Second Life Ranker

7. Archangel Agares (7)

God and the Devil have been working hard, and they don't snore when they fight. It almost came to an end when the judgment was made.

Moreover, the surfaces that appeared were never low grade managers.

As well as Ibulke and Ruffi, all four of them were the faces I saw in the diary. They were top managers.

Ifuke stares at the stage that has become ruined by the ruins of darkness and light.

“Truly. What a mess. That's why we're the only ones listening up there." The administrators take a deep breath away from the ground. Some folded their arms and uttered scornful words. For those who have a responsibility to take care of the stage, this mess has become a problem.

Moreover, how many players have been sacrificed due to this commotion. It was not even a proper estimate.

However, Everke smiles wickedly enough to make her fangs clear. Contrary to what I said about being a pain in the ass, I thought this situation was fun and I wanted to die.

“Restore.” Then he put on his one-eyed glasses and recited the commandment as much as he could. It was only a system call granted to the highest level of managers.

Calm down-like rewinding a tape, the forest begins to recover at a rapid rate.

Returning to the dust and ashes that had been scattered everywhere, I filled the hole deeply, turned brown again, and densely erected the tree. It even bears back the missing fruit.

The process of restoring the stage data that had been previously backed up looked so strange to the eyes of Yeongwoo. God's miraculous signs are like this.

But there was also a clear limitation here that the recovery of the stage could not be reversed, even if the lives of the players could be recovered.

How many players have died in this incident? And how many clans have been harmed. The managers had already pressed their temples into a heap of protests against the Bureau.

Then the innards begin to move and back with a slow recovery due to the remaining sanum of Agares.

And in the meantime,

Ibulke slowly approached Yeon-woo and placed his adorable "2012" on his forehead.

Yeongwoo has been wandering around the perimeter ever since she noticed the managers appearing.

The narcotic factor contained above the limit was already spreading as fast as poison. The only reason a dragon can be great is because the two factions have a strange balance. If this balance is slightly distorted, it brings great danger.

Thanks to this, the dragon's factor collapses as the flesh collapses, and its power quickly dissipates. Just returning to the human body, the collapse was rapidly underway.

If we could not even slow down because we separated the consciousness from the body as much as possible using the parallax, it would not be strange if the body had already melted into paralysis. However, his consciousness was rapidly fading and dangerous.

No, Dory Yeon tried to control the master of the beast who feeds on her.

The devil's son, who had taken from Agares, boasted such a large quantity that a small demon could easily be produced, even if it was just a handful for him.

This should be enough to complete the Wise Man's Stone. No, there was no Wise Man's Stone in Yeon Woo's head. I wanted to put it in one place somehow, thinking it would cure the Sage Soldier.

However, it was impossible to do what was possible under normal conditions, with all strength and stamina in mind.

Ifuke looks through the state of the pond and shakes his head as if it can't be dried.

“Oh Hyo-Hyo. Since the tower, you're the only one who's rotted my head like this. Shall we settle the trial first?” [All trials have ended.] [Start settlement.] [Sum Public Values.] An accomplishment already engraved by Yeon-woo was far from triumphant.

[Great Record Achieved.

Would you like to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [You have declined registration.] [However, every time the public staircase attack was completed, the message always went up quickly, followed by a cumulative public value of 23 floors.

Ifuke's eyes widen as if to be magnificent, knowing that he had never used public values since the 11th century, but even so, the players in one section of the lower floors were simply too high to have.

However, Everke rolls up her mouth. This would have left us with the compensation Yeon-woo needs.

“It's a bit of a shame to write like this. But it won't be bad for # #.” As needed, it was also the manager's responsibility to force the player to give the right reward right away. I usually did not do well because it could be a mortgage act, but I didn't care about the duvet at all.

The left-handed public values begin to consume at a rapid rate. In addition, the hand of Ifuqué, which was placed on the head of the lotus, slowly absorbed into the lotus.

Then, the horse's provocation sank like a lie, as if it were going to swallow the lotus. And the dragon's factor, which had become helpless, was reborn.

The scales of the black dragon quickly returned my colors and glowed like a sapphire. The wound was healed and the skin was cleared. I was just telling you that the only blood stains left in my mouth were from the poison.

Then Yeon regained consciousness, deeply exhaled. Along the mouth, black smoke erupted and dispersed into the air.

I regained my strength, but I wasn't even able to recover my mental strength, so I was exhausted.

“Drink this, too.” Evilke spent all the remaining cumulative public values and threw the cure to Yeongwoo.

A blue liquid was running through a crystal glass bottle the size of the palm of your hand.

I took the lid to my mouth without hesitation.

From the esophagus, I felt a lot of clarity spread throughout my body. My remaining fatigue ran away.

“What you just took is an elixir called Nectar. It's not easy for our top managers to find, although it's a bit lacking in factual value.

Well, let's just say the rest is my service. Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo. ”Yeon could only sigh.

And we were able to identify the heavily remodeled material near the incantation point.

[Agares' Mae Classification: Jewel Rating: (Non-measurable) Description: Conception (Witch Factor) extracted from the Demon Prince Agares has been processed into a forced marble. Due to the instability of the processing process, it can be released again as soon as it is touched.

