Second Life Ranker

24. Demon Forest (14)

Runt never understood what he was going through.

I thought it was over.

I thought I could finally cut off the head of the man who humiliated me. I only saw that one and I ran all the way here.

However, the sudden explosion from the dragon consumed everything.

The whole deep, wide lake evaporated to the ground, and the area was destroyed once more by the previous explosion and became a ruin.

The sailors who ran with him couldn't even find the body as if it had melted in the fire. It was the same with bloodlines.


Above the sighing runt, Yeongwoo looks down with an unconscious gaze.

Stab him in the shoulder with one foot. Like the devil, her eyes were shining like a torch just beyond her.

Runt wanted to get out of the job somehow.

You are the descendant of the great god Frey. I shouldn't have fallen for such a humble human being. Those who have no lineage or genealogy should always look up and revere themselves, not have that look in their eyes.

But Yeon-woo stepped on his shoulder with that damn wind.

I gave my foot a lot of strength. Wood Duck.

The runt's body sinks deeper into the ground.

“Kuaaaak!” The runt screams in terrible agony. He barely survived the fire, but he was burned to death. In addition, it even forced my skin, so I felt like I was ripping off my whole limb.

However, Yeon-woo did or did not give strength to her feet.

I broke my shoulder blade like a hand and twisted my body at a strange angle.

“Who told you to follow me? If he's hurt, he'll just sit there quietly. Why do you have to go through all this trouble to follow me?” “Kill, kill!” “You guys are stupid, but you're too stupid. That arrogance will destroy you all one day.” Runt didn't come to his senses. I was just filled with the idea of wanting to get out of this terrible pain and wanting to end this humiliation.

And the last vestige of pride brought only evil spirit to a runt. Yes, kill him! Me! Don't think it's over if you catch me here! I would have died here, but by this time, I told Aether, "I know, but Yeon laughed coldly and cut off her last remaining meeting."

The eyes of the runt are wide open.

I felt anxious with my eyes.

“Haven't you ever thought of that?" Looking at him like that. Yeon-woo rolls up one side of her mouth.

“This may all be a trap, but Yong shudders to find out more about what Yeon says."

Scrub! Beagrid rolls the floor, his head separated. Just a frightened look on his face. A lot of blood spills over the Black Ground.

Then, the shadow of Yeon-woo stretched out and swallowed both the corpse and soul.

"Uh-huh. I feel like a dog today. Are you quite salty?" I can fill up some in a little while. Following the souls of the High Elves, there are many souls that are hardened, even players of the bloodline.

Living and living together had to be joyful because they were excellent together. They were all fishermen, all without much effort.

A trap to catch Elo's power.

In fact, the plan that Yeon-woo proposed to Galilee and Braham was very simple.

If Yeongwoo moves as bait, Elohim will disperse his troops, of course. Then it was time to go after the Separatists.

Of course, it wasn't as easy as I said.

It might be difficult to deal with the chasers who don't know how many there are from the three of us, Yeon, Pant and Edora.

But like Elohim, Yeon predicted that there would be other clans that were interested in Abraham and Cesar.

I didn't even think it was a blood country. However, Yeon-woo's thoughts were exactly right, and this was able to induce public opinion.

In fact, even if there were no clans such as the Diarrhea Country, I was not worried at all because I was mindful of exploding the magi inherent in each dragon and destroying its surroundings.

Yeon-woo slowly turns to the other side. There was one still breathing. It was Rao.

Second, I saw Yeon-woo with the expression that she could not believe it even though she could barely breathe. I was on the verge of saving myself, but I wanted to solve the last question I had left.

Obviously, I thought the atmosphere was very good until now. In addition, they even helped Yeon-woo. I couldn't understand why he was doing this.

Questions about this.

“Does this give you an answer?” Yeon-woo slowly takes off her mask.

I recognized Yeongwoo's face and was filled with horror in Lao's eyes. There was a face that I thought was dead.

Then the hard face realized the cost price and let out a deep sigh.

