Second Life Ranker

Coin, Grand Devil Agares (2)

First, I have to clean up this mess. Agares bends lightly to the side. Then, a whirl of tens of kilometers in diameter that seemed to last forever quickly sank. Like a lie.

The occipital ledge. A pile of shards of broken magic objects or demonic water poured into the whirlpool.

Kindred looks up at Agares with an unbelievable light.

The devil, who should be detained on the 98th floor, has come down off the stairs. It was also the supreme demon with the title of Grand Duke.

Kindred shifts his teeth as he recalls the thoughtlessly thrown Brahms.

On the other hand, I couldn't understand why a demon like that would come directly to the lower levels of a trifle, saying that his buttocks are heavy and he doesn't leave his territory easily.

Even if a huge sacrifice was consumed, it wouldn't have been much help to him unless it was a lesser or more intermediate demon.

But things have already happened.

Then I had to come up with a countermeasure in this situation.

Even if he has a time limit, he can understand everything in between.

And I could see what he was after.


It was the same goal as itself. Elohim, the bloodlines, the horsemen, and the demons. This time it was an easy thought. Things got more complicated than I thought.

As long as you think about the hardship. I might have been wasted for over a decade to meet the other face of Heaven and the faults of the Heavenly City.

Kindred pulls five pieces of yellow-yellow steel from his arms and floats them into the air. A piece of the female staff. Immediately after using it as a medium, a golden pillar of light descended from the sky and embraced him.

A piece of the woman's staff swirls around him. The Black Energy seeps into it and ignites its enormous power.

'Magic' 'Inbound - The Underworld King' Hwaaaah! Kindred concentrates immense power with his fingertips. The interview had to end at the line to get the magic out.

Borrowing to the other face of Thousand Horses required tremendous expenditure of magical power and spirituality. Even if he did borrow it, Abraham's resistance was persistent and he wanted to use it when he needed to press down.

Since Agares showed up, I've had no time to argue.

During the 72-second procedure, the right hand mixed 'wall' and 'yep' sparked a strong brain. In the left hand of the combination of 'Bing' and 'Poem', there was a cold breeze. Sheep and, um, run two contradictory properties simultaneously, inflicting the power of the late king, who pulled them into the pieces of the Wolverine's staff.

Even Kindred can't cope with the sheep's strength. I swelled up a lot of blood on my skin like it was going to burst.

In addition, his eyes glowed dark golden.

Kindred reaches out to the palms of his hands with all his abilities that only the late king could achieve.

“Blast!” Rrrr, Kwak-bam! Yin Yang Wall. A signature skill from Kindred that combines two opposing forces to the extreme to cause a massive explosion at once.

With a thousand horses of power, he boasts that even if he can't defeat Agares, he can break his spirit.


What I wanted to work so hard for. Are you prepared for something this adorable? Agarés reaches out to the ceremonial laughter.

However, he stopped laughing and narrowed his eyes.

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And it's like robbing an annoying fly. Agarez waves one of his wings around him lightly.

"Disappear," and the darkness flooded into the tide, sweeping away the rest of the bishops, including Kindred.

I can't even make a sound.

The figure disappeared without tilting the magic or trying a new reception.

I've been stirring up the stage so badly, it's too empty to fit the notoriety of being the second bishop of the horsemen.

However, no matter how strong the player was, he was only a handful of sand to the devil or God.

However, Agares frowns slightly, as if he didn't like something.

Was it self-immolation? You always sound like my busy master. Then I kicked my tongue lightly and turned in the other direction.

Well, it doesn't matter. "With the disappearance of Kindred et al., Thousand Horses attempting to intervene on the 23rd floor were completely blocked.

There was no one here to stop him now.

Now that all the interruptions are gone, tell me your wish, contractor. "The Devil responds to the Summoner's call to fulfill his wish, and the Summoner gives his soul in return.

Abraham smiles with his back to the rock. Blood pours from his mouth relentlessly. Rebound by forced demoralization. It meant that the soul was being struck down and the body was collapsing.

But Abraham was not proud of it at all. It's been a long time since I've cared to play Shinshini since I came down to the low end anyway. And I was imitating him. Everything was in the calculations.

However, Agares was never accounted for.

