Second Life Ranker

18. Kelat Auction House (1)

Zero dust globe was blown away. The burning fires below repeat the ascent and sinking, and the carved ground is a battlefield like a beast's battlefield. Everything is destroyed.

And looking at the lotus in the center.

Bullshit. "Shannon got up slowly and slowly, spitting out insults.

There was a murmur all over the body. I could hear it from my ears to my tinnitus with a loud noise.

Although it was formed as a shadow. However, he still did not complete his identity as a human, so his senses felt the same. He ruled the body with mental fatigue.

The knife in my hand is still trembling.

I wish I hadn't been so quick to protect myself with this. Probably in the shadows by now. It must have been hard restoring the body.

Meanwhile, Sanon was only slightly scorched after receiving such a shock wave, but he was amazed at the blade that left no scar. However, the goods made by the master were different.


On the other hand, the owner who made all this stuff up, whatever he said, was crazy.

After applying the Wise Man's Stone and achieving the 3rd Awakening, Yeongwoo was now sweaty enough just to face it.

Especially since he developed such powerful aphrodisiacs that his skin ached with such fierce force.

It reminded me of someone else who was on the other side of the memory.

81 eyes.

Representatives of the Red Dragon.

There was enough energy surrounding the pond to make you a ruler of the Han Dynasty or a master of the towers.

When we first met, the semi-ranker barely won, and swordsmanship was just a baby.

I never thought it would change this much in just a year.

I have never heard of a growth rate like this other than Cho Jong-woo Wing in the past. No, considering the growth, it seemed much faster than I had tried.

Ordinary people will be frightened just by looking at it.

"I can't bend annoyance here. I don't give a shit." Life burned more passion in the shape of a pond, raising itself up as a walking stick with a sword breaker.

With the strong lotus, Shannon is much stronger. Especially given his skills, he has already surpassed his previous skills and reached a level comparable to that of a ranker.


It was a wall that felt so high when I was alive. After achieving such an achievement, I felt 'nothing.'

I thought it would be refreshing to get to this position. And I was confident that I would be able to see the world. After decades of desperate effort, I had a grudge I couldn't get. He believed in himself.

But with Yeon Woo, we have a new place to work. Meeting as many masters as you can imagine.

Shannon had to feel his surrounding worldview shattered.

It was a new world.

It was another sky.

All he had been looking at was the sky in a very narrow well. He had never known that there was a wider sky and a wider world beyond.

And through that world.

Sae thought her accomplishments were meaningless. I thought it was not enough.

Only a year ago, Yeongwoo, who had achieved her own rate, was looking elsewhere, and he just wanted to be standing next to her.

However, Yeon Woo's speed was too fast, so he seemed to be falling behind if he stayed on like this, and he had to try without rest.

And thanks to the 72 skills and the legacy of the future king, I was able to achieve the level of enlightenment.

I still thought I had a long way to go. Yeon-woo grew up again. If so, I had to follow myself quickly.

To fall here in such a sentence. It couldn't have happened.

No, it's not.

Even after all that. There was a curiosity that he wanted to win over Yeongwoo once. Ever since I met him and lost as a semi-rammer, I've been running behind him, so I don't want to be left behind this time.

At that moment.

Hwaaaa_The color of the black energy that surrounded Sanon became clearer and began to appear in enormous quantities.

Enhanced connections with Yeongwoo. At the same time, the remnants of the mahjong that remained in the Wise Man's Stone came into the ghosts.

[An intense will awakens the righteous.] [Arm Attributes and Evil Attributes increased by 30 each.] [This is a flower attribute.] You've gained 15 [Congratulations! Based on enhanced horse factors, we were able to get closer to death.] [Death Knight (Sanon) makes a new difference. Increases by more than one of your existing 'qualifications'.] [Calculate existing attributes and stats to explore the parent class.] [Title 'Influenced by ashes leading to death.] As the black helmet and armor that you were wearing became brighter and brighter, the searing flame blazed down under the helmet that was only dark and dark.

Inferno Sight.

The moment the inferno is revealed that only those who rise to the noble ranks can have it in the Commandment.

It was amplified several times by the presence sensitivity shortness that surrounded Sanon. Not only did it grow in size, but Magiwa Saga was glowing like a flame with a clearer tan.

[Death Knight (Sanon) has successfully evolved to the Death Noble.] [Death Row] Knights who hold a grudge are haunted by death and unable to consecrate. Some of the Death Knights were born with the power and title of the Lord of Hell.

Death follows them wherever they go, and the greater the reach of power as the title triumphs.

