Second Life Ranker

9. Wise Man's Stone (2)

The expanded light swallowed up the glass jar, and slowly filled the room and took on the human form.

• • • • • • Homunklace. Rebecca muttered as she looked at him. Homeunculus, an artificial life collective of alchemy.

She wanted to be flesh like a living person, so she had to be coveted.

'I'll ask you to make another one later, so don't be angry. "Thank you. Rebecca realizes that she's caught inside, smiling bitterly and nodding.

For her who was a samuram, not a soul, she had no choice but to pretend to be 'real.'

So she became familiar with the spirit and desperately wanted to have a physical identity.

So I focused on the phenomenon behind Rebecca's eyes of envy and hope.

The light that spread throughout the place gradually gradually formed a human figure. Then the light slowly faded and Abraham remained.

Just the way we first met. When others saw it, it was so fresh that I thought I was going out and coming in. But I could see it in the eyes of Yeon Woo. It was a flesh that felt no more blood flowing.

[I successfully completed the resurrection of the spirit, the once great being. You have succeeded in providing the Spirit with a new body (homunculus).] [The spirit is starting to have an evil tendency.] [You have obtained the Divine Factor.] [You have obtained the Divine Factor.] [Congratulations! We have found a new way to die. You have a much wider realm where you can control the forces of darkness.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are provided.] [You have gained 5,000 Public Values.] [3,000 additional Prudential Points.] [Finish the remaining contracts with the resurrected spirit (homunculus). The stock price will be rewarded.] [The resurrected god (homunculus) has pledged his allegiance to you. In the future, he will belong to the Despair of the Seven Hundred Kings and become your sword and shield.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values will be provided.] [The gods and demons on the 98th floor, who were watching the situation, are appalled.] [Several god societies are discussing this.] [Several divine societies have expressed negative intentions. Bad opinions are starting to circulate.] [Several gods have shown offensive intent. Several angry gods have raised some discussion about you.] [God's society, Deva, reacts most violently.] [God's society, 'Olympus is the only one with a neutral opinion.] [God's society, Asgard, has no opinion.] [Hermes gazes at you silently. Athena cheers you on.] [Poseidon is deep in thought. For the first time, I have a negative opinion about you who has defiled God's majesty.] [Ares considers offering you an apostle position.] [Hephaestus considers offering you an apostle position.] [Dionysus gives you • • • • • • • •.] [Some demonic societies are deeply debated.] [Many demons rejoice.] [Demon society, Le Infernal, expresses its apathy.] No matter how violent he was, his power was never small.

He was once a god, not a lowly god. Although he was not a member of the fighting clan and had long lived in the lower levels and was greatly beaten by Agares, there were once a number of gods who followed him.

Such a god does not die honorably, but is subject to mortality, who has not yet become a ranker.

Of course, it was God and the Devil, and there was no need to obstruct it.

Fortunately, neither Hermes nor Athena, who had favorable feelings for Yeon-woo, reacted like this.

If anything, Poseidon turned his back on him, whereas gods like Ares and Hephaestus and Dionisos showed great interest in him.

It was all first-generation Olympus.

Demons, on the other hand, had a generally pleasant reaction.

However, Le Infernal was utilitarian. It's the most aggressive society in the world, so you have to react greatly. You can guess if there was a commotion as Agares returned injured.


Yeon-woo could feel that her 'dignity' rose by itself.

If it were the way it was, the stats would be readjusted to match the owner's caliber. Abraham's soul was too big, and Yeon-woo was recognized for his achievements here.

My fist is full of strength. Yeongwoo could feel that the unconscious world was deepening, and the pressure and spirituality were deepening.

This will increase the efficiency of mental system skills, including parallax disruption. The depth of the power was the same.

Will you build me a resurrected spirit?] “Abraham." [The name of the resurrected spirit (homunculus) has been named 'Abraham'.] [Loyalty has increased by 30.] [Domination has increased by 20.] [The high 'divine' soul of Abraham (homunculus) is currently created by the body cannot cope. The stats will be readjusted.] [Your stats have dropped significantly.] [Total stats decreased by 17.] [Abraham's stats have been adjusted. However, the 'guest of the soul' is the same, so the potential is the same. Existing bends lost as existence grows. We recommend rapid growth.] Ended an unrelenting message.

Abraham slowly opened his eyes, realizing that the contract was complete.

A clear light came to my mind and disappeared.

“Abraham!” Cesar gives a big hug to Abraham.

Abraham reaches out and hugs his granddaughter. And he stroked Cesar's back head for a long time.

I wasn't used to it yet. I was thankful that I could hold my granddaughter again with my arms like this.

“Abraham, it's cold. And it's so hard.

Cesar nods and grunts a little. These were the disadvantages that Horunklaus had to have. Boram was troubled that it was a matter he had never thought of.

Yeon-woo burst out a smile as she saw the strange appearance of Abraham. It seemed like the real Cesar was right in front of me.

Yeonwoo and Abraham talked for a long time, mostly about Cho Jungwoo.

It was good to know about Yeongwoo's brother who used to work in the tower, and Abraham was happy to hear about the old image of a friend he cared about.

But the most exciting thing was Sesha.

Cesar opens her eyes wide and listens to them for a long time, then sneaks in and keeps asking questions.

He was a father I'd never met. He was an unfamiliar father.

But Cesar said to herself, 'I realized that I had a father, and I was very happy that he was a very good man.

However, I had to pause for a moment to ask this question.

“Why wasn't my dad with my mom?” The mother who speaks here meant Anantara.

Yeon-woo smiled bitterly. If my brother had chosen Anantara instead of Viera Dunne. No, if only the two of you had met a little sooner. If so, there might have been a slight inflection in the time of those who were lonely. Suddenly, I thought that.

