Second Life Ranker

6. Demon Duke Agares (6)

[Characteristic: Dragon] Description: The polyp and the devil have been at odds with each other since ancient times as obscure as never before. The opposition is firmly rooted in instinct.

However, polyps have a huge influence on each other as much as the devil enjoys the heart of polyps, so there are times when the livestock misinterprets the species and embraces their natural traits to evolve.

As the dragon began to bloom, it was accepted as a creature that laughed at the greatness of the dragon to the extent that it was publicly branded in the ethnic society.

But just like that, the dragon can harness the power of the polyp and the devil simultaneously to exert tremendous power.

However, if the factor is not balanced, the greatest focus should be on controlling the body as a risk indicator of existential collapse.

= Can gradually refine the power of the Rae Employer and the Devil.

Depending on whether you qualify, you will be able to declare your own territory, 'Bina,' to maximize the power you have over a certain range.

Depending on their qualifications, they will open the system of knowledge that the polyps explored and understood, "Hawkma," and will also be able to have a glimpse of the knowledge that the demons enjoyed and constructed, "Nechach."

Depending on whether or not you are qualified, you can unlock the power of truth, the power of 'Ketter' and the power of majesty, 'Tifereti', mastered by demons.

The dragon was originally a feature that my brother had only designed in his mind.

Dragonfly. The two so-called non-hybrid polyps were known as masters. And that was true. Spell-seeking outings 0/The other two hate each other and kill each other/car remains/a year before the week, the hall grows up to its previous life for 10,000 years; {}

But it was everywhere else.

In polyp societies, there were those who wanted to isolate/uh big things for some reason, and Po was occasionally bored to 54419; Ö/or to explore the big truth/to get ahead and catch John 0./There was.

In return for some of the specifics of the polyps, they were, uh, h % privileged and resurfaced into new beings-/.

My son was a confused dragon.

The dragons were floating around with no constellations, no demons, no place to go.

He was the chieftain of the tribe for the polyps, and for the demons, he dared to imitate them. And, of course, the two factions set out to massacre the dragon as soon as it was found.

But catching a dragon was never easy.

A new mutant who overcomes the limits of his kind. It was natural to have the ability to surpass the individual species.

That's why we should never have to take one or two steps to catch the dragon.

There had to be an army of at least five.

If only a dragon or a polyp appeared, that was why he focused on slaughtering and using meat for everything else.

The more people there are, the more people there are. Because I'm gonna be the leader of each faction, and I'm gonna kill them all. Even if the faction was stubborn, it was okay.

This is exactly what he focused on.

Now there are no more dragons left as the polyps were killed.

If I could revive it, it would be a very powerful force.

You can break some of the limits that dragons must have. Solutionists can benefit even more.

However, he only held on to the theory and did not intend to further refine his own characteristics.

The reason was simple.

Until then, Calatus the Archer has been watching over him.

And even after he disappeared, Jama was not able to challenge him with any regrets.

The biggest reason the polyps were killed was in the Devil's Bar. It was because there was no way to borrow the power of those who took the life of the dinosaur Kalatus. Above all, Calatus prides himself on being a dragon.

So he and Viera Dun gained the Devil Skill and set the limits even when contracting with Agares.

It is good to learn the magic of demons and possess some of their factors to be strong, but never cross the 'line'.

If I crossed over, I would terminate all contracts I had made for the first time.

So he kept his promise to Calatus to the end.

I didn't even think about trying to become a vampire myself.

However, as a scholar, we have established some theories for constructing the parasite out of curiosity.

And as time went on, I also added that idea.

Since a dragon is already in the past, catching a strand shouldn't be difficult. Then, depending on how you do it, it might be better to exceed even the limits of a dragon. The dragon and the devil didn't even have a buffer.

A god who shines as hard as the sky. And a giant who once fought a great war with such a god. If only two factions could join forces.

And 9//q} Dragons fell. If only we could have the love of the Greeks who have already died and the love of the gods who have been filled with them.

How far will the fan go? The question that my brother asked himself was a question that no one had answered. And it was a question that no one had ever tried to answer.

He wanted to find the answer, but he couldn't.

As I was searching for answers, the war against the Eight Clans began, and the betrayal of the Artyrians began. I had no time to study it because I was in a rush to fight alone.

But the outline and blueprints that I wrote were generally in the diary.

Based on this, Yeongwoo was able to successfully complete the dinosaur while absorbing a whole bunch of the horse's factors.

I had to try it safely through all the research, but it was a crisis, so I had no choice.


A crisis like that has led to a new awakening.

There was a rapid awakening following the secondary awakening that had been opened on the floor.

We have made it relatively easy to control the enormous power of the three levels of power that are wide open and unfamiliar.

