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5. Demon Duke Agares (5)

The sky that Harmesh came down from suddenly brought fresh air with a blue glow.

On the other hand, the ground above which Agares stands was full of darkness. Light and darkness form a uniform boundary while interlocking.

Hermes smiles brightly over the snake's head.

“It's been a long time, Agares. Either this is 800 years, or nine? First time since Luciel's Seal, I guess.” You must watch and keep watch. "Why not?” Harmesh shrugs in an unnatural tone.

“I'm here for the same reason you are. I got the clearance, and I'm just here to make it up to you.” My smile grew darker.

“Unlike you, who's halfway deceptive, I'm willing to give you a generous reward.” God was able to adjust the price for the sacrifice on his own accord. Considering the original offering as public, it was because the congregation regarded it as a 'gift'. And occasionally, he or she suffered damages as needed.

It was a blessing or a miracle that God would do. Maintaining the religion required very thorough care of the faithful.

On the contrary, the devil thoroughly considers repaying the sacrifice on a 'trade' basis. I have to give it back as much as I got it, but here are some jokes. We never do a losing business.

In that regard, Harmesh was furious that he was going to do something to hurt himself.

No matter what you do, Hermes celebrates his death because this moment is so much fun to follow you to the end.

Of course I do.

God and the devil were never good with each other.

0 DetAgares changed it.

He was the one who put all the gods under his feet. The story was different with Hermes. His power was also quite burdensome for the demons.

Moreover, the problem was that the god who was here was not only Hermes.

Beyond the sky is a snake.

Another cost looked at this place. The stature of Hermes is not far behind. No, the narrow field of "fighting" was more troubling than Harmesh.

Dealing with the two gods was hard for Agarose as well.

“Come on, then. Decide.” Looking at Agares like that, Hermes smiles even louder.

“Are you going to fight me like this, or are you going to quit?” The Boa Serpent surrounds Agares and is ready to rush whenever orders are given.

Just a minute.

Agares is troubled.


Hanging out with the Devil in the Summer. Not bad... "Agares smiles fiercely.

At that moment, dozens of black wings spread out. Then Agares spread out into the air, and as darkness filled up, hundreds of thousands of tentacles spread over the sky.

At the same time, five snakes came down.

Cough! The stage is starting to ring.

Conflicts of gods and demons referred to in orphan-murdering are often depicted as being overlooked by heaven and earth. The way the earth rises and becomes a mountain, the sea withers and rains pour from the sky.

But I don't know if they're just mythological speeds, or if they're just different.

The battle between Hermes and Agares was simpler than I thought.

Light and light. White and black only appear to tangle with each other.

Just as black ink spreads around to muddy the clear water, the darkness that begins on earth erodes the light and tries to reach the sky.

On the other hand, light was split into dozens and dug between them to try to purify. The light shines on the ground, and the darkness is forced to press and then it repeats its ascent.

It's just two beings that have become one "transgression" that appear to influence and dominate each other.

It looked smart in the eyes of Yeongwoo, who was opening the dragon's eyes.

Something big was moving slowly enough on the ground that it was hard to guess its size.

Even a snake was big enough to look small without its jaw compared to a monster, making it hard to discern its shape.

Every time it twitched, it must have been Agares' main body, I repeated that fire, light, ice, and wind were thrown up and disappeared.

On the other hand, Hermes still climbs up the boa snake, summoning more boa snakes and snatching Agares away. Again, fire, light, ice, and wind were created and then disappearing, followed by explosion and explosion.

And the stage also repeated decay and regeneration according to the movement of the two beings.

It was the Devil's Forest, which I thought was already badly destroyed.

Due to the collision of the two massive beings, the burning lava rises in depth as the ground becomes invisible, and holes fill the swept winds, and the trees grow up on top of them at a rapid rate and form dense forests again.

They were literally wielding the law.

It was never possible for another being to be inserted into it.

That's it. God and the Devil. 'Yeon-woo tightly clenched her fists, looking at Harmesh and Agares. Seeing the sights of two immense beings that could not be touched made the saliva dry.

The hand of Yeon Woo holding the beagrid was trembling.

Despite his apparent cold-blooded nature, he remains rational. I was so bored that I could barely concentrate. At this moment, I couldn't even breathe as if my lungs were tightened.

Especially in the case of Harmesh, I was more surprised when I met him in Olympus' report.

At that time, it was clear that he was hiding his existence because he thought about himself. Even the Urds look too weak in front of them. In comparison, it might be similar to the mistakes we encountered in King Ahjussi's dungeon.

There are two of them.

A collision of this magnitude was more than I had ever imagined. I shut down the stage immediately.

I don't know what it's like out there. I wonder what happened to the players who were running around the stage. I had no idea.

If the light from the sky didn't protect him, he might not be able to survive.

Warm and familiar.

Yeon lifts her head and looks down at the pillar of light. I couldn't have seen anything. Somehow I felt someone looking at me with warm = -t-- Rain 0.


This was how Aegis felt when she was blessed with the goddess's spear sword.

