Second Life Ranker

4. Demon Duke Agares (4)

“Dad? Is that really you?” Cesar gripped the cuffs of a kitten. My hands were trembling.

She used to think sometimes.

What would he look like? I was smiling at the mouth-1-1 when I was talking about mom-dad. And he said he was the coolest, kindest, sweetest person in the world. He said he had a lot of laughs.

So Cesar always used to draw a picture of his father in his imagination.

He wants me to read him a comic book next to his head while he's sleeping. I wish my dad would make me a delicious snack in the kitchen. I wish dad could play hide-and-seek with me and give me a ride.

So when Yeon Woo first showed up, Cesar thought that if he prayed earnestly to the star, like his mother said, he would grant his wish.

He was wearing some kind of evil mask, and at first it was just scary.

He was as tolerant as he was, and he played well with himself even though he was clumsy. They even made me a delicious snack. He was also a friend of the horse.

It looked just like my father. So when I fell asleep, I held my hands tightly and thanked the star.

By the way.

The star really seemed to grant his wish.

It was my dad.

The same face my mom told me about. Though he does have a slight smile, as opposed to a smile. She's got sad eyes, though. Dad was right.

“Ahhhh!” Cesar grunts, eventually burying a hole in Yeon-woo's chest.

Why did you show up now? She was sick. She was sick. Neither did Abraham, nor Galilee. But thank you so much for meeting me like this.

Yeongwoo silently silently silenced the back of such a Cesar. As if to dry up. I'll never let you burn again, but I put a quiet, warm magical power in the fire to put the shaman to sleep. I was exhausted by things like that.

I needed to let her rest.


Rebecca appeared quietly after the storm and left with Caesar in her arms. The first was to get as far away from here as possible.


Yeon-woo slowly rises from her seat and turns her head toward Agarose. I didn't wear a mask. The mask was no longer meaningless here.

Abraham barely lifts his body and lets out a sigh. He was decaying in the flesh due to his loss of both divinity and personality, but his gaze was nailed to Yeong-woo. His eyes flutter, unbelievable.

The honeycomb reaches inward silently and triggers the rune magic embedded in the ribs.

“Hill. Recovery.” It was just a first aid.

Abraham's wounds heal rapidly, and his complexion returns. However, Abraham's eyes were firmly fixed on Yeouido.

“I'll tell you the details later." Abraham nodded that he had no choice. Then he found out later. That Yeon-woo has the same face as Cha Jung-woo, but it's someone else.

Skills, Character, Skills, Speech, Contrast, Habits. Everything that defined one person was different.

And so it was with Galilee, who later forced her broken body to appear. After looking into Yeouido into the fairy, he seems to have realized roughly how it happened.

Yeon pulls out her beagrid, pulls out all the Aegis, and aims at Agares. He was smiling like an audience watching a funny play, watching him quietly.

As the shadow grew long around Yeongwoo, a living tree appeared and fixed the sword. The swelling soars high into the air and the crystal beads begin to produce the undead army. A group of goons rises up.

The dragon realm was firmly built. However, they were unable to completely oppose Agarash, who had already taken control of the 23 stages.

"Damn, this really sucks. How the hell am I supposed to deal with that?" The Devil is the Devil. "Sanon and Ahn squeezed the enlarged organ as they looked at Agares, which was too massive. Especially when Ghost saw Agarash, who could not even reach his toes even if he came at the peak of his life.

Even a high tanker was God and the devil, and among them, Agares, the highest rank, could not be exposed.

And that pressure was also received by Yeon-woo.

I have faced the god Urd from the 16th. Even Urd, who felt like such a big sun, was nothing compared to Agares.

I was also telling him to get down on his knees and squeeze his head.


Yeon-woo had no intention of tightening her head here.

[Hypersensitivity - Synchronous Association tries to imitate someone and relieve Agarash of pressure. You perform a similar trick like the Kindred you saw in Abraham's Ideology Fragment.

It reminds me of King Mihu's faults I met in King Mihu's dungeon.

Immediately, I started pushing the pressure away as my strength rose from the inside of my body.

[Release from intense pressure from the Devil. It's a 'cold-blooded' trait that keeps us rational.] [Gain strong immunity against mental attacks.] I met my nephew who I never thought I would. There were traces of Jungwoo there. I had to protect him somehow.

Has the idea of such a alliance been conveyed? The monsters who were trembling under Agares' pressure gradually regained their eyes, and each of them made a sound of boiling wheat. As soon as the command is given, he is more than willing to run.

Immediately, he hurls his way through Agares' eyes.

Goose and the undead are close to the Devil, to be exact. You'll never be able to resist yourself because you're from the Dark Side. That's no way to expose your enemies.

Is Yeon-woo that powerful? Is the artifact great? Or both? Well, maybe it doesn't matter. Agarez stares at Yeouido with a bloodshot smile. He was the one I wanted to see as much as Caesar.

"Still, brothers are brothers? Interesting.It's definitely different from what I saw up there, seeing it with my own eyes. Lots and lots. Yeon-woo said nothing.

First, it was important to understand Agares' plans.

"Why don't you answer something? Talking alone is not tolerable. Yeon-woo just stopped talking.

“What do you want?” I've been watching you, but your head seems to be working pretty well. You already know that, don't you? “You want to have me and a tax collector." That's right. Agarash revealed his mouth clearly.

I gently stroked my chin, which was cut off and then recovered.

A sharp fang came out.

"A long time ago, your brother watered me. Even so, I should be rewarded now." Darkness began to sprout along Agares.

