Second Life Ranker

20. Demon Forest (10)

It's hidden in the helmet and mask, but Yeon-woo's expression is slightly stiff. Recognizing yourself? After hitting Yeon-woo Aether, I quickly concealed my career. But if you knew where he was in the bloodline, He was likely to know that Yeon Woo and Abraham were involved elsewhere.

Is that how much Brahms is getting attention? Or is it because he's getting attention? 'Maybe it's both.' But after leaving that, I didn't think I could find out right away after hiding this identity. I don't know if there are any guards inside.

Or was he looking at himself near the bottomless pit? Then I had to be more careful because it was a trick of the supersenses.

As if trying to satisfy the doubt of Yeongwoo, Rao immediately put a hind horse on his back.

The fact that you are here is not widely known to the outside, so there is no need to be a rating. No.

Even though it was already known to them, the longitudinal outcome was like being exposed.

But you must know exactly how much attention you have drawn. After being mixed with Abraham, who was a big talker, Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened. I knew it.

Only Elohim could have known that Abraham had Caesar.

Elohim may have found out first. However, as the cleanliness collapsed, a strange balance between the eight clans collapsed. There's no way the other clans could have let it go if they looked closely at each other's movements.

'After all, the involvement of a much larger clan than I had anticipated, was a point I missed.' Rao's words continued.

The last remaining mercenary must call attention to himself. Except for the Red Dragon, perhaps. But Elohim was at the forefront, so I was unable to intervene. And then I stumbled upon your involvement in this. Yeon-woo frowned slightly.

How many clans know that I'm with Abraham? Well. They're all hiding like rats. Can you tell? However, I couldn't say no to Yeon.

After all, it was meant to know everything. If I didn't know better, I'd know it somewhere.

'I also had a big record on the floor.' If you defeat the vision of Allfoone, or achieve the equivalent of it, you will have no choice but to receive attention.

But at the bottom of that section, I didn't think the giant clan would notice.

It seemed to be much worse than he thought.

'I need to pay more attention to moving forward.' Yeon-woo had to admit that she was a little uncomfortable.

When I saved Galilee, Aether and the mediocrity alone had already begun to attract everyone's attention. Even if the Aether did not speak elsewhere with pride, it would have to be known somehow.

I thought for a moment I might hide who I was.

It was not easy to change identity at such an urgent moment, and even if I hid it, I was sure that I would quickly notice.

But even so, we can't bounce any more. If he did, he could live with suspicion.

Doubt should be avoided as much as possible until more power is stored up. I needed to press down deeper until the time came.

But as long as he's tied to Abraham, he can't seem to stay out of sight forever. It's a retreat, 'Yeon-woo's mind turned tricky.

Thinking about what to do now. Though many thoughts were complicated, in the end, Yeon-woo could only conclude one thing.

'You can't keep avoiding it.' Geum Yeon-woo reinforced the disguise of the horse stall that surrounded his body. Plate armor disappears, revealing the original black clothing.

Sudden change in attitude, Panthwadora looks back at the pond.

“Brother?” “No need to complicate things.” The pant was impressed by what Yeon-woo said.

“Oh, man. I worked hard on this." The pant scratches around the neck with its fingernails and neurologically rips the facepiece off the floor.

Edora notices a slight twist in the situation and flips Rob's hood back. One horn and a beautiful purple eye appeared.

Rao opened his eyes in a circle, thinking that Yeon-woo would never reveal herself so modestly, and clapped as he smiled lightly.

Yikes! The players who were in conflict with Pant noticed each other, and immediately began to spread out and watch their surroundings.

“All eyes on this side should be gone by now. It'll be a lot easier to talk.” It seems that the players of Rao and the bloodline were making a commotion to create a place facing Yeon Woo.

Yeonwoo looked at Rao and asked.

“Just a few questions.

Even though he was under surveillance, there was still a question that remained unsolved.

Rao nods.

“As much as you want." “Do you know exactly where Abraham is?” Rao shakes his head.

