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19. Kelat Auction House (2)

“Number one, you're too mean. Isn't that right, Chucky?” Cesar hugs Niche in her arms with a grumpy face.

Her pink cheeks suddenly fluffed up like a balloon.

Even when you first had an uncle. Cesar was literally flying around in the sky.

My uncle was kind like my father, who always drew in his dreams, and made me a lot of delicious food. And he avoided Abraham's eyes and occasionally handed out snacks to l-.

Especially the cotton candy my uncle used to make was so delicious that he asked me to make it every time, but I hated it when his teeth didn't rot.

However, he was a thankful uncle who responded greatly to what he said and read a fairy tale book at night.

He was always so clumsy, he couldn't do it well.

Recently, it was really hard to meet my uncle.

What's so important about it? I thought it was really important that Abraham was obsessed with it.

And he was smarter than his peers, so he was confused to realize that the things they made were also for him.

So I used to pretend to be okay in front of Yeongwoo and Brahim.

But it didn't completely disappear to something boring. She was barely ten years old. He was a child who wanted to play more with himself.

Of course, I wasn't as bored as I was on the floor.

There was Edora, who would come and play like her sister from time to time, and there were many people from the lonely tribe who would give her back to her.

I was a little scared at first because I had horns. I knew they were all good people and I could hang out with them.

And at my age, I could make friends. Since then, it was popular enough that there were boys who were already quarrelling over themselves.

Above all.

I met Niche, my best friend. A thankful friend who does everything he says. Nike, the talking bird, is so cute that when Cesar goes somewhere, she grabs onto her.

Niche, who had become a puppet in his slumber, let out a sigh. He wasn't even able to catch up to Cesar from time to time.

And there was something I had to fix from time to time.

"Cesar." 27610; Ugh, "It's not me, it's Nicera." Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk! ”Cesar holds her head to his left and to his left, holding her tighter.

She squeezes her beak shut. I felt bad about it. How hard you worked to escape that name! It was a sad reality because it became a twist in the road. My uncle and nephew, these people were so much alike.

However, because I understood the mind of Cesar, I spread my wings and stroked her head.

"Then what do you want Cesar to do? Cesar did not think of anything-1 cute face full of frowns and deep thoughts. I was a little cranky because he didn't play well, and I didn't hate him. Rather, there was too much I wanted you to do because you liked it.

Then, as if something had come to mind, I shouted with a sparkle in my eyes.

“I want you to make cotton candy!” Cotton Candy? "Yes! Yummy cotton candy! Awesome!” I've been drooling along the mouth of a smile that will make me drool.

Niche smiles and thinks, stealing a winged girl's mouth.

He's such a cute guy.

Except they call themselves "chubby."

Lyrics? " Yes. In a moment, Yeon-woo saw Nemesis speaking and smiled bitterly.

Nemesis, who is linked to Niche, said this. Complaints made by the tax collector.

Instead of writing a document, I put down a pen for a moment and thought about it.

I'm sure I haven't been very good at playing with my nephew lately. When I got to the last job of making a structural formula, I neglected because I had a lot of work to do.

'I did something stupid too.' Yeon-woo had to blame herself for that.

Whatever the reason is for making Wise Man's Stone and making this plan.

I thought it was to make her happy. I was so distracted by the work that I made him lonely.

It was like preaching to people.

'Cotton candy,' Yeon-woo thought she should pay more attention to Caesar, considering what she would like if she gave it to her niece as an apology.

I could just make cotton candy, but I wanted to give her something more beautiful. It's not good for you.

Then suddenly I felt Nemesis' gaze, still staring at him.

“But why isn't she with Caesar?” • • • • • • Insurance! Somewhere important, Nemesis couldn't tell her that after playing with Cessar, he'd run out of gin.

Unlike Nikewa, who just needs to be held in her arms the whole time, since he's so big, there's always a Cesar toy (?) I could not escape.

Fly over your head, play hide-and-seek, perform magic. I had to do a lot of such annoying and difficult things.

