Second Life Ranker

23. Demon Forest (13)

It wasn't that hard to rob the spirit space.

The Vampire Sword already absorbed some of his thoughts and interpreted the information to some extent, and he was able to mimic the substrate using synchronization, a new option of the supersenses.

He was able to take away the spiritual space by purifying the sword and amplifying the speculation with the goddess's spear.

Yeongwoo spread the wings of fire as big as she could. Then I flew down hard.

Bang - the flame spread to all sides.

I thought they were going to be flawed for a while, but they swung their swords tightly.

Even though I knew that the owner of the spiritual space had changed, I felt like I had to swallow Yeongwoo and reclaim the space a little bit sooner than this.

But they were mistaken. The change in the ownership of the space meant that they were all on the palm of Yeon Woo's hand.

It took them a while to debuff.

As if you've encountered tremendous gravity, your behavior is slow and your mind is cursed and you start to fall into a state of confusion.

Yeon-woo handed them over in one fell swoop.

The slashed creatures become blurred, but the small particles divide into small particles and infiltrate into Yeongwoo.

[Successfully acquired the master factor.] [The Dragon Factor absorbs the Horse Factor and is small affected. Cells cause unusual changes.] [You have mastered the master's argument.] [You have mastered the master's argument.] They infiltrated the spiritual space of a broken ethnic mind, each one of them being a mental body, and every time they drew, they could feel very little, but something was happening.

Just as the flesh obtained hemolysis and the lava when the Dragon Factor first woke up, the newly engraved Horse Factor changed its traits slightly, stimulating the Dragon Factor.

Originally, we would have had to mix the heart of the Purple Devil Flower Perfume Dragon and the heart of the Kraken to absorb it properly.

Before that, it was necessary to allow resistance to the horse's factors to develop.

Kwa-gwam! And the mob began to roar even louder, as well as the ghosts who lived along the pits.

The more she learned the master's love, the more power they had, so they were forced to fly joyfully.

The heart of the dragon felt dangerous for the first time. Until just now, I was filled with greed to take over those who disturbed my sleep, but now I can only think of myself as being eaten.

Then he realized what he was feeling.

You're afraid of being the Devil? It couldn't have happened.

Demons feed on the fear and chaos of life. It was a denial of existence that he felt fear.

But he couldn't beat Yeon-woo. No, I didn't even fight. The self-immolations rush in somehow, but Yeon-woo chases at a fierce pace and tries to eat herself.

That's why he started running away without looking back. Just a little further. I was going to run away to a place where Yeongwoo couldn't reach me.

I thought there might be a place within the reversed thought space where the snow wouldn't be noticed, but for now, I was on a mission to get out of here safely.

Even if you abandon the shape of the Horn Dragon. It's a shame what I've been stockpiling, but it was enough to eat it again anytime, those damn Horsemen.


“Where are you going?” Before he could take off his feet, Yeon-woo was smiling coldly in front of his eyes.

The mask looks like a devil's talisman.

His reflection in his eyes is frightened.

Yeon-woo reached out and quickly grabbed his head. And the waves of fire erupted, turning the magic circuits as big as they could.

“What the hell is going on?” Rao looks up at the Horn Dragon with a stiff look.

Until the first time Yeon, Pant and Edora were eaten, he thought something was complicated.

So at first, I tried to start a raid with my henchmen.

It was not just to save Yeon-woo. He knew where Abraham was, so he shouldn't have let him die yet.

The only remaining dragon in the tower. Like Elohim, I had to explore blood borders, especially the appetizer. As a loyal servant, I could not abandon my lord's expectations.

But Rao had to stop his henchmen again, not to give the order.

The Horn Dragon suddenly began to show abnormal symptoms. You rub your body freely, then slam your head to the ground around you. It seemed to force the cost price.

At that moment, I realized.

The fact that a group of Yeon Woo is making a cost price inside each dragon's body.

I don't know if you're doing it, but Horn Dragon looks very painful.

Occasionally, when my neck became stiff, I felt like my head would break at least in my dreams.

Rao tried his taste because he couldn't confirm the skill of Yeon Woo, which he had originally targeted. On the other hand, I was very curious about what was going on inside.

The Raid was like nothing he had ever heard before. Even though it would be that dangerous, it seemed great to challenge without hesitation.

So Rao wanted to keep an eye on things a little bit longer. If things don't seem to be going their way, then I don't think it will be enough.


Thawn-Rao was no longer able to comfortably watch the dragons.

Suddenly, stranger pilots come around. An exotic and sacred energy. It was Elohim.

Soon they appeared with the sound of the branches crumbling.

“I never heard of a blood country allied with a one-horned tribe.” High Elf, Runt glances at Lao and the players of the bloodline, frowning. Suddenly, Elohim's players are surrounding them, filling the whole area with gracefulness.

It was also a place where Yeon-woo humiliated him while trying to catch Galilee. For this reason, Runt's eyes spit fire from a long way to catch the moat.

Rao kicks his tongue lightly. I didn't think it would come to this. Moreover, the livelihood of blowing together was not great.

Rao snaps at his henchmen. The whole bloodline draws its sword and stands in front of Elohim.

Living on both sides of the camp, the lake is teeming with air.

