Second Life Ranker

12. Wise Man's Stone (5)

Janu is dead. One day, the magician suddenly turned the one-horned tribe upside down.

“Who? What's with him all of a sudden?” The King was firmly impressed.

I didn't join the battlefield as a mercenary. I was just on my way to procure some supplies for Master Hanova. Why? But nothing falsely blends in with the wonders of witchcraft. Especially the child who was the successor to the cipher. If the child had died, the cipher would have to know immediately. Details: however, what you see are dark cartridges, blood odors, metal shards • • • • • • and other bows, arrows, and magic objects. He died in agony. It was so terrible. "The King changed it. My beloved child is dead. It was a challenge to myself, a quarrel against my clan. It was never going to happen.

It is never possible for a lonely man to do business on the streets. There could have been death on the battlefield. It was possible to join the war as a mercenary and get hurt. It was a family pride and tradition.

But an honorable death.

The dog's death, which no one else knows about, was never allowed.

If anyone has done such a thing, chasing them all the way to the end of the tower to get revenge. And erase everything around it. It was also a family tradition.

And on the other hand, I thought about it.

If Edora knew this, who loved Janu very much. How does she feel about that? So we had to catch the culprit even more.

“Get him now. In front of me.” At the behest of the King, a chase was swiftly formed. According to the psychic judgment that Janu's killer would be a high ranker, it was a pursuit force that included two elders for definitive subjugation.

And the pursuit immediately began to chase the killer's trail.

I was able to find a place where Januna was presumed dead and find out the surrounding area, and find out that the method of beaming resembles the Palace of Cleanliness.

There were traces everywhere = 0 heh heh heh heh. I couldn't erase even the place where the arrow of light flashed and passed.

Since then, they have searched for archery and finally found their way to the 23rd floor.

When I got there, I was a little worried that I might be targeting a group of Yeon-woo who were in 23.

But it was at that time that the stage had already been devastated by the fall of Agarez and Hermes, and it was temporarily banned from entry.

And as soon as the stage reopened, the Purgatory immediately entered, knowing where the palace was, and running toward it. No one could escape the eyes of the cipher and the feet of the one-horned tribe.

The KwaKwam-Kwam battle took place right from the moment we met.

Zhang Wei also knew that the pursuit group was approaching 7ni 0 1 1.

I lost the game first because I knew it wouldn't work anyway.

I thought about running away quickly for a moment. Winning is all that matters to Zhang Wei. Strategic retreat was not a bad choice if you did not win.

However, I felt that running away would not end the pursuit of the Outer Horn Tribe, and I felt a little more comfortable when I had to reduce the number of chasers first.

Zhang Wei lurks among the great devils, and he scatters his arrows as soon as the pursuers follow the route.

< pruritus (£30704;) >. The moment God gave him his trust and power. The arrow of light splits in dozens at a time and covers the chasing squad's head.

“Scattered!” But the pursuit had already guessed what Zhang Wei would do, and according to the shriveled shouts of the elders, a chase of 15 men had scattered all the horns, leaving the range of arrows.

“Kyung-hyun!” And this time, I rushed to Zhang Wei in unison, drawing a large arc, following the shout of another desperate elder.

Fababat! Zhang Wei put five more precious stakes in the bow protest, and this time he shot them straight to the ground.

Bang! Suddenly, the ground explodes and the dust rises high, covering the chase's sight for as long as it can. Zhang Wei sneaks up on it and shoots a pruritus into the dirt.

Pufferbun! The shattered arrows of light pierced the crust of the dust globe and made a hole in and around it all at once.

After a small explosion, the forest was barely recovered.

At that time, Zhang Wei's cost price suddenly spilled back and forth. The two elders who gave the order to the chase. The clothes they were wearing were mopped up.

However, both eyes were vigorously burned and firmly fixed on Zhang Wei.

The three fruits collided in the midst of each other's air. Despite the joining of the two elders, Zhang Wei was adept at repelling their attacks and was specialized in ranged attacks, but also experienced in melee arts.

Eventually, they had to distance themselves from each other for a while with a huge explosion.

Zhang Wei's body twists lightly in the air and lands on the top of a nearby demon. And he laughed at the two elders who stood about the same height as him, “One Horn Tribe, One Horn Tribe, and so on.

Is that it? The White Horse King and the Hummingbird army.

All I can do is hurt the price of that name. ”The faces of the two elders are stiff. A white horse king with a big body and a thin lump like an old tree. They were famous for attacking the tower, sticking together for a long time.

One of them was good, but it was also known to make the Nine Kings of the Joint Chiefs' conversation as well.

However, Zhang Wei was asking if there were any bubbles in the rumors.

Before he killed Janu, he was annoyed by the talk of destroying their pride and dignity.

On the other hand, Zhang Wei choked on the fact that he was much better than expected.

The White Horse King and the Hummingbird army turned their heads and looked at each other. They were close enough to exchange doctors without saying anything.

I don't think so. "I can't help it. 'I tried to subdue them and send them to the village. As much as the repulsion was, it seemed difficult to capture him alive. The moment the decision was made to kill him with all our might... Suddenly, the waves began to whirl along the two elders. I was close to the bottom of my clothes. I'm going to try my best from now on.

Under the tree, a group of pursuers appeared, one by one, as the dust settled.

