Second Life Ranker

15. Wise Man's Stone (8)

The Miyeong (Beautiful 31461;) were busy moving around, and began to set up a liquor table.

Anastasia glances at Zedzavictoria, who is silently guarding the liquor store and the corner with an unyielding look on her face.

I changed my clothes neatly one day, but I felt more seductive than a feeling of regression.

Yeonwoo saw such anastasia, mummification, and Victoria.

In short, they were not merely slaves of Hyanastasia. In fact, what they felt was yogi. Some of them seemed to be quite troubling if they were to be face-to-face.

Gumiho. She was a nine-tailed apprentice and a stagehead.

And in fact, she has an impressive track record comparing to a high-ranker.

What if I bumped into Yeon on the spot? It may not have been able to escape the classics even though the Wise Man's Stone had not yet been completed.

Yeongwoo was originally a 1-layer Anastasia, but I thought it might be a patient combined with Legendary Water.

Players who passed the 11th floor usually carried a payoff, and most of them were carried by the magical institute unless they were a mainly trained summoner of Taming skills.

It was a huge loss for the power to be shot when exposed to the outside. There was also a reason that most of the stairs were a bad environment for transfers.

Players instead borrowed power from magical institutions and assimilated transfers to increase power. This was the reason why Yeon-woo had not received a transfer around most of the players she had met.

However, there were occasionally people who had a sudden growth of transfers and a unity ( -).

A combination of personality and body. It is born as a completely new being. The average person was referred to as a sick person.

In many ways, the sick person was surprised/seen, but in fact, it was not rare. Those who said, "I am unhappy" and "I am unhappy."

However, in most cases, while the personality of the players is the main character, Anastasia felt that the personality of the Legendary Beast became the main character. The magical force replaced by this one proves it.

Whatever it was, Anastasia took a seat as Victoria's teacher and looked down at Victoria and the pond sitting across from the table.

Edora stepped back and stared at Anastasia with a grim look on her face.

The pant waits for a moment, anxious to be on the lookout.

Places moved after roof of objective collapse.

“How have you been?” Yeon-woo asked me a lot of questions about how I've been and why I haven't heard from her. Victoria does not respond quickly. In my hesitant attitude, I felt strongly that I didn't want to think about what happened that day.

So Yeon-woo tried to ask again, but Anastasia was drawn between the two as if she could not forgive such a mining.

Then Rebecca emerges, clutching blue energy in front of Yeon Woo.

"Victoria." Rebekah's eyes widen as she looks at Rebecca in front of her. She must have died in King Xu's palace. How? "A spirit." Unlike Victoria, Anastasia looks intrigued to see through Rebecca's identity. She was lighting a fire, biting a long bear. Whew - the white smoke spread.

Poor Rebecca. How hard it must have been. Your heart, I understand, but can't you tell me? I don't know what happened. I think I deserve to hear that... "Rebekah was sacrificed to save Victoria. Victoria has always been trapped in that nightmare ever since she got better on the 20th floor, and has to feel guilty thinking of Rebecca and Yeon-woo who might have been sacrificed for her. She was still unable to break up that day.

He said he was an excellent Rune Wizard around here.He was a red bride.

In fact, Rebecca, who had been with her for a long time, knew too well that she was soft-hearted.

Tears follow Victoria's eyes. I was able to confirm that Rebecca and Yeon are safe. Although Lemeca became a spirit. However, it was comforting just to be in front of my eyes. Not enough to get out of a nightmare, but at least enough to face it.

“That day, Victoria finally began to explain what had happened. I couldn't feel my voice as much as I felt overwhelmed.

After escaping the Palace of Mi-Hu safely with Yeon-woo's help. Victoria and the liver begin to be chased from an unknown group without even trying to breathe.

“Don't you know who you are?” “We were all hiding who we were. But one thing was clear. They were never small clans.” 'You must be the Horseman.' I erased the thought of Yeon-woo in my heart.

“The chase went on for days and days and days and days and days and the liver" The chase was persistent, and Victoria Wagan was strongly convinced that it was really dangerous this way. I didn't have anywhere else to turn. Then, the liver stepped forward. She'll deal with them, but she tried to stop him, saying that Victoria couldn't. Rather, he smiled bitterly and knocked her out. And when I opened my eyes again, the liver and pursuit were completely gone.

