Second Life Ranker

16. Wise Man's Stone (9)

The Wise Man's Stone was a massive energy condensed mass. It was made by grinding the souls of tens of thousands of people, and the shape was firmly fixed and showed no signs of being released at all.

The building that was most dedicated to making Wise Man's Stone wanted to use it, but was also unable to use it for that reason.

So the focus was on three things to complete the Wise Man's Stone.

First, resettling a magical power source into a stone.

The second is to combine the Wise Man's Stone and the Magic Power Source to complete it.

And the third and final step is to connect the completed Wise Man's Stone to the magical circuitry and adapt it to the body.

Yeonwoo thought that the last part wouldn't be too difficult.

The Wise Man's Stone is a kind of magical institution.

A considerable number of ordinary people will naturally accept it. But Yeon had magical circuits that could hold all the Mana in the world, and none of the Wise Man's Stones were more than a few. Of course it was acceptable. And there was no computation at all.

But the problem is putting the contents in the bowl well. I was in good bonding with the rocks.

There was no wrong rescue ceremony, alternating between gumsan and inverse mountain several times. Since Yeouido was already completing the ceremony, it was not difficult to complete the stone according to the formula.

'We only have one chance. Failure will result in death.

While caught in a parallax, all hyperesthesia was focused on the stone to avoid making mistakes.

You only have to try once. If anything goes wrong, the opportunity will immediately cease to exist. At that time, hard-to-get horseshoes and stones could be destroyed.

So Yeongwoo put the absorbed materials into the Vampire Sword one by one, step by step, in order to complete the stone.

Since I have already simulated several times, there were no confusing or accidental variables.



Like pieces of a puzzle coming together. The wise man's stone, which had been stuck firmly to the side of his heart, remained silent until now, was gradually shaped.

Nemesis and Niche, who used to carry stones in the Wise Man's stone, were temporarily absent to complete it. There was nothing to distract him.

How long has it been? The stone that was assembled in order had suddenly completed its shape.

A stone as big as a man's fist trembles more violently than ever before. I acted like it was going to break soon.

Now there's only one piece left. Magic powerhouse, just the machinery of Agares.

The mildew forms a passageway between the stone and the arctic nucleus, and slowly begins to draw energy from the arctic nucleus towards it.

Yeon-woo focused all her mind on the stone so much that she thought it would burn like this. This focus was probably the first since King Mihu's palace had mastered the 72nd technique.

The touch that induced magic was delicate and very cautious. If the slightest wrinkle falls, everything falls apart. Because some lower level demons were as many magi as they could easily be made, new demons could be created as well as physical damage once exposed to the outside.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo has been meticulously skilled in alchemy and magic knowledge for the past 4 months, and her magical control was delicate enough to easily press 0.

Moreover, I've been observing the Wise Man's Stone the whole time, at the slowest time, through the Siza Goose. There was no mistake.

Sharp, sharp - so carefully infiltrated into the sage's stone to the last remaining magical force, and the millstones immediately closed the passageway and entrance.

Agares' magic wanders freely through the stones of the sage. You rush to break through the prison, but the stone doesn't budge. Then, you fade into the stone's temperament, then turn back to the core and settle completely in the stone.

As if the last piece were in place. A clean and cheerful sound resounded in my head.

Yeon-woo shouted for joy.

At that moment.

String, String_[Additional information reveals some of the hidden performance.] [Corrupt Wise Man's Stone] Muscle • 722 Grade: 7429 Description: The most pure form of energy in the world is the soul of man. This stone was created by processing countless souls in the direction of the Emerald Tablet.

We need to be cautious in dealing with it because it is full of fearful sources. Currently, the Devil Agarose has infiltrated the stone and is increasing in size by a little.

Margaery can amplify up to infinity by adding the full magical power gathered within the Wise Man's Stone from Agares' Magic Core. However, at this time, the caster must be able to handle the following star casting.

C. There is only one in the tower and it is completely attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

This is a teafact.It can be used in a variety of ways depending on your convenience, but you need special care to use it because it can be swept away by the curse.

[Artifact is complete, but not available yet. It must be connected to an existing magical power source.] [There are powerful curses in the artifact. Use caution when connecting to existing horsepower.] 'A statement requiring special attention has been mentioned not only in the description window, but also in the message.