[Contact with Elements] Description: The Archaeoid Calatus refined its power over eight steps to allow contractors to quickly adapt to solvents. This is the third level of power.

The dragon's will begins to control the elements that flow within the declared realm. It has the effect of increasing dominance over each attribute.

Greatly improves dominance over fire attributes.

Greatly improves dominance over water attributes.

Greatly improves dominance over wind attributes.

[Dragon Realm, 'Vida has been strengthened. It has been able to exert power and attribute control across a certain realm.] [Increases all stats by a certain amount over time] [' Attribution 'is successful.] Among them, the power utilized by Yeonwoo is' Master of Fire ',' Master of Darkness'.

Few people had already followed the attributes of compassion as far as fire and heat, and the owner of the fire, who amplified it several times again, allowed even the devil to be immortalized.

Khhh! The creature that was pierced through the center of the body struggles with pain. The enormous beast makes the stage tremble up and down, possibly deaf. It seemed like the sky was going to settle down.

The explosion occurred several more times in succession. The flames surge wildly, hurling a gust of wind on all sides. The light and heat surge toward the creature and consume it at a rapid rate.

The stage that was filled with darkness and light was filled with red.

Various powers, traits and skill effects, and, most importantly, the power added under the blessing of Athena.

All that added up was enough power to cool down Hermes' liver, and Agarass, who had been beaten up by it, suffered tremendous pain.

The fires fired by the honeycomb were sacred, so they were a deadly poison to the devil. Instead of filling the egg holes, they quickly devour the creature's flesh, and the optional waves of fire, the 'raging flame', slows down the rate of ignition.

The fires that erupted everywhere ignite the residual explosions again, and the explosions and explosions connect to each other as a concussion, resulting in more chain explosions.

The red light envelops the entire creature in an instant.

How dare you! How dare you! Agares revealed a deep sense of fury to Yeon-woo who made herself look like this. You can't even hit your head back.A mere mortal humiliates you like this! But...

The violence did not stop there.

"Hahaha! This is fun. I'm going to die for fun!" Just a little while longer God. Bless you! "Like Yeon-woo, the life that was blessed with Athena, and had only momentarily gained more power than the Dark Lord, Rebecca, also wielded her sword without missing her chance.

It wasn't nearly as crazy as the fire that Yeon Woo shot, but it was enough to hurt Agares who had already been badly injured.

The wealthy try to cast a rune spell behind them to protect them.

Seconds} Ow, ow! Left-handed - two Death Knights and a spirit wield their swords several times, and the giant body of the monster continues to pass over.

And it wasn't Hermes who missed the opportunity.

The snake rushes to Agares again. Suddenly, a large snake grew to about a dozen, each biting hard at the body of the monster and injecting poison with its venom to poison it at a rapid rate.

Guung-agareth's body struggles to settle on the bartable. It was as if a huge mountain had collapsed. The snake tore its skin, squeezed it inward, and ate and cleaned as much as it could see.

The black figure of the creature gradually began to turn dull and gray. It means the Boa Serpent's venom is spreading at a rapid rate, driving him to Braille's death.

Through the punctured hole, Margie poured herself back and forth.

Like a poison in the bottom. The sheep were enormous enough to easily make a few demons by gathering them together.

Gaaah! Gaaah! "Hermes pushed the snake deeper, in order to completely kill the breath of such an agareth.

Yeongwoo did not miss all such sights.

'can catch • • • • • •' Yeon-woo had hope that maybe she could really catch Agares.

Without Hermes' reign and Athena's blessings, I would never have been so proud.

Agares, who began to turn around once, was not the immortal 'never going to be challenged' that the players had always thought of.

'If only I could fire one more fire.' So I tried to take one more step.

Weep! Suddenly, I feel like I'm bleeding from my mouth, and my vision spins. My body sank forward.

Hey, Owner? Owner! "Sanon quickly approached and reinforced Yeon-woo.

Owner, are you okay? I wanted to say something, "Yeon-woo is fine. However, I couldn't speak because of the blood spilling constantly. You feel your strength draining from your body. It was hard to stand on two legs.

I think you have lost your stamina. The sudden awakening of a trait would have been a huge burden on you physically, even with that mysticism. "Han Han checked the condition of Yeon-woo and sighed shallow.

Obviously, Yeon-woo was in too much trouble.

Even with Athena's blessings, it would be great to keep your body in a conflict between God and the Devil. We've created character and arousal here, and we've dealt with enormous power.

An opponent with no magical power left in the Magic Circuit. It was amazing that it didn't collapse like this.

“No, no.

But Yeon-woo wanted to get up somehow. Just a little more. Just a little more. Then it really wasn't a matter of grabbing Agares, sealing it, or anything.

Sacrifice, we must help. 'Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. He was guilty of a great sin against Caesar.

