks up at the sunset, fixing his glasses, rather than reading.

Yeon-woo wandered around the interior in silence and asked.

“Where is Cesar?” “I want to go for a walk. Looks like you picked some flowers just like that. Put your pockets where they belong.” Yeongwoo put her spatial pocket on the table and smiled unknowingly.

It turned out that the whole imaginary world here was made for tax collectors. pleasant forest environments, beautiful decor for girls, farms for making medicine. How much effort and effort it really took. Even a silly daughter has no such silly daughter.

When I thought about it, I felt a little bit closer to Abraham, who felt hard and distant.

“What are you smiling at?” Abraham frowned slightly, whether the small laughter of such a pond annoyed him. I felt like I could tell it was because of me.

“It's nothing. Do you see a month ahead of that?” I looked at Lot pretending not to be Abraham, but immediately replied, with an annoyed look in his eyes.

“The Book of Mercury. Incorrect, or I was just checking to see if I missed anything.” Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened. I never thought a book like that would be all of Abraham's knowledge systems. I heard that the book itself was a Grimoire of will.

“More than that, I taught you yesterday. Is that understood?" “Equal exchange. Reviewing." “Recite.” “Usually magic follows the law, but Alchemy gives a certain value according to the exchange of equivalents to induce what it wants. • • • • • The longer the description of the lotus, the more the eyes of Abraham changed.

Despite the obvious first lecture. He showed a much deeper understanding than he expected.

No matter how much I borrowed the knowledge of the dragon, it was unexpected.

I heard you learned knowledge from Xenova and Victoria. Is that why? 'The two of them were also people who had had had a few interactions. Both of them were among the few people that Abraham recognized.

If you learned it from such people, it would be plausible that Yeon-woo took time to review and summarize what she learned using parallax quarantine throughout the night compared to the existing knowledge.

Others might say they're talented when they see a kite, but it's only on the outside. It was always someone who did more than that.

'I'm never too lazy to learn.

Trading is also a trade, but if the learner shows enthusiastic attitude, I want to teach him one more lesson.

Abraham strokes his chin with his hands. If it went this way, it seemed like it would absorb all the knowledge that was being taught.

I thought that I might be able to move ahead more time than I had planned to complete my development.

Abraham stood up on his feet covering the aquatic book.

“Come with me. I'll show you the back.” It's been almost a full day since Yeonwoo found Abraham.

Since the dawn of the puppet, Yeongwoo relied on a small light in her room. She wrote down the cost price on the paper and gently rubbed the worn snowball with her index finger and thumb.

I'm no longer very dependent on my senses. It wasn't that I didn't even feel mental fatigue.

• • • It's also not easy. ”Maybe it's because of the continued use of the poetry divide. Occasionally, I felt a tingling sensation.

I felt like I needed to rest.

For the past summer. Yeon-woo is relentless and focused on studying alchemy.

Unlike the original words he was going to teach only basic skills, Abraham tried to inject him with more things in the meantime, and Yeon-woo kept grabbing his head while accepting and understanding it.

It was not easy to try to study again that I did not do when I was a student. I would have thrown it to the rich, but I couldn't do it now.

Fortunately, I was able to understand it somewhat thanks to my continued pursuit of the poem after using it several times.

It was also helpful for him to understand wealth and rebecca and to speak to him directly. Even though Sanon and Han always used to talk so much, it was disgusting to disappear so quietly.

Moreover, five days ago, he said he needed to know how to apply the practice, and he took him to work on things like this.

Although it was mostly close to residual work or errands, Yeon-woo was able to see many things through her eyes. I couldn't have known it was Abraham's concern.

There's a big difference between learning theory and being put into practice. Thanks to this, I was able to learn and realize a lot.


Now I was able to try to interpret the Emerald Tablet that I had left silent.

1. As an absolute fact, this is certainly and most true.

2. To achieve the only miracle, the bottom and top are the same and the top and bottom are the same.

3. And since everything comes from one meditation, everything is connected as one.

Based on what Lient had interpreted, he dared to erase the misinterpretations and tried to reinterpret them based on knowledge drawn from the knowledge of Abraham and the knowledge of the dragon.

The paper had been written down several times and erased, and then it was crumpled into the hands of Yeongwoo. It was a few lumps of paper that had already been thrown away like this.

• Crazy. "But I wonder if there wasn't enough to challenge the Wise Man's Stone yet.

If you add up the time to the parallax, you've invested over half a year. My headache was that the clues were still unresolved.

It's a fun rescue no matter how much you look at it. A Wise Man's Stone. I never thought it would be possible. "This time. This part. This is an error.

It's the same. "I wouldn't have put a pen on it if it weren't for Rebecca and the wealth we put together.

“Ha. Let's do it again.” Yeon sighs lightly, placing a new piece of paper on her desk and grabbing a pen.


