Second Life Ranker

20 Usd. Kelat Auction House (3)

The next day.

Yeon-woo has found this king who has something to ask before planning his future work. The king who had difficulty seeing his face in pursuit of the palace recently, his face was stiff as usual.

This chase also ended in failure. And the damage the clan suffered was substantial. Now I had to do something.

However, when he saw Yeon-woo, he curled his mouth up, as if it had been so.

“My disciple is different every day. I hear you've been making fun of yourself lately.” Even if we agreed to bury things related to the Wise Man's Stone, we had no choice but to tell the King the truth.

Looking at Yeongwoo, he nodded as if he was seeing something interesting, realizing that the substance was clearly different from before.

If it used to feel like a day in the world. Now she's getting her fair share.

“Thanks to you, I was able to make it comfortable.” Bleeding. The king waves his hand at the sound of an affair.

“You're good at making things you don't like. The more you go, the more you get cheeky. Very?” “You're the disciple of that teacher," he said. But I'm glad it looks like it. ”The king smiled and continued.

“When I first saw him, he was as ferocious as a wolf for five days. I'm a little more human now. Huh?” I couldn't say anything at the same time. I thought I knew why the King said that. Obviously, when I first met him, Yeon-woo was filled with thoughts of revenge.

But now it's different.

Stronger is stronger, but not just sharper, but stronger. It must be because there were so many things that filled my empty heart.

Cesar, Abraham, Galeed. Panthwadora, and no king. Now there were many people who shared his will, and they shared their minds and made mental growth.

Let me put it this way: "Foxes.

If I hadn't met them.

Perhaps by now he was still preoccupied with climbing up the answers, still ironing out the day.

“It's good to grow up. Internally or externally, if you're too obsessed with one side, it'll collapse someday. I was worried about external growth for years, but thank God.” The King gives a big smile and nods. The look of greatness.

Yeon-woo felt a sense of pride on one side of her heart without even knowing it. It was the first time King had ever praised himself like this.

“But be careful again. There's so much you have. Now, even if he's doing well, he's not sure when he'll be shaken. Surprisingly, the mind of a man, without a need for weakness. Deed. Just don't forget to say it.” Extraterrestrial. Stuff outside of the body.

It meant not to blur the essence depending on anything other than that. Most importantly, it was "me," that is, self.

“I'll keep that in mind." “Yes. There you go.” The King's smile grows darker. The third disciple who was inadvertently hit by fate was doing better than I thought.

In fact, the King was no longer willing to have disciples.

The first disciple walked the path of self-destruction after his own greed was too much, and the second disciple turned his back on the world for reasons he did not understand.

Since I was born to be the king of my clan, I had a lot to think about because I failed to train my disciples as a king who had always lived only a life of success.

But somehow, the third disciple was walking quietly on his way.

Muang hoped that this child would continue to walk my path safely. At first, he embraced the desire to fulfill the grievances of himself and his clan. Now I was really cheering for him.

“So much for the nagging.” The king quickly turned to the quickie in case a quick learner caught on. I was ashamed in many ways to think about it.

If Pants found out, he'd be ridiculed. "Why have you come all this way? I feel like I'm here to ask you something." You don't have to have a disciple to find you. "“ Really? So you don't need my help? ”But isn't it your disciple's duty to refuse your touch?” “What the heck. What?” The king smiles and asks.

Yeon-woo nodded and said.

“I want to save the sphere.” “An inflatable sphere?" The King opened his eyes to see what he was up to again. An item that is kept secret by the clans. It was a little-known thing on the outside.

But the king said without a word.

“Tell the Elder to take a few. And you don't have to come looking for that.” Then the surprised side was Yeon Woo.

“Weren't inflatables valued?” “So? Do I look so petty that I don't lend it to my students?” “Didn't you know?” What? Look at you talking. Cancel? ”“ No. Thank you. ”Yeon-woo bowed her head and left the bureau in a hurry to see if the words of the King would change.

The king smiled as he looked at the back of the pond.

“Now you gotta be kidding me. You're a big girl. You're a big girl.” The first thing Yeon tried was to confuse the answers by spreading a false formula of the Wise Man's Stone, as she had told Abraham beforehand.

So for three days, Yeouido face-to-face with Abraham to create a fake Emerald Tablet.

But it's just a fake word. The content was not very different from the real one, as many players had to be deceived.

No, it was more detailed than the Emerald Tablet that Yeouido first acquired. Several items were annotated in detail, and even some of the actual structural formulas were mixed. In fact, if we experimented, we could see some results.


That was it.

Only visible to the results. Insufficient level to call a Wise Man's Stone. The parts that fell into it were only made to a level that could never be found.

And the beeswax separated this into four parts.

“I'm going to unravel it one by one. Abraham looks at the separated emerald tablet and laughs out loud. Then the smile turned cold.

“Everyone's going crazy.” Especially the Red Dragon. However, Abraham was confident that the other giants and the high-powered were no different.

The desire for an infinite magical engine. As desperate for all players as a broken summer queen of Dragon Hearts.

Abraham wanted to see Valpurgis' night as soon as it was ashen.

His eyes glowed fiercely.

“Then let's get started.

