Second Life Ranker

3. Demon Duke Agares (3)

- You will always be mine.

When his brother was slowly killing the remaining poisonous horse in his body, Agarose appeared in a dream through a link with his brother.

Here, he smiled and replied.

I'm sorry, but I can't be with you.

You're such a smart-ass.

It's dying.

- Even if you die, you have to protect it.

Agares' obsession with his brother was overwhelming. At first, the answer was to make the dragon descendants into family.

His brother tried to master demonic magic through demonology, and the one who responded was Agarose.

Because I didn't think Solomon's 72 demons would be the Duke of Heaven, the brother who wanted to sign the contract and the Viera who helped him were greatly appalled.

And when I think about it, it was around that time that Viera Dunne began to get jealous of her little brother.

Agares, who taught me his magic through many transactions, suggested that I inherit power from time to time.

If you don't like family, be an apostle.

Then you promised me that no matter what path you take, the best future will be waiting, and that you will be ranked high in your own abdominal war after you die.

Whenever I drew it, my brother refused to use a dagger without thinking.

It was because he knew that what Agarez wanted was his dragon factor and the full nature of his pain.

However, such refusal made Against his own horn tightly.

It was like he kept kicking the crap out of Gaza. Agares, on the other hand, was a divine being with a huge disparity, corresponding to the state-of-the-art rebellion.

Moreover, back then, Agares was not paying any attention to the lower floors.

There was a grudge I wanted to do on my own, and I've been obsessed with it for over a thousand years. And then I got the thing I wanted.

How anxious you must have been.

So Agarez made a few more big suggestions, and when he came back again and again, he cut off contact with his brother.

It was a pity that she could no longer boast Agares' mystery as a sister.

I had already learned all the necessary humor magic, and based on it, I reached the awakening of the five stages, so I did not feel foolish anymore.

Moreover, it was around the time when the conflict with the eighth generation clan began to escalate.

Then Agares, who had covered his tracks, restored the connection. A few years later, he was living out his life in a clan house by himself.

Agarez has offered you one last offer.

Take his hand.

Then I will rid you of the diseased horse that is eating away your body and soul, and I will lend you enormous power to achieve all vengeance.

In addition, the causal rate constraints arising from that added to the ridiculous conditions that he would fully cover.

Causality constraints.

The discipline that forces God and the Devil to be detained on the 98th floor, tying their hands and feet to do nothing, even with such immense power and power.

It means you're going against it. It meant to endure the enormous damage that would be inflicted on them. As Agarash, it was a dramatic offer that had never been erected since the tower was erected.

In a demonic society such as Savannah, where there are many who seek him out to always rise to the top, such an offer cannot be made.

As Agarash, I put down the last ounce of pride. On the other hand, I felt nervous. If he died like this, he would never have what he wanted in a thousand years.


She laughed and kicked him again with a word.

Agarez had to go back to slaughtering the fury. Repeating the exact same words as when he appeared.

- You will always be mine.

Is it because of me? 'I couldn't get over the thought of Yeongwoo's Demon Forest, which is now a forest that is disgracefully ruined.

I wonder if Agares knows who he is.

In fact, it was not strange even if it was.

When I first realized the crossing of a core in a village of loneliness. Several gods and demons began to watch over him.

For those stuck on the 98th floor, all they had to do was look down.

And because they chose the apostle reserve, the only way to release power there, they did not take their eyes off of the creature that they had once begun to observe.

Therefore, Yeon-woo's daily routine was fine, he was taking off his mask, and it was clear that some of the stories had been discovered. My brother was loved by Agares, and he was attracted to many gods and demons.

Seeing this, there was no chance of finding out who Agarez was and considering him a substitute for his brother.

Above all.

Yeon-woo had seen similar messages several times.

'Messages about demons. Always had a discussion about me with someone's proposal.' The gods had many different favors for the lotus, depending on their preference to each other.

On the other hand, the demons' only look coronal and have never shown any intention to say this.