Hermes must be the only one who brought Aegis as a sacrifice. It was also a surprise that she appeared like this even in Athena. However, he did not appear in person due to lack of payment, and it seemed that Hermes was guarding him through an open window.

I didn't know why she was protecting herself.

But one thing was for sure, she was doing herself a favor, like Harmesh, and rescuing Panda, Edora, and Abraham somewhere.

And Yeon-woo accepted that look as a cheer.

No matter how she expressed it in her own words, she tried to help Yeon-woo accomplish what she wanted to do without any pressure.

Under the blessing of Athena, Yeongwoo picked her breath. As I relax, I awaken the senses that had been muddled, slowly raising the anterior chamber.

We have to catch the devil somehow to help with the sacrifice.

Yeongwoo's Stone was also a Wise Man's Stone, but she was going to heal her nephew quickly first.

To do that, there was too much goagareth for the materials, but there was nothing worth replacing. We'll need more time to rebuild Abraham's inner world.

Even though it didn't help much, it had to help us catch Agares.

['Athena looks at it quietly. I am satisfied with your unwavering will. [' Athena salutes you!] A great power rises from the inside of the soul. I thought it would remind me of my sleeping body like this.

I was so patient that I almost lost my mind at the moment of ambush, I pushed Athena's enormous power into the cell by controlling it daily. And stimulated the witch cells.

Overwhelming, {nose} unequal to the dragon's factor. On the other hand, if I changed my nature a little, I could stimulate the horse's factors more widely.

Yeongwoo aimed at this point and massively amplified the horse factor that had been absorbed from each dragon with the Vampire Sword of the Battery.

And that was not enough. I opened the Intranian and absorbed all of the purple devil flowers, the hearts of the Horn Dragon, and the inner nucleus of the Kragen into the Vampire Blade, which was originally intended to be taken as Hidden Piece later.

Originally, we would have to manufacture the circumference at a constant rate and through several processes.

There was no time for that now.

Bones crumbling, body twisting. Yeon did not blink an eye.

In addition, the energy of King Xerxes, who was forced to use supersenses, suppressed the two forces that could become self-complex and united into one.

Then, with the sound of a massive explosion, my body swelled up to the point of bursting, and then I was forced to contract.

The scales were glowing blue, and the black color settled in, and the blue scales sparkled beautifully.

It was a sign that the secondary awakening reached a complete state as the horse's factor was engraved.

[Awakens the horse's argument.] [The horse's argument will be awakened. The Horseman has successfully taken his place.] [Blood of the Dragon is added along the blood of the Dragon.] [The dragon bone is engraved with a tightly engraved mark.] [The Master's Factor and the Dragon Factor have been successfully combined.] [Character conversion has been successful. The characteristic 'dragons' has been changed to 'dragons'.] [You have achieved a great achievement.

Extra XP is available.] [You have gained 10,000 Public Values.] [You have gained 15,000 additional Public Values.] A dinosaur.

My brother only thinks about it theoretically because of the fate of the dinosaur calatus, knowing the power he never thought to open.

Yeongwoo tightly grips Vigrid with the immense power it feels.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Vigrid is full of magic. The corpse sprayed a new Haran glow and sounded loud enough to think it would break soon.

[Purification of the Sword] [Life of Struggle] A Dragon Eye has targeted a giant monster beyond the Wall of Darkness.

Then Yeon-woo poured a huge amount of speculation that was hard to cope with.

Purification of the sword is an option that gives more power when the targeted target is strong, so the energy to accept it while targeting Agares was overwhelming.

Plus, life of struggle is tens of times more aggressive than it burns down determination.

Again, the vein rises above the skin as it breaks or breaks all over the body.

Even though Yeongwoo realized the new characteristics and became stronger in the flesh, the forces beyond the limits could collapse the body.


On the contrary, the body was pushed to its extreme limit and was able to make new changes by breaking through the threshold.

Goooo [The Dragon's Factor has reached its limit. Threshold breaks through to create new changes.] [Master's argument has reached its limit. Another mutation is made in search of new possibilities.] [Tier 3 power unlocks.] [Power. Elemental contact] was a tertiary awakening.

A giant dragon's wings protrude from the back of the pond, composed of a shell. The wings of fire are intermingled with the wings of the dragon and expanded indefinitely, and the scale of the dragon reaches close to the right eye. A sharp fang appeared between my lips.

Yeon uses her powers to concentrate her enormous power on Beagrid as if it were about to explode, and overlays this with Athena's divine power.

Nice. nemesis. 'I woke up the two people who had been measuring the timing in the stone of the sage.

Master, come on! Dreams are • • • • • • low. [Holy Spirit] [Dreaming Nightmare] Immediately, the air sank along the stream, adding the properties of fire to the sword, inflating the power several times again.


You swing your sword across the crossbar.

[murmuring] [waves of fire - mines] [72Tactics - temples, widths, daggers] The flame stalks that bloomed on Vigrid continue to reach the very edge of the stage.

You cleave through the darkness and pierce through the center of the giant creature to cover the stage.