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8. Wise Man's Stone (0

I wonder how much time I have lost.

After she recovered from Edora's arms, she couldn't properly make eye contact for a moment. I knew that I was a little drunk, but when I came back to my senses, I was surprised.

Edora smiled lightly as if such a lotus was cute. It was fresh because she had never seen anything but hard lotus before. I was surprised that I could see the look on his face, not just his eyes.

“Even your brother is ashamed." • • • What have you been looking at me for? ”“ I'll leave that to your brother. ”Edora throws the farm lightly and pushes the mask in her hand forward.

The hand of Yeongwoo receiving it was slightly stiff. I still had a lot on my mind. It wasn't as harsh as it used to be, but it was full of conflicts about what to say, how to react.

But don't be so grumpy. Edora grabs hold of Yeon Woo's hand quietly. A jewel-like, sparkling eye contains lotus.

“Pant didn't see his face.” I looked at Yeon-woo with a look on her face.

“He saw his brother collapse. I don't think you're ready to see it yet. My brother didn't open his heart and show it to me, so he said he would wait until then.” “And I was thinking the same thing, but the tip was a little different. I wanted to see what kind of yoke my brother was wearing. If you want to share it, is that wrong?” Edora said so and kept her mouth shut. After that, I'll leave everything to Yeon-woo.

Yeon-woo realized that the time had come. Will you tell me your secret or not?

I knew this would happen one day. We can't just hide it forever. And if you can't, you have to keep your mind clear and split up.

I didn't think I'd be back so soon, so I couldn't say anything else.

Then Yeon-woo firmly decided.

These kids. These guys might be okay. However, if it was backpriced, I was right to leave now. If so, it would only be a waste of time if we were together.

Then I organized my thoughts and slowly put the mask on my face.

“Someday. I'll tell you everything.” Edora nods quietly and smiles. It was a smile that shined brighter than ever.

Yeongwoo travels with Edora to the other room. Pant, Cesar, Galeed and Braham are staying. And guests who don't know why they're still here.

Queek carefully opens the door, and Galilee, standing by the door, looks at the groin and nods. I was a little surprised to see him wearing his mask again, but I soon figured out why.

“Hello?" “Abraham awaits you.” Yeon nods and approaches the bed. Fant glances at Yeongwoo with a mischievous look, then shifts aside. Cesar, who was sitting next to the bed, ran to shove his arms around Yeon-woo.

“Ahhhh! Uncle!” Has Galilee explained that to you? Cesar was calling Yeon-woo an uncle, not a father. However, after knowing everything, without a single sign of gratitude for the first time we met, the tax collector shed his tears flat.

Abraham was dying on his bed. A dry, curly body and shallow breath. God was killing him. The great god who was once called the class of God. Humankind has never ceased to exist.

I felt like I was going to suffocate. With the help of Ifuke, who was constantly supplying him with magic, it seemed he was barely breathing.

Ibulke had a bitter smile on his mouth for the first time since Yeon-woo met him. He looks at the kite, fixes his glasses and slowly comes out of the bed.

“You seem to have a lot to talk about, so I'll leave you alone for a while. # # #, Hermes has a message for you, so please take a moment later." Yeongwoo nods, and Ifuke rides the portal and hides his tracks.

Then the group meets in the room.

Yeongwoo slowly went to bed 7} 7.

Abraham's eyelids flutter open hard. The poorly focused pupils slowly moved and secured to the pond.

“Hello?" “Can I see your face? Yeon-woo nodded and took the mask. Then Pantro, Edorah and Galilee all leave.

Chalk-Brahm stared at Yeon Woo's naked face for a long time. Dark eyes. Eyes without twinkles. An angled jawline. It gives the impression of a distinct piece of carpentry.

“It's the same. It's the same. But he looks so different.” I've heard that a lot. ”“ Normal twins have the same innate trait. ”“ But strangely, we grew up different. ”“ I see. It certainly feels different. Did you have a lot of fights? ”Brothers are supposed to punch and circus, right?” “Haha. He does, too.” Maybe it's because I'm about to die. Abraham was more flexible than the first time we met. It was much smoother. And it was too well connected.

It was originally cynical.

Perhaps, in fact, such a appearance was just a false appearance like Yeon-woo's mask.

Then Abraham smiled bitterly.

“You know what? I hated that face.” I opened my eyes to the unexpected words of Yeon.

“It was a face that made my daughter suffer.” Yeon-woo smiled bitterly.

“He was a bad man.” “Yes. Bad guy. Cancer. He was a real jerk.” Ananda has always had a brother in mind since the first time I met her. Some times he expressed his mind, but each time, he refused. The reason was simple. There was a lover back then.

Technically, he's my brother, but he's an idiot.

Keeping an eye on her so steadily, Ananta accidentally found out that she had a child, and threw everything into her hands to save her. And Cesar was saved.

In fact, it must have been hard for Abraham to suffer for his daughter. After my brother died, my daughter was still fighting for her tax dollars in the middle of nowhere.

“Though I didn't live that life to boast that I had a daughter. Not a sweet father. But the thing that broke his heart for so long, I hated it.” Abraham's gaze was now directed at someone else who looked like Yeon-woo, not Yeon-woo.

“But on the contrary, thank you. It was him who reconnected me with my daughter, who watched her from afar, without any interaction.” Yeongwoo recalled the contents of the journal in a corner. The first time his brother met Anantara, it was actually for Abraham.