We can only know that some discussions are being held about alliances mainly with some devil's suggestion that is expressed as "unknown."

I didn't know any more.

However, it was speculated that his personal disposition could force him to gather demons in such a way that the sequence was very high.

But what if it's Agarash? And when Abraham randomly built a passageway with the 98th floor, it made perfect sense to show up here.


'No, I don't think so.' Yeon-woo had to shake her head over and over again.

Although it was a reasonable assumption, it did not give Agarose a reason to reveal himself.

As Agarez, you can either send your clan into subatomic peritoneal warfare, or you can send the demon into subordinate order.

There was no need to lift a heavy butt, so I ordered them to grab me with just one finger.


Even though he and his sister were twins, they were quite different.

As a demon who speaks directly to the soul, rather than to the appearance of man, he had no reason to pay attention to himself.

And even if they were, they wouldn't be hanging out with Abraham like this all the time.

Rather, they're trying to find Yeon Woo right away.

The stage on the 23rd floor has already become Agares' domain. He would have captured himself as much as he wanted to.

In that case.

I wonder why he chose wisecracks. No matter how I looked at my head, no clear answer could be given to many assumptions.

Where is the answer? Everything the demons do.

Naughty, vicious. Right? " You still don't know what you're thinking, so you should be prepared." Okay. 'Listening to Sanon and Ghost, I began to get close to where Abraham's inner world had been.

Yeongwoo tried to awaken the solvent.

As I felt the dragon scales rising above my skin, I also activated my magic weapon several times to maximize my power.

Even in this condition, you won't be able to do it with Agares' claws. But I couldn't do anything about it.

At the same time, I thought about it.

If you had just snuck out of the 23rd floor and came back a long time later, you'd be dead, too.

Nevertheless, he is surprised to be the one who jumps without looking back.


You see black cloud sculptures floating back and forth through the air. Several scenes appeared on the inside and repeatedly disappeared. You see Abraham and Kindred fighting desperately.

Fragments of the underworld. It seemed to me that the result was forced to collapse, leaving little by little.

Fragments were fading like they were about to disappear.

The honeycomb expands the cognitive area of the supersenses and begins to absorb the debris one by one.

In the underworld, many powerful samurams record this.

I wanted to quickly understand what had happened while I was away.

Throughout the run, scenes passed through my mind.

The Horsemen were behind the Aether? Kindred narrows it down a bit. It was completely inconceivable.

Aether was banished from the entire family by the fault of her father who wanted to be king, and was always very proud to overcome it. He was self-righteous and prouder than anyone else.

It was impossible for such a creature to become a servant of God or demons.

But that question was pointless.

Already Aether sacrificed her twin brother and called in three bishops, including Kindred. And made a mess of everything.

It was also a mistake as long as I only planned to catch Elohim.


The biggest problem was immediately thereafter.

- I called, queekly, Belial or Dantalian. • Why did you show up? - Well, why do you think? Abraham shouting in an evil voice and Agareth smiling at him.

In particular, Abraham's voice was mixed with embarrassment and nervousness. He was trembling, too, as was Abraham, who was wrapped up in fragments.

Hopefully not your own.

_what are you talking about, Bra-homa. You think I don't know that by now? But Agares laughs as if to ridicule the wind of Abraham.

- I will take the dragon. It's a low-level useless piece of junk with no great talent. If you're the son of a Haven Wing, isn't this loot enough for you? I couldn't hear anything else.

Only one sentence resounded in her head.

If you're a child of Haebon Wing, you're a child of Haebon Wing. "Jungwoo had a • • • child? '[I'm confused.] [The' Cold Blood 'characteristic is not valid for unknown reasons.] [The' Cold Blood 'characteristic is not valid for unknown reasons.] My heart started beating like crazy. I'm out of breath. My head is fresh. I couldn't think of anything.

There was no word in the diary that she clearly had children. The only person he loved while his brother was staying at the answer was Viera Chong, and after being betrayed by his lover, he gave no heart to anyone.