Ifuke used up the amount of accumulated public values that Yeongwoo had been accumulating and turned the horse's son into a jewel.

It was originally impossible with any technique, but the public values accumulated by Yeonwoo were so high that Lee Bueke, the chief manager, was able to do it with his special hands.

Much more quantity than any demon you've captured and sealed, and it seems qualitatively straightforward to treat the tax collector.

So she was happy, but soon she had to examine the machete and harden her impression.

The processing was too unstable. In this condition, I could never be discharged out of the body.

So Yeon-woo looks at the duvet, but she shakes her head firmly as if she knew what you were thinking.

“It can't be more than this. This is actually good enough for me. The public domain of # # is endless. And most of all, don't you know that reward is meant to be non-transferable?” What am I supposed to do while my head is spinning?

Someone landed quietly from the sky, after being bitten again. It was Hermes.

Everke steps aside to greet you. However, it was a little more awkward than polite.

Harmesh grins as if familiar, and approaches Yeon Woo. He had somehow erased all his existence.

“I know what you must be thinking so urgently. But don't rush it because it's urgent. Then you will also let go of those around you. You're not that kind of person, are you?" Hermes covered the face of Yeongwoo with a gentle touch. Yeon-woo wanted to say something to him, but soon her eyes closed by itself and her torso collapsed forward. The exhausted spirit could no longer endure.

At that time, a new hypothalamic sphere was created along the fallen lotus. And the warm energy slowly infiltrated Yeon-woo.

Hermes opens his eyes slightly, looking up at the sky and smiling.

Athena. She always looked at the lotus with warm eyes. I could still see the look on his face.

“Oh Hyo Hyo. Do you want to go?” At that time, Ibulke asked me a few questions.

The torn jaw of the mouth is ugly, but somehow it feels good.

Hermes glances at the duvet and nods quietly.

He left a note and went back to the Boa Serpent, who was waiting for him up there.

“I don't have time. Watch your back.

“Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo. I know how many eyes I see, but I can handle it.” Harmesh returned to heaven with the boa snakes. For a moment, the iron door, which was hiding its appearance, appeared wide open and closed again.

The last remnant of the great being that filled the 23rd floor disappeared.

Ifuke watches the scene quietly and turns his body back to where Yeongwoo is.

“Now, let's finish the rest of the story.” How long has it been?

Yeon-woo slowly lifts up her heavy eyelids. The blurred vision caught my attention gradually.

Edora holds his forehead in a towel. Edora opened her eyes slightly, then smiled.

“Are you awake?” Yeon-woo doesn't understand this situation for a moment. Why are you here? The managers appeared, and with the help of Ifuke, ruled over the devil's son. Then Hermes approaches and falls asleep.

Thinking about the previous work, I thought I knew how the latter came to be 017. Pandit and Edora, who were on the other side, saved themselves.

So what happened to the others? Where's Sarah? Where's Abraham? Galilee then listens to the other managers2 but asks a short, short question at once.

“This is, isn't it?" “24th floor.” “24th floor?” That was a surprise.

Edora nods at Yeon Woo's rumour.

“Yes. The Devil's Forest seemed so hazy that it took me straight to it. This is the city's objective near the start zone.” Obviously. Unlike 23 insects, 24 were famous for their clear natural landscapes. It was adequate for nursing.

“What about the others?” “That • Edora hesitated without an immediate answer.

Yeon-woo felt uneasy.

So I tried to force it to happen, but my liver dizziness was strong.

“Brother!” Edora quickly raises the kith. Yeon-woo reaches out and tries to restrain her, but she suddenly takes her hand toward her face.

I touched my face on my fingertips. There was no mask.

Yeon-woo turned to Edora with a stiff look. However, Edora carefully handed out the mask that she had left on the nearby table as if she was fine.

However, Yeon-woo could not get her mask as soon as possible. Several thoughts made me confused.

He showed his face to Caesar's back because it was flesh and blood. But Panda and Edora were subtly different. I was already treating the two of them like sisters, but revealing their identity was a completely different story.

My brother thought of the members of Artiya as family. They mourned, but eventually they were torn apart by their own greed and collapsed.

There was no law against these two someday. I trusted them both, but I couldn't trust them any more. Taking off his mask meant giving up everything he had. I didn't want to. This could have been his neck weakness one day.

So Yeon-woo had a cold thought for only a short time. How many people have you seen? Two? Or all the people I met the whole time I was on the 24th floor? No, Edora can't be that uncomfortable, so the two of them are most likely all.

If only I'd seen the two of you. What to do with Edora and Pants. Should we shut them up? But how? You may not know what your face means, but you're more likely to know.

He was so famous.

No, even if you don't know. I didn't want to leave any risk factors behind.

With all those thoughts, my mind was too complicated.

Edora with such a sparkling look in her eyes could not have been able to read.


Edora slowly approaches unharmed. Then I reached out and hugged Yeon Woo. For the reason she was able to resist, but did not break, Yeon-woo was bound in Edora's arms. It smelled like warm flesh.

Edora strokes her head like that. Like everybody understands. How hard it must have been and comforting, I was so devastated and warmly gagged at him.

Yeongwoo closed her eyes quietly. I already have no thoughts in my head. No, I didn't want to. So I stopped for a long time.

Edora's arms are so warm.