'Abraham never tried to help him, so he found what he needed and went to persuade Anatta himself. You were slapped on the cheek, weren't you?' My brother persistently persuaded Anatta that he never wanted to meet Abraham.

At first, I wanted to learn alchemy from Abraham. Later on, I really wished their daughters well. He had a family that he left on Earth. He was sad that he was projected.

“And he was the one who brought her to me. I can't thank you enough.” Abraham stretched his arms and stroked Cesar's head gently. There were tears in the big eyes of the shaman.

“For this child, how could I have felt sorry for Gabriel's voice? The Devil never caught it. Cesar's condition will continue to deepen, and various places, such as Elohim and the blood country, were coveting him.

And she was still struggling in the middle of nowhere.

There were too many policemen left to leave. She gave birth to Anantara and came here. From start to finish, he was the name of making bad choices without accomplishing anything properly.

The Bra-homa of Creation? Haven't you reached the level you once gave me? God of the Apocalypse? What's the point of all this? The precious things that are right next to you are just not guarding them properly.

That's why the polish on his head was cleverly sown in Abraham's hands.

“Abraham, don't go anywhere." Cesar shakes his head, holding Abraham's hand like that. Her sinking tail reveals Cesha's grief.


Yeonwoo looked at Abraham and asked.

“Don't you want to live?” There was a way. He looks back at Yeon-woo. His eyes sank deeper.

“You mean your abilities." I knew it.

I have never known the Sapphire spirit hiding in the shadows before.

“Yes." “I live. • • Abraham closed his eyes silently for a moment and slowly opened again.

“But • • • • - His voice was trembling with joy that I could live with.

“I have sinned against you. The world's a pain in the ass. Can I live with that? will be” “." Yeon-woo's voice was resolute.

Live for the lyrics. Also, buy for Anantara. And I'm asking you to do the same. Please live, and you will. "Yeon-woo hung up for a moment.

“Don't you think I'll have someone to look up to in the future? Abraham opens his eyes wide.

And then I kept my mouth shut.

“Also, don't you have to cure Cesar's illness quickly and go see your daughter?” Is there a • • way? ”Yeon nods.

“I have an idea. Save Cesar and Ananta. But we absolutely need Abraham's help to do that.” Abraham sighed shallow.

“So are you. It bothers people. So was he." “Brothers, right?” “Nevertheless, nylgene was once called a • • • • - god. Haha.Now I'm someone else's bitch.” Anyone who knows how strong Abraham's pride is would be appalled. Even the gods and demons will be appalled.

“But none of this is bad, and that's the end of it.

Abraham closed his eyes quietly.

My heart sank, going up and down shallow. Life span is over.

Into the dragon horse of open pond, it was Abraham's soul about to leave the body.

“Uncle!” Cesar pulls the cuff of the kitten. Yeon-woo stroked Cesar's head with her face, spread out her left hand and put it on Abraham's body.

[Vampire Sword of Battery] Well-knock, well-toothed teeth settle into Abraham's body and begin to absorb the spirit.

Although it was not very helpful because of the short-lived life force, a huge amount of energy was poured into the body because it was the work of collecting giant souls that had once become gods.

Among them, what stood out [I obtained God's Factor.] [You have obtained the Divine Factor.] was about the factor of God.

It was also an interesting message as a twilight. Depending on its use, it could be a material that would awaken a dinosaur to more than a level.

However, Yeouido put together a new factor without refinement and united it with energy.

In the event that even a given dinosaur cannot handle it properly, it is only a burden if it is given more power. And now I wanted to somehow revive my grandfather.

Jiaying! At that time, the despair of the King of the Seven Hundreds fell into ruins.

Yeon stretches out her right hand wide.

Then a pure white soul appeared on the palm of my hand that was larger than a human head. It's not a ghost. The spirit is so high that it doesn't collapse after absorbing it. At this rate, it seemed to be a spirit.

I couldn't compare it to dating or freaking out.

Only for a short while, Yeonwoo wondered if this giant spirit could truly become the Death Knights.

It was too big to be an undead. I could barely make it to Death Knight. Abraham could not compare to that. God was God, no matter how gracious it was.

I'm still trying to figure it out.

“Hold on, uncle! Here, here, here!” Caesar suddenly grabbed hold of the lotus, and lifted the bracelet he was wearing on his wrist to open the subspace wide. Then I slipped my hand in and searched for a long time, finding the cost.

A small sealed glass bottle. Inside, there were things like Dandelion Hall floating on its back.

Yeon-woo checked the circle and opened her eyes wide.

[Homunklaus' liquid] Grade:??? (Non-measurable, Incomplete) Description: The raw material of artificial life that Abraham spilled out of all his Alchemy knowledge and magical essences. However, 'it remains incomplete because we do not know how to create the soul.

It was one of two treasures that Abraham boasted with the aqueous book.

If the aqueous book had a comprehensive book of alchemy and refinement knowledge, Homunklace's spirit would have been a complete orphan based on that knowledge. However, I still remained incomplete because I couldn't make a soul as described in the description.

“My sickness told me to use it if there was no cure. This could make him better!” The small jar of glass is tightly held in the hands of the shaman. Both eyes glowed brightly.

Eyes mixed with expectations. I had a lot of faith that my uncle would oppose me.

Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously.

'This is going to be really bad if it doesn't work.

I felt strongly that I should listen to anything my nephew wishes.

So I took a glass jar and breathed into it Abraham's soul.

Whoa! The glass jar shines bright.

And looking at it.

Suddenly, I thought that.

Maybe he's already a nephew.