Second Life Ranker

Coin. Demon Duke Agares (1)

At that moment.

Kindred reaches forward, gripping the void with nothing and tearing it wide open to the left and right.

Seconds} Agh! Beyond the lightly open space, as if a piece of paper was torn, Kindred protrudes out, grinning ferociously.

Kindred bends his right hand like a rake and chops off Abraham's head.

Abraham quickly triggered the Blink to escape the attack, but the Book of Mercury was completely torn from the surface.

This is what you were after in the first place. Abraham stares at Kindred with a stiff look.

No, more than that, global penetration, visual acquisition, and space folding. His actions were too free.

It's as if the underworld is your own.

But Kindred rushes back into space once more, as if it didn't matter.

It was a ferocious move, like a predator aiming for a wedge-feed. When Abraham triggered the link, he rotated the triple casting.

The Festival of Fire dropped lightning that condensed dozens of lightning strikes from the sky and amplified the explosive power that had occurred in the distant spots, spreading hundreds of times its range.

In addition, on the ground, every dragon who possessed the poison was summoned to take over Kindred.

Everything is possible because it's all part of Abraham's deep-seated system. All the laws of world building were revolving around Abraham.

But Kindred tore through the lightning and every dragon just by swinging it roughly, without slowing down his pursuit of Abraham.

For more than a decade, the results of training on the pentagon on the 20th floor were just as great.

Moreover, Abraham's eyes began to see a black azrang hovering around Kindred one day.

It was a unique phenomenon that horses bishops appear when they receive the god they worship.

While that was happening, a tremendous amount of blessing was said to amplify power several times over.

It seems that Kindred was able to run wild in his territory, all because of the goodwill of Drinkin '.

Abraham gripped his teeth. He knew more about the god of the horsemen than anyone.

God, not God. A demon, not a demon. That's why the players called it Massin, but in fact, the contradiction was that it was closer to light to breaking everything and rebuilding everything.

That's why I called it this in the horse army.

Do not reach the sky.

He's a saint! And such a heavenly horse could not be guaranteed to win, even if God Brahoma could reveal all his powers.

No, he couldn't win.

With the tremendous blessings of Kwakwa-kwa-kun, it was difficult to defeat Kindred immediately.

It was already soaking in the color of a thousand horses at some point.

You need a tax collector that badly? But Elohim is hurt, but why the Horsemen? 'Abraham eventually had to change his mind. If you can't beat Kindred right now, you have no choice but to press down and seize him.

With the world at stake. Whole! Abraham reached up high and struck down hard.

Judgment was swift, and it was much quicker for the deep details system to collapse after a long period of suffering.

Kindred was swept there as the whole surrounding area was torn, with a horrible view of the sky as it settled.

The magicians that I had installed everywhere were also able to respond to Abraham's skills by vomiting the effects.

I was not hesitant because I was aware of the suicide bombing when the bandits showed up anyway. If it collapses, we rebuild it. As long as the Summoning Wizards are left, it's okay.

Excruciating! Kindred tries to escape the idea of being crushed by a collapsed space.

However, if he continues to collapse into one spot drawing a vortex in every space he passes by, he seems to be trapped.

At that time, two other bishops appeared to the left and right.

“Bishop!” One deploys a massive force to pull Kindred, and the other fires a magic grenade to intercept Abraham. It was because he had been exposed while developing the skill.

But soon after Galilee appeared, the attack turned to stone 017.

Galilee strikes the marshal with a series of arrows.

Phipping, two bishops, in a barrel of heavy arrows, had to stack the barrier.

Boom! Like an arrow, Abraham engraved a magical scheme, the striking ethnic barrier crumbles.

As the two bishops were pushed back with insubordination, Galilean rushed into the air with the spirit of the wind, forcefully kicking them into the blocking breath.

It's like a ball link.

The bishop who just confronted Galilee instinctively whistled heavily. Turning the corner of the robe upside down, you see the palm of your hand surrounded by a black glow and strike Galilee.

The Seal of Marcin. A Horseman's unique technique that ruptures the blood vessels of the stamped area.

However, Galilee was forced to move swiftly to protect himself from Galilee's attack, and Galilee quickly dug into his arms, avoiding the attack.

A dagger is drawn from the belt and lodged in the Bishop's abdomen with a single breath.

Boom! "Blast." The magic embedded in the Dagger has been activated with Galilee's spell. The Dagger exploded and destroyed dozens of his organs.

No matter how favored the Bishop is, it must be a critical hit. That's how Jevich, the ninth bishop, boasted of the horsemen.