I shouldn't have said I didn't know I had a niece. Just knowing that his nephew had been born in a place he did not know, he had committed a sin he could not wash away. We must not lose our hands like our brother. Cessaman had to be saved.

Even if his body collapses now.

"Such stubbornness!" Sanon was annoyed when he read the thoughts of such fellowship. Usually you're the one with the hot blood flowing through your veins, and you're so cold. I was frustrated by this foolish personality that sometimes appeared.

But no matter what he says, he doesn't seem to be able to hear the softening.


A huge enchantment group rises beneath Agares, who was torn apart by the Boa Serpent, and his body grows in a continuous blazing furnace. A wide open iron gate appears.

God and the Devil are tightly tied to the 98th floor. It took a considerable sacrifice to get out of the stairwell, and even the time limit was short. After all, it was the time limit given to Agarash.

“I can't help it.” Almost Hermes kicked his tongue lightly looking at Agares like that. "I thought it would be better to chase him down to the 98th floor.

After losing this much power in the first place, it must have been hard for him to live long even if he returned to his own land.

I will never let any other demon near me think about climbing the Hochtam.

They'll be eaten and collapsed. Or being eaten by Baal, the head of Le Infernal.

No matter what happens, Hermes has been an opportunity to defeat the troublesome Against.

He ordered the snakes to be thrown out of the Iron Gate without eating any more.

"Let go! Let go!" However, Agarash managed to hold the edge of the door as though he would never be pushed into the iron gate. The massive eyes, gleaming between the wounded bodies, were shimmering with frenzy.

Agares roars, his jaws wide open.

I couldn't be pushed back to the 98th floor like this. It was a good opportunity to catch up. I don't know when this will happen again. Next time, he may die at the end of his life. That's it! But no matter how much Agares hits the ball bearings, the solid iron gate sucks him in at a rapid rate. Boa snakes were also pushing him upside down from above.

Never Miss This Time ÖI! Suddenly, the area next to the monster stretched out and rushed toward Yeon-woo. Hi1Remes sends a snake to you in desperate need, but the darkness is already fishing for lily.

Life and Ghost quickly blocked the way ahead, but it was too easy to bounce off and melt in the shadows.

This time. Come out. Let's go. "The darkness became the human form of Agarose, who had just opened the iron gate and sinned by stifling Yeouido's neck.

All the relaxation was gone, and both eyes filled with restlessness and frenzy were filled with only delayed rainfall. The same face as Cha Jung-woo. The face I wanted to have the other day, but couldn't have.

Though not him. He reminds me of him.

I had to have it somehow. This time, I never want to miss this time.

With me. You and Yeon-woo's obsession with madness shook my head. I was choking. I thought I'd be dragged out with him. Athena's blessing grows stronger, but her lack of strength makes it difficult to scatter it.

At that time, Yeon-woo widened her left hand. Ticktock, ticktock. I stabbed the tooth of a baritory bloodsucker in his arm.

[The Vampire Sword of Battery has been activated.] Boosts vitality and periodicity.] [You've gained 11.] [Agility has increased by 16.] [You obtained the Horse's Factor.] [You obtained the Horse's Factor.] [Warning! The horse factor absorbed in large quantities is well outside the tolerance limit. The balance with the Dragon Factor begins to be disrupted. We are at risk of a catastrophic collapse.] even though I sucked it for a little while.

So many magi's thoughts, and her factors poured into her body.

I couldn't even compare it to when I was dealing with the dragons. Margie quickly flooded the magical circuitry, quickly invading the bone marrow and reaching the mental and soul realms.

The black and blue scale has now turned black. And the skin beneath it is dead. The poison is spreading at a rapid rate. It was a warning that a dinosaur could collapse with only a balance point at hand.

However, Yeongwoo had to hold Agarez like this, and Agarez also did not make a move to bring Yeongwoo to his own place.

At this rate, Yeon-woo may die, “Oh Hyo-Hyo Hyo. Here, here. I tried to leave it as long as I could. If we keep going on like this, there won't be any stage left or anything left.” Suddenly, I heard a strange laugh in the sky but familiar to Yeon-woo, and an invisible blade cut off her wrist and passed by while holding onto her tightly.

No! I can't! He's mine! It's mine! “Obsession. Don't you know there's nothing more bizarre than an obsessed man? Oh Hyo Hyo. Goodbye, I can't go far.” Agarez let go of the kite completely, and was sucked straight through the iron gate.

The iron gate closes again, sinking back under the enchanted circle and hiding its tracks. The darkness that filled the stage disappeared.

And to where he was, six people settled quietly down the newly opened portal.

Strange people dressed in tuxedos.

Especially one of them was noticed by the poisonous lotus.

“Really. Every time # # # gets into a big accident.

Ifuke smiles with his mouth wide open as he repairs his glasses.

It was the appearance of managers.