It was hard to keep calling myself Grrrrrrr.

'My nephew or uncle or • • • Cesar was a good and good child.

Parenting was a good law regardless of that.

Yeongwoo smiled at Nemesis like that.

For some reason, I thought I knew what he was going through.

Lyrics? "“ Yes.

Abraham was deep in thought, covering the book he was reading. The book I read was borrowed from Ignorant with the help of an elder who had become my best friend.

Rental is always allowed unless it is a non-official arrangement. What I was looking at was a codex documenting the history and politics of the answers.

Like a scholar who always explores knowledge, he enjoyed looking at books like this. He was more important than knowledge.

Abraham sighed briefly because it seemed like Cesar was feeling lonely these days.

I was going to ask him for advice on what to do with Yeon-woo. In fact, Abraham was more liberal in this regard than Yeonwoo.

• Difficult. "“ Equivalent. ”Yeon takes a short sigh.

What should we do now? If it were a Zari boy, it would have been easy. That's all I could think about when I was a kid. At that time, he and his brother used to have fun just playing with toys like the merger robot that Father had given them.

However, the girl who was insensitive could not easily feel what to do with her.

As soon as the plan is in full swing, you'll be too busy beating Valpurgis' night. Until then, I wanted to play well with Caesar.

I thought it would be a little easier to think about my girlfriend's daughter. Looking at the blood, I wanted to do better, but it seemed to be difficult.

What to do.

I thought I'd have to look for another adviser.

• • If you're frustrated, why don't you say something? ”Yeon-woo stares at herself, and Edora smiles in the ventricle for the first time.

I was just wondering if I could get some advice since she's the same girl. Instead of answering Edora, she laughed constantly.

“What a surprise." “What?” I think he's having a hard time, too. It's amazing. "I'm a person, too.” Edora screams and laughs once more. I even felt that Yeon-woo was embarrassed. He always seemed like a stubborn doll. It was a different shape for the only blood.

On the other hand, I was happy to be able to see the human side of the relationship. I felt closer to him after I saw his face without his mask on.

Should I thank Sacrifice later? 'Suddenly, Edo asked himself if he would help him, and he smiled unconsciously.

After King Xu left, I was worried about the man who killed Janu for months. I felt clear in my head thanks to Yeongwoo and Cesar.

“If there's nothing I can advise you to do, then get up." Edora realizes that she was playing around too much and reaches out and grabs Yeon-woo's arm.

“I don't think you need to think about it.” Yeon-woo, who was about to wake up, paused.

“Really?" “I mean it.” “Really?” Edora nods.

“Yes, so don't be too burdened. The more you do that, the harder it's gonna be for Ceasar.” However, it was only difficult that Yeon-woo was the 'original.

Edora shakes her head at him, unable to answer him quickly. It was clear. The man in front of me was too stupid for a niece.

“Would you like to try this?” 'Come this way.' Through the link, the voice of Yeon-woo was conveyed.

You raise your head. I felt lively for the first time in my eyes that had grown thinner. You don't have to play dolls anymore! Cesar. The owner asked me to give you something delicious. Want to go? "Uncle? I want to go!” Niche quickly grabbed her shoulder with his claws and began to fly over the sky, hoping that Cesar's words would change.

“Hahaha! I'm flying! The Shuu Sky Flight was a recently fascinated play by Cesar. In fact, it was more fun to ride on the Nemesis because it seemed like a ride-along, but it was also fun to fly with Niche.

According to Cessar, they flew away and arrived at the place where Yeon-woo told them to come.

It was a flower shop where two people used to often go for walks. Next to the lotus, there was a table.

“Uncle!” Cesar leaps forward and hugs Yeon-woo in her arms. This was the fun thing after flying in the sky. I held him in my uncle's arm.It was so nice because he was strong and warm.

“Were you having fun?” It's always been a tough speech. It was as warm and gentle as my nephew.

