Second Life Ranker

14. Wise Man's Stone (7)

Yeon-woo nods as if she knows. Definitely Rebecca or Victoria. It was helpful enough.

A Rune Wizard and Shaman who are so good at being called the Red Bride. He was also considered to be the top five masters.

You must have a lot of knowledge in various ways, so it should also help the Wise Man's Stone.

Moreover, it is difficult to put the power source in the Wise Man's Stone now because there is no law to bind it tightly. But isn't there a way to tie this with runes? He was right.


There was one problem.

“I'd like to call you if I can. We still don't know where he is. How?" After all that commotion on the 20th floor, Yeongwoo was still questioning the whereabouts of the liver and Victoria, but it was still there.

How do we find Victoria in a situation like this? I'm not sure. There is one way. There was a teacher who taught Victoria magic. Rune magic is something she learned on her own, but magic was originally taught by someone else. If Victoria was really trying to hide from the outside, there's a good chance she went that way. Yeon-woo frowned.

“Why didn't you tell me that?” Actually, I've been forgetting.

When I think of Victoria, I suddenly think of her. "I'm sorry," he said, "that the connection to Rebecca is true. But it seemed to be true to some extent.

However, Yeon-woo did not go into more detail. As a monument, the memory can still be somewhat confusing. Lost memories will also be substantial. So I was lucky to think of it now.

Moreover, Rebecca was subordinated to Yeon-woo, but she still wasn't open enough to trust him completely.

Given the close relationship between Rebecca and Victoria on Mt. Five. You could have tipped the opposing team off in case something happened to them.

But as time went on, they forgot each other.

“That teacher, where can I find him?” The answer to Rebecca's question - Soon-ga-yeon frowns.

“What a great shaman there is. I can't believe it." “Haha! Good. What's the problem? Hey, hey, hey. Wow.

The line is so simple. ”“ Do you wanna die? "Edora stares at the pant with her axe's eyes open. However, Pant turned his head and ignored his brother, but he was unwilling to look around.

A place where the night falls.

A line of red-colored buildings stood along the road, and women in all sorts of dresses threw their mouths in front of them.

They were well-known entertainers outside the answer area. Where sex trafficking, club alleyways, and even drug dealers intersect.

Of course, Edora was still uncomfortable in this place. If I went inside, I hated it even if there was a place for women. It was too blatant and recessive. All kinds of lusts and desires were complicated and unpleasant.

But I said I would follow you because of one person.

Edora glances at someone who is indifferent.

Yeong-woo, wearing a black mask, folded his arms and was indifferent.

Whether it's because of the stubborn body or the hard eyes. Occasionally, the women who acted as tourists would glance at Yeon-woo, or even flinch and pull on the cuffs.

But Yeon-woo didn't even move.

I hurled them away with annoying hands.

And it was fun to look like that, but more and more people were coming around.

But Yeon-woo was still a floating point.

Edora was fortunate to be in the attitude of such a fellowship, but she changed her mind thinking of someone who didn't show up even though her appointment time was almost up.

In fact, this scene was not so unfamiliar to Yeonwoo.

In Africa, after a big mission, the soldiers wanted to relax somehow.

I've been in and out of a lot of them, but he's never enjoyed it.

Some people were dating at the time, and I didn't feel much interest. Every time I saw such a storm, my men tried to mock me for a monk, but I didn't care.

But it wasn't as unpleasant or offensive as Edora.

There are people who live like this, and there are people who live like that. It was the same neighborhood as everyone else, and Yeon-woo didn't pay much attention to it. All he cared about was this shaman out there somewhere having fun.


It has been almost a year since Yeongwoo entered the tower through her tutorial. I've met a lot of players, but I've never actually met a shaman.

A shaman is as rare as it gets, but among the various magical factions, the magic sector was relatively small.

Ordinary people used to use magic as collar. My life was long between an oral wizard and a shaman.

