Second Life Ranker

25. Demon Forest (15)

“Damn it! What the hell!” Aether and Hemera were unable to concentrate on the hordes of the relentless hordes.

They were all powerful enough to be easily torn apart by the Horsemen.

In front of the overwhelming numbers, that skill difference was also concealed.

Moreover, the fire of dozens of dragons was enough to end them all.

Margie got mixed up so quickly, a little nudge would do the trick.

At this moment, their feet continue to sink down as they get wet as swamps to the ground they're on.

Thanks to this, I have to spend more energy even if I move once, and sometimes I get dizzy because some horses protrude through the ground.

But there was one thing that drove them crazy the most.

Every time I cut down the demons, it was flesh splattering and poison mixed with blood.

The poison wasn't just dangerous for the polyps.

Once poisoned, it invaded the bone marrow and melted the limbs, and the sacredness was characteristic.

So they were also able to take a critical hit.

Those narcissists protruded relentlessly and threatened them. The earth continues to sink, and the flame descends, enveloping the sky.

“Ahhhh!” Hamera is literally going crazy. I didn't think it would be like this until the first time I crossed the verdict.

I was anxious to let him through without any interference, but I was confident that Abraham wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Recently, there was open authority, and there were people who could procure divinity at any time.

But power, including white light, only works for a short time when it manifests.

With dozens of horses gone, the mystical body continues to wither as hundreds of horses push their heads back and forth.

Plus, the invisible hand that takes away her sanctuary kept making her feet heavy.

As fatigue continued to accumulate, my mental strength suddenly sank to the ground.

['Curse: You've been exposed to chaos.

I'm in extreme confusion.] ['Curse: Fear'.

He suffers from extreme fear.] The sacred and mystical power taken is powered by the magic of the underworld.

Then the sorcerer-influenced Demon pours out more powerful Demons and Horn Dragons, and Hemera and others become addicted to paralysis and are sacred again. And yet, the sorcery was tilting the devil again.

The structure of the cycle in these woods was a wheelbarrow that could only end if they were dead.

Moreover, what you're doing is still reeking of the dark stench of evil within the enchanted circle.

I didn't know they were going to be used as sacrifices to summon some kind of demon.

Then Hemera realized how ridiculous they were.

This place was a trap.

Traps set to slowly dry them out and kill them.

Destroying it is never going to be possible with this power. It was a level that the head of the clan or the Chief Executive Officer had to take the lead.

"Not like this, not like this! 'Hemera gripped his teeth.

Her skin whitened like an ivory blossom, and one eye melted into lethal poison, making it hard to gauge the streets.

I felt the urge to tell my servants to run away together.

The closer we got together, the narrower the radius of activity and the easier it was to be exposed to paralysis. If we stay like this, we'll all die together.

It might have been better for Zari to find his own way.

However, I did not think that the future would change.

No, I didn't know that I could be eaten without leaving a corpse in the basket between the Horsemen and the dragons.

What am I supposed to do?

Even if I wanted to make a request for rescue, external communications were cut off from the moment I entered the gate. I was too stumped.

However, I felt that I had to open the bowway somehow and grasped the last of the sacred relics.

First of all, it was my duty to escape here and alert them to the danger.

Unbelief in the Senate? I'm afraid, but it's better than losing your life.

But Hemera could not express his power. Suddenly, you feel a chilly sensation behind you and protrude forward through Saehaan's chest.

• Ter, you, Muhamera, forcefully turned his head in disbelief. The twin brother Aether smiled coldly and looked at her.

The henchmen urgently shout her name, but as the march breaks, they're all trapped in the devil's basket.

“White Light? It must have been confiscated from the Senate. How come you had it?” White Light. Immediately before their brothers and sisters' family was torn apart, the power that their father, the original owner of the family, had and was deprived of.

“Was that the last thing you wanted to do? If this hadn't happened, I would have been beaten up without knowing it. The wicked sister.” Hemera grips her teeth. Once I had the truth, I wanted to kill Aether and keep my mouth shut.

Achievements can be gained much more on their own than sharing them. And I thought it would be the same with Aether.

But given the circumstances, I was forced to unlock the power I had hidden, and Aether thought he would not be able to defeat me.

The Aether broke it as if to see it. The cold-smiling man's eyes were shining with greed.

Hemera grips her teeth.

