Second Life Ranker

17. Wise Man's Stone (10)

Warning to swallow yourself.

It was the prey of predators waiting for the ripe fruit of the horse to come.

Yeongwoo quickly checks the Wise Man's Stone as she rotates her magical power. However, his worries were seamlessly tied to the Wise Man's Stone Power circuit, performing his duties as the main core.

There was no sense of otherness or resistance. It seemed like it had been one body from the beginning. Margie's mixed magical power was already immersed in her existing magical power, and she was racing through her body.

I couldn't find any trace of the magician who was so repulsive.

Is it a mistake, or is it just one last struggle? 'Yeon-woo searched not only the Wise Man's Stone, but also everywhere in the body. I even searched the conscious world again. There was no castle.It seemed to have evaporated.

So I felt even more uneasy about Yeon-woo. If by some speculation, it was just a simple final struggle, it would have left a trace.

It was clean but too clean.

“Cain? Cain!” Yeon-woo had to snap out of her shaking hands.

Abraham stared at himself with a furious look.

“Did something happen? Not a good breath.” Yeon shakes her head. I couldn't live with myself.

“No, nothing. It's just that at the end of the day, when you connect the Wise Man's Stone and Magic circuits, the repulsive force is bigger than you think, you're tired of spending your mind trying to calm it down.” “Definitely worth a shot. It couldn't have been easy. Why don't you go inside and get some rest?" “No. It's okay now. But what happened to me?” Yeongwoo has become a mess and looked around at the foul surroundings. I've been picking up things that have been helping them with their research and throwing them all over the barn. The paperwork that was piled up like a tower was in a warped state.

“I guess you have no idea what happened outside.” “Actually, it wasn't a mess.

Between Yeonwoo and her devotion to conquering Mars.

The flesh of the cow collapsed and regenerated. I was a dragon, so I was busy stopping the magical storm from resting because of the struggle surrounding my body's dominance.

If Abraham and the Elder hadn't been forced to restrain the body, the placenta in the village would have blown away.

Yeon-woo nods as if it were worth a drawing. It's just as powerful as it is right now. I had no idea what the power would be if I had a seizure.

You can conquer it because you're two people. Perhaps the dull pain that remained in the body was the aftermath of that.

“More than that.” The blacksmith fixes her glasses and asks Yeong-woo with serious eyes.

“What about the Wise Man's Stone? Worth it?" Abraham and Henova nod at your side. Everyone was looking forward to it. Now that we have the great pieces of equipment, I'm also interested as a maker.

Yeongwoo rolled up her mouth slightly.

“Let's give it a try.” Yeongwoo stayed in the village and focused on completing the Wise Man's Stone, but she did not hesitate to settle down at any time.

The body would give itself away if only a few days of training were delayed. It required constant training.

Moreover, I couldn't stop training even more because I had to acquire new powers and practice like this.

So even though it's an external training ground that's used to be like a house cabin,

Yeon-woo felt excited for some reason like she had visited for the first time.

Probably because of the flow of powerful magical power flowing through the body.

The magical power supplied by the Wise Man's Stone has been expanding over time and has been feeding all over the body. The dragon and horse factors were woken up in turn to strengthen, and the magical force was constantly refined to improve purity, and the circuit was also enlarged to larger and thicker.

It's like they have their own spirituality. The Wise Man's Stone was transforming the body of Yeon Woo little by little on its own.

It is a task to remove the heterogeneity between the remaining stones of the sage and the dinosaurs and make their functions more efficient.

After this is all done. We can grow even more as we awaken again.

The Summer Queen kept the Wise Man's Stone gradually as a substitute for the Dragon Heart for a reason.

I was also concerned about Maestro. Yeongwoo was stuck in the middle of staying. Even though I thought about it more deeply, there is no answer, and now I wanted to check on a different body faster.

As much as brahms, smiths, and hanova are watching this side of the training ground.

