Second Life Ranker

18. Demon Forest (8)

“Oh, it's so bleak.

I don't think the 12th floor was this deep. "The pant grumbles across the Devil's Forest.

It was a ghost that appeared at home and tasted like beating on the demons, but it still felt bad because the air was bitter.

Edora, however, finds her way back to hear Panda's complaint.

The coordinates that Yeonwoo taught me were definitely around here.

Fant's lips protruded in response.

“By the way, you don't even listen to your brother when you think about meeting him, do you?" The only one who came back was Edora's Pinzan.

“If you seduce him, you'll find someone who likes you. Not forever." “Hey! Because I'm tied up here, it's popular wherever I go.” Edora came to a point, ignoring the panting sound of nonsense.

It appeared to be just a forest road that was no different from the surroundings. Edora's eyes were wide open in Hye-in.

Fragments of a densely packed system, like the Honeycomb Brotherhood.

They covered the entire forest, drawing a large hemisphere.

Edora pushes 1-into the seal. It will bounce back, but if you find the right path, it will pass. And fortunately, I made it through the air.

Edora slowly steps inside the boundary. As soon as Pant followed, his eyes opened wide.

The scenery was so beautiful in front of my eyes.

It was a moment when I entered the underworld.

“Hello?” Yeon-woo hits you both very skillfully. But what I was doing was covered in dirt.

I feel tired in my voice.

“What's the matter, brother? You look exhausted.” I've been doing things. Don't worry, it's nothing to be graded. "Yeongwoo calmed Edora with a hand stroke, and took the two of them to the place.

After watching the brother-in-law and sister pant like that, Abraham did not deserve to look at him.

“You have to sneak up on an outsider like that • • •“ But why? You look nice. I think he likes you, too. ”Galilee walks up to Abraham like that, smiling and throwing pinjaws.

I used to be a cautious researcher. Cersei was soon able to get along with the Fant sisters.

I was curious about Yeon-woo's friend, and I was also good with Pant and Edora's children. I had a lot of fun, because I originally liked children, of course, and because I was the same woman as Edora.

“If it weren't for that, I would have kicked you out.” Abraham folded his arms and replied softly.

However, unlike that attitude, it was fixed firmly to the smiley face.

Last night, Yeon-woo asked if she could bring her colleagues to the 23rd floor.

Abraham refused because he was worried that Elohim and Aether would be chasing him somewhere, but Galilee agreed with him and agreed with him conditionally.

Never make too much noise, and never go near the farm.

And if Elohim had been spotted and needed help, it was a condition.

Normally, the players would have avoided the position by just hearing the word Elohim, but the Fant sisters did not look back and said yes.

The one-horned tribe that originally intended to fight the Red Dragon had no reason to fear Elohim. The same was true of Pan Nam Mae.

“Maybe. Cesar may have been lonely. In fact, I think you've fallen too far behind.” “So think about it.” Abraham kept his mouth shut. He had nothing to say here.

I didn't even know Galilee was right.

It was true that Cesar was smiling more recently than ever before.

The one who laughed the most before Yeon Woo came was when Galeed and I first appeared. He didn't show much of a smile to Abraham.


The thought of doing it for Cesar made me wonder if it made her lonelier.

“Cain. I need to talk to you for a second.” Instead of watching Sesha play with Pand and Edora, Yeon turns her head to you for the sound of Abraham's call.

Just as the three midfielders were playing hide-and-seek, a silly situation was happening where Cesha was unable to conceal a large figure properly.

Yeongwoo got up from her seat, grabbing her ass. You tell Edora that you'll be away for a moment and follow Abraham to the back of the hut.

Edora could not take her eyes off him until she became such a brotherly director.

Then I frowned a little and sighed as if I didn't like something.

I feel like I'm gonna get stuck.

I always felt it, but I felt very united. I wish you'd greet me a little more at a time like this, or say something that you miss. That was a man I couldn't even count on.