“That • • • • • • Runga. We were saved by cutting our heads back on beads through the glabellar piercing beads that were subjected to haelohim and copulation only to the thorough use of • • • • •

There was only one concern about the consciousness that remained until the end.

From now on, the relationship between blood countrymen and Elohim will become a disaster. * I just wanted the Lord to escape such a disaster wisely.

However, Yeon-woo ignored Lao's breeze lightly with a snore and triggered the skill she had prepared.

[Hypersensitivity - Synchronization] And then, just like a lie, his temperament changed. In that state, Yeon began to leave traces everywhere, moving quickly. And then he imitated the runt and the other players in turn.

It looks like you've been in a fierce battle.

If a stranger arrives late and sees the conflict between the two forces, the dragons will only appear to explode and perish.

Then the conflicts between Elohim and his bloodline that were filled with cleverness and neurowarfare will be deeper.

'If you're going to make a plate, you have to make it bigger. Very large.' The eyes of Yeonwoo, who had the face of Jungwoo, were shining sharper than ever.

“Gekko's back.” Abraham saw a glimpse through the crystal beads and lightly filled his tongue. You see Aether and Elohim going through the breach.

It was a plantation on the back of the underworld where they passed.

The place was originally built to grow Purple Devil Flowers and summon demons, but on the other hand, it was also built to deal with Elohim who didn't know when to invade.

How you can't get away from what you're thinking. Walking in here knowing this place is his deep-seated world, is it that arrogant, or is it stupid?

Maybe there's no big difference between arrogance and stupidity.

Galilee glances at the crystal ball and smiles at the hemorrhoid.

“Looks like you've been replenishing your power. But did Hemera come with you? They're killing each other. Is it still a double lamp?” No matter how hard we fight, the only place we can trust in the world is our blood brothers. Galilee gives you a reassuring nod.

However, Abraham snorted as if it were unfair.

“Brotherly love? That's ridiculous. Do you think they have feelings for those who are left with nothing but self-love?” “Then?” They feed on their own children if they need it for their own gain.

Apparently Hemera got close because he knew Mana Aether was in trouble. Depending on the occasion, one of Abraham's lips was greatly brightened. I laughed.

“Maybe they want to kill Aether after all.” Galilee's eyes widen slightly.

“Really? That much • • •“ No. You don't know God's society yet. That should do it. They never share their produce. ”Abraham shakes his head firmly.

His eyes had already seen the future of Aether and Hamera. I could already tell just by looking at each other.

Moreover, even electrically, the Hemera side was much superior. I felt like I would hit the Aether right away.

Perhaps I don't know, but Aether is also preparing for something.

God's society was just like that. There were several temples with various names: Olympus, Bridge, Deva, Asgard, but they were all the same.

Maybe that's what God is all about. Divine, divine, mythical. They're the only ones who can prove their incarceration to 98.

And Elohim, who was separated from such a god, couldn't be different.

A mausoleum that feeds on each other if necessary. I didn't know a horse soldier could sacrifice his life for his own kind.

Galilee looks at such a friend and shuts up his mouth. He knew his friend's pain better than anyone.

Abraham folded his arms and continued.

“Funny thing is, they may look like bean powder, but once they have a common goal, they think about fighting after they get it first. You must plow Sesana well for the first time in years.” “Sure.” Galilee nods and leaves for a moment. It was Caesar they were after. I was going to keep it out of sight.

Abraham slowly opened the book of Mercury after confirming that Galilee and Cesha had disappeared.

Today we will sacrifice them to heal all the diseases of Caesar.

That must be the last gift I can give Anantara, his mother.


Now it was also a penance for the man who was not dead.

Huaa! The Mercury Book shines with a faint glow.

As Abraham's consciousness slowly sank down, all the imaginary worlds that were spanning inside the boundary began to return.

Together, with the sound of non-greasy cogs rolling over.

Whew. "Everybody, relax.” Hemera and his men who were following Aether's instructions had their faces stiffened.