Although the wizard brought the law to the town of 7 years ago, he applied "54709;" to a large spiritual being away from the law.

That's why the wizard disdained the shaman as a servant of will and ignored the shaman as a landscape that could not be seen as a wizard.

There are many things in magic, but the principle is to borrow power from a spiritual being that is invisible.

So in a way, it's more like a priest borrowing power from God, or a wizard contracting with a demon.

There were many different aspects to going deeper.

Priests and wizards are usually tied to only one entity. It was because many spiritual beings lend power to shamans. The target was often not divine and demonic.

However, the limitations were clear because they were not tied to one place, so it was usually difficult to connect.

It was also very difficult to succeed. So none of the shamans were worthy of being called a price.

But if he's the one who taught Victoria, I bet you've heard of Yeon-woo.

The problem was that there was no one to point it out to.

"Who, exactly? 'Of course, he or she may not know it yet.

The tower was as long and large as there were many talents unknown to the ages.

But if you really live in a place like this, like Rebecca said, I thought I should pay a little attention to the probable nature of the problem.

It's like you recognize me. 'The news that he came out of the village of the Lonely Tribe is probably in the ears of the giant clans. It didn't have to be seen as planned, but it didn't have to be tied down.


“Hmm? What is that?” “I think it's them.” Pant and Edora's gaze shifts to one side. A group rushes in from a distance.

Meanwhile, all the prostitutes who were bothering around Yeon-woo and others ran away, all of them panicked together.

Those who worked hard to do so quickly bowed their heads because their eyes met. The guests also lowered their posture and hid elsewhere.

The expression on Panda and Edora's face is strange. I can't believe how cold the commotion has just gotten. Looks like they're wrinkling this area.

“Oh, are you here?” But they were busy crouching in front of the kite.

The location of the Night. It's been his hunting dog since he was beaten by Yeon Woo long ago.

Yeon-woo smiles as she follows the Clan Vister and the warm waters with her arms folded.

“It looks like it's gotten pretty big." It's just kind of a leap forward. ”The bister was busy crouching in case Yeon-woo didn't say anything strange. Although he now reigns as the King of the Entertainers with excellent handiwork. To him, the existence of Yeon-woo was still too frightening.

Especially gathering information, he was well aware of the recent commotion on the 23rd floor centered on the rainbow, so now he looks like a male monster.

However, Yeon-woo asked with a suggestion that she was not interested in such a bister's gaze.

What did you ask for? ”“ Ooh, I've got a location first. Yeah, but the place, Joe, Jovister, they tried to talk fast.

Yeon did the jaw thing.

The Vister closed his eyes several times with a face that he couldn't help but hesitate.

“Come with me.

As the Vister began to walk ahead, the road quickly opened up between the crowded entertainment areas. Yeon-woo, etc., followed silently. “How do you know these people?” “Suddenly.” Edora asked a few questions, but Yeon-woo didn't find it easy to answer, so she roughly looked around.

The Vister guided the largest building in the most thriving part of the entertainment district.

Whether it had already been said or not, the waiters left the door open and sent word to the Beaster.

The eighth floor was the top floor of the building. It was entirely borrowed.

Yeon tells the group to wait for a while, then climbs up the stairs to the eighth floor.

However, this place seemed a little different from other entertainment buildings. The employees who saw the liver were all men. Young, handsome, and cuddly.

Moreover, the smell of narcotics and the smell of anger everywhere was too mixed up to be uncomfortable.

And the smell was getting worse and worse, and by the time I got to the eighth floor, my nose was rotting.

Yeongwoo opened the door of the special room wide with an annoying hand. I'm just wondering if someone in this place really is the right guy, and I just need to get back to Victoria's whereabouts.

It didn't matter because the Vister had already told people that a guest would come.

But the interior was far worse than I had anticipated.

A girl fell into a deep sleep, hugging a bunch of pretty boys and girls who didn't look 10 years old.

I only had enough scrolls on my body, so it was white skin and even my long legs looked too hostile.

