Second Life Ranker

19. Demon Forest (9)

“Ugh. I'm uncomfortable, really.” Shut up and just do it. ”Edora pounds the back of a grumbling pant.

The rumor that the brothers and sisters of the Chongram Clan were already widespread, so they were also hiding their identities in different outfits.

Edora dresses up like a wizard by flipping the robe over. The pant reveals its horn, but the look on her face is completely different.

If the line was originally as thick as a man, it was now a middle-aged face with a heavy feeling.

Yeongwoo asked Pant in astonishment in disguise.

The pant rubs its itchy face and grunts lightly.

“It's called an inflatable sphere.” “An inflatable sphere?" Specialty of our tribe only.

It's probably not well known out there. Usually we need to hide who we are, or use it to move in secret. ”It also seemed to require quite a lot of effort. I had to apply various medicines evenly to my face, and I had to use a cotton ball to stand still for an hour.

Moreover, it was very ticklish, and Pant scratched his face from time to time.

However, it was natural enough that there was no stain on the other face, and it didn't even grill off if the adsorption was good.

'That could be used as a substitute for later when you need it.' As Yeonwoo, Yumi was worth pulling.

They used masks to hide their faces in the first place, but now they're famous too.

It seemed to have established the formula, 'Black Mask = Proprietary Kain'.

So when you need it, you put it in the face of the ghost of Haran.

However, if I had one or two inflatable spheres, it would be useful when needed.

“Do you know how many I could get?” “It's actually a nonprofit to outsiders. Well, if he asks you to give it to him, won't you give it to him?” Yeon-woo nodded, thinking that I should ask the King later.

“By the way," Pant looks at the crowded shore of the lake.

“Why are there so many people here? This is annoying. There's nothing to see in a ruined place like this.” Originally surrounded by so many demons, one section of Lake Droy was ravaged by the battle of kite and ether.

The Devil is very viable, so some have already sprouted everywhere.

But it was now a black wasteland so far that even the Mages tried to get close to it.

Players, however, were wandering around the lake in teams. Some of them had some weird neurowarfare going on all over the place.

“I'll draw it because it's time for the dragon to appear.” Each dragon appearing on Lake Deroy will appear looking for the lake shore in order to become a high rank pervert as they become stronger after several predators over a period of time.

For example, each dragon was like a pupa trying to be reborn as an adult.

However, it was not easy to endure the times of the dragons, so there were many cases of death when I could not endure the sudden nature of the dragon.

And even if he survived, he would only be reborn as a higher demon, not just a demon. In order to grow to the devil, he endured many hard processes similar to those of the dragons.

Recently, it was even more difficult to find a place where dragons were being slaughtered as they spread.

And now was the time when dragons would appear. They come every few months.

“Horn Dragon? Isn't that Hidden Piece?” "Haven't I told you it's spread so much now that you're ashamed to call it Hidden Piece?” “Ugh. The pan, which I didn't like, rolled his feet like a man who had taken his favorite food.

Then I turned my head.

“Can't you just kick them all out?” Stop it.

Yeon-woo nailed the pant to make sure it would crash. If you don't listen to me, I'll just kick you out of town. Or move separately.

In fact, I don't know why I don't want to say Yeon-woo.

However, unless it was clear that Aether and Elohim had left the 23rd floor, we had to be as self-involved as possible.

No matter how strong the Yeonwoo became, it was not enough to defeat Aether, etc. in the face.

In fact, I was able to help Galilee in the first collision because I used the wave of injustice to maximize the benefits of the surprise, and I don't think that luck will be given again.

'If only I could complete the Wise Man's Stone. Then we won't be outmatched by the High Tanker.' So I needed to be a little more careful.

'Elohim might be mixed up here.' Yeongwoo has always sharpened her supersenses since she came to the lake. Because of their arrogant nature, Elohim had a unique trait of their own. I was going to move as soon as I found it.

“There's probably a pretty complicated deal going on between the players to hunt dragons. We're going to ride there first.” “Hmm? With your personality, you wouldn't want to hunt peacefully, hand in hand, with these things?” The word 'impression' in the words of Yeongwoo Fant vexes me, but I ignored it.

“Of course I'll have to steel it." “Him! My brother's blown character! As my father's disciple said," Did you ever think before that you could drown in that lake and explode? ”Hehe. Brother, you know I've been following you a lot, right?” Yeon shakes her head, looking at the pant smiling softly with her hands. It seemed to be getting better and better.

“So let's not argue for a while. If you get caught, you die.” Yeon-woo grunts with fists raised.

Fant smiles brightly.

“Haha. You, too. Anyone who hears me thinks I'm an accident every time. Don't worry about that. If you bear with it, it's not this pant again?” The pant beats humidity with his fist and replies confidently.

However, Yeon-woo felt even more anxious for some reason.

Such anxiety became a reality only after an hour.

“What? That's why you're all gonna eat each other up, right?” Pant punched the player in the face with a hard fist. The helmet was devastated.

Wudang Tang - “Fuck! That son of a bitch! Yeah. Come on, the pantyhose are starting to kick the crap out of the runners.

Seeing Yeon-woo like that, I had to stop being annoyed. If it wasn't for the helmet, he would have pressed down on his temples.

The reason Pants started fighting was simple.

Suddenly, a group of dragons appeared, and the dragons, who were to come forward, ordered the rest to stand down.