Then Edora turned her head to look at Caesar and Fant, and was surprised by the sudden rise of Caesar.

However, Edora quickly recovers her complexion and smiles brightly.

“What's the matter?” “Do you like Cain?” A sudden question.

Edora smiles, her eyes wide open.

“Why do you think that is?” I can't keep my eyes off Cain. ”Edora lets out a sound of cheating without her even knowing it. It seemed that even a child like this could see his heart sparkling.

But a woman has her pride.

When you think you need to stop teasing.

Soon, it became a strange expression on Cesar's words.

“Heehee. Can I help you?” Edora and Cesar were talking about things.

Yeonwoo was talking to Abraham and Galilee.

It was a pretty serious atmosphere when I was singing Yeon-woo, so I thought it might be important. My expectations were correct.

“Are you aware that recently, this is the end of building boundaries and alliances?” Yeon nods. I couldn't tell.

It was the person who helped him the most over the last month.

In the beginning, Galilee offered up spirituality, which was magic, and Cesar said it wasn't funny and didn't go near it.

He was the only one who paid attention to Yeon-woo.

After finding a way to complete the Wise Man's Stone. Yeongwoo gained knowledge of Abraham, focused on interpreting the Emerald Tablet overnight, and began to use it gradually to build on the neat things.

Thanks to you, your knowledge of alchemy has gotten deeper and your understanding of the magic system has gotten deeper, even though it's only been a month.

'The biggest characteristic of alchemy is its structural formula. We were able to combine runes into polygons based on this.' With the help of wealth and rebecca here, there was already a considerable amount of runes in the bone. The efficiency of the Magic Armory has also risen considerably.

But the greatest achievement is that it now appears to be a way to complete the Wise Man's Stone.

I've been trying to get some of the materials I need inside the Intranian. "Fortunately, there's no news of a herd of Aeternaelohim nearby. They'll still be looking for us, but once the settlement is complete, they won't be able to find us anyways.” Once the underworld is complete, Auroth becomes Abraham's territory nearby.

This means that the sanctuary can be built.

Even in a confined space, the great god Brahma can reveal his true power.

If it did, even Elohim could not win. Perhaps one of the nine kings, their leader, will join them.

“So leave it here for a while, clean up what you need. I'll be busy again when I'm finished.” Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

I told him to take a breath for a few days.

Galilee chuckles and throws a pint at Abraham.

“You could just simply say you're on vacation, what's the big deal?” Abraham folded his arms and said nothing.

“Shame on you.

Shut up. ”Yeon-woo smiles lightly, looking at the two bickering people that don't fit the age.

As if Abraham didn't want to be here anymore, he left the ground lightly beating.

Galeed looks at his dishonest friend and shakes his head and says to Yeon-woo,

“He's not always been honest, so understand. And like he said, once we're done, we'll be busy summoning the devil. Finish what you left in there.

You and your friends cool off. ”Yeon nods. I was thinking about going to Lake De Roy. I thought it was going well.

But I also thought that.

For some unknown reason, Elohim still hasn't appeared.

If they showed up while they were away, it might be dangerous for them to show up before the underworld was complete.

'What should I do?' Yeon-woo thought for a moment, but the cost came to mind.

“Abraham, Galilee." What's wrong? ”“ Anything else? ”Looking at the two crooked heads. Yeongwoo smiled slightly below the mask.

“Since you're summoning the Devil, why don't you organize Elohim as well? I have an idea." “Eww? So why don't we go on a road trip together, huh?" “No, I don't.” “Heehee! No way! I thought I'd be sore the whole time I was here. Good!” Fant rose from his seat, greatly reflecting Yeon-woo's remarks about going out with him.

Playing with Caesar was fun, but, again, jumping into a blood-fried fight with his two fists was the best fit.

Especially recently, I have not been able to fight together with Yeon-woo, so I was more excited.

I was jealous of the growing age of Yeouido, which usually changes every day, but I also wanted to see how strong she was because it was so stimulating.

