Second Life Ranker

11. Wise Man's Stone (4)

“Oh-ho! Oh-ho! I swear, if you've been playing with 98 floors like this, # # will be the second, Ohoyo!” Ifuke laughed so hard that he thought he was going to die because he was so funny.

The more I painted, the more I remembered the message that God and demons were unpleasant, but he didn't mind at all.

The suggestions of the gods and demons to buy the solace of Yeongwoo continued to burn and were exaggerated to the point that they would finally give up their possessions.

[The God of Asgard, Heimdahl, proposes power, the Scream of the Apocalypse, 44684; Lahorn.] ["The Devil of the Bridge, the Gargonta, proposes the Kwon 'Great Sea Day', the obsession, the 'Magic Sword'.] Given the situation, the laughter on the duvet was too loud.

It was funny that he hung himself like that for a 'gift', not just a house contract.

It's just a gift of power. You can wrap it up as a gift of simplicity. Later, it was obvious that we had a good fight and pride.

Even God and the devil couldn't feel the same in the end.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo comfortably sat down and carefully examined the numerous offers that had come in.

I encouraged the gods and demons, but I didn't intend to receive them all.

They would have done as much as they were blinded by their pride fights now, but when they regained their minds later, they could even hate Yeon-woo.

Even those detained at 98 insects, it was always painful for them to have hatred as well. Like Agares, it was possible to shine a light on opportunities.

No, even after all that, I wasn't able to digest all this power.

Yeon-woo carefully examines her powers and picks out only what she needs right now.

There were four such powers.

Marriage of Goddess, Spirit of 3,000, Necromancy, Martial Arts.

[Matrimony of Goddess] Grade: Power Skill: 0.0% Description • Goddess of Olympus, Aterna's gift of power.

Athena is deeply impressed by your fierce struggle to protect her niece, and gives her power at the end of her quest to replace the sacrificial Aegis.

Give the goddess a strong blessing. The user protects the body from the blind arrows and spear blades, and releases an overwhelming burst of energy that weakens the target's will.

In addition, simultaneous blessings are given to allies, which greatly improves certain range of internal and morale and increases all attribute defense levels.

Greatly increases resistance and defense over a wide range of influences. In addition, it is possible to construct temporary results in proportion to the amount of magical power.

[Spirit of Thirty Thousand] Grade: Power Skill: 0.0% Description • God of 'Malah', power gifted by Azrael.

Azrael is a god of death and soul, and has been deeply interested in your "despair of the Dark Lord" for a long time. But death gives you a new power you may need, feeling frustrated by the many aspects of working but still lacking in soul.

You can plant the caster's absolute will in your soul in a variety of ways. Possessed by possession and disorientation can be temporarily hijacked and used as a puppet.

Souls move in groups.

Commanders have an instinct to assimilate life, so they take away the life force of those on the road. Not even a single grass can be given up where the spiritual flock has passed.

It can be used for a variety of purposes.

[Psychological Achilles' heel] Grade: Power Skill: 0.0% Description: The Devil of Le Infernal, the power gifted by Agares.

Agarez, obsessed with you, still unable to give up his sense of sophistication, gives you a powerful gift to appeal to his greatness. However, the more intense the photovoltaic activity, the greater the risk of wetting the walls.

Sublimates the hatred and anger boiling in the body to frenzy, optionally turning into a visceral mode. At this time, the attack power is proportionately amplified as much as the amount of frenzy, and the defense power is reduced by that amount.

Radiated frenzy can greatly affect enemies, reducing morale and consuming mental power. The consumed mental power is replaced by physical and magical strength for the caster.

[Martial Arts Act (4th Amendment)] Grade: Power Skill: 0.0% Description • 'Demon of Incense, The power given by chaos.

Chaos has eyes but cannot see things, ears but cannot hear sounds, and there is no distortion in the abdominal cavity and nothing to eat. But it is sensational and intelligent enough to excel at reason.

The magic that was born after a long period of time was so different from the original system, I could not weave it together as a forgery, so I released it with power.

The goddess's marriage seemed to be made separately by the gods of Athena, telling her to replace the lost Aegis.

The goddess's spear blade was much more effective than before, and the goddess's shield was able to build a seal. Given that the result was the top of the magic, it was a huge gift.


I had to follow the situation that much, but depending on my skill level, I might be able to see the effects of the blessings I received when I dealt with Agares.

'Athena gave me something too big. Just like Azrael, the Thirty-thousand spirits were placed in the collection, and there was no other way to use it. They made a way to substitute it for a Black Age or make sure that the ghosts that the monsters had only used for reinforcement.

'If you roll your head a little, there are endless ways to use ghosts.

It was about three things that came to mind in Yeongwoo.

One is to plant ghosts in the monsters or players around you and cast them into chaos. Depending on the time, they could cause self-destruct.

The other one is the outer wall. Given the ghost's physical existence, it could have turned the battlefield into a barrel around its body, and the option of going to Baekwondo was to use it to turn the battlefield into a field.

'Even if you give the ghost a daily paralysis.' If so, wouldn't the surrounding area be straightforward? Everything will melt away. We can trap our enemies in a crucible that will never escape, unless it is a poisonous nature.

'In fact, this is definitely the most effective of your powers. Azrael, do you really only care about the despair of the King of Child?' The mock attack was also excellent.

Although it contains the risk of being wrongly exposed to frenzy, it was a force that could never be ignored by amplifying an attack several times in a short time. Above all, I like that it absorbs the mind's power from the target and replaces it with health and magical power.

'Depending on the size of the enemy, you can fight without tiring. I've never seen anything like it.' I was originally thinking about denying it because it was Agares' power.

But I didn't have to avoid it. No, I didn't want to run away.