“I woke up and looked for the liver, but I couldn't find it. And I'm ashamed.” She should have found the liver by now. He said he eventually escaped the 20th floor because of anxiety about when the chasers might show up again. And I've entrusted it to a teacher.

But after that, the trauma she suffered did not go easily.

Rebecca, cow, liver. The Sadducees who trained together on Mt. Five were sacrificed to save the girl. Kindred, who he thought was close, even made fun of her. Each and every one of those things brought down the soul of her once great wizard to the ground.

As it is now, Victoria wanders around in an uneasy glance, wondering if a chaser will soon emerge.

Knowing that it is a place the teacher is protecting. It wasn't easy for her to come out like this.

Eventually Anastasia reaches out to Victoria. Smoke emanates from the bear stand and hovers around Victoria's parlor. Victoria soon falls into a deep sleep.

Boom, boom.

Anastasia gets up quietly and sits next to Victoria. I gave congratulations to Yeon-woo and the like while gently stroked the student's head.

“You have no idea what you're looking for. This child is no longer equipped to deal with you, so step back.” Yeon-woo nodded and had no choice but to retreat. If we can get Victoria back to town in her condition, she'll only get more trouble without any help.

Like Victoria. It was the first time I had seen it. As I was leaving the building. Rebecca was shocked and wet. Sadducees who spent years with all their senses shut down usually had a strong ego to overcome them.

And so did the Victoria she knew.

A shameless, selfish wizard. The owner of a warm heart who sometimes worries about the Sadducees who are individualists. She was also her only friend and one of her only words to Rebecca, who was always busy with her upbringing.

The way he collapsed like that. As Rebecca, I had no choice but to grieve.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo wondered where the liver had gone for a while.

What kind of deal did they make with the Horsemen? 'The horse never misses his target. However, I haven't shown my face to Victoria and myself since that day. It meant the liver made some kind of deal with them.

What is it? I don't know, but I have an idea.

The horseman was reaching around under the water. From flirting with the Aether to attempting to kidnap a tax collector. The events were singular, but there must have been a cost to link them.

Is this about Doyle? 'But that day, Yeon-woo did not hear the story of the two from the liver, so there was no way to go out.

Liver's whereabouts were still intact.

The story about the liver and the horsemen had to wait until the other clues were better.

Are you a student after all? 'Yeongwoo brought the cauldron to the Wise Man's Stone.

Victoria is helpless. I wanted to borrow Anastasia's hand, but she was hostile to Yeon and others. Then we have to find someone who is comparable, but no one should have come to mind.

A brilliant wizard with no enemies anywhere. Where the hell do you get someone like that? Even if it were, there was no contact with Yeon-woo.

'The other five masters are also in separate divisions.' Yeon-woo was seduced by moaning.

Or should I try to strand the mercenaries? 'Some wizards even though they were skilled, sometimes came out to sell because the research cost was too high. It was because the cost of magic was not a penny or two.

If you take those people and you take Mana's oath to keep them safe. We may be able to break through somehow.

However, it was clear that the cost of entry would be astronomical, and no matter how much Mana swore, there was a risk of rumors leaking out somehow.

It makes it even harder to use the 4K auction house. 'What Yeon-woo wanted was not just to complete the Wise Man's Stone.

The final goal was to use the fake Wise Man's Stone to shake the tower and destroy the witches by laying all their sins on Balpurgis' night.

After all, I was in front of Yeon, who was deeply troubled by her difficult choices.

Suddenly, a gentle breeze came.

An exotic energy. It was a mixed wind.

The yellow book comes down quietly surrounded by the dorsal fascia. As Yeon-woo reached out her hand forward, the book immediately sat down on top of her.

Anastasia's disobedience echoes through Yeon Woo's mind.

A disciple apologizes for not being able to help, and asks you to give him this. I don't know why you want me to give you this. Now that you've received this, don't ever appear again. As the round membrane disappeared, the yogi disappeared.

Rebecca quietly approaches your side.

