Second Life Ranker

21. Demon Forest (11)

“Here she comes.” The first thing she said was Pandora and Edora.

Whilst checking the equipment they brought, Edora quietly pulled out the Sinmyo, following the snapping and panting of her feet, frightened by the fall of Yeon Woo's words.

Rao did not understand the attitude of the two brothers. Obviously, he didn't feel anything.

His skill, the Nine Eyes, quickly detects the crisis. Nevertheless, the fact that he did not know it so far meant that there would be nothing wrong.

Rao thought that Yeon-woo had mistaken him. Horn Dragon is said to boast just as much weight and power as the Kragen.

Of course, no matter how unique he was, he was a monster who had to be nervous.

Though there were rumors that he had caught the Kraken in imi22 with solo play, he was under the impression that his blood country would have had other help.

If the rumors are true, we might be able to confirm the monopoly. 'The characteristics, skills, surname • • • • - even the characteristics of the artifact to be used. I was going to catch them all. The late Caliban didn't put him here for nothing.

That's why I'm ordering you to keep your perimeter up until the dragons show up.

4: 7 'Rao suddenly opened his eyes as the air bubbles began to rise above the lake's surface. As the bubbles grew, they covered the entire expansive lake.

And I could feel the enormous cost rising below the surface.

'Really?' Rao couldn't believe Yeon-woo's skill at noticing the appearance of each dragon without even detecting her skill, but immediately took care of it.

“Everyone stay where you are! Beware of the surprise attack on the outside!" I knew Elohim was after him from the moment Yeon joined hands with Abraham.

Then, when the dragon appeared, it was likely to target a busy time.

Players from the bloodline also heard from Rao several times, so they held the weapon together and activated a common skill.

“The screaming stops, and the red flag burns. Like the incarnation of the battlefield” A clan skill that any player in a Blood Kingdom can learn. It has the ability to beep attack and defensive power while summoning soldiers, and has a high immunity to curse attacks.

But this is only an externally known feature.

This skill had a greater advantage.

That is, the more players who call the troops together, the greater the beef effect and the more hypnotized the group is.

It's like a strange sense of the spirit and spirit of each other. While hypnotized, the players all turn into loyal swords of the leader.

They are all brave warriors who do not fear death.

So clans confronting the bloodline tend to use this skill to prevent it from activating. Hardly ever works out the way it means.

A splendid effect erupts amidst the magical enchantments surrounding them.

Rao felt a strange sense of life in the hands of more than thirty servants. The skill is relentlessly activated and ready for a surprise attack.

At that moment, suddenly, there was a creature rising up through the rough sleep.

Kwaang! An enormous figure, which looks to be 80 meters tall, stands overhead and looks down at the ground.

You're too close, and you can only cast a long shadow. Rao raised his head to see what the right guy looked like.

It was a dragon with a neck and tail much longer than my body in a four-legged walk. A firm scale or leather looks as though the blade won't go in at all.

Khh! You roar ferociously, as if to announce your presence.

At that moment, Yeon-woo expanded the wings of the fire and flew vigorously towards his head. Panda and Edora hurriedly rushed up toward their heads, riding on their bodies.

Rao leaves the perimeter to his henchmen, and puts it in the eye of a magical eye.

It was a great opportunity to see firsthand what the prince and princess were capable of, talking about as the sole proprietor and the next one-horned king.

By the way.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

What is this? 'Rao's expression was stiff.

There was an unbelievable sight, even from his own eyes. The lantern that was supposed to pop out with its mouth torn open did not have any resistance.

"It worked?" Something goes wrong.

Rao's mind got complicated.

“Ugh. This is so gross.” The pant frowns as if the saliva on its body was bad. Even when I tried to push it around, it still smelled bitter.

If Yeon-woo hadn't told me to do it, I never would have tried.

“But • • • • - something's a little strange. The Devil is the Devil.” Then Pant looks around and mutters a little.

Red skies. Wide plains. I could see the green leaves withered. It was a hard place to think that it was in the belly of a dragon.

When Yeon-woo first told Horn Dragon to get eaten. The Pant thought he was playing a prank.

Where in the world does it work on purpose?

It is said that if the monsters are too loud, they can go into their disguises and stir from the inside, but they are not usually so ignorant.

They're usually crushed by hard teeth, or even swallowed by digestive fluid, before they even go into the stomach.


Yeon-woo asked me to be eaten seriously.

You can catch them outside as they're known, but you're missing the most important part.

So the pant asked.

What's the important part?

Then Yeon-woo replied:

- His machete.

When it comes to mahjong, it usually refers to the heart or the inner ear.

But Fant knows that each Dragon Doubt comes from slicing the bottom of the neck.

Yeon-woo said no to Pants.

- Five in total are the hearts of each dragon. But there's only one thing you can get out of the body. In order to save the remaining four, we need to contact his spirit.

Hidden piece in a hidden piece.

Yeon-woo said so.

That's why I've always liked it. It seemed like Yeon-woo was right.


Horn Dragon is one of the ways the Demons evolve into demons.

Then, unlike the hard cover, it was safe to say that all kinds of horses were complicated and tangled.

For example.

Is this some kind of physical world? 'Pant was nervous when he recalled the deep details that Abraham had built. A world where the original owner becomes king. The intruder had to face a great penalty.

Of course, there's a staircase difficulty, so you can't really see it as an underwater world. However, he said that it was about "Sanam space."

In fact, it was not a level level level difficulty where only three people could wake up.

Fant looks around, knocking his cheeks with both hands, thinking he needs to keep his head straight.

After a long time, there was no one but himself.

