Second Life Ranker

10. Wise Man's Stone (3)

Abraham strokes his chin with his hands. With solemnly shining eyes, my mind was spinning complicated with thoughts.

“How do I get Valpurgis' night attention?" As Yeon-woo continues to make plans,

A silly smile appeared on Abraham's face, and he burst into laughter.

Yeon-woo wears a road mask, leaves Caesar with Braham, and slowly leaves the room. It took me a while to readjust my body, and I avoided going there on purpose because I would like to talk to Caesar.

Galilee, Pant and Edora follow them. He was especially nervous in Galilee's eyes.

“Did Abraham go well?" I never thought it would work.

“You're okay." “Caesar cries a lot. Careful inside, Cesar is sleeping.” Galilee looks at Yeongwoo with a look on her face and rushes through the door.

Then Abraham returned to his original appearance and opened his eyes wide as he watched as he stroked the woman lying on her back.

“Shhh. I didn't hear Galilee yell, but I was so happy that I couldn't help it. I was bouncing, and then I went back to Yeon-woo and hugged her.

“Thank you. Thank you so much." Galilee had no idea what Yeon-woo had done. But I knew that thanks to Yeon-woo, Abraham had regained his health and the tax collector began to laugh.

At one time, he lost his family to the snake of Akasa, and Abraham and Cesar were like a new family. I thought I'd lost them both. Yeon-woo rescued her again, saying she was fine and that she covered Galilee's back. Neither did Abraham, but they both seemed so clumsy, and the Redeemer was too deep.

“I stole a few tears from Galilee's eyes that were old and clumsy, and I burst out a big smile.

Then he looked over Yeon-woo's shoulder and said,

“Let's have a drink later tonight. I think we have a lot to talk about.” Galilee nods and goes back into Abraham's room.

Yeon-woo glanced back at Galilee like that. He was like his brother's first teacher. I used to be a person who only got naive and never wanted to get close again.

The thread of fate is much tighter than he thought, and Galeed has become a guardian of his nephew.

If he was, he'd have to give up anything.


Yeon-woo suddenly thought, looking back at Panda and Edora staring at herself.

Unlike Abraham, Galeed, who realized everything before and after, the two still don't know their situation. Thought I'd keep it that way.

I've changed my mind.

We can postpone this, but the situation will stay put.

And I realized that Yeon-woo couldn't stop anymore.

It was time to roll.

“Panda, Edora.” What's the matter? ”“ Yes. Brother. "“ I have something else to tell you later. When you're done with the manager, take some time. ”Pant and Edora nod heavily.

Yeongwoo looks up at the air.

It was time to talk to Ifuqué. Following the conversation here, it was clear that many things were going to happen in the future.

Below the mask, the two eyes of Yeon-woo sank deep.

At that time, a portal opened in front of Yeon Woo.

“Oh Hyo Hyo. Would you like to come here?” Manager's invitation.

Pant became slightly surprised, and Edora looked at Yeon-woo with a fierce gaze.

Yeongwoo gestures to show the doctor that she's okay, and sets foot inside the portal. As the portal closed on its own, the instant darkness became brighter.

It was a very wide room. Smooth marble floors are lined with red wool rugs, with all sorts of murals painted from walls to ceilings.

Ibulke sat on a dining table underneath a crystal chandelier suspended from a ceiling vessel. The table was filled with all sorts of luxurious magnets and teacups.

“As expected, # # # is more familiar to me in a mask. Would you like to come over here and sit down?” Yeon-woo nods and sits across from her.

Ifuke politely placed the teacup in front of the cow, followed the woman who tilted the teapot. The scent of a fragrant flower irritates my nose as a clear, glowing red person fills it.

Though it looked like an evil gobulin. This pose was elegant and polite enough to go with luxurious tuxedos and one-eyed glasses.

“Oh Hyo Hyo. I'm worried about the precious herbs that only come from the planet Traville. It's great for clearing up blood and mind, so try it.” Yeon-woo's tea cups have been brought to my mouth. It was definitely clean enough that I proudly recommended it.

A little tired disappeared neatly. Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to see the duvet with a clearer spirit.

Ifuke smiled and asked.