They could feel it all. The air in the forest has just changed.

It meant that the magic that had spread throughout the underworld was working as one.

It was clear that a full-scale attack would begin now.

As soon as I entered Abraham's territory, I was prepared anyway.

But there was a big difference between being prepared and coming in person.

The air seemed to squeeze the lungs, and sometimes the curse of pecking at the brain wasted too much magical power.

Particularly densely packed trees, black skies, and dark fog filled the sense of direction.

A completely different environment from when Yeon Woo first arrived. Maze in the Fog.

It was a massive enchantment against intruders.

“This is so annoying. Here.” Hamera grumbles as if not bulbous, but her eyes glow sharply.

To defeat the fog, I kept calling the Spirit of Light, 'Moon Oh Wisp,' but each time I drew it, it melted evenly into the fog in front of my eyes.

The Five Whips of the Month did not just defeat the Darkness, it also had an excellent effect on the pots and axes.

However, there is only one thing that means that it disappears so easily.

"If the conscious world is created to have the divine Brahma revealing its divinity, Everyone in this position needed to be careful.


“Harbill? Where is he? Harbill!” Suddenly one of the underlings stops and starts wandering around in a daze.

Aether and Hamera pause and turn their gaze toward you.

“What's going on?” “Well, it's suddenly been invisible from before!” Hamera's fine glances narrow, and his henchmen shout in surprise elsewhere.

“The shopping cart suddenly disappeared.

Obviously, we were walking next to each other until now. ”The sudden disappearance of his henchmen.

Hamera tries to give orders not to fall into groups of three.


“W-what, this?” Suddenly, a player named Nus pulls out his sword in a panic. Everyone's gaze is on you. Nurse yells out in a seemingly dull tone.

“Firm! Firm suddenly seized the cost price!” Damn it. All in one place! Never fall off! "The fog wasn't just the Owisp of the month. The player was swallowing.

When they felt crisis, they gathered together according to Aether's instructions.

We pulled out the weapons together and prepared for an ambush where they might come from.

However, anxiety has continued to amplify despite strengthening surrounding boundaries. One by one, a colleague who was right next to him was also disappearing.

Hamera looks back at his henchmen, thinking he shouldn't be like this. I tried to hide it as best I could until I met him, but I thought I'd be in danger if I didn't use it now.

Moreover, I felt like I was getting a little out of my body before. It feels like a small hole in the pot and the water is leaking into it.

Something was wrong.

'There is a cost to this fog, no, this land. I thought that the cost price of eating away my divinity • • • Hemera was undermining their divinity to fill the lack of the divine Brahms. Even if it wasn't, it was clear that a similar cost would be made.

If we continue like this, all our power will be stripped away and we will die.

The subordinates who received Hamera's gaze quietly nod, and begin to cast an unknown spell.

Then Hiromera's body slowly began to get wet. God lives on the faith of the believers. Although the protogenous people had been expelled from God's society for a long time, they were still strongly held sacred.

That's why the ten Protogenous families always wanted to gather a large group of believers who could enhance their holiness.

They were mostly family heirlooms, and they were the heirlooms of Hemera who could always lay down their faith, as well as their lives, under the name of martyrdom, if necessary.

“Jegal • Aether looked at Hemera with jealous gaze because he had lost many of them in previous battles. At the same time, I had to feel scary. It seems that Hamera's divinity is much deeper than he knew.

Meanwhile, Hemera finishes all the preparations and spreads her palms wide.

Her holiness, "Day," illuminated the whole world as it was implemented.

“White Light.” Whoa! The fog that surrounded them began to unfold. The view of the bright forest was evident as if it had been erased with an eraser until it was dark.

Hamera's henchmen burst into cheer with a slightly crooked face. But soon I had to harden the impression again.

A place where fog is lifted. There was an immeasurable amount of torch burning through the dense forest.

It's like bringing MoMA to a stage on the 23rd floor. Tens of thousands of noble horses and dozens of dragons glittering in the light of a vorat were tasting again.