She was surprised to see the title written on the outside of the book.

Master, is that it? "Eh. I think Victoria gave us a hunch. The phrase 'Rune Magic Necromancy: About the Metaphysical Power of the Spirit and the New Magical System Through the Connection of the New Upper Legislation' made me headache in an instant.

"This was originally a paper that Victoria prepared one day to present to the Conference of the Horse Tower. Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes. Simply put, it was the result of what Victoria had studied. Yeon-woo gives in unison 'that much guilt' blamed herself for not spending much time questioning Victoria. In the meantime, Victoria's apology seems to be much bigger than she thought. I need to give this to take some of the burden off my mind.

Yeon-woo looked back to where they had left off.

I just wanted Victoria to clear her mind a little sooner and get up on her feet.

Abraham glanced at Victoria's paper brought by Yeon Woo.

“Sorcery. I'm sure your field is as helpful as mine is weak. Moreover, this paper gives me a glimpse of great insight. I was trying to set up a whole new magic system. Victoria. I've heard of you, but you're much better than I thought.” Victoria's work on the Five Mountains was profound enough to blow up the city's elasticity.

Yeon-woo was surprised to hear that.

There are many fields and disciplines in magic. The current framework was created at the end of the accumulation of continuously conducted studies over the last thousand years. So it's been hundreds of years since the impact has been fixed, and the tower has become more and more Braille conservative.

Establishing and proposing a new system in such a rigid magical discipline meant opening up a new school.

It's a challenge to existing magical order.

It was never easy.

Victoria tries to challenge that, and Abraham decides it's possible. Victoria's research was quite impressive.

Thanks to this, Abraham was able to take a deeper level of knowledge and add a new perspective to the study of the Wise Man's Stone.

Alchemy, refinement, white magic, hump magic, elements, etc. Knowledge of various magical fields crossed, and as metallurgical knowledge merged, research began to recycle.

The treasures in the Intranian that had been stacked up here like the answers have been consumed.

But the research did not stop.

In the meantime, Hannova's additions, which he had saved up for nothing, were added, and the Elder paid some debts to Yeon-woo as well.

And then another three months.

There you go. Finally. ”The group can complete the rescue.

“Too bad. You can't challenge something like this without giving it back.” Abraham nods, agreeing with the elder and Hanova.

A rescue formula that I wanted to complete while going to sleep for a long time.

Although there was an Emerald Tablet and Yeongra had excellent steering instructions, the completed structural formula was the result of their collective knowledge and research.

But unfortunately, the acid was impossible.

The things I needed to make a stone were ridiculous.

“A human soul. It's crazy.” thousands or tens of thousands of human souls. I thought this was supposed to be a genoside thing. Besides, you can't just collect souls. Several elements must be put into the process of processing and purifying the terrified soul.

Every single one of those processes was horrible. Fortunately, the stone that Yeongwoo has is already refined, and if it wasn't, I couldn't even try.

Of course, it was not a human soul, but it was also possible to construct a stone using another soul. However, it was almost impossible to complete the stone with thousands of materials in the backyard that were as efficient as the soul.

So Abraham, the blacksmith, and Henova agreed to use their products for once and bury them again.

If the complete rescue formula leaked out, something really big could happen.

Especially in the case of the Red Dragon or any other giant clan, if only they could make Wise Man's Stone, tens of millions of lives would be wiped out without blinking an eye.

And they gained a lot from this study anyway, so there was no reason to hang onto the Wise Man's Stone.

“Let's get started, then." According to Abraham, Yeon-woo nods. Hanova and the Elder also looked nervous and watched Yeon-woo.

Currently, the Wise Man's Stone situated next to the heart of Yeongwoo cannot be taken out. Then Yeongwoo had to consume the necessary materials and complete the stone according to the structure.

Yeongwoo opens up the Intranian and takes her hands to the stone materials she had stored up.

“Swallow.” Chug, chug! The Vampire Sword of Battery starts swallowing all the ingredients as it strikes its teeth.

At that moment, Yeon-woo began to focus on the Wise Man's Stone, turning all consciousness into his body.

Just in time, the Wise Man's Stone trembles.

Just like asking me to complete myself right now.