“All I know is that somewhere on the 23rd floor, I built an emotional seal for the tolerance. I don't know anything more than the approximate location. If we knew, we'd be the first to make contact.” Then how did you know I was coming to Lake De Roy? ”“ Because of your habits. ”“ My habit? ”“ Yes. Exclusive habits.

You have to take out all the famous Hidden Pieces, don't you? Then I knew you'd be here. Of course, we have half a chance of not coming. ”It meant believing in half the possibility that he was put in.

“Then how did I know? It must have been well concealed.” “Oh, I don't think I can do that. Because of my skills.” Rao points his hands at both eyes. At that moment, his black pupils were separated and became like the eyes of an insect.

Yeon-woo realized it was the origin and kicked out her tongue.

The Eye of the Nine Serpents. A skill used to detect an opponent's traits or characteristics.

It was nothing compared to the Dragon Eye or Hye-in, but it still belonged to quite a high level of skill.

Only then did I realize why Lao was sent here.

If you have skills like that, even if Yeon-woo has hidden her identity, you will be able to quickly notice.

'It was to find me that I was standing still when the first pands went off.' Rao smiled and said.

“So that's the end of the question?” “Roughly.” “and we'll officially say hello again.

I am Rao, the baron sent by His Majesty. I came here to invite you and Abraham. Our Emperor is showing great interest in you. ”Players in the bloodline were classified into 8 tasks. Soldier, knight, knight, knight, knight, knight, knight, knight, knight, knight.

Especially here, there was only one "emperor".

'The Food and Drug Administration.

The greedy monarch who swallows anything he wants.

Emperor Zimram was trained to reproduce the monarchy's specialty or even to the Jo/Hua/Ka Khen/Theatre. In charge/with a number of officials and Jing Jing Jing, the army was freely given Hu7du.

Every 35997;/Lead drigoner/criticism, if you name it, or a lot of it. Unlike Reddry/Gon, who only cared about after the 59th floor, he laughed at the lower levels.

20035;/It was not hard to say "country" in Cotton Z.

And there he goes./The biggest specialty was the endless 4 # (Gluttony) 0/fl diet. So John tried to lock up everything he touched. "There was also a person from Gu Yeon-ha.

But the scary thing about dietary appetizers was that 'harmony can be turned into a cyclical diet.

The appetizer was always hungry. So I ate 1 trillion of these things. I wonder if I'll survive like that.

But I was also a foodie because it was so frustrating.

It was also said that the blood country always suffers from such excuses as that of the emperor.

It was the same when I bumped into my brother.

The appetizer referred to his brother as a "delicacy," and tried to take everything he had. The wings of the sky, the waves of light, even the Awakening of the Dragon.

A cannibalistic trait that consumes abilities. He deserved to be judged as the maddest of the nine kings with the Archbishop of Horses.

You want to see Yeon-woo and Brahms? "Do you still have a fool for eating dragons? He was crazy, 'although he was the emperor who enjoyed all the fancy feasts of the world. One of the only meats I had never eaten was dragon meat. That was the biggest reason I coveted my brother.

I didn't make it. You report him, and you still want to? I heard.

He wants to see Cesha.

Elohim followed by blood. How could I have read Yeon's cold eyes like that only intertwining with those lunatics?

Rao smiles and gestures lightly.

“I know what you're worried about. You're afraid our Emperor might try to harm you and your people? But don't flatter yourself. It's all just a bunch of hoaxes made up around here to frame us.” Rao clenches his chest with his fist.

“We are the Empire. And great warriors who will one day make the Tower their territory. Would that harm the guests we've invited? I would never do such a godless thing. I swear it on my honor and on the Emperor's name." The diplomatic logic of the bloodline, where they changed their words and just what they needed, was already well known in the tower.

, that was bullshit.

“Your potential, your courage, the wisdom of Abraham the Banisher, and the future of the Forgiver. He thinks they will all be a great help to the future of the Empire. But if you offer an equal offer from the beginning, you'll have a hard time accepting it. He wants to hold a dinner together and have a bridge first. This shouldn't be bad for you, either.” Yeon-woo did not immediately answer.

One thought crossed his mind.