“Come out.” According to Yeon-woo's command, the shadow stretched and split into two and suddenly came up. Shannon looks fully armed, and Rebecca sits quietly on top of it.

The surest way to check the function is through hands-on combat

Yeongwoo was going to try to block the three joints with all her might.

Sanon and Han were in a several stages up with the magical power supplied from the Wise Man's Stone. And despite that, there has been little insight into the future king's legacy.

Rebecca was also a recovering opponent, though not as alive, so she wanted to check her skills once. Especially since the sacred statue of Chernunos has risen and risen.

If you come face to face with them.

Maybe I don't know, but I was sure my body wasn't healthy.

"Hey, Owner." When Sannon called, Yeonwoo, who was touching the Forge Blacksword and Krashna's Dagger, raised his head.

Does getting beaten make you cry, or do you want to do something and not get revenge? "Yeon-woo smiled.

“I have something to say.” Huh-huh. Yep. Waiting for it, Dazanon lightly unhooks himself, pulling out the sod breaker Hanova had made for him and dropping it to the ground.

Hanova, who was looking at it, opened her eyes wide for only a moment, but soon she clapped her arms and clapped her mouth and continued to look this way.

I will lay you on the floor today and make you cry. Living laughed as if it were funny just thinking about it. Meanwhile, one man pulls out nine swords to activate his unique skill, 'Nine Swords', and Rebecca falls back with a bow around her shoulder and a dagger in one hand.

And that moment.

Yeongwoo tried to Awaken the Solution.

The dragon's scales, which started from the chest, reach close to the eye, and the fiery dragon's wings soar as the hot wind swells in all directions. The ground he was walking on was scorched for hours.

[Goddess's Symphony] With Athena's blessing added here, the firepower was unbelievable. The power Athena gave me was repairing even areas where the Awakening Solution couldn't be touched.

At that time, Yeon-woo hit the ground hard. Like I'm out of bullets.

The pit flushes deeply where he left it, soaring with dirt, and all of a sudden, Yeongwoo stumbles across Sanon.

However, it was not Sanon who was aiming to block the path of Yeongwoo.

Sorry, I stepped forward and threw eight swords into the air. Instead, I was pulling out a meter as big as my body.

I wanted to compete with the owner once. "The words of the spirit were true. Despite Yeon-woo's tactics, he was thrown out of his old faction and turned into Death Knight. While watching Yeon-woo, Han could change his mind a lot.

Yeon-woo reminded me of myself as a young man. I plunged into the flames of the water in any dangerous situation and got what I wanted.

If you're watching him like that.

I felt like my heart was beating without a ghost. Ever since I had my bad son, I have been filled with ambition as a fighter that I have never felt before.

Of course, there were many differences from myself.

Unlike the fighter himself, who lived only in fights, Yeon-woo always had a keen judgment. There were times when I couldn't figure out what I was thinking because I had deep thoughts.

However, he also appeared strong as a monk who never wanted to cross the line he had clearly drawn.

So Han wanted to know more about the existence of Yeongwoo.

But it's hard for him to have a deep conversation with Yeon Woo.

But fortunately, the Blader had a easier way to communicate than a horse.

Carl. There was more truth in a Blader's blade than a thousand words.

I've never fought a sword with Yeon-woo in my life. Han wanted to check Yeon-woo's mind. I will also know my achievements.

The crossbow sword hit by the kite was blocked by a meter. The tempest swells everywhere.

The arena sword was much shorter in length compared to a meter, and he turned terribly to the right without missing the advantage.

Crucible! With the sound of scraping iron, the dung of fire rises roughly upwards. The shimmer pushed the sword as hard as he could, and quickly swept away Yeon-woo's waist, turning the other way.

Kwam Kwam. Another signature skill boasted by Han has been activated.

Every time I swing my sword, the swirling whirlpool produced tens of hundreds of strikes.

However, Yeongwoo avoided the catastrophe by splashing the ground into thin air. The whirlpool suddenly appeared and vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, Yeon was doing a swallow process while aiming for a neck with Graschna's Dagger.

