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Vapourise. gelat auction