If Elohim as well as various forces were observing the 23rd floor together politely, they had to extract as much information as possible.

'It should be useful as a shield to avoid Elohim's interference.' To do that, I said, "Okay. Let's think positive for a second.” Rao's smile spread.

“Oh.” “But I still can't figure it out. Because Abraham and acceptance are not what I can do.” “The exile's stubbornness is great, the fact that everyone already knows. Thank you for the positive review. Plus,” Rao pauses, then gives you a lot of strength.

“Aren't you close to Galilee? The emperor has shown great interest in Galilee, so if you convince him to go with you, he will be pleased.” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

However, my mind quickly turned to stone.

You know me and Galilee? If you know what you're doing in the tutorial, you've done a pretty thorough investigation. 'I knew I needed to be more careful moving forward.

Fortunately, seeing Rao smiling with a satisfied smile, at least it seemed to be a success.

Was it simple, or did he feel confident that he wouldn't refuse his offer?

I thought Yeon-woo was the latter. Their loyalty to the Emperor was often compared to that of the Horseman fanatics who faced normal drinking. You didn't even think you were gonna say no.

So, as Yeon-woo faintly flowed, he asked the question without hesitation.

“But if the various forces are interested, Anyone else on the 23rd floor besides Elohim?" “Just enough to see the liver yet. Even if it were, I'd only send a few scraps. Elohim's restraint is quite severe. If you're not going to have a completely helpless conflict with them, you don't want to intervene directly, because that's what the emperor decided. That's how much you care about yourself and your colleagues.

Rao became a reminiscent, as if it were truly a virtue. Yeon-woo was a bit absurd.

I'm just watching. You want to intervene as soon as you see an opportunity. 'Yeon wondered if it was when the blood country and Elohim collided, or when Abraham and the dragon became in danger. Otherwise, it could be targeting when the exact location of the alert is exposed.

Afterwards, Yeon-woo asked Lao a few more questions, and he replied as if it were no big deal.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to quickly judge the situation 'This is much bigger than I thought.' Rao said he was an envoy, but in fact, he had a separate general manager.

Marquis Caliban. His real name is unknown. However, it seemed like it would be very difficult to deal with because it was famous for its cold-hearted nature to cut off post-war relationships so clearly that it was ensnared by the hero's new sword.

In addition, Elohim also added reinforcements. At present, Hemera is known only by what the blood county has seen, and it is unknown how many others will be put into it.

However, one thing seemed clear.

Even within Elohim, the protogenous people have a strong interest in this matter.

'Even on the 11th floor, even though they were beating each other up, why do the poor bastards keep wandering around in the lower sections' Yun was a little annoyed, but not grumpy. However, I suddenly had an idea. Maybe this isn't going to end here.

The smell of blood that could only be smelled in the battlefield seemed to be felt from the tip of my nose.

That's it.

Yeongwoo found out all the information she could find, and slowly got up.

“Good. I know a lot thanks to you.

Like I said, let me just say something nice to Abraham and the like. "However, Yeon did not forget to create a hole in her horse tail to escape later.

“But first things first." “Horn Dragon?” Yeon nods.

“Yes, it's quite important to us.” “We can provide reinforcements if we need them. According to the Empire, rankers can be quite difficult to deal with. Some say it's worse than the 22nd floor of Ragen, and Rao tries to reach out a little, but Yeon insists.

There was no reason to be in debt unnecessarily.

Rao takes a step back, as if he had no choice. Then he added a kind explanation to reassure them that they will be guarding the area.

However, Yeon-woo smiled lightly inside because she knew it was a trick to figure out her own power.

Power of the One? You must be curious. It's largely unknown, and it's the equivalent of Ulpowon's visions. If you know in advance, it would be good in many ways.


Writing 1. Will it work? 'Under the mask, Yeon-woo was lightly seduced by the laughter of blood. Planning to screw with the eight generations, it was always a pleasure.

“So now what?” The size of a known dragon is approximately 80 meters. Pants are already excited about the fact that they're raising giant monsters.

Here you go.

“Very simply,” Yeon-woo smiled and said.

“It just works.” “Eww? ”