The eighth bishop, Dmitri, revealed his anger and broke the seal of Drinking. Galilee reapplies the latitude river and leans back.

Demetri tried to go straight after him, but his feet were tied to the rubble of the collapsing space from above. "Damn it!” His reproach soon disappeared into space.

That's it.

Everything went to shit.

As the underworld collapsed and various explosions erupted, vision became dizzy, including all senses.

In the meantime, however, Abraham and Kindre were able to try and attack again while correcting their posture.

The twisted world once again twists, creating a whirlwind about reaching for the sky.

Abraham's power and Kindred's power collide within.

Wajang Chang! Guaguawa - With the sound of the mirrors eventually shattering, the underworld completely collapsed, and the outside world was clearly revealed.

And the whirl that swirled around her several times exploded and devastated the surrounding area.

The waves of fire that were first sprinkled by Yeongwoo to defeat the Aether etc. are incomparable in scope and power.

The whirlpool, which boasted enormous wind speeds and barometric pressure, swept through the entire range of tens of kilometers.

The demons were in it, and everything was crushed without having to hide any form from the demons or dragons.

If we leave it like this, the whole stage will be torn apart. It's an enormous middle stone.

Abraham and Kindred were still exercising great power to stay in control.

In a whirlwind, power and power collided. Holy and holy collided. I repeated the struggle between mysticism and mysticism.

And as I drew it, the size of the whirl grew and swallowed up the Devil's Forest. The sand tide rises tens of meters high, reaching all sides, and the horsemen and ghosts are swept away by the wind.

Abraham gripped his teeth with pain that seemed like his arms were about to fall off. Despite the collapse of the underworld, divinity and power plunged into the abyss, he forcefully gripped the soul.

If you lose control here, you will die with repulsive force. No, I didn't care if he died. It was a stupid life anyway.

But if that happens, the tax collectors will be taken from them. I couldn't let that happen.

'That's right, no beheading' Cesar. My poor boy.

He had never been loved by my mother in his life. I have to live without knowing my father's face.

I had to lie still for a few short years because of an unknown illness, and I just got up and started walking. Then, as he started laughing for the first time, he held his self together with his scruffy hands. And he gave me a smile.

The little smile I saw at that time was unforgettable for the rest of my life.

And you want me to lose that smile again? Absolutely not. Even if the diarrhea falls to the floor.

- I'm begging you.

Ananta came to me at night, holding the infant in his arms.

The sad look in his eyes, talking to him as if he were a dead man.

- You're out of your mind! This child is your child. It's my child, it's not my stomach, but it's my heart. So I'm asking you.

However, my eyes were determined to say that he was my child.

- Dad.

It was a child's request that had never been called "Father." I picked it up because it was my daughter's desperate affair, who always had a grudge against herself, and raised it.

Perhaps the heart that was given to Caesar was the atonement for his old wretched sins.

But such atonement was sincere, and now he considers Cesar as his own granddaughter.

Guaoang! The whirl that was growing suddenly pierced the clouds and reached the top of the red sky. From afar, it seemed as if the light connecting heaven and earth had been established.

And Abraham noticed that the whirl had gone out of his control.

Whirlwind sucks away his holiness, but what you feel inside is Kindred's power. No, the Holy Spirit of Heaven.

If we stay like this, we will be deprived of all the sacred things. We will tear our souls and bodies apart. And lose the tax collector.

So Abraham thought, The only way to break the anomaly. Fortunately, there was only one thing left.

The Summon Mage is still buried deep underground. I installed it separately from the underworld, so by now I should have swallowed a great sacrifice.

Elohim and the horsemen are invaders. There are tens of thousands of demons, demons and dragons. It's not enough. It's gonna be too much.

What if you consume it all? And if you're willing to sacrifice yourself to it.

Abraham let go of the power that barely held the whirl.

My body bounces off the whirlpool.

I was distracted by the magical reverse flow, but as I held it close, I reached the ground and activated my final skill.

With a terrible pain that seemed to rip the entire cost price from the soul, something unseen was dragged down.

And at that moment, I remembered the softness that was hidden above the ground over a vast width. Dozens of layers of soft dust splashed into black light and vomited a huge iron gate on top of it.

An iron gate with a crudely crooked symbol among the evil spirits. Immediately, the door that sprinkled the rod opened wide.

Along with the immense impact of the world landing, a man remembers his slumber as the darkness rises like a flood beyond the door.

A man with dozens of black wings like armor.

The air downstairs, unlike above, is truly refreshing. Le Infernal's Second Demon Sequence. In addition, the Grand Duke of the Magaedong, which symbolizes destruction and madness.


It was his coming.