“What I'm calling is, queekly, why did you show up in Denba that would have been Belial or Dantalian?” Well. Why do you think that is? One lip of Agares dried up.

Abraham gripped his teeth.

“If you want the corpse of the dragon, I've already secured it before. I'll give it to you. Rod's corpse.

I'm sure you have plenty of tolerance for useless things, isn't that enough? ”The body of the Dragon Lord. It was a very precious material that could never be changed with a thousand gold. The devil, of course, was a coveted condition.


What are you talking about, Brahma? You think I don't know that by now? Agares grinned as he crossed his arms.

His lips did not come off easily.

No way? I tried to distract him somehow, but he seemed to know the truth. But how? Surely you hid it thoroughly, in the eyes of God, in the ears of the Devil. I will take the dragon. It's a low-level useless piece of junk with no great talent. If you're the son of a Haven Wing, isn't this loot enough for you? The moment Abraham became real, his body became stiff and disgusting. My fist is full of strength.

And so was Galilee, who hid herself and was about to leave the stage with Abraham.

Galilee's gaze shifts from Agares towards Abraham. His eyes flutter violently.

Sacrifice • • • • - Jungwoo's daughter? 'Heaven Wing. Cha Jung-woo. I met him in the tutorial as a chick and followed him around calling himself "Susu."

After that, he went to Ryutial from time to time to be his horse opponent, and together he helped find the artifact while chasing after Akasa's snake.

He was smiling a lot. He was fat.

So when I heard that he had closed his eyes to the tower because of the betrayal of his colleagues around him,

Galilee thinks he's losing his temper.

However, after everything that had happened, it was too much time, and it was hard to soothe him by myself.

So I forced myself to lose my temper, and I waited for the day when I would have power.

And I was trying to convince him to pull himself together while I was helping him.

The trail of him, it was this close? No, he shouted in a voice devoted to evil. Both eyes were glowing red.

“Anantara's daughter. She is my granddaughter!” The hand of the Book of Mercury was full of strength.

I forced myself to get up. Parallac.

In response, the bookcase began to be handed over automatically as the aqueous bookstore sprinkled with light. It was the expression of the book.

“Agares! I will tell you my wish.” I'll listen to you first. Say it. “I must sacrifice myself for my granddaughter.” And as soon as it was over,

Yeongjin, who was deeper than Huaiak-summoned, was unified. It reminded me of hundreds of flexibility above the ground. The grip is all interlocked like a big, small cog, ready to operate at any time.

Abraham put all the evidence of the last god in this place, the divine.

Together, the gears begin to turn.

As the flexors rotated in unison, thousands of chains rose above them.

It was Shin Jin-cheol artificially made by creating the structural formula of Shin Jin-cheol that Yeongwoo saw.

seconds} Larc! The chains wrapped around his arms and legs, as well as his body and dozens of black wings.

Then, as Abraham's call sounded, he tightly restrained Agarose.

Shin Jin-cheol has been given a divine gift. With this, even Agarez will not get out easily.

And the body of Central Abraham, who maintains it, seemed to be in jeopardy as if it were going to collapse soon. Wrinkles and dark mushrooms spread over the skin. The aging that had stopped being sacred was rapidly progressing.

Abraham was an ordinary man who had lost both his identity and his holiness. Dying in such an opponent meant being truly killed, but Abraham intended to focus all his remaining lives on sealing Against Shika.

It was a shame I didn't see my granddaughter smile in a healthy manner.

If I could do it, I could do anything.

So I put a bigger magical force in the book of Mercury. His self-immolating watery book seemed to be crumbling soon, but I desperately wanted him to survive a little longer.

And in the meantime, Galilee, who received Abraham's gaze, turns around and moves again.

It was sad not to see his friend's last, but I was still determined to keep him safe at all costs.

Kirik! As the gears rotate, the chains begin to move inward again. As the seals start, you move fiercely to swallow Agares.


Publicly bound in chains. You speak in a voice that sounds interesting to Agares.

"This is it. What you've been preparing for. But I'm afraid I can't fulfill your wish." [You have mastered the Master's Factor in bulk.] After leaving all the traces of Yeongwoo, I tore the old book I had in my hand lightly.

It was De Roy's expedition journal, obtained as a reward for sealing the dragons.