Mixing up the nonsense of watching from hundreds of meters away.

Of course, the refusal was inevitable, but no one stepped forward.

There is one ranker among the group that occupies the lake.

Ice viper, Rao.

It was a nickname for poisoning your enemies while sneaking around like snakes.

Moreover, it was rumored to have one of the eight clans behind it, the "bloodline", so it didn't even clash.

I haven't said a word since I showed up! I had never, but I couldn't think of this place as a bloodline just because Imirao showed up.

It was clear that players from the bloodline and the underbred organizations would show up just in time for the dragons' arrival.

Eventually, several players and clans had to take a step back in time for their next arrival.


It wasn't like I was going to sit there.

If someone gets in the way, he first smashes his inside.He punches the provocation of the person who trusts the bloodline and looks him straight in the eye.

A champion. Fant's favorite.

Of course, there was a commotion.

Players lunged at the pant screaming. But the pant beats all of them with a clenched fist, as if it were fine.

As a reward I received from the 11th floor, I was able to raise my stats well or become powerful every time I swing my fist.

Khlung Edo's palm rests on his forehead.

I looked the same all the way up the stairs, saying that it was a long day, and now I was bored. A lowly beekeeper like that would have a mild ache if he didn't protest. In fact, Pants was wrong to convey his personality to the King or Yeon Woo. It turned out that the elders said that the closest of many children to the King of Youth was Pantra.

Then Edora glances at Yeongwoo. A slightly alarming voice blends in.

“Brother, that's • •“ No. Wait. ”Yeon reaches out her hand and stops Edora from saying it should be dried.

He also thought for a moment that he would stop Pants from hitting him without listening to him.

Seeing this, I thought it would be better.

"Bloodline. I didn't think they'd come out of nowhere." The Blood Country (9j1) was a group of people who called Zro "the country." Those who say they are the successors of any desperate system are carried by the heat, by the sovereignty, by the heat. If I wanted to sleep/perspire/get a new righteousness someday, I always had a burning mission in my heart/heart.

The blood country's pursuit was very simple.

The promised land arrives.

Now they were the ones who declared that they would someday revive the world that was gone.

Those who are wanderers who are obsessed with the ancient illusions that disappeared in some way.

Rather, they were always burned by their mission and did not hesitate to train because they thought they needed a strong force to restore their country to Chicago.

Moreover, the collective personality was hesitant, so everyone was willing to face them.

Those people suddenly appeared.

You showed up on the 23rd floor with Elohim and his blood on it? 'At a time like this? Incidentally? Nonsense.' No matter what the reasons of Lake De Roi were, it was given to the clan members of the bloodline, not even their own muscle walkers.

But there's a reason for it.

Something to do with 4Elohim. Or maybe it's Brahms. Either that or you're here to scout me.

We should also avoid Elohim's eyes. If they even showed up in the bloodline, I had to know exactly where they were coming from.

So even if Fant had an accident, he was going to judge by how they got out.

And maybe.

'Maybe you can draw a fun picture.' Elohim and Blood Kingdom met at this hypotonic interval. If we can get the eight clans to confront those who claim to be proud... Maybe I could see a funny scene.

The problem is, I don't know what that ranker Rao is thinking. 'Rao sits still and frowns, even though his henchmen keep falling out.

Those who couldn't bear to be overwhelmed by Pant looked back at Rao like that.

I can't talk, but I need your help.

But Rao only has a careless look in his eyes. I did not intend to intervene at all

I just watched the situation indifferently.

Eventually, the man who rushed to the end fell out with his arms broken in one punch, and no one else rushed in.

“What, this? When was the last time you yelled as loudly as you did, and now you're not?” Fant rolled up one side of his mouth and said coldly. As he took a big step forward, the players who had stood in his way instinctively took a step back.

Dozens of players can't stand the strength of a single player and get scared. All of my face turned red.

Then a relatively brave man shouted. Of course, the legs were trembling.

“You, motherfucker! You think they're gonna be okay without even touching us?” Fant's ridicule grows.

“What if he's not?” Ooh, behind us is tongue, blood. "Yeah? Oh, that's so scary.

But what? There's a one-horned tribe behind me, as you can see. Now that you've messed with me like that, you're left with a war between the lone tribes and the bloodlines? ”Covering your face with an inlet doesn't even hide the horn.

“Heehee!” The face of the man who was shouting was so dull. From the guy who sat on the floor, he was desperate.

The pant 'and the tongue were full.

I can't believe I'm so sick of these stupid threats. Maybe that's why they're replacing it.

“Well, if you don't want to come,” Following the fists of the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist, the fist of the fist of the fist, the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist, the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist, the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist, the fist of the fist of the fist of the fist

“Maybe this way.” Fant takes another step in a dazzling feat.

When other players look so bored.

Lao stood up.

Fant slaps his hands together and laughs loudly.

“Oh! You finally have a head? You fight a ranker, but Rao picks on him, no matter what Fant says, and then suddenly steps in front of the moat.

I met the eye under the helmet. Yeongwoo's eyes lit up in a strange light.

“I don't think we need to fight any more. How about this?” At the same time, the contradiction that only the kite can hear at the same time seeps into the bosom of the kite.

"Our emperor wishes to invite you and Abraham. What do you say, dictator?