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13. Wise Man's Stone (6)

Again, it is too straightforward to say a word.

Perhaps her superior skills have kept her away from the giant clans for some time because of her fiery nature.

So on the one hand, it was also true that it was graded. I wonder if I can get Hannova to join us.

“It's a pretty important story. Never leak outside.” Henova realizes that the kite is serious, and she tucks her chin with a slightly frowny face while the bear sits in her mouth. I talked about the stones of the sage who seem to be asking me to speak up. The story of the Red Dragon or Purity was gone. Instead, he obtained emerald tablets and materials, almost caught all the strands of research, and explained that Abraham was helping him.

In fact, Yeon-woo was a little hesitant about joining Hannova in Chicago.

It was a little different from Pant and Edora. It was the same for not telling the story, but for a different reason. I kept wondering if I could lure Hanova into the path of dangerous thorns.

But Abraham just cut it off and said,

- All I can help you with is theories and experiments. The only way to do that is in the tower, Henova. I need his hands.

When you're making something, you get a lot of trial and error. At this point, it was most important to catch mistakes quickly and find a fix. In that sense, it meant that Hannova with many know-how was much better.

Moreover, what Abraham subsequently said weighed the heart of Yeon-woo.

- I don't know about you and Henova. But I know about Jungwoo and Henova. You said you were close like a rich man, and you were gonna break the trust of that rich man. - I know Henova will suffer. It's going to be hard.

But wouldn't it be better to feel guilty for a kid who's been gone his whole life? Guilt.

The moment I heard that, I was the first in Yeon Woo's head.

Horse Bench Sword.

The artifact that came to mind when Yeonwoo met Henova for the first time. And the object that made me feel connected to him was clearly written in the description window.

It was originally made with the precious in mind. But the owner died. It was crazy stuff.


Maybe the owner was his brother.

Henova always lived with the guilt of her brother who had left. I wish I could have fitted you with better equipment. I wish I'd stayed with him a little longer. If only I had cared for him a little more.

Maybe the same thing happened now.

And the mind was like that, and we all made a set of arenas towards Yeon-woo.

The fight doesn't want to draw Henova into the streets of Thorns. But that's not for you to decide.

Henova's choice.

Abraham strongly rebuked Yeon-woo and told her not to hide anything. Rather, living without knowing is a bigger road for him to spine.

Don't judge me for putting someone in danger all you want.

So from then on, Yeon-woo changed her mind. Tell Henova the truth. However, he may be surprised if he speaks suddenly, so he was looking for a time to speak while slowly showing me his secrets.

And I wanted to tell you. On your brother's behalf.

Thank you.

• • • • That's what happened. ”Hannova has been deep in thought for a long time, with the bearbearbearbearbears in his mouth.

Only when the smoke is deep enough in the room, Henova rises slowly from his seat, feathering the remaining ashes on the bear stand.

And as he plowed through the equipment one by one, he asked.

“Where can I go?” “You're helping me?” “Who's gonna help me? I met Ephraim for awhile.I just thought it would be fun if it turned into a Wise Man's Stone.” Hanova was grumbling and embarrassed, or slightly reddened in her ears.

“Thank you.” Yeon bows her head with all her heart. To my brother, to myself. Henova was very grateful.

“Long time no see, Henova.” How did you get caught by such an ugly man, Abraham? It's been 20 years, anyway.

Greetings. "Abraham and Henova hugged each other gladly as soon as they met. Since they started exchanging 20 years ago, they have been in such a thick relationship that sometimes they can greet each other in letters.

They deeply acknowledged each other's skills. It was not just because I was regarded as a master of five masters, but because I was deeply impressed with my knowledge and skills in one field.

And the fact that we came together to make a great treasure called the Wise Man's Stone inspired the two of us.

Yeonwoo summoned Rich Boo and Spirit Rebecca here as well.

Wealth was experiencing rapid growth while deeply exploring the cotton wooden document given by Yeonwoo recently.

Whether it was originally Rich's bowl, or whether Yeon-woo's skill with soul became profound, or whether it was originally a rich talent. The knowledge of wealth seemed to be very helpful.

So is Rebecca.

She was experienced as an apostle, so she intended to unleash the knowledge of the god Chernunos.

And here was added the leader of the tribe of loneliness.

“I hope this old man doesn't grab your ankles." The blacksmith fixes his glasses and gives you a nice smile.

“I can't believe that's what the bloody present says. So we all have to go out there and die? Haha!" Hanova shakes her head. But the elder only laughed.

Bloody Sage. Not many people remember it now inside the tower, but it was an alias that once hid the Elder.

If the King opened a new era of loneliness, all the foundations that were laid to build such a period were due to the active bloodline of the intelligent. If it is academic, it is uneducated. There were very few people who were good at all the missions and could compare them to him in those days. It was said to be duo with the commander of the horse fleet, the 'Black Dawn'.

But as time passed, a new Archbishop appeared in the Horsemen, killing the Black Dawn, and a King was born in the Lonely Tribe, making a name for himself.

Since then, the Bloody Wise man has been withdrawn from the front line, focusing solely on helping his family as an elder.

But you didn't hesitate to study. Perhaps not, but the knowledge and wisdom in his head were no less than that of Abraham. It was okay to think that he had all the essences of the lonely tribe.