But on the contrary, if it had been so, Caesar would never have been born. Yeon-woo hugged Saesar quietly.

What am I supposed to say when this happens? It was a little sad that there was nothing I could do for my nephew other than give him a hug like this.

“How is your body?” Yeon realizes that the widowed Cesar has fallen asleep, and asks Abraham. Still, he didn't put down the essay. My nephew, who has never been able to hold me properly, wanted to hold me as much as I can now.

“It can't be comfortable. But I'll get used to it. Even when I first possessed the flesh.” Yeon-woo nods as if she understood. It will definitely be much more uncomfortable than the existing body. A randomly designed homunculus won't be able to output anything more than a radius. You must feel like you're in a prison of misery.

“But fortunately, this body can be remodeled at any cost. Slowly, I plan to regain as much function as my original body. And so,” Abraham didn't really add a hint. But I thought I knew what Yeon-woo was hiding. Maybe I'll even regain my lost identity later. And in order to do that, he must now work hard as an owner.

Power fades, knowledge does not fade. Therefore, the body of the Horunklaus will be renovated rapidly.

“More than that." Abraham narrows his eyes and asks Yeon-woo.

“My first story. Try it in detail." I'm talking about curing Cesar's horse and saying there's a way to save Anantara.

In fact, it was because of two things that Abraham had given up all of his remaining pride as a god and had accepted that he would become a member of the family.

He was the last of his kind.

“First of all, can you look at this?” Abraham soon opened his eyes, looking at Yeongwoo for something. All kinds of runes appear and disappear on the palm of your hand, and you build a magic circle.

Two such magicians. It wasn't the magic that triggered the real magic. However, it was a temporary model that showed what was in it.

One thing Abraham knew very well. A combination of the Demon Summoner and Seal Jinn.

However, the other one was similar to Yeon-jin, but different.

Abraham quickly identified the structure carved into the enchanted circle, and his eyes immediately opened wide. My eyelids trembled.

You have no idea! ”What Yeon pulled out was a Wise Man's Stone Rescue. A structural formula built exactly as Yeon-woo interpreted the Emerald Tablet.

Abraham clenched his fist. The Wise Man's Stone is like a vision of the Almighty. For what it's worth, I'm going to Dragonheart. So it was the ultimate goal of all alchemists, and so was Abraham.

And Abraham boasted that among the many alchemists in the tower, he was close to the wisest stone. His former status was "The Creation."

It remained a trait to him now.

But what Yeon-woo pulled out seemed to go far beyond her accumulated knowledge. Better knowledge than God's work? Is that really possible? “Viera Dunne dug up a piece of ruins she didn't know the name of and threw it out except for the important stuff. So I don't know the exact history.” There was a spark in Abraham's eyes.

Viera Dun. To him, it was a name to chew on.

“So?" “I accidentally acquired this while avenging Jungwoo, and I'm interpreting it now.

What if we added this structure to the book of the waters of Abraham? ”Abraham understood Yeon-woo's meaning for a moment.

“Perhaps we can complete the Wise Man's Stone.

And if you make it soft like that, "Abraham trembled.

Unlike before, we can really catch the devil this time. And I'll be able to do it without any risk.

If that's the case, then curing the disease is the best way to get better.

Moreover, as Yeongwoo, I was able to quickly complete the Sage Stone with Abraham's hands, without having to moan by myself.

'I can use Agares' remaining machinery as a power source. 'Yeon-woo followed L Ä as he slowly organized his thoughts.

“There's no need to dangerously summon a 98-story demon.

Even if Magi and Sanum are the only ones left on the 23rd floor by Agares, we can easily make a lesser demon.

Abraham nods. No matter how many managers used the system call to restore the stage, it couldn't have been all traces.

Perhaps not, but the 23rd floor was still a horse-racing event that ordinary players could not easily enter.

One shows light, and the other has great expectations. It seems to ask Yeon-woo to keep talking with the eyes full of purity.

“And then?” “I plan to use the Kerat Auction House.” “Auction house?" Abraham's face became strange.

The Kerat Auction House was a huge market where the majority of players participated, from stragglers outside the tower to high rankers.

At the Kerat Auction House, all sorts of goods were traded in real time.

Craftsmen who want fame raise their goods, and rankers give them away to dispose of unused artifacts. Then it was a way for the people who needed it to take the extra price.

In the meantime, Yeonwoo has had the Hidden Piece exclusively, and she never had to leave with the help of Hanova.

The market is so big that a lot of people visit it every day. And we're gonna use that place? It was just so crazy. Abraham quickly saw what Yeon-woo was after.

“You're going to raise the Wise Man's Stone.” Yeongwoo nods boldly.

“Yes, of course, I'm going to eliminate the critical structure, but I'm still going to leave some of the plausible items anonymous." This is gonna get messy. ”Abraham laughs nonsense. I wonder where all the fuss is. Maybe the tower will flip over.

Especially when the Red Dragon reacts the most. ”“ Hmm? Why? They don't care about anything but the 78th floor. "Now the Summer Queen is parched with Dragon Hearts. So I'm desperately looking for the Wise Man's Stone.” “When the Summer Queen moves, the Red Dragon moves. Then the other giant clans will have to move on. It's all going to be in the market for the Wise Man's Stone, and it's all going to be in the blood of finding a real rescue formula.” “And then, at the right time, all eyes will be drawn to the night of Valpurgis?” Abraham smiled coldly. Anantara will still be at war with Valpurgis' night somewhere. If you turn your gaze towards them, including the Red Dragons, you will be shoved away. The anthill won't be safe where the elephants passed by.

Perhaps there will be great confusion.

The chaos between the Red Dragon and Purity is nothing compared to war! “Yes. Since then, neither have we." Yeon-woo's eyes flashed coldly.

“We start hunting witches. ”