“Yuck! Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk!" ”Yeon-woo strokes Cesar's head. The smiling face of Cesar, who raised his head and laughed in the bathroom, was so cute as a dog.

What a cute little girl. I was sure there wouldn't be. She was her niece, but she was so pretty.

I was already frustrated if I had a boyfriend in the future.

No, no, no. Nowadays, it's not that far since the children are young. The thought of starting with the one-horned boys in the village = 1- "Uncle, I'm hungry!” I had to put an end to it.

Yeon-woo smiles at the sight of the snack.

“I made something else today.” Something else? What? ”“ Remember that ice cream I had last time? ”“ Yes! That was awkward! ”Cesar shouts with his short arms spread wide. I don't know how I got milk. I had a memory that was cold but so sweet and delicious that my eyes were wide open.

Various flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. Thanks to that, I didn't get tired of it for two weeks, I ate it all day and night with snacks.

“It's a cake made of it.” Crab, cake? That, too? Ice cream? ”Cesar opened his eyes as if he had seen the newspaper. Is there such a great food in the world? In Cesa's head," Ice cream + cake = Awesome! The formula was established. My tail tingled with joy.

Yeon-woo was so cute that she couldn't stop smiling.

She quietly lowers her back to her seat, opens the intrenian, pulls out a plate and fork of ice cream cake and puts it on the table.

Cesar climbs onto the burinake chair and picks up a fork. As I learned from Abraham, "Thank you! 'Just said hello, and quickly took a fork on the cake. Ice cream melted easily, so I had to eat it quickly.

Her cheeks suddenly swell up like hamsters. Then I trembled at the thought of swallowing too much at once. The scale slightly rises, but you glance again and tease the fork.

Yeongwoo stole traces of ice cream from Cesar's mouth with a handkerchief.

The wind blows gently, giving off a faint scent of flowers.

Even though I was running around in a frenzy, when I saw Caesar, my heart warmed like this.

At that time, Niche climbs onto the right shoulder of Yeongwoo and pokes her head with his beak.

Can I share some of that with you? "Niche's beak is full of saliva. Turns out he was only one year old.

Yeongwoo took out another ice cream cake and gave it to him.

Edora's advice was simple.

Just take all day and invest in a tax collector.

That's enough.

Yeon-woo thought that would be enough, but soon she realized Edora was right.

The smile did not leave the mouth of the tax collector all day long. The smile you wanted to see.

And like Edora said, what Cesar needed was attention.

After that one night.

Yeongwoo told me a fairy tale by the head of a sleeping shaman. Reminding me of the memories my mother gave me when I was young. The fairy tale was' Moon of the Sun '.

“Hahaha! What is that?! Stupid tiger! When you apply sesame oil and climb a tree, you slip. Idiot!" Cesar laughs at the head of the tiger who failed to climb the tree in his brother's ruse. Then she climbed up into the sky on a rope and glittered at the fact that she had become the sun and the moon.

“Then uncle.

Then Cesar asked Yeon-woo suddenly.

“Did you become a star like the sun moon?” At that moment, Yeon-woo couldn't say anything. My eyes slightly widened.

Cesar said with a slight smile, whether he knew or not that Yeon Woo was like that.

“Mom said, He's always watching over Caesar because he's a star. So don't do anything bad, and if you make a wish to the stars, it will go to your father!” My sister who went up from the moon of the sun becomes the sun and my brother becomes the moon.

Yeon-woo thought that maybe the story was their story. A sister who was as glamorous as the sun, and a self who followed behind as quiet as the moon.

Then the sun became a star by scattering too much light. The moon that followed quietly was going halfway through the crescent moon, picking up a little scattered light. And one day it'll be a full moon.

“Of course. My father keeps an eye on the tax collector.” Heehee. Right? ”Yeon-woo strokes Cesar's head with a faint smile. Until Caesar falls asleep.


The strawberry-green took out the pocket watch and gently touched it. I felt a sharp surface on my fingertips.

It was a quiet, cozy night.