However, there was someone who wanted to touch his brother's wound.


Anantara had been in love with her sister for a long time. She was the only tolerant person left in the tower. She was always cold but lonely, and she was very happy when she met her brother.

My brother was also close to Ananta, following the maintenance of Calatus. However, unlike Anantara, who was a romantic emotion, she only treated her with friendship.

After realizing that he couldn't buy his brother's heart, Anantara snuck away.

Then the last time he appeared was when he was staying at the Clean House by himself.

The reunion was all I had to say hello to each other.

However, Anantara knew what she wanted to say to her brother.

However, his brother, who was sharpened by the constant betrayal and illness of the horse, treated him coldly, and Anantara disappeared again, leaving nothing behind.

I'll do whatever it takes to keep a word I don't know what it means.

What did that mean when he said he was protecting Cesar? 'By the way, Anantara was injured a lot at the time. It was like I was being chased by something.

What the hell were they chasing? 'Abraham's soul fragment that had seeped into Yeongwoo's head continued to go back in time.

Ananta leaves the newborn to Abraham. Anantara's voice, answering the question, "Aren't you the child you gave birth to?" passed.

And as soon as I came to Abraham's mind, I could see all the secrets that Yeon-woo had been hiding all along.

It's like being a real brahmin.

He was immersed in all his thoughts.

Whoa! It was a sprint. I am sick and tired of my duty as a god, and I only made a mistake by stopping him as the eldest son of the dragon. I did not say to my child, but I heard somewhere that he or she would grow up well. Others/I don't know. I still thought it was polynomial • • • I heard that the child likes other tolerants. Housekeeping, is that him? I taught the pension line and threw it up, so I thought the situation was too narrow • • • • • • • I heard that she was Ö/Multiplayer/died. And it gave me that d/0k realization. Just nails 45190; all the things I thought were nothing but emotion, that I was everything. I regret the past. I made a bad choice.

She saw and planted the baby. For the first time, I called her and gave her a newborn baby. Between the housekeeper and Viera, he was a former child. The boy stumbled upon it, secretly homed him. And a real family/rum Gilko of his own. It's called "My Name". It was a remnant of a nail. I heard that the vigilante was fighting with a % child. The vigilante was also having a previous life with other cleans/persons, but there were stocks available everywhere to help. The child unlocked.

The spirit of Abraham was stained with regret.

However, Yeon-woo was able to resolve all the questions of the past.

"I see. Is that what happened? 'Why Abraham couldn't help his brother. At first, I thought it was because of the cold temperament that was not a deal, but it was not. It was to protect Caesar.

It was the same for the reason Anatta left her brother without saying anything. It was to protect him from the witches. At that time, Cesar was in a position to be experimented on in Valpurgis' night, and Ananta was able to rescue the child close to home.

But it was inevitable that Cesar would always have to live with a great illness.

Maybe Anantara is still at war with the night of Valpurgis somewhere else? Abraham eventually had to endure a long time, knowing all the facts and not helping anything.

And until now.

As atonement for his brother and Anantara, he sought to protect Caesar and heal his illness.

All tragedies, however, arise from one person. Abraham was turning all his faults against himself.

'Behind Viera, there was a lot of fire in the eyes of the instead. The fury in my head was filled with rage at Viera Dun.


Wake up, Master! "In Yeon-woo's head, there was a loud voice of Sanaan. Yeon-woo quickly regained consciousness.

The more you do this, the more you need to stay focused! Want to die? "Yeon-woo bites her lower lip tightly. You were right. I had to pull myself together somehow.

The anger against Viera Dune had to stop for a moment. I had to put aside my grief for Abraham.

Now that I knew all the facts, I had to focus on just one thing.

Agares' reasoning was simple. It was to take the only trace he left of this land.

It was the only thing I had to stop.

'Even though Jungwoo wasn't tired, as was the tax collector.

As did my nephew.