“How are you?" “Good.” “Oh Hyo Hyo. Lucky for you, # # # is always giving us a hard time, so I'm only giving # # # something good. Isn't this an example of a manager who doesn't hesitate to attend?” Yeongwoo quietly lowers her cup of tea as she listens to the jokes in her ear.

“You said you wanted to talk.

I want to get right to the point: "Obviously # # # can't joke.” Ifuke clapped, grumbling so lightly.

Then, the vortex effect spread calmly in front of the lotus, floating the hologram.

It was a view of a 23-story stage full of red skies and demons. Whether the stage is still being repaired, the end is repairing quickly. However, there were parts that seemed to be trying to recover and then repeated failures.

“As you can see, the restoration of the stage is still being undertaken, due to Hermes' fierce struggle with Agares.

even though the stage was temporarily closed. ”Temporary closure.

Hearing that, Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened. Thousands of years have passed since the answer was given, but few have taken such extreme measures.

But maybe it was natural.

Obviously, I saw before Yeon-woo fainted. It was no longer a stage. In such a place, trials were impossible.

“Plus, most of the players who were on the stage are dead, so there are clans everywhere and players are complaining. Everything within the Bureau is now paralyzed. Oh Hyo-Hyo! That's why I have so much grudge against # # #.” Ibulke strokes his jaw full of jagged bristles with his hands.

“Of course, in the Bureau's policy, there will be no other sanctions against # # #. There will be no penalty. But this was also during the trials. And our responsibility for failing to control Agarash. No, actually it was the biggest thing a friend ever did.” I suddenly remembered one of Yeon-woo. By the time I got up to the floor, the sun loopy had come to me.

And there was someone he mentioned.

“Laplace?" Top manager of the 10th floor, Laplace of the Cemetery (21359;).

Everke nods.

“You noticed. We're still investigating whether he was after it. What I would like to say is that there will be no additional sanctions in our administration. It's just, you know, another clan or play," You could have a grudge against me. "The giant clans have been paying attention to Brahms for a long time. Of course, you may have noticed who caused Agares' sudden descent.

The Bureau's protection was fine for now.

If Ifuke were to leave completely, the other giants would move in unison. As long as there was a prosecutor, Yeon-woo had to protect them somehow. He advised me straight away.

On the contrary, the party has been able to rest without interruption, for example, thanks to the favor of Gae Gae.

Yeon-woo wondered why Ifuke helped them. I felt it since I was a tutor, but I couldn't read the inside of the blanket. Is it just a favor? Or is he trying to clear his debt? Or else.

Is there a different cost? “You don't want to talk about this anymore.” “Oh Hyo Hyo. Of course, there's a point.” Yves Nessaugh has broken the hologram. Then the particles shattered and regrouped, creating several messages.

“Actually, I had something else to tell # # #. It's so overwhelming right now, it's embarrassing in the middle.” Ifuke opens his short arms to the left and to the right, like a man who opens a banquet hall.

Messages are constantly rising up and down.

[The god of Asgard, Heimdall, strongly demands something from .] [Shiva, the god of 'Deva', lays down a strong stomach.] ['Heavenly God, Natasha is deeply troubled.] [Ares, the god of Olympus, screams at the other gods with blood around his neck.] [All the other gods ignore it.] [Amon, Devil of Le Infernal, observes you. [' The Devil of the Bridge, tastes like railroads.] Messages involving many gods and demons.

Yeon-woo grimaced unknowingly.

“What is this?” The duvet bursts into laughter as if it were funny.

“What would that be? You're all very interested in # # #." Yeon opened her eyes slightly.

“All 41 minutes on God's side and a little more 55 minutes on the Devil's side are coveting # # #. I'm asking you to let go of all your legs with # Sheep.” "Are you suggesting an apostle?” But Yeon-woo soon ruled the mind that surprised her. I had already thought that God and the demons would somehow make a move. Even with the help of Hermes and Athena, he hurt Agares like that and even accepted Abraham into his family.

I was just surprised it was more intense than I expected: 41 gods and 55 demons.

All 96 immortals and God's attention, I think.

“Yes, that's right.

Perhaps accepting # # # will increase their influence on the summer. ”“ But the gods of Shiva and Ares have their own apostles. ”Though gods and demons can have many followers, there are only one incarnate apostle. That's why I tend to pay a lot of attention to the apostles.