“If I die, you die!” “No. I live." “Sister, thanks to you.” At that moment, the White Void was placed on Aether's forehead, and it was torn from side to side for a long time, drawing a strange sentence.

In the triangle, Hamera sniffed at the moment when three circular circles were inserted side by side, as if she had opened her eyes.

It was an unthinkable sentence.

For Elohim, it belonged to those who could say it was an old enemy.

“Everything in the world is the possession of a great god who will come to this earth one day.” Aether reaches out and grabs Hemera's head by the right hand.

“Those who desire it, fall to ruin.” Hwa-a-hamma scattered from head to head before she even screamed.

How can death be unstoppable? Aether does not blink, despite the fact that the twins killed her.

Soon, the green portal opened wide along the sky.

Then three characters appeared below.

Wearing a big robe and wearing a hood, his head was hard to identify.

But as soon as I saw them, Hemera's henchmen vomited a slight malignant vomit.

The suspicious energy following them is making their addiction worse.

“Don't, horse!” But as if their horrors were nothing.

Aether clasps her head on one knee.

“I'm here to see the bishops.” A silent scream spread.

The Bishop of the Horses.The top executives came. It was impossible for Aether, who became Elohim's Senate, to call it.

However, the three bishops nodded quietly as if it were natural.

One of them, wearing a black robe, steps forward and asks. It was a sinking voice, so it was hard to tell whether it was a man or a woman.

“The octopus?" Aether slams the ground with her forehead.

“I'm sorry, I haven't secured it due to my failures.” “I can't help it.” The bishop wears his tongue lightly, jawing the other two.

Sweep. ”The two bishops who were ordered to run side by side. Then, the violent waves swept away all the horses and dragons in front of him.

Neither did the poison, nor the fog, but they were just as worthless as the sand in front of the waves.

At that time, the bishop in a black robe raised his head to one side.

It was an empty void with nothing, but I was watching what was beyond the cold robes that had been revealed between us.

“Brahma. No more small talk.” Ah, Ahn Mee "Galeed was escorting Caesar to a safe place.

Suddenly, Caesar stops walking and grabs on Galilee's cuff tightly.

“What's the matter, Cesar?” Cesar was trembling.

I felt cold sweat on my pale face.

“Bo, Braham is dangerous!” “Galilean's eyes widen. He knew that one word that the tax collector sometimes uttered was never negligible - that the tax collector had a super-sensitive perceptual ability that no one else had. And it was very accurate.

This child's innate ability, which is neither ordinary nor tolerant.

Abraham said it might be more like a 'predictive' characteristic.

But Galilee couldn't keep up with Cesar. The enemy wanted a messiah, not a brahmin.

But Cesha shouts in a trembling voice.

“We have to go to Abraham! Please!” Abraham's eyes flash with the book of Mercury in one hand.

"Calculation miss, this.

The arrival of the horsemen was an unexpected development. Especially when it comes to greeting bishops.

Most of the sorcery installed here in the first place was designed to deal with Eloheim.

Arrogant Elohim is always reluctant to join hands with others.

So even if I've done a single act implicitly, I've never made an alliance.

And of course, there was no way to surrender.

Aether was a member of the Senate, the highest voting body in the country. I could not have thought such a man would turn to the enemy horseman.

But it was already done.

Moreover, Aether's attitude to receive the three bishops was very polite.

It meant I was following my heart deeply.I couldn't understand anything else easily. After the Aether lamp came in, they must have closed the gate.

How the hell did they get in here? There were no signs of breakage or external penetration of the deep tubercle.

There was nothing to know except that Hemera was sacrificed.

Takt said, "I can't help it." Abraham got up from his seat, covering the books of the water city that he had opened.

You can't just sit there and deal with those who become bishops. Three of them had to do everything they could.

I saw the hourglass side by side by the crystal bead. The sand falling from the upper liver is almost completely stacked against the lower liver.

The Summoning Wizard was supposed to be activated when it ran out.

I felt like I needed more time.

No, I didn't know it was any better. If they were going to have to deal with this one day, we'd better take care of them now. By the time the summoners started working, they were in trouble.

Even the Devil would love it if he could bring me the Bishop's soul.

That's how Abraham decided to open up the corridor to where they were.

Right then.

Bra-homa. No more jokes. Suddenly, a bishop in a crystal ball was smiling and looking at this side accurately.

The moment I saw his face, Abraham's eyes widened.

• • • Kindred? ”