“But where did he go? I don't think Edora came in the wrong way and headed in disguise." You're mumbling like you're in the rain, aren't you? "At that time, Yeon-woo landed softly next to the pant. The wings of fire dissipate in a searing heat as they wander around. Edora sticks close to the grove.

He looked like he was going to die for fun.

“Hello? What's the matter with you again?” Edora narrows her eyes slightly as she looks at the smiling face.

“What's with the fuzzy face?” “No. Edora's jaw twitches as she flies potatoes. 'Do you want to die?' Of course, Fant ignores it and looks back at Yeongwoo.

Yeongwoo held in one hand a strange sphere the size of a person's head ( ). Where it came from, cells, that kind of thing stuck.

“But what's that in your hand?" “The Heart.” Yes? No, well, it's been a while since I've been in here. The more I saw him, the greater he was.

He was unconscious when he first came in here.

In the meantime, I've already solved one.

Yeongwoo slammed the machete onto the floor.

Then a message popped up from the bottom of my vision.

[Heart (nuclear) found.]] [Hidden Quest/Kill Dragon] Content: After a long observation by the explorers' De Roe, it has long been discovered that the Demon Forest inhabitants have instinctively been gathering on the shore for a period of time to cover each other's superiority.

At that time, all the devils are predators with ten fingers in the forest, who perform a ritual on the shore of the lake, then dive into the lake and eat each other until one is left.

And the only surviving horseman enters the surface for a long period of time to be born as a parent, with a little bit of rationality.

However, you may be attacked by other enemies outside while you are away. That's why they suck the energy out of the lake to protect their bodies, and for a while they transform into 'dragons.'

Each dragon is encased in a hard shell and has a ferocious temperament that kills all creatures that come near it. You can also regenerate quickly even if you lose an extracorporeal heart due to its vitality.

It takes a lot of effort to eradicate it completely.

But you plunged into the spirit space of a single dragon with great courage to catch it.

From now on, find and remove all hearts to avoid continued mental attacks for a limited time. The only way to escape is to find all five of them.

If it fails, like the explorer De Ruyter, it will forever be trapped in a spiritual space and transformed into the nutrients of dragons.

Eligibility: a visitor to Lake Roy, a participant in the Dragon Raid.

Time Limit: 5 Hours Reward: 1. The Heart of the Horn x52. Envelope of Horn Dragon, Horn 3. Explorer 'De Roye's Journal +7942 [Hearts Found To Date: 1/5] De Roy was an early player at the time the tower was opened, famous for unraveling the secrets of the 23rd floor stage. He was also the one who uncovered the relationship between the devils and created the minority classification of "Devils" in magic.

However, unlike the maestro in the quest, De Roy's journal was' known 'to be virtually nothing.

It just said what kind of expedition he was on every day.

Chicken on IO day 2. Today we take the 77th floor of the land. Carrying nothing, Horam 5, 79th. Today, I went to the basement 7 /to Kiki/PagodalÖ/. I picked up the wrong guest • • • All of these were journals, but Biarra de LoÖ/The wills must have been done.

Wow } I heard that studying sighs is a bad thing/is a bad thing.

Hidden Piece. Hidden Piece. Hidden Piece. And the secret to the expedition journal. Hidden Piece. The effect of unlocking all the traps was tremendous, as it was equipped in 3 stages in total.

With the help of Viera Chen, she was able to contact the 'real' demonology. An opportunity to interact with demons and learn their new magic.

The significance of his journal was greater, as De Roy usually loved magic, but had a problem with wizards, and so he was just squeezing the demonology he had dedicated while being taken from the steeple.

'From dragons and demons, you're thinking of magic at the same time. He's my brother, but he's crazy.' Moreover, the devil my brother met was also a great man.

'The Duke of the East, Agares. Le Infernal, one of the four great pillars that make up the demonic society. Among them better known as Solomon's 72nd Demon, the Demon King Agarés ranks second.

I understood that my brother had grown so quickly as he had been loved by the great dragon Kalatus and the Grand Duke Agares.

Of course, Yeon-woo didn't intend to deal directly with the Devil just because she had the Devil's Demon Muscle.

Demonology wasn't all about being mortgaged by demons.

Rather, there were many different uses and uses in them.

He was one of them. He was borrowing Agarash's power. It wasn't a real contract, and Yeon-woo was planning to use the same evil in a different way.

'If only Caesar could take back his health and slay the new Devil to complete the Wise Man's Stone. From then on, I write,' As long as Abraham's personality is present, I've been thinking of completing the Philosopher's Stone. Then there had to be a better way to use it, and what we found was the Devil.

Of course, things might not go according to Yeon-woo's will.

As long as the demons are not fools, they will never know that Abraham is after them. But Abraham made a plan with that in mind, and Yeon-woo worked hard to supplement the plan by his side, helping to build softness. I was entitled to a spoon.

Above all.

Yeonwoo was willing to summon this staircase in the form of demons, with Abraham.

Then it would have been necessary not only to acquire the Horseman's Factor, but also the Exploration of Deroy.

[New horsemen appear.] [Attention! Survive the Monster Rush.] Then, with a new message, the Black Gulf ripples across the ridge.

Kaeeek! Hundreds or thousands of horsemen seem to be on the move. The creatures who looked like they were united were rushing at a fierce speed to eat the group.

A lot more than I thought, and even Panda and Edo were very tense.

But Yeon-woo had an easy way to overcome them.

I spread my left hand wide. After a while, I bartered my teeth as if the Vampire Sword of Battery was hungry.

Chug, chug - “Swallow.” Yeon holds her left hand to the ground. At that moment, the tooth hits the ground and tries to drain the energy.

Whoo-hoo! The world is ringing.