The God of Destruction, Shiva, the Apostle of War, and Ares were also those who made a name for themselves among the high-ranking.

And yet he pays attention to himself. “If necessary, he breaks the old contract.” At this point, Yeon-woo was a bit absurd. Imagine how much effort God and the demons put into raising an apostle. The unilateral destruction of such contracts meant coveting the lotus while taking strict damage.

'When I made him into a family, I made such a fuss. It's like a deceitful look.' I was once so angry that I was harming the glory of God. I laughed at the gods no matter how violent they got, but they seemed to be different from humans.

“But as you know, the condition of an apostle comes from rankers, right?” Yeon nods. Three job families, apostles, monarchs and superhumans classified as radical curfews. The nature of these is to be truly individualized after overcoming the Temple of the Dragon of the Fifty.

“But how many times did you think it would be too late to wait for the 50th floor, and through me?" I mean, you want to start with a domestic contract. "It meant that I would put a needle in my mouth before others could catch it.

“And some of you, from the moment you conclude your subcontracting, will give you your power. What do you think?" Power runs in the chest, even if it falls into the skill category when viewed aloud. It was because God and Satan were zero forces.

It was a tremendous force to have power from the lower levels.

However, Yeon-woo with her arms crossed her heart.

He already had the great power of Awakening the polyps. It also comes from Calatus, the dragon who was strong enough to shoot the best gods at one time. There was no power like any other.

So Yeon-woo tried to refuse the dagger. I had no intention of being subordinated anywhere anyway. Then I suddenly thought about it.

There are many gods and demons who covet themselves like this. Do I really need to be tied to one person? [Azrael, the god of the Malajo, says to say hello.] [Jormungan, the Devil of Niflheim, looks at you with calm eyes.] Usually, you have to bend the way the child rides. Yeon-woo shrugged her head as if she wasn't interested.

“No. I'm just not very good at what I'm given.

And you don't have to feel tied up in one place. ”[Ares, god of Olympus, exclaims urgently.] [The Devil of Le Infernal, Dantalian, recommends that you change your mind] ['The Devil of Inspiration, the Gargotta, gives an annoying look.] It was God who came to mind in the message, and all the demons, each and every one of them, were highly ranked in the society. Maybe the lower sequences couldn't poke at the upper sequences, so there were at least 96 of them.

They poured out a message to Yeongpu and asked her to change her mind.

And some even talked about how great they were, and how powerful their power would be if they signed a subcontract.

However, Yeon shakes her head as if annoying. I laughed at the duvet. I realized what he was after.

Players toying with gods and demons like this seemed to be the only breeding ground.

“Oh Hyo Hyo. No matter how good a treasure you give me, I can't help it if I don't like it. That's too bad. That's how channels work." [Agni, the god of 'Deva' jumps in a circle. There are no passageways leading to the 24th floor, but he searches. The gods of Olympus protest against the Administration!] [Demonic Society, 'The Inexpensive Administration' lays waste to it.] I was about to close a noisy channel.

“However," Yun interrupts the appropriate timing and takes a break. I stopped trying to end it as if I was waiting for the blanket.

“I won't hesitate to give it to you.” Everke looks at the channel, smiling with a tearing mouth. He had a lot of eyes on him.

“Oh Hyo-Hyo. You all heard it, right? # # # says so.

What are you going to do now? ”All of a sudden, the noisy channel became quiet. However, Ifuke's gaze became sharper and sharper. Now I know what Yeon-woo is after.

I don't want to get tangled up in a domestic contract right now.

But if you covet yourself, give up your power first. It meant that I would decide whether to live after receiving the goods first.

I've never had to force my hand against gods and demons.

Yeon-woo was consistent with the attitude that it really didn't matter, and she continued to burn their love soy sauce as if they were going to close the channel soon as possible.

But for just a moment, I couldn't get a message out to anyone. It could be the last thing I had left as a transcendent, or it could be that I couldn't take a step forward to see other gods and demons. But no one left the channel.

When only silence flowed.

[Agarés of Le Infernal offers the gift of mockery!]] Suddenly, a message comes to mind.

The channel ran fast.