Ka 'ang! One of them pulls out a sabre (narrow sword) that was just pinned at his feet and pushes it aside. And I drew again the meter in my right hand.

Excruciating! Yeon could barely stop Krashna's attack with a diagonal line as she crossed the arena's sword and dagger. However, the shock wave is not fully offset, so the body bounces back.

I quickly turned the magic circuit. As the wings of injustice grew so large, they were almost balanced, but one day, a man approached again and stabbed the knife.

A hunting sword that specializes in stabbing. A blade shaped like a fishery pierces the glabella.

It's impossible to stop it now.

Yeongwoo quickly expressed another power.

[Spirit of Thirty Thousand] [72Psychedelic - Wall] The black bracelet that was pinched to the right wrist throws up a shimmering glow, and a group of faint ghosts appear with a terrifying reverberation and erect a solid wall.

Although the wall of the ghost has been pierced through the life force, it can't reach Yeongwoo with several layers around it.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo was able to correct her posture. Following the swords of the arena, an enormous amount of angry orders rose.


One day, he grabs Sabre and swings as if he won't let go of the one he caught. Krrrrrrr. Once more, a vortex erupts from the edge of the blade. The wall of the ghost remains broken.

I still lacked many aspects to catch up with Yeonwoo because of her skill with the sword.

A senior citizen whose name was already well known before he died. Here, I was looking at the ranks of those who had studied about the legacy of King Mi Hu for a long time.

The only thing that is lacking is that the body still does not give as much as it used to. His skills were real.

Yeon-woo, who is still only a master class, asked me to bet against him.

However, Yeon-woo had enough organs to make up for such a skilled car.

Firepower. With the Wise Man's Stone equipped, the Magic Power that approaches the limit harnesses even the most powerful blow.

Kuaang! The swordsman throws out a blaze. As the ferocious error erupted, he forcibly bounced the colony to the side. Meanwhile, Yeonsei triggered a blink to occupy the rear of the colony.

Han read the crescent of the kite and swung the meter back. However, the meter was again blocked by the soaring wall of ghosts, and the sword of the maelstrom cut through the side of a man.

Flash! I think the smithy's sword just spit out enough light to make it explode. The waves of fire. The explosive force was much stronger, even though more control was achieved and focused on one cross section.

The flame rises by tens of meters.

Boom, boom! Qar-Ultimately, the Koran was submerged in a sea of fire, leaving no trace of it. At that moment, Rebecca and the living repress the flames from behind protrude out and swipe their swords from both sides.

Yeonwoo once again deployed the bollink, wanting to be far away from her seat.

But as soon as I appeared in the other room, the arrows flew as if they were waiting. Rebecca was reading his movements and pulling the bow.

Thadda! And while striking the arrow, Sanon strikes the Sword Breaker hard as he reappears in front of the moat.

The flames have gone out. Volcano. The signature skill of the one you stole from Bahar was added.

[Liza Ghost] In a slow world, Yeon-woo made a quick decision.

Bollings were useless as long as they were controlled, both near and far.

There's only one way left.

'It's a frontal breach.' As soon as I finished thinking, another power shone.

[Necromancer] The silent rage that settles on one side of your heart suddenly rises to the top of your head. Like an animal. Yeongwoo burst without resisting the rising terror.

“Kwaaang!” Like a real beast. With the courtship ring, the sacred body swelled several times, then it became a trajectory while being bitten in black.

Snoring and humidity hit the ground as predators grabbed everything in sight. It's not enough to wipe out Sanon and Rebecca all of a sudden, so I scoured the back of that mountain behind the training ground.

Qarr! The mountains are shaking and the surrounding ion pits are collapsing. And between the thick, dusty oils, the light surrounded the black flame as much as it could, and it was full of fierce energy.

It was like...

It reminds me of the Lord of Hell who came into the world with the fires of hell in the underworld.