Furthermore, the deeper the power, the greater the degree of inclination, the more likely it is to form a group of private soldiers under the command.

Sanon, who succeeded in becoming a class above the level, was able to enjoy the intense power of boiling.

Shaking his cloak as much as he could, he gave a big earful. You rot beneath the scissors of the earth. The sod breaker in your hand was drawn to wet water.

Maybe it's because of the influence of the Wise Man's Stone.

Or is it the strong will of Sanaan?

I didn't know why.

But Shah was much more powerful than before, and she and Rebecca were greatly surprised to see that.

Especially when he was hanging out with Shannon and looking at him a few times down. It was also a matter of great pride.

Despite growing up like that, living off the leash. Once upon a time, even the High Tanker was still tied to the Death Knight framework.

And so was Rebecca. She was overwhelmed by the sacred life force she held. Despite his friendship, he could feel the camouflage.

Sanon was already strong enough to make you both nervous.

But Shah didn't give a damn about it.

If it was you long ago, I would have acted with excitement.

Now all the nerves were firmly focused on Yeongwoo.

All I could think about was how to make more use of Yeon-woo, and how to make more use of it.


That thought was conveyed to the colonel and Rebecca.

The two of them tightly grasped each other's weapons. And I was prepared for the fierce heat of the storm, controlling the storm.

And they rushed to Yeon-woo, as you promised each other, without having to do me.

Yeongwoo also grabbed the sword of the arena and glanced coldly. Necromancy.

Depending on the power to dramatically increase the attack force instead of lowering the defense and resistance, the disfigured gaze was shining more ferociously than ever before.

The black flame sweeps across the earth once more.

Abraham shakes his head as if he couldn't stop it.

“The owner. It's the same thing.” The battle between Yeonwoo and the three factions ended in a draw.

In tireless whirling knives and burning flames. The four of them fought so fiercely that they thought the purpose was to kill each other.

Thanks to this, the place that Yeongwoo used to use as a training ground was completely destroyed.

Even the elders, who were watching the fight all the time, were now sighing, saying, "Get lost."

The ground was all charred with tortoise shells, and the surrounding forest and mountains looked ugly and bare.

“How are you? Are you feeling better now?” Abraham sat on the floor and looked at Yeongwoo, who was breathing quietly.

Yeon-woo smiled bitterly instead of answering.

I thought I'd never let my training go to waste. I guess I was mistaken. Once the rampage started, all the weight that had been piled up was poured out all at once.

However, after releasing it like this, it was open. My body became drowsy, I was stressed out, and my anxiety worries disappeared.


“Too bad.” Not everything is satisfactory.

“Too bad?” Abraham stares at Yeon-woo with a look of what a madman this is. Yeon-woo seriously nods.

“Yes. We know that these three forces, in fact, are not just here." Yeon-woo has grown so strong that she is still unable to keep up with the sociopathic spirit.

The hypocrisy in the diary was so great. It was not that he reigned as the second in cleanliness with shyness.

Therefore, when I saw that she had not regained her strength yet, I felt sorry for her in many ways.

The same is true of Rebecca. She was as strong as the Supreme God she was chosen to be. But now he lost too much.

Shaman has surpassed the power of life. That's why I haven't been able to use my strength properly since I became Death Nord.

For this reason, Yeon-woo only thought that they should be strengthened even to regain their original strength.

When Abraham heard this, he suddenly burst into laughter. It was because I knew why Yeon-woo craved so much strength.

“Then I will continue to urge this silver.” “You need to find your credentials quickly.” “Hehe. I can't thank you enough. In order to do that, I don't have to jump ahead of you. Abraham had already given up on going back in time, so he smiled 0 0 lightly. In order to regain Yeon-woo's reputation, Yeon-woo, the owner, had to get a title instead of just Yeon-woo's.

And of course I said it. Since the tower was built, there has never been a case where players have gained status. All I could say was, "Wouldn't Eulpowon make it?"

However, Yeon-woo was gazing at Abraham silently.

Abraham's eyes grew on their own.

“Are you sure?” Ceremony.

Yeon-woo woke up from her seat with the sound of the wind falling so lightly.

“Now that you've confirmed the stone's function, you'll have to move on.” Abraham nodded, not asking Yeon-woo any more.

Whatever he said, it was still a matter of days to come.

There was something else I had to do now.

Witch hunting.

And get her out.

Despite being an artificial body, Abraham felt like his heart was beating heavily. Bang, bang. I felt suffocated by the thought of wanting to meet my daughter quickly.