But threatening a mortal as a Grand Duke doesn't look good either. I'll give you a chance, you and the tolerant. I will forgive you your past sins by accepting only one of them. "Darkness invaded the areas built by Yeouido without difficulty, and embraced him and his troops.

He frowns, but threatens like he's about to swallow.

It won't be bad for you either.

They want power, don't they? I'll do whatever it takes. The terms are the same as what I offered your brother. It is the power to give answers. Aren't you excited? Even a strange frenzy was flowing by the eye of Agarose looking at Yeonwoo.

A crazy personality that you must get if you want something. But the Duke of the Demons said he would soon feel bored. Anyone exposed to low light goes mad.

However, the darkness that followed Yeongwoo was instead seducing Yeongwoo.

This is yours if you want it. He whispered in such sweet words and told me to have power. It looked just like my brother.

It was a real obsession.

He was obstinate about having him before his brother died or after he died.

Yeon-woo also knew.

That if I hold Agares' hand now, I can gain the strength I've always wanted.

Is this not enough? Then sacrifice your nephew. I'll give you a much more valuable reward. However, even though death was imminent, even in an urgent situation, he eventually refused to seduce Agarose.

Reason? It was simple.

Being sired to the devil. Being mortgaged means losing your original self. It meant losing all doctors and becoming something else entirely. She refused, and so did Yeon.

That's why.

The answer was no.

“What if I don't?" Agarose's face twists, hard to distinguish between a woman and a man. Margaery whirls like a miraculous malice. The darkness that was circling along the stream revealed brutal teeth that seemed to swallow him up in no time.

How dare you! From Jungwoo to Yeonwoo, Agarose, who was continuously rejected by a mere mortal, reached out to grab him right away.

You lose fun because you have to touch the soul to force it to subordinate. So I tried not to use my hands. If I refused like this, I had to work hard.

Whistle! The darkness is spreading, and the entire army is surrounded by monsters, including pitfalls.

I was going to let it erode into the darkness. Then the soul itself will be bitten.

I feel the gangsters rushing from the inside, but I don't see much of a message for Agarez. This darkness was a part of Agares. It wasn't just the power of a player.

But Agares felt uneasy for some reason.

Yeongwoo, who had been watching on the 98th floor, was not like this.

Unlike Jungwoo, Yeon-woo did not always lose his cool. There was no way he could be challenged in front of beings much stronger than himself, and he always led the judgement to his advantage.

The same was true of the war between the Red Dragon and Purity, and of screwing with the God of the Urds. Isn't that how you inherited King Mihu's legacy? You think he was this naive? As a player, you cannot resist the Devil, but it is strange that you do not resist at all.

At that moment, Agarez felt his spine stand firm.

I haven't felt it since I became the Grand Duke. When did you get this feeling? I sometimes remember working with the dead dragon king, Lord Calatus. It was a memory that was about to disappear, so I couldn't forget.

But the same senses as then.

Compared to himself, a figure that would not be backed up at all was about to appear, slicing open the sky on the stage.


Following the land where Yeon-woo was walking, Yeon-jin began to think again.

And they forcibly scattered the darkness that surrounded the pond.

As the faen-red sky suddenly opened up, a bright light came down and started shining on the lotus.

Under it.

Yeon opened her eyes slowly. The wide open dragon eyes glisten in golden light. Like a coin jewel *, all the various shapes and runic characters that had formed softened up into the sky.


Like the iron gate coming up from the ground to be summoned by Kukuku-Agares. On the contrary, a huge iron gate descended along the sky.

The various angelic and spiritual paintings were complex and sacred iron doors.

Yeonwoo thought before confronting Agares. How do I compete with Agares? He must have coveted himself and the tax collector. So I couldn't play there.

But Yeon-woo had no power. Even the god Brahma is strong enough to defeat Agarose, but how can he defeat the mortal himself?

So Yeon-woo changed her mind.

'If you can't stop it. I have to call on someone who can stand up to him.

Fortunately, there was still a means.

The summoner Agares passed through. It was certainly destroyed by Agares, but the sorcerer who melted Abraham's sacred body was not easily broken. It remained in shape a little bit.

So Yeongwoo immediately put all of her hands on this and contacted her.

A tremendous amount of information spills out like a flood. The mathematics that Abraham solved for Mercury. It was so vast and complex that it was hard enough as usual for Yeon Woo.

[Parallax Disturbance] Yeon-woo quickly repaired the broken part based on what she had learned. My brain ached like it was on fire, but I also gathered that much knowledge.

And when the summoner is fully restored.

The magical power that was always filled up with magic circuits evaporated momentarily. I felt a momentary dizziness, but I looked up without losing my mind.

The red sky began to open. As the blue sky opens, a pillar of light descends and defeats the darkness. Under this blessing , Agarose could never be involved.

And soon.

A huge iron gate slowly appeared, slicing through the sky.

Who you want to call • • • • • • and the voice that resonates in your head.

It was a resourceful but majestic voice.

Yeongwoo told the creature that would be beyond that door. A god who can stand against Agares.

It was a new artifact that had helped him so much during 'Aegis'. To defeat Agarez, you had to give him something of that value.

Established • • • •. Kuku! Iron Gate began to sequence strange noises.

And the odd cost down there comes down to the ground with a long pull.

A boa snake with an enormous body that could be easily covered by a single mountain footprint, and five of them appeared and flew a red tongue.

And a familiar face sat on the head of the most central of them all.

Agarez's face twists when he sees him.

Hermes • • • • • • •!