'Only you will lose. "The H'R-Roc_Magical Circuit is furiously rotating, raising the wings of fire even larger." The devil's factor, which had just begun to infiltrate, also initiated activities in response to demonology.

Then one day, I was able to reach the place where Agarose and Abraham were.

"This is it. What you've been preparing for. But I'm afraid I can't fulfill your wish. Agares, bound tightly to Shin Jinchul, from Sealed Jeans, is seduced by a short arsenic sauce. I was releasing all my strength.

Kuaang! Dozens of black wings flare up, making it easy to break the bonds.

The little pieces of Shin Jinchul scatter to the winds.

I had to get it to work. The result of the collapse of the underworld significantly reduced the power of the seals.

Abraham eventually fell down, vomiting blood, because of the rebellion that had returned to holiness. The Book of Mercury in your hands is dying because of its lifespan.

However, he reaches out forcefully, not wanting to miss Agares in any way. Shin Jinchul protrudes out again, but all he does is slam into the shield around Agares.

Annoying. And Agarez waves his hands lightly, crushing the remaining seals and grime.

Abraham cradles his head to the ground while hugging himself with his arms.

The internal organs are all broken and the blood spills endlessly. Even the remaining vitality was now starting to show.

And Agarez has reached this point. I started climbing up from the collapsed ruins to the cut, trapped in the cylindrical membrane.

“Abraham! Abraham!” Cesar wept bitterly and patted the round veil. Galilee catches up with you, but you bounce off the ledge with an invisible force.

"This is it. The fruit he left behind. I don't like it.

Probably just as much as the loot. According to Agares' handiwork, darkness was divided into branches, wrapped around a round veil, and rushed to him.

Agares slowly opens his mouth, licking his lips with his red tongue. Then the tail of my mouth was torn close to my ears, and my jaw was wide open, revealing the ugly teeth. I was going to swallow him all at once.

Cesar bursts into tears. I was not afraid to be eaten by Agares. However, Abraham, who was searching for himself while bleeding, and Galilee, who was trying to get up with a broken body, tightened his chest.

It reminded me of my mother a long time ago. Cesar has an unusual memory, and he's still remembering his childhood.

In a weird, dark place all around. The unknown workers keep their hands on their swords and say strange things. Cesar was always just waiting to be afraid of it.

It was my mother who saved me like that. She did not always lose her smile, protecting herself from strange people.

It's Cesar, it's Cesar. You're a beautiful girl who looks just like her father.

So don't cry. Smile. That word still lingered deep in her heart.

So I tried to smile. It was difficult at first, but it became easier from the start. So it was good, so I was happy.

It was better because he was always happy when he smiled.

That kind of braham was getting hurt.

I wanted to help somehow, but I couldn't help myself without my strength.

It was the same as my mother's. I got hurt to protect myself. Just like then.

Above the appearance of Abraham, his mother's face was overlapped.

At that moment, Cesar had an epileptic affair that she wanted someone to help her.

I wish I had a dad, but I don't.

Instead, I remembered someone else who I thought might be this person if I had a father.

Agares' open mouth was swallowing her one day. Cesar closed his eyes tightly.

'Cain!' Suddenly, I remembered the comforting light of the dark world. The red light carries an enormous heat, cutting off Agares' right hand and passing by. Cesar drops down powerlessly.

Then I put a price on it. Strong breasts. Warm breasts. Cesar lifts his head in tears.

There was a face I longed for. No, actually, there was a mask. It may look like a demon, but the eyes inside it were too warm.

After unfolding the Bleak several times, I sat quietly on the floor, holding the tax collector tightly in my arms. The hot wind is blowing and my hair is all tangled up.


She lowers one knee to match the eye level with Cersei.

I took off my mask slowly.

At that moment, Saesar's eyes widened as he looked at Yeongwoo's face. I've never seen one, but there's a strangely familiar face there.

Inside the story my mom used to tell me when I slept all the time.


“Father • • Cesar called Yeon-seong with a trembling voice.

Without saying a word, I'll turn Caesar back.