[Destroyed the De Roy's Journal of Exploration (Part 2). Additional acquisition or utilization of these artifacts will become unavailable in the future.] [Hidden Hidden Piece Revealed!] De Roy's expedition journal is apparently just an old journal. The real appearance only appeared when it was torn up and absorbed.

I slowly slipped into Yeongwoo's right hand, which was fragmented with very fine particles.

Then a black sentence was created on the palm of the right hand. It was a mountain goat with two horns.

[Skill 'Devils' has been created.] [Demon Grade: D + Skill: 0.0% Description: An academic based on knowledge gained by De Roy, who was an explorer, following the Devil his entire life.

You can use the power of the devil on the 98th floor to practice dark magic.

The deeper the skill level, the stronger the contract with the Devil becomes possible.

You don't have enough parts in your Journal right now to rank lower. The more parts you find, the higher the rank will be.

You can produce some Magi for a certain price. Hump Magic requires you to find and learn a skill book separately.

Produces Poison that only demons and demons secrete. Production quantity varies depending on dark system attributes or horse factor holdings.

Demonology was rated very low, whether it was because it had not yet found only one part. Possible magic was practically a shaman and a parasite.

But it was hard to get it first, and then it was easy. It was a grimoire in a place like an auction house. Often, the hump magic was inexhaustibly lacking in demand compared to supply, because it could not be expected under certain conditions.

'Of course, most hump magic is going to give wealth almost everything. First of all, it's a lot of money for witchcraft and narcotics.' Just increase greatly by using the heart of the devil & '92; s dragon and the purple devil &' 92; s flower as a mirage.

In many ways, Margie and Maguire were very helpful. Not only does the Goji Corps operate, but it also uses a variety of skills. There were a few things I had in mind.

However, I had to handle it with the utmost care, even if I used the Devil's skill. Dealing with Margie deeply has nothing good to do with her being so close to the Devil. All she needed was strength.

“Brother, where should I put this?” At that time, Panda and Edora brought their own heart. Yeongwoo opens the Intranian and puts it inside.

“Keep it here for now. I'll give it to you when I refine it. The power of the Devil. Does this horn look good on you?” I've warned you several times about the dangers of mistreating the Devil, but the Pants are only glad to know they're getting stronger.

Yeon-woo grinned as if there was nothing she could do. He was so consistent.

“You fought loudly, by the way. Since he was fighting with someone else, suddenly his eyes were wide open, not trying to say anything while looking around. At the same time, I turned around. Yeongwoo and Edora turn their heads in the same direction.

The direction of Abraham's inner world. From there, an enormous wave spreads out, and with the sound of the cost breaking, the giant whirl begins to surge.

Yeon-woo quickly summoned the wealth in the shadow and wrapped several layers of temporary shields around herself and the Fant sisters. You take the short straw, Aegis, and form a huge barrier.

However, despite the considerable distance, hurtling winds from the massive whirlwind repeatedly broke through the barrier and shield several times.

Under the protection of Pant and Edora, I focused on protecting my body while tearing the scrolls that I had. And I watched the situation as the snack struck the windswept rocks or demons.

What the hell is going on? Yeongwoo's gaze did not fall from the whirlwind. Surely, if it were the underworld that Abraham built, it would have been enough to prevent Elohim's invasion. Did something happen that I didn't think of?

But Yeon-woo's horror did not end there.

After the whirlwind ceased to lie. Afterwards, the dark darkness mixed with the rising winds gave me the creeps of Magi's back.

A force instinctively stimulating the dragon's senses. It was the Devil's Magi. She was not surprised by the intentions of the secondary marginalist and sealer.

However, what surprised Yeon-woo was that Margie's temperament was too familiar to him.

A heterogeneous substance that constantly stimulates the nerves of people under the feeling of stickiness and moisture.

He signed a contract with his brother to lend his strength and tried to seduce his soul with sweet words several times since then, but in the end he couldn't get it, so he cut off his grief and had to wait for the future.

Why did he suddenly show up downstairs, the one who didn't pay attention to anything else? Why is Agares here? 'I felt an unknown anxiety. Yeongwoo spreads the wings of fire wide and starts running toward it.

I heard Panda and Edora calling him urgently from behind.

I couldn't get in my ears.