That must mean the Wise Man's Stone is in danger.

I thought I could draw a lotus.

He knew better than anyone how many players Arang had sacrificed to make this Wise Man's Stone in the first place.

I have not been trapped in the form of a stone. It was clear that there were tens of thousands of people in it, clumped together, and it was unbelievable.

And with the Devil King's magi on top of that, it was as sweet as a wing.

This was beyond my expectations.

So I was strongly suggesting that Yeon-woo might be in danger for a moment. Soon, I started the last work without delay. If I had wanted to stop here, I wouldn't have even tried to complete the stone.

You activated the Magic Circuit and connected the Circuit to the stone. Replacing the external passageway with circuitry has been a long time, but it was not that difficult.

Yeon intends to make the Wise Man's Stone the same part of the circuit as the other Gore. The only difference is that it manages all the switches of the circuit forward from the stone.

And the moment it opened the passageway of the stone that was closed.

Huaaaa! The magical power that has been circulating the circuit and the magic power that originated from the stone were connected. At first, the other two magical forces collided, not being compatible with each other like water and oil.

[Property synchronization is achieved with the 'dinosaur' attribute.] The liquid based magical circuit quickly mixed the two magical forces together.

And the cycle began. Much more abundant and pure magical power than before.

Yeon tried running the sage stone to make sure the power of the stone is checked. Then an enormous amount of magical power began to rush through the circuit at once.

A lot of creepy backbones.

Exciting senses ran through my body. Heat and cats made my senses numb, and I was so amazed that I thought it was floating on the clouds.

The Son of the Dragon and the Son of the Devil awoke on their own.

Even though I did not wake up, the scale of employment came up on top of my skin and hit me with joy. Powerful in the flesh, power rose on its own and threw it everywhere.

Whistle! The interior where the tide was, suddenly, a horsepower storm knocked everyone out of their minds.

The elders quickly surrounded the barrier so that the energy of the kite would not leak out, and Abraham was greatly illuminated by the white clouds surrounding the kite. The Wise Man's Stone, which is the secret of all alchemists, is right there.

Ahh! This is a Wise Man's Stone? "And the Sa Nong tree connected to Yeon Woo opened up with amazement. In particular, Han was even trembling.

I remember when I first became a high ranker. The confidence, which was unlikely to catch up with anything in the world, was now raging with the thunder! Rebecca also bursts into resilience. The divinity of Gernunos, which had never seen any light so far, was shining differently.

At this rate, I even expected it to be a spirit beyond the limits of the Spirit.


Yeongwoo in the center was so amazed that she could not concentrate.

Unless you were somehow conscious of the paralysis. I might have blacked out.

Infinite power.

Intense power.

It all seemed to be in the palm of this hand.

Is this what Dragon Heart is supposed to do when the 5th Awakening is complete? The joys of the Wise Man's Stone were not something to be expressed in words.

I was worried that Yeon-woo would stay like this and make a fable.


After such a peak of joy swept through the body like a tsunami.

A hunk of spinach slowly began to rise, clutching in the Wise Man's stone.

You start spreading your body along the way to the far end. Like a drop of ink in clear water, the magical force rapidly expands along the passage, riding through your spine and flooding your brain.

It happened too fast.

I can't stop Yeon-woo. It's as if a predator has been lurking for a long time waiting for its prey to pass by. Like a beetle catching its prey, it spills unconsciously out of its shell.

If he hadn't been conscious of the parallax, it might have been a lump of blood all at once.

Yeon-woo quickly regained consciousness. Dare and joy still dominated the mind and body. Now was not the time to enjoy such things.

She growled roughly as if she were going to eat beeswax right away, and she tried to push it away somehow.

If there's even a slight crack. He was able to get wet on Mars in no time.

If you are conscious, if you have a personality. It was like a new demon, or a new Agarose, was about to emerge.

You son of a bitch! 'Yeon-woo thought, maybe this is one of Agares' hidden tricks. A lure that no one else has had the opportunity to descend into the Summer.

Originally, neither Mahjok nor Wonhum were able to cope with Yeongwoo alone.

But the story is different if the two things mix. I don't know where Margie is. His strength was too much to deal with as a kitten. At this rate, Yeongwoo's ego disappeared and she could take over.