“I'd like to join the one-horned tribe. It's a chimney. But I haven't done that yet, and I've almost made a pact with the monopoly instead.” I didn't think of it at all, but the impression of the runt was hard. Noble was not like a High Elf.

A monopoly. Hearing that name still burns the wound on his face. It was a wound from his raid.

“Don't you know what that means?” “Why don't you think I know that?” Rao smiles coldly.

“Of course, it means you and the whole war will be immortal.” Suddenly, a fierce wave follows Lao. The ice particles condense together, and the ice sheets slowly settle on the floor. The blade wind seems to be swollen, but it seems to be cutting them open at the earliest convenience.

The runt slams the spear on the ground hard. As the fierce speculation spread out, the waves swept aside.

“I warn you again. Elohim will have no choice but to hold the bloodline accountable for this.” Runt felt like he wanted to attack with his spear right away. The rivalry between the giant clan and the giant clan was inevitable because it could lead to a full-scale war.

Particularly where the Senate, the Democratic People's Republic of Indonesia, and the Executive Officer had a unique Triangular Authority, such as Elohim, they had great discretion, but they could not act with the same amount of responsibility power.

That's why I keep asking.


“You know what?” Like a bloodline, Elohim's competence only shifted to the ground in a central regime where all authority was concentrated on him.

“You Elohim are annoyed because there's so much to talk about, from one to ten?” Rao strikes the ground hard. Then, as the huge ice sheet split apart, hundreds of sharp ice thorns rose up like a thicket. The dust splashes all around, and the wind blows fiercely.

Ice Thorn Field. It was Lao's signature skill.

Runt and Elohim, who accepted it as the dawn of all-out war, were all scattered to the four sides.

After that, the players of the bloodline followed closely. A huge beef effect rises beneath their feet as they call out to the victorious army. There was a dark shadow in their eyes. The action is accelerating.

Players of Nose Boom-Country showed violent playstyle as if they wanted to show why they were called ferocious predators.

Every time I swing my sword, a fierce storm thunders, and all the demon and ice thorns burst out.

After scattering ice chips to the four winds, they are carried back to protect them. Elohim's players had to deal with the blade breeze, which aimed at the blind spot.

Lao makes his move. He walks through the ice thorns admirably, chasing after the Serpent like a serpent.

Every time I swing my hand, the rising ice stirs up everything I touch. At the moment of exposure there, one or two limbs seemed to be falling apart quickly.

So Kwagua_ran back and swung the spear roughly. Ardvar. He shredded all of the coming ice thorns and arrows, sprinkling a shimmering glow of a spear from one of his heroes.

And the runt twists and draws a big circle with his right hand at the end of the window. The circle of light emitted from the window exploded and blazed at Rao.

The broken pieces of ice bounce off the ground, and the seagulls get tangled up and down the place.

Here, Rao reacts by clapping his hands like a choir.

A wind of lost blades collects the ice fragments into one spot and draws a massive whirlpool.

Ice Storm. A skill that traps enemies in an intense whirlwind and crushes them into shards of sharp ice.

Kuaang! Rao thought he caught the runt with this. No one was safe and self-contained in an ice storm.

So, when the ice storm that was falling tried to identify the body in the sunken space, Rao opened his eyes wide.

Of course, there was no run that I thought would be covered in bloody ash.

At that moment, Rao was instinctively bitten backwards, with a eerie feeling that flowed down his spine. But it was too late. Your left arm protrudes into the air with the burning pain of your left shoulder.

Below the Bloody Fountain, a runt emerges as it cuts through the space. No, actually, the refracted light was fading.

At that moment, Rao realized that he had been deceived. Illusions of light using confusion. What he initially thought was a runt was a fake.

When? 'Rao was confused because he had deceived the eyes of the nine snakes.

And most of the players in the bloodline either just went through something similar to Rao's situation, or there were screams everywhere. Nearly half of all the links that led to the victorious army have been broken.

Runt scoffs at Rao with a crooked face, then quickly leans over him and runs toward the lake.

And then came Elohim's players between the ice thorns.

Their goal in the beginning is Yeouido. I didn't have to worry about more than half the power or the broken blood country anymore.

“Everyone, get to the lake!” Rao quickly stopped the wound and moved his henchmen. It doesn't matter if Yeon-woo dies. However, it was a disgrace to ruin the mission after risking the blood country's name.

Your henchmen chase after Elohim. I squeezed as much magic as I could with the frenzy of the music.

However, Runt and Elohim were approaching the location of the dragons, and they were all set to activate their ultimate destructive skill.

Monoscopy. I was about to pour all my attacks into one spot and destroy every dragon. If that's the case, the lotus lamp that will be in it will be poured all at once.

At that moment.

Cough! A dragon howling around like a madman, raising its neck tightly, suddenly screams a strange scream.

The eerie sound waves stir up the lake, forcing all the magic of Elohim to rush this way.

Players who were preparing for their attack skills bled out due to repulsive damage.

Some looked up at the dragon with frightened eyes, crouching. And that moment.

They could see it clearly.

There was a huge crack over the skin of the giant dragon, over 80 meters, and a raging flame appeared in it like lava.

An intense heat that will boil Lake Droy in no time. Soon after the explosion, the dragons exploded and swallowed everything around them.

Not only was Elohim nearby, but Lao and his bloodline, who were running late. All of them.