I didn't see two. Though they died in the explosion, they were not entirely spared. Rather, I was filled with intent to kill Zhang Wei in some way.

Zhang Wei rolls his mouth at the irritating stimuli. I felt nervous for a while. Maybe this is what he wanted.

On Earth and in the tower. In the end, I couldn't give my manners to others.

“Can you make me laugh?” Zhang Wei rushes back to the White Horse King and the Hummingbird army. And after the simultaneous summoning, the quadruple monsters shake the ground and attack the chasing party as they rise up together.

I mean, Hidden Piece forgot all about the Holiday Party, didn't he? ”Yeon finds Pandora and Edora again after checking her new powers.

But Pant asked about Piece as soon as he saw the kite. I had not forgotten the promise that I would make a Purple Devil Flower to refine the Otter Circuit.

I wanted to stop at the moment of love. It was urgently needed to fight Agares, and I ate all the Hidden Pieces I had put in that situation.

The pant hears this and starts grumbling. Then, after saying that the good thing is to eat alone, I threw it away with a big objective.

A reaction I never thought of. Yeongwoo glances at Edora, smiling lightly.

I was ashamed. "What else could this be?

Embarrassed? ”“ Because I think my brother is going to talk about something serious, it means he's unfamiliar. "Yeon-woo laughed in vain.

Did he have such a cute side? Unlike his blunt appearance, he's quick to notice, so maybe he realized it's about masks.

But I thought about how to hold on to it and talk about it. Edora suddenly grabs hold of Salmon's hand and gives out a pretty face, “Don't be so desperate.

It's not just today anyway. "Are you going to stay with me?

Yeongwoo gives a bold nod as she looks up at Edora speaking. With these two, I began to feel a little confident that it was okay to leave everything to myself.


Edora has a feeling this might be her chance. It's just the two of us and the warm air. I'm slowly reaching out to peel off Yeon-woo's mask like a man possessed by the cost.

Suddenly, the door opens, and Fant pops out his face.

“Whatever happens, I'm on your side.” The Pant closes the door again, leaving only that. Yeongwoo opened her eyes wide and laughed in relief. I felt confident. Among the couples I met in the tower, my two brothers were very special children.

On the other hand.

Edora looks at all the atmosphere and changes it. The group leaves the tower and heads to the village of the Lonely Tribe.

As Ifuke warned, this commotion was inevitable to the attention of the giant clan. It was clear that the places where Abraham and Cesar had been visiting would also be moving, so they considered it dangerous to stay on the 24th floor.

"Dad, what's going on?” Edora has a hard impression of the rushing tribesmen coming into town.

The town smells of blood.

It meant someone was hurt.

The King nods with a stiff face.

“Inspired Karam is dead.” “Dana, Seraph, Relief.” “Tell me slowly. What's that supposed to mean?" From the sudden death of Janu, the King talked about the pursuers who chased after Zhang Wei. And in the fight against him, the pursuers were defeated. Six of the 15 were killed, and among them were the elders of the White Horse King Karam. The remaining nine men were also said to be in the squadron.

“Janu • • Edora was about to sit on the floor, and Yeongwoo quickly helped her.

She was never shaken by anything worth doing. It seemed different this time. I was shocked because I was a precious acquaintance who had lived together like a brother.

And the lotus eyes that were listening to it became stiff as well.

Why the sudden lack of loneliness? 'No, was he after Henova, to be exact? It strikes my mind that the murder site is just a short distance from the forge in Henova.

“What about him? What are you going to do, Father?” Pant lit a lot of fire in his eyes and asked the King as if he were about to change his teeth. If Zhang Wei were in front of us, he would have tried to chew it up.

“Let's go get him again. By touching us like this, you mean you've seen us as fools.” The King twists the tip of one lip. A lot of fangs and molars appeared between the mouths.

“I'll clear his mother's nest.” When a king moves on his own, it's the same as when the entire one-horned tribe moves.

With the elders and warriors deployed around the King, the pursuit of Zhang Wei was reorganized and went straight after Zhang Wei. With enough force to destroy a clan, Zhang Wei had no choice but to flee as well.

On the other hand, the noisy answer to the noisy problems on the 23rd floor, because it looked like the King had thrown away a huge rock, the noisy had to get bigger.

After the war between the Red Dragon and Purgatory, the great clans moved on, but everyone was very keen on their touch.

The public opinion that was trying to be quiet for almost a year stood up again tightly.

In a situation where the tower is so complex to move.

Yeongwoo finds the forge in Henova to prepare for a new rock.

“Hmm? Why did you act like you were so focused on climbing the tower for a while?” Hanova looks away, wondering if the sudden visit from the moat was a surprise. I was wondering if the armor I made was broken. I looked up and down at Yeongwoo with suspicious eyes.

I had no idea what was going on outside. There didn't seem to be any injuries.

Yeon-woo sighed in relief and asked for business.

“I'm here to ask you a favor.” There was nothing but trouble with Yeongwoo. Hanova frowns openly.

Thinking still, Yeon-woo asked, tempted by a weak smile.

“Do you know of any Wise Man's Stone? He said," Do you know the Way? "The henova crumpled impression was even worse.

“What are you talking about, grazing the grass and getting stuck in the water? Are you here to sell potions? ”