Just as his brother did not succumb to Agares' temptation, he thought he could get drunk enough to confront him.

And the last remaining cotton wooden law was actually not intended by Yeon-woo.

I think I can give him big wings. All I have to do is get the inscription on my ribs. 'The Declaration of No-Face was merely a blurring of reasons why chaos was not shaped. Of course, even though it was full of powerful magic, it would only take a long time to understand and interpret the contents, so there were many reasons to leave it to the rich.

No, it might have been better for a rich man to gain insight than a theoretical book. Then you can build your own magic system.

So, while she was biting, she placed a separate link to the law book, and the thirty thousand spirits connected to the collection, seeking the reinforcement of the phantom and goose corps.

[Greatly increases control over Ghosts. Understanding of the soul deepens "[The nerd was blessed by Azrael, and he gained strong teeth.] [The Goose 'car has been blessed by Azrael and has gained intense violence.] After Yeon-woo finished all the arrangements.

The channel quickly became noisy.

[Athena, the god of Olympus, looks at it with satisfied eyes.] [The demon of Le Infernal, Agares, ridicules the other demons with great ridicule.] [Ares, the god of Olympus, is indignant to your choice.] ['The Devil of Inspiration, Gaeganta, looks at your choice with a calm eye.] The gods and demons were divided into factions that were chosen by power and those that were not. The former rejoiced, and the latter usually did not hesitate to look at Yeon-woo.

But sometimes there are those who wander the streets like Ares.

It was because Yeon-woo did not "reject" separately. 'I didn't say yes, but I left a message so that I could take it at any time later.

'If it's unnecessary or offensive, I'll just take it. Or a lot of people leave it behind.' As gods and demons, I was less likely to take them back because I had given them pride and gifts. And it was the only way to keep the passageway open with Yeon-woo, so I could look at Yeon-woo's one-by-one.

It was not a bad choice even as a brown cow.

The more you go up the stairs, the more power you'll need. As long as I had the candidates in advance, I could always use them.

Ifuke watched Yeon-woo's clever choice and couldn't stop laughing even though he closed the channel. After all the channels were shut down that Yeon always gave him pleasure. Devilgaer straightens his posture by repairing his one-eyed glasses.

“And there was also a message left by Hermes.” Yeon-woo's eyes sparkle. Turns out there was nothing on the power list for Hermes. It was a surprise for Yeonwoo. Hermes was the closest God he had ever come to me. He was always watching over himself.

“Don't wiggle anywhere, and trust your own path as you always have." I've always heard you were watching. ”Yeon-woo's eyes became strange.

- You will walk.

A long time ago. Perhaps it is not a mistake for Hermes to repeat what he said in Olympus' report.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to have confidence. Harmes didn't give you the power because he believed in himself. That's how much you respect yourself.

“So that's all I had to do for # #. I hope you will continue to work on the remaining staircases." YvK - 0 lowered his waist and applauded lightly.

Tak! Then the space surrounding the pond collapses, returning to the place where you first rode through the portal.


From that moment on, Yeon-woo could not make the feeling that the cost price invisible from the sky would follow her.


As much as I had gained, my discomfort seemed to have grown.

[All repairs are complete.] [All the locks on the stage have been unlocked. Trial triggered] After I finally heard the message that the 23rd floor recovery is over. All the managers left the stage, shrugging each other's shoulders.

And the players' positions are in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, my hand suddenly rises above the red ground.

• • • Goddamn archetypal Zhang Wei grimaced as he slowly came out of the ground. How much time has passed. I screamed everywhere in my body.

As I got up, things like flesh points fell into the ground. It was the corpse of Mahmoud Pasa, which was wrapped around dozens of layers to protect him.

While arriving on the 23rd floor to catch the kite, Zhang Wei had to suffer a great crisis because of the sudden descent of Agarose and Hermes. Even though the apostle of Jehovah was not immediately blessed, he had to be caught up in the power of the transcendent. It was like a shrimp blast in a whale fight.

So Zhang Wei suffered from summoning a magical object to survive. He hid himself deep into the ground and fell into suspended animation.

Even if I die, I'd rather die painlessly. Moreover, this crisis was not uncommon for him, but he was so familiar that he could not compare it to other players.

Fortunately, whether Lee followed Lee's blessing or not, Zhang Wei was able to come out without any major injuries. The energy was that weak, but this much resting was enough to make up for it.

Zhang Wei opened the sub-space and took out the jerky and looked around. First, I had to figure out the situation.

Fortunately, Agares and Hermes seem to have hidden their tracks, but with the stage completely turned upside down, it's not easy to track down a predator.

Then where are we going? 'At that time, Zhang Wei could feel a large portal opening beyond the sensitive area. It was near the Start Zone.

Was it a dispatch unit sent to judge the situation when the 23rd floor reopened? It seemed to be a mixture of blood and Elohim. There was also a trait that Zhang Wei was very familiar with.

'Marquis Caliban. "One of the many swords the bloodline boasts." And it turns out that a lone wolf meets a bloodline near Lake De Lloyd, and Elohim is moving toward you.' Maybe we can use them to catch a lone wolf. This example slowly moved in the direction of the Starzone, stealing lips with the thumb.


Zhang Wei had to stop while moving his feet.

Suddenly, a group rushes out of the Start Zone. It was the exact direction of Zhang Wei.

They were seducing each other without concealing their vicious murders.

Since she is a trait of a species that is completely different from humans, Zhang Wei was able to recognize those who were chasing him at once.

• • Lack of loneliness. ”Was it unclear who killed Janu? But I'm pretty sure they took care of the body. I've been wondering. Zhang Wei slowly unhooked the Sile Dong Palace from his shoulder and held it in his left hand.