Queek - sudden visit.

Yeongwoo turns her head back.

Through the slight opening, Sesha pulls out his head.

“Cain, are you asleep?” Your tail twitches, hitting the ground gradually. It means I have something to ask you. Cesar's emotions were somewhat conceivable with his tail like that.

Yeon-woo put down the pen and asked.

“No. You hungry?” “Do it.” Cesar laughed beautifully.

Yeon-woo woke up from her seat with a light laugh. He doesn't rest that much during the day.

“Got it. I'll make you pancakes. Wait here. You must keep it a secret from Abraham." Cesar clapped his mouth with his hands. Yeongwoo slightly brushed her head and moved to the kitchen.

Just yesterday, I went to the outskirts of the tower to get some materials, and I had enough. Seeing Yeon starting to bake pancakes quietly, Sanon and Ahn said in a strange voice.

"That's right. Every time I see my master, it's amazing. I didn't think there would be such a soft side" It is empathy. "There was little Yeon-woo who listened to the two conversations.

• • • What the hell did you think of me? ' Iron flakes. "I won't say anything." Rebecca suddenly appeared, nodding her head next to her.

It looks delicious. Give me some. Yeon-woo said a long word, so I thought it would only hurt me to keep my mouth shut. However, now that Han-gil has always been hard, he seems to be getting very close to making jokes.

Yeon-woo takes one of her pancakes and takes the rest back to her room.

In fact, they were half right and half wrong.

It was true that Yeon-woo liked children. But there was also a line. Luckily, Cesar was on the inside.

But when I entered the room, I was sitting in front of the bookseller's desk, and the cost was too small.

Cesar looks at the kite and is furious as if something had gone wrong, and comes straight down to the floor.

“Well, don't worry, I'm not angry. Rather, before it got cold, the foodmaker of" “0" sat on one chair, smiling softly. My tail was shaking with joy the whole time I was picking up a fork pancake.

Yeon-woo smiled slightly, then grabbed a pen to calculate the structural formula.

Then the scribbles of Cesar caught my attention. But the cost was strange.

Shapes drawn everywhere.

It was an ordinary doodling, but it was all a certain formula.

It was a figure with a golden spiral ratio.

“Cesar, is this you?" Yes? Do it. Less Cain. Turning it upside down, she said, "It's no big deal, eating a piece of Fengaek out loud."

She was also learning things from him, and she had a lot of knowledge, not as young as she was. Even in the quarter, the dragon's heir is the dragon's heir.

However, unlike the idea that it's not a big deal for Cesar. Yeongwoo felt as if she had been hit by a blunt cost.

It was a very simple transition of ideas. It seemed to provide a new path for Yeon-woo.

After putting Sesha to sleep, Yeon-woo hung on to the rescue ceremony all night again.

I grabbed hold of it tightly to not miss the spark of inspiration.

'Until now, I've only interpreted the Wise Man's Stone as a power source capable of producing unlimited magical power.' My hands were getting faster and faster to solve the rescue ceremony. This time there was no blockage.

'But no, actually, given the magical power of Amplification, if it is a mediator, and when it comes to the last point, The sun came out.

Yeongwoo's eyes sparkled.

“Yes. This was it." The Wise Man's Stone was not a supply of infinite magical power.

It was an amplifier that increased the amplitude of the magical wave by a few dozen to hundreds of times, making the sensitivity stronger.

“That's why Nemesis and Niche call it a comfortable nest.” Even the ability to process and strengthen the magical power was fast enough for both Legendaries.

- This plate contains information about the operation of the sun.

The last phrase of the Emerald Tablet.

Here was the answer. The operation of the sun here seems to be a magical cycle.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue. I think I know why the Client or Build didn't complete the Wise Man's Stone in the end.

I thought it was just a magical machine, so it was nothing. In fact, if Yeon Woo wasn't the help of Cesar, she could have been clinging to you for years.

“So the most deficient part of the stone is the power source?” Suddenly, it was dawning outside.

The sunlight coming in through the window illuminated the paper filled with all kinds of shapes and numbers.


Yeongwoo's eyes brightened as well.

Power source. That is, all you have to do is find the power source. But where will it be easy to find a magical source hit by a Wise Man's Stone?

However, whether this was also fate, something that could be used as a magical source for Yeon-woo passed through my mind.

The demon Galilee and Abraham said they would catch. If only I could catch one more like it and seal it on the Wise Man's Stone. The Devil's mind is full of magical power.

Maybe I could really get 'infinite magical power.

'Maybe we can build a magical power source in Dragon Heart.' Soft tongue drenched my lips. You need to evolve to level 5 to make a real Dragon Heart.

But if we can get an equivalent institution before that,

'You will have two large magical institutions.' Seongjin from Braham. This time I felt like I should study it deeply.

You feel a lot of power in Yeongwoo's grip, making fun of the pen.