Yeongwoo took off her mask and turned the veil upside down. A very thin membrane covered the skin. The absorbed herbs made my skin feel a little stuffy.

“Can I do this?” “This place is gone.” I looked around at the pant. Pant touched the awkward side and took the mirror and shined it in front of the pond.

“How? Don't you think?” Yeon sees herself reflected in the mirror and nods. There was a strange face with a very ordinary impression.

I turned my face around and checked them with the Western District. The more I looked at him, the more he became someone else.

The light magical force was also reduced to a mild form while straining the substrate as inwardly as possible. One of the advantages of obtaining the Wise Man's Stone was that his magical control was now so deep that no one else could keep up.

After completing the spell control, I became a completely different person. Mediocre, delicate impression. Everywhere I went, I could easily forget my face.

“Goodbye, then.

“I'll see you on the floor later.” “Take care.” Yeon-woo left the village carrying a package on her back.

While Yeongwoo was searching for the Kellat Auction House, Panda and Edora were supposed to go first to the 21st floor and do what they had instructed.

It was to collect the Magi fragments of Agarose that would have been scattered all over the stage and throw them into the lake to make a lesser demon. He was supposed to be used to cure Cesar's illness.

"Uh-huh. Is this the beginning of the villain's plot to conquer the world?" At that time, Sanon was thrilled to die because it was fun.

Then do you know? "A villain. I didn't hear that. 'Yeon-woo was seduced by the empty laugh of the ceremony.

In fact, Sanan's words were correct.

Anyway, from now on, I was going to throw the answer into a daze.

It wasn't just Valpurgis' night he was after. The answer was itself.

Yeongwoo licked her lips with a red tongue. My eyes glowed coldly. Like the eyes of a predator who captures prey.

Unlike many private markets, the Kerat Auction House was open to all players.

However, there were 9 compartments in total, operating as a thorough rating system.

The user's reputation, achievement, ranking, staircase, proprietary property, and frequency of use were scored based on complex factors, and there were limits to the available auction houses.

Nevertheless, it boasted such a large scale that tens of millions of items were traded in a single day, which would be referred to only as' auction houses. '

The reason was simple.

It was an official location approved by the Administration. Managers were always on the lookout for conflicts that would arise in the event that the items under careful management were spotless and thoroughly identified and could not be scammed.

Furthermore, the anonymity of the person who provided the item is strictly guaranteed as necessary. There was also the advantage that it was easy to dispose of the merchandise obtained by accident.

Apparently, many large clans used to come here in bulk to find what they needed, or if they had something they could find in secret.

Maybe that's why.

The Kerat Auction House is as crowded today as ever.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was able to blend in naturally without being noticed.

One burden on my back in a shabby outfit. And the stubborn expression was that of a novice merchant about to start a business.

Wow! It's always buzzing around here. What's with all the people? This is no joke. "In my life, I came to a crowded place and had fun or laughed a lot. I didn't say anything, but I felt like I was drowning in old memories.

Because no one has ever looked for a Kellat Auction House to hit a tower player and get the good stuff.

It was an unusual case of a lotus that had never been here before.

The auction house is a huge marketplace, so there is more than one building. It was divided into nine large and small compartments along a large plot of land, and even within that compartment it was divided into several disciplines.

There were stalls where you could see things, including the main building where the auction would take place, as well as stalls where you could sell things.

Among them, Yeon-woo headed to a dense section of exchanges.

Sellers wanting to sell goods usually visited here. There were two ways to trade. Consignment and sale.

Electronics could make as much money as they would pay a certain fee to the exchange and put things up for auction, the latter simply selling at a fixed price within the auction house without doing so.

Usually, those confident in their goods used to adopt electrons, those who urgently needed necessities, or those with marketplaced items.

Yeongwoo crossed a labor market filled with players standing on one side with all sorts of weapons.

In front of them there was a possible staircase number that could be borrowed as a mercenary at any time. Mercenaries were also an item of trade at the Kerat Auction House.

Where would he be? 'Yeongwoo looked around, remembering the map of the Exchange compartment remaining in the diary.

There wasn't just one exchange. Then there will be no competition between the merchants.

The Bureau only manages the Kerat Auction House, but professional merchants were in charge of the actual transactions.

Mystery merchants who met Yeonwoo in the tutorial. It was one of the main pillars of building the tower, neither the G0 Bridge nor the Administrator. They were those who traded all kinds of goods and left this door behind as they traveled to different worlds and dimensions.

Among them, Yeon-woo was looking for a different person. No, actually, it was an organization.

Like players in a clan, mystery merchants formed a Union.

Among them, it was the 'straw wind combination' that Yeongwoo was looking for.

2 `The way my brother used to trade in the past was very clean, and among the combinations, it was large enough to fit within five fingers.

'If you sell goods in places like this, it will be easy to sell. The rumors will spread.

Along with that thought, I opened the door of the building called the 'Strikewind Combination Exchange' which I suddenly found.

“Thank you for using. I love you, sir. We look forward to using that merchant A.” I hear voices at the same time. Either the deal is done or the vendor in robes is smiling in the studio.

By the way.

It was ripe.

Suddenly, you recognize who the target is with a low voice. Your eyes widen slightly.

What about him? '