And the incense on one side made the room seep with so much smoke that it was restless.

Yeon-woo frowns. I suddenly remembered Hanbin, who I met on the 16th floor of the country.

"What a mess." "Why? Looks good. Uh-huh." Hangul also gave an unpleasant voice whether it was the same idea as Yeon-woo. On the other hand, he smiled at the smooth angles of the woman.

Yeon rolls her feet hard on the floor.

Then the magic surges out and shakes the building.

I woke up the consciousness of those who had broken their scent and slept in the special room.

“You woke up with a bruised look on your face. The scroll fell, but I didn't mind at all. The recurring eyes sweep up and down the pond.

“Hmph. I don't have any fetish for masks. I didn't call it in. Well, your body looks solid, so let's take a look.” The woman smiles and claps her hands on the floor as if to sit beside you. Drug blinded my eyes, but I came closer and closer.

Is he wearing some kind of enchanting spell?

I was strongly urged to rush to the woman at the moment of the encounter. The desire to join forces, to overthrow. The annoyance that smelled of drugs and anger suddenly turned into a craving. I felt like letting go of my anger.

[Remain rational due to the 'cold-blooded' nature.] [You have become resistant to enchantment. You have a strong immunity against spells.] But the spell bounced off at once, and the woman's eyes slightly froze.

“Anastasia, right?” “You know me?” I want to find Victoria. ”At that moment} Phew! Murder flashes over Anastasia's blurry eyes, and the scattered pieces of smoke suddenly become strangely shaped creatures. Then, I flew to Yeongwoo with sharp teeth.

It was too sudden, but the skill I had already anticipated was triggered.

[Spirit of Thirty Thousand] [72fellow- Wall] A ghost spills out along the Black Bracelet and surrounds the wall.

A wall made of ghosts mixed with up to 72 incantations was very solid.

After gaining power, I studied the Wise Man's Stone and was relentless in my training, so I wasn't able to penetrate the wall even if it was an attack with a fairly powerful spell.

However, Anastasia struck her hand down hard, smirking that it didn't matter.

Then the smoke clumped together and made a big knife and fell on Yeouido's head. To cut down the walls of the ghosts at once.

Yeongwoo also pulled out the Forge Sword while rotating the Magic Power circuit. He was also annoyed that he tried to seduce himself with magic. After asking about Victoria, I didn't like the way she started attacking me.

I was going to put an end to the topic first.

A huge explosion blew up the entire eighth floor. The boys and girls were turning to avoid being swept away, but the whole wall couldn't be prevented from collapsing with the roof.

Above the dusty clouds, Yeongwoo and Anastasia soared high, landing on the roof of the skyscraper, each far away.

Huaaaa! Yeon-woo flicked the wings of fire as much as she could, and named it after the Forge Blacksword.

And I stared across the street at his crooked face.

1 It still rang loudly. It meant he was not very good.

Anastasia was also staring at Yeongwoo with an angry face on the spire.

However, it was blending with the curve of the body revealed by the wind of the scroll, creating another wild feeling.


The smoke clumps behind Anastasia's back, revealing a huge figure. An enormous shadow that seems to be worth tens of meters. It stood on its four feet, looking like a fox with nine tails spread out.


He was one of the foremost warriors in the world.

Is Anastasia borrowing power from the Gumiho or is she the Gumiho?

Although we don't know for sure, the Gumiho yogi (Qi) sprayed by Anastasia was using magic (Qi) mixed with magic (Qi).

The surrounding atmosphere shifts, and something invisible is always preparing to attack Yeongwoo.

Yeon-woo also wanted to reveal the evolution of the solvent to fit here.

“Both of you, stop!” Suddenly, something fell between them. As the shadow opens, Victoria screams.

At that moment, Yeon-woo didn't recognize her at all.

Whiter hair and darker eyes. Moreover, his body and voice were small enough to meet his bones. Victoria is that much more awkward than when it went down on Mt. Five.