However, other elders who seemed to be very interested in this matter did not participate.

Many people can leak their stories because they were worried about it, but the atmosphere of the one-horned tribe was dire.

'It's a palace,' Yeon-woo muttered a little, looking around at the crowd in front of her.

“Let's get started, then.” Henova, Abraham, Boo, Rebecca, the blacksmith.

He was supposed to be in charge of them.

Many things were lacking to stand in front of many nouns, but he was the one who had the deepest understanding of the Emerald Tablet and had drawn the direction to complete the Wise Man's Stone, so he had to lead the way so that there was no collision or disturbance in the middle.

Underneath the mask, Yeon-woo's eyes glowed sharply.

The study proceeded at a rapid rate.

The direction is already roughly in your head, so you can proceed accordingly.

Of course, there was no consequence.

No matter how many tests were done, there were some holes in the structural formula that was written by Yeonwoo, and even if it was a proper structural formula, it was only accidental for unknown reasons.

At that time, I had to rewrite the formula from the beginning, and resume the experiment accordingly.

Abraham, the commander, and Rebecca repeatedly revised the formula several times, head to head. Then, based on this, Boon decides whether it is possible to solve the magic scheme.

And when it was determined that it was possible, Henova immediately implemented it.

Of course, even if it didn't work out, Henova could steer us away by telling us about his long-standing field knowledge.

Since those who insisted on the tower put their heads together, I was able to quickly find the answer to a problem that would not be easily solved.

However, there was a tremendous expense here, which was not necessarily the need for money. However, many materials were put in for the experiment, and the process required money.

First, the necessary expenses could be covered by the gold and silver coins of the Intranian.

However, even the forehead quickly withered. In order to make the stone of the sage, all kinds of expensive alchemy were required, but I could sigh because it showed some completeness and instructed me to help the situation of the womb behind the king.


There was always an unexpected problem at the end of the completion.

“It's hard. At this rate, Abraham rubs his index finger and thumb against the snowball.

The Elder takes off her glasses and closes her eyes for a moment to cool her head, although she was Homunklaus' body, but not even mentally fatigued.

There were still numbers and schematics running around in my head.

I saw the schematics on the walls of Rebecca and Budo, and I thought deeply about them.

Yeongwoo also looked at the schematic, staring into the calm eyes. I tried to calculate again and again as I tried to trigger the parallax, but there was no answer.

'I found a way to hold the bowl and contents securely. But there's no way to put the contents in the bowl.

"The vessel meant the Wise Man's Stone, and the contents meant the power source. Yeongwoo was powered by the machinery left by Agares.

The problem was that there was no way to contain this mahjong intact in the Wise Man's Stone.

I was able to move it. But then it was a problem. The mahjong contained a large amount of horseshoe that was easy to make but could only be secured to a 1-2 'root canal and quickly lead to a runaway.

I no longer had a stacked public record and could not borrow the help of my manager. Once the machinery collapses, the body is at risk of collapse.

No, perhaps the flesh itself will transform into marshmallows and become demons.

Moreover, no matter how they moved it, there was no way to secure it to the Wise Man's Stone.


A month passed, blocked at this last point.

So far, I've been working without hesitation, and suddenly I was so grateful that I passed the time without any progress. The crowds get frustrated, too.

“You're a piece of work.” Especially as Abraham, I felt an urgent urgency.

We need to complete this structure to heal Cesar and save Anantara. With God's knowledge, I see no path.

People often live with the word "God is powerful" and "almighty." In fact, the gods were not omnipotent and perfect.

Rather, he was a poor creature tied to a god and full of nothing.

"What the hell is all that? Do you know any Net Alien? Do we live in a world like ours? By the way, Hanoi, I haven't heard anything lately? I am also thinking about it. Stop the movement. Hey, where'd you get the armor? You understand that? " No way. I was just researching a 72-second technique. "I did nothing for a long time, so I continued to eat only jokes with my bored life.


Rebecca slowly raises her head, deeply troubled. The deep sunken eyes turned towards Yeon-woo.

Owner. If no alcoholic beverages appear. Why don't you bring in another noun and ask for help? Maybe you can see a solution from a different perspective. It was clear that the people here had already shared too much with each other and were almost exposed.

If I had invited other nouns, I might have found a new solution.

In fact, there were specialized places in this field.

The Wizards' Guild, the Tower.

The night of Valpurgis, the home of the witches.

Elohim will have all kinds of knowledge.

I'm sure if I borrowed their hands, I could find a way.

Yeongwoo shakes her head firmly.

The people here were all people he could trust and depend on. He was like a colleague, but the others were different. There was no one I could trust.

Moreover, until a long time ago, there were many people who were interested in Yeon-woo on the 23rd floor. I couldn't risk it.

What if you're not tied up with an organization, but rather you're having a seizure from a lot of people? But if anyone is smart enough to understand our work deeply and indifferent to the rest of the world, Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled.

If there is such a person. Even though it was still a dangerous number, it seemed to be able to reduce the risk slightly. At times, I felt like it was easy to keep my heart and mouth shut.

“Is there such a person?” Eh. You know him well. "Who is it?" Rebecca nods.