Especially when Yeongwoo joined forces with Olfowon on the floor, it made the one-horned tribe tremble.

It was because Yeon-woo, a disciple, did something he couldn't do in his youth. Edora and Pants didn't stand out in front of each other, but apparently the King had a pretty bad reprimand.

So when I heard that, it was all cool. On the other hand, I heard a strong curiosity.

A goal I want to catch up with someday.

The target you want to beat is Yeon Woo.

Then he smiled as he continued to be stimulated, and he needed to train himself. He glanced at Edora, who made a fat face, and asked Pant.

“But what's wrong with Edora's face?" The pant laughs as if it's funny.

“It's because I took a punch when I didn't think of it.” “There is such a thing. By the way, I hope you're popular. Uheeheehee!" Yeon-woo lets out a sigh, noticing the situation around her, looking at the sleeping sorcerer lying on a wooden bench. Occasionally, tax collectors would make an abrupt comment that was not appropriate for their age. I think Edora heard something from Cesar.

At this time, it was good for my mental health to just pretend not to know.

Cesar left it in my room and told Edora I was going out. Edora soon said she would follow Yeon-woo in color.

That's how the group goes out, and Yeon decides to go to Abraham and Galilee.

After only breathing clear air under the blue sky, the red sky and the deep air seemed pretty awkward to meet again.

While the beeswax turned the magical circuit to adjust the condition, it deformed the arena into a rigid plate armor, and the beagrid that had always hung on its back hung on its left waist and instead wore an appropriately sized tower shield on its back.

A horned helmet was also created and wrapped around its head. The mask also went inward and was obscured and couldn't be seen.

The color also became dark and matched well with the eerie atmosphere of the 23rd floor overall.

“Huh? Why are you acting like that all of a sudden?” I'm tired, but I don't want to get caught. "Huh? Oh, you're just trying to scare off the fireflies. Heheh. Now I'm a celebrity. I'm smiling as I hear this word.

In fact, half of what he said was true and half heard. It was enough to ignore the fame. If you're annoying me, you can push me out with your strength.

However, Yeongwoo was more wary of Elohim, including the Aether. Before leaving the 23rd floor, she planned to somehow capture the Aether 71-1, but it was not yet time. Moreover, it was suspicious that I hadn't seen him around for more than a month.

So I planned to move quietly while hiding my identity as best I could. Especially the dragons of Lake Roy were now so known as Hidden Piece that they were embarrassing. There was a high likelihood of players gathering around.

'No. I was pushed so hard in the battle against Aether, could I write it down?' Organizing such thoughts.

Yeonwoo travels to the lake with Pant and Edora.

“Then let's finish cleaning up." After sending Yeon Woo.

Galilee turns her head as she lightly unwinds. Then, in his eyes, Abraham was deeply troubled.

“Is that what you're worried about?” “No. The more I think about it, the more I think he's strange.

“I don't think so. I think so. That's what I did when I first met him." Abraham was thinking about the proposal he made before Yeon-woo left.

- Elohim or clean up? In answer to Abraham's question, Yeon-woo replied:

- They must be preparing a trap to catch us.

Then we go back to the station. We feed them to the demons.

Then the operation was simple and effective. I liked the idea of throwing Aether and others into the Devil's Crawl.

Those who achieve the power of Elo are usually descended from the bloodline of God. Because of this, even a small amount is sacred. Otherwise, when we summoned the demons, I thought there might be more bait than just the devil. Just in time, I found something fun for the demons to enjoy.

Like this, when I talked to Yeon-woo, I often got things I never thought of. I received more help than I thought when I was building Yeon-jin.

Moreover, he became a friend of Cesar who was always ashamed.

It's too blunt to look at. Nevertheless, I was a very grateful friend.

Just like someone else.

“It certainly reminds me of him with a completely different personality." The bitterness in Galilee's eyes was young.

Then I saw him standing in the courtyard. Sesha was staring closely at where Yeon-woo had gone.

“If only he was still there. I would have been so happy to see that kid. ”