Yeon-woo gripped her teeth and endured.

At the same time as pushing away the veil, you project the veil onto the stone of the sage. If he was aiming for himself, he was aiming for him. The first person to take the opponent's territory wins the battle.

Kuku Kung! My body rises up and down.

Repeating that the Dragon Factor and the Horse Factor increased from one another and then lowered, we repeated that Yeon-woo's flesh was also destroyed and restored.

Yeon opened her eyes.

An empty darkness spread before my eyes.

This is a conscious world. I don't think I can finish the fight with Wonhum. It was a stage set up by Yeongwoo for a more definitive fight.

And Wonhum responded to it.

[Hidden Quest/Corrupt Dead Man's Desire] Description: Margaery, left by my master, tried to target you. Then he meets the wanderer hiding in the stone of the sage and becomes a magician and now he wants to rob your body.

Protect your body from the Horsemen and absorb the remaining magical power from battle.

Requirements for achievement: 1. Beat Marse2 within the time limit. Completely absorb the wreckage of the castles to control the Wise Man's Stone.

Timeout: unknown.

Reward: 1. Completely Wise Man's Stone2. When Margie's abilities were enhanced, a quest window appeared in front of her, and the surrounding landscape began to turn dark.

An impressive place with dark, red skies on wide ground. It resembled a stage on the 23rd floor of Morrow.

And over there, as the azirang blooms, it shuffles around and immediately begins to form a man.

It was a shadow full of gray.

There was nothing worth mentioning, but I felt that Yeon-woo was looking at me.


Yeonwoo was able to glimpse the tens of thousands of his spirits through Dragon Eye. The princes struggled to get out of him, strangely distorted, but they had to get inside the road without getting through.

That's the one. No, it was Maestro.

Minor energy emitted by tens of thousands of dead from the Wise Man's Stone is embodied as a medium for Against Margaery.

Tsk, tsk! At that time, a solid line was drawn below her face, and her mouth widened. The curling mouth curled up and down his shoulders as if this moment was so much fun that he was about to die.

Yeon-woo received a strong feeling of glamour while looking at him like that.

It's like looking in a mirror.

Marseilles was imitating Yeon Woo.

Looks, temperament, behavior, beaten, habits, thoughts, even traits and skills.

It seemed to follow him because he was the closest.

The problem was that the nature was completely different.

Ferocious beast.

No more, no less.

Especially that smile.

It reminded me of someone.

'Agares.' It's annoying. His obsession really turned a man's clothes upside down.


It was similar to him, but at a different cost. It's hard to put into words. Fundamentally different cost

"It looks like me, but it's another 7.

de At a glance, I could not feel that it was similar to the vision of my sister I met on the floor.

However, Yeon shakes her head.

He was born imitating himself anyway. I didn't have to worry about him anymore. He must have grabbed something out of his memory and twisted it.

All we have to do now is get rid of what we don't want to see. Wiping out the quest window for the rainbow. I started waking up the books one by one.

The dragon scales rise and the wings of fire rise from behind.

And I'm about to rush in.

Suddenly, Martha opened her lips.

Yeon-woo saw it and made a hard impression.

And that moment.

Suddenly, the world of consciousness collapses.

[You have successfully achieved the Hidden Quest (The Fallen Man's Wish).] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Values are provided.] [You have gained 5,000 Public Values.] [3,000 additional Prudential Points.] [You obtained the 'Refined Wise Man's Stone' as a reward.] [A reward enhances the properties against demons and demons.] [All alchemists' grudge, the Wise Man's Stone, was successfully completed. You have achieved a great achievement.] [The gods and demons on the 98th floor are watching over you.] An unrelenting message.

Even after Yeongwoo was bounced off into the real world, her happy face was stiff.

“Caine, are you okay?” At the sudden vision of Yeon-woo, Abraham, Henova, and the Elder, who were concerned about the symptoms, suddenly woke her up.

Yeongwoo nodded her head to be okay, but it was still difficult to find peace even though what had happened in the conscious world remained clear to the mind.

Even before the fight, Maestro suddenly disappeared. Although he did not give birth, he clearly said this.

- Not yet, not yet.

After more gold, I'll come back for you.