Second Life Ranker

22. Demon Forest (12)

The spiritual space shudders violently and twists.

Of course, I had to maintain a close balance while lowering the stance of Pandit and Edo.

“Say something like this, man!” The pant barely holds its position, not trying to make a nasty fall, but yells at Yeong-woo.

However, the sight of Yeongwoo was filled with awe.

The whole world that was making up each dragon's mind space was pouring into Yeongwoo, drawing vortex shapes.

The sight of space being swept to one point was so overwhelming that it could not be expressed in words.

And there are thousands of horsemen in it.

Queek! They were stretched out like rubber bands and eventually torn long enough to get sucked into Yeongwoo's left palm.

The Vampire Sword of Battery! Like a skill that sucks out all kinds of energy, the retina of the honeycomb recalls an unrelenting message.

[absorbed 91 horses.] [You absorbed 1,021 horses.] [Steal the Sagittarius of Lake De Roy at a rapid pace.] [Power has increased by 2.] [Agility +1.] [Dray Lake's Horn Dragon 'Curse: Trying to hypnotize.] [Irresistible due to' Cold Blood 'trait!] [Each Dragon of Lake De Roy' Curse: Chaos Attempted.] [Irresistible due to 'Cold Blood' trait!] From each dragon's point of view, he might have thought, "What the heck is Yeon and others doing in his secret space?"

He who is not yet familiar with physical behavior will be able to exert more power in a spiritual space. The evidence was that the nucleated heart was in a completely spiritual space.

That's why each dragon intended to swallow Yeon and the like and absorb them using the horseman army that had been absorbing them.

But it was a catastrophe caused by not knowing Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo was a cold-blooded, absolutely immune to psychological attacks and possessed an inversely acceptable skill.

As a dragon, he revealed his weakness.

Even if I twist my body to let go of this, even if I put a curse on it, the Vampire Sword in the Battery never releases its prey.

Rather, I pushed my teeth deeper and greedily stripped him of his mind and routine, as if I were going to cut him off even as quickly as I could.

Pant and Edora stare at the sights for a moment. They feel unusual as they catch an 80-meter pole too easily.

At that time, Yeon-woo sent a contradiction. The beast was buried in the groaning of the dragon, and I couldn't hear very well.

Focus in front of you. Your job is important now. Pant and Edora suddenly regained their senses and began to watch the words of Yeon-woo. Between the distant spaces, two lights were rising above.

You will see two points in front of you. The location of his heart is hidden. Collect it. But be careful, we don't know which traps are hidden. Panda and Edora glare at each other.

In fact, I thought there was a reason why they came because Yeon-woo was doing everything.

It seems that it was their move while Yeongwoo held the spirit space firmly together.

“Knock it off! I'll cut it clean and bring it to you." Fant taps his chest with an interesting face and moves toward the heart on the left. Edora moves to the right, to the other side.

A few horses still in the space rush to catch them.

“Rawr! Biggie, scumbags!” Krrrrrrr! The pant rushes forward with all its might. As the horses are torn apart, the gunfire vibrates.

Edora strikes down the Faithful. Then, when the space was cut off, all the horses that were on the ship were cut off. The Fountain of the Ocean. She has been steadily training the Ocean since childhood. She was actually a master swordsman.

At that time, an excessive lifespan appeared behind Yeon Woo.

Can't you ask us to do this? I nodded, as if I didn't have to bring those two in.

In fact, I was not so generous that the two of us had been watching.

Even if I had a close acquaintance, I would rather be alone with Hidden Piece. It was sometimes distributed to them, but it didn't make any difference because their progress was the strengthening of Yeon-woo because they belonged to Yeon-woo.

Yeongwoo suddenly saw Pandora and Pandora arrive at the desired point across the horsemen.

Need to concentrate more Concentrate? "Panda and Edora quickly disappeared into the crowd of lights. A trap was triggered that was protecting the heart. Perhaps by now they have moved to a different spiritual space and are undergoing another trial.

Yeongwoo realizes that there are no more witnesses, raising her head and staring at Sanon.

"Well, there's a pretty big one. Life wanted to know what this meant, but soon I realized what it meant and was slightly surprised.

A total of three hearts were entrusted to two by Yeongwoo. One down, one to go.

And one is probably the body. Yes. He's too busy focusing on the mainframe. How are we gonna find the other hearts? At that moment, as I heard the last room surrounding the pond, darkness sank around me.


Yeon-woo and Han-gyung also looked down.

There was a gloomy, damp aura from the ground. An intense idea that can't be compared to what we've been dealing with. Yeon-woo forcefully pushes the curse that cooks.

Immediately, two solid lines were drawn through the darkness, and they were swung up and down.

A large pupil rolls over and captures the pith. There was a lot of anger.

I feel an intense hunger to eat him.

That was the body of a monstrous dragon, dreaming of a pervert, or an evolution, and craving energy.

-Droy Australia's crust was resounding/faint/now through 23 floors of annihilation. Therefore, it is customary to obtain chicken and drink water from him who appears every cycle.

But do they know? In fact, they/they caught were like goddesses, one.

A dragon is an illusion that the Devil is about to evolve. Even if I catch it, I'll give you one heart. As long as the body remains, it is possible to recreate and regenerate the heart as much as possible.

In other words, what the players had caught was nothing but debris.

However, he learned this with the help of Viera Dunne, and was able to capture the real body and get hold of the horse's son.

And years from now, I am now.

The new body was releasing an even more intense speculation than the one his brother had caught at the time.

Was it the people who died in the explosion before that? 'He also absorbs the debris of the Horsemen, so he may have swallowed the washed up Horsemen when the waves of fire and the shining bees hit him. Or maybe it's because of the influence of Abraham who lived nearby.

What was clear was that a good man was caught. A satisfactory smile came to mind in Yeongwoo's mouth.


He was either furious that he woke up from the depths, or he stared at Yeon-woo with a voice.

He growled like he was about to eat a lotus.

The only thing that seemed to make Yeongwoo's eyes taste delicious was a burst of energy.

“Declare Realm.” Attempted a secondary awakening. The energy of the dragon spread through the storm, enveloping his head, and the shadow of the kite grew long, revealing itself as Rebecca and the legions of monsters, including wealth, came together.

He throws another fierce spectacle. When the natural polyp appeared, instinct came first.

Yeon drops the beagrid hard. The waves of fire erupt.

Raid has begun.

There were three kinds of things that Yeongwoo wanted to get while dealing with the dragon body.

One was the Devil's Factor, two was the Devil's Devil, and the third was the experience of battling the Devil "relatively close."

Of course, even the main body is nothing compared to the devil.

In order for the Demons to become at least a lowly demon, they had to be perverted and perverted for as long as they could not be counted.

So if you fight a guy like this for a hundred days, it's gonna be a hell of a grid with real demons.

This seemed to be a big help to Yeon-woo. To complete the Wise Man's Stone, you needed at least a little bit of experience with the Devil.

Kwakwakwa, from down there, three or four black tentacles were aiming for Yeongwoo, rising in length.

They're thick and sturdy, like centuries-old giants. Nevertheless, it was resilient so it was able to turn in its own direction. You're more tenacious than Kraken's legs.

Especially in Yongmai, Yeongwoo. The tentacle's epidermis is filled with tons of viscous liquids in the protuberance.

Just by looking at it, it was a material that creeped the backbone of Softwood.

'Poison.' I didn't think you'd make that.

Desecrate is usually a demon-secreted substance, and a handful of it can melt an entire ogre. In addition, even if he survived, he was able to penetrate the bone marrow and paralyze the limbs, sometimes causing masculinity by penetrating the psychiatric system.

So it was very difficult to get, and it was traded for an expensive price.

However, he was already secreting a large amount of poison, even though he had just turned into a dragon.

It's not just me or brahms that's bothering me. The biggest problem was that it was an even more deadly poison, especially for polyps.

It was developed by demons to hunt polyps with ease.

That's why Yeon-woo did not run into the tentacle he was reaching out to.

As I tapped the wings of fire, I quickly moved and avoided as many tentacles as possible. His flying skills were much better than before.

In the meantime, three more spells were carved by Yeon Yu for magical weapons.



Lift & drag concert.

They carved their own magic related to flight in turn, creating a structural formula to control the amount of force and drag at random.

Thanks to you, I had to do quite a lot of rib surfaces, but it was definitely effective.

The moat vomits over the waves of fire, avoiding attacks from lines that are as exposed to tentacles as possible.

Kwa-an-Kwa-wang! Every time I hit the beagrid, the waves of fire raged and I cut off my tentacles and repeatedly burned them.

Then he produced tentacles again, but then he went around avoiding Yeon.

Sanon, Ghost, and the Wealth and Goblins were the same. They were even more active. He hides in the shadows that appear whenever a spark erupts from time to time, and then reappears, striking the barrel, his epidermis cracking open and blood spurting up.

Especially Rebecca.

God, the light! Chernunos' divine power was revealed, spreading her arrows as far as she could. She was originally a hunting physician, proficient in various weapons classified as eighteen and a half weapons.

Every time I bounced the bow, it rained restlessly like a rain of light, piercing the surface of the body with holes.

The problem was that he couldn't exert the divine power of Chernunos because it was his place of mind, but that was a huge blow to the body of each dragon.

Kuaarrrr! Once more, he's shaking violently. I was struggling with the pain.

At that time, a hole opened up between the flaky epidermis. Above it stood a human brother with sun-kissed skin. Without the necessities, Yeon-woo felt that he was staring at her.

There was a lot of grain following him. It was the heart.

Then a pair of wings appeared behind his back, and a long sword appeared in his hand. Then Aegis' shields appear everywhere.

That one, looks like it's imitating its owner. "Maybe he realized he could never win a fight like this. Therefore, it appeared similar by interpreting the pattern and data of the lotus contained in the spirit space.

Life laughed as if it was funny. It felt like I was returning to the base and meeting a new vision of Yeon Woo.

However, the laughter of Sanan did not lengthen.

Her long tentacles suddenly clumped inward and turned into a lifelike figure.

Wealth, rebecca, and monsters were reproduced to the troops.

"You follow us." Zero. That's a little offensive. "The problem was that the same herd was still being created next to a series of groups so created. It's like a factory scraping away commodities.

Of course, Sannon's laughter stopped and his voice grew annoyed.

The same goes for you. You nod as if you agree with Rebecca.

On the other hand, I could feel that I was really entering a spiritual space.

The more I keep filming them, the more disadvantageous they'll be.

But Yeon-woo seemed to be doing well.

Revealing the last heart that had been hidden so far meant that he was immortal, but he was only making a move on the final move.

[Purification of the Blade] [Goddess's Spear Knife] Speculation produced by absorbing an enormous amount of slaughter from the designated creatures fills the spirit space. Along with the blessings of Athena, the speculation that was amplified finally reversed the dragon count.

[Attempt to hijack the Ideal Space.] [Extreme resistance.] [Extreme resistance.] Each dragon later realized his mistake and tried to resist somehow. The more quadrums he spilled, the more spectacles of Yeongwoo doubled, so I couldn't resist.

Khure! He finally screamed.

[Successfully defeated the Resistance and plundered it.] [You are the new owner of the spirit space.] All of a sudden, the place was full of dragons, and the color of the honeycomb started to soak.


His mind seemed to be startled.

Yeon-woo laughs as she looks at it.

Then he tasted it.

He was a very difficult man to defeat when he was in his spiritual space. Now that he's trapped in the changed space, he's like a fish caught.

In Yeongwoo's eyes, it seemed like a banquet hall full of delicious food.

The eye area was dazzled with greed. The fangs were clearly visible through the red tongue, which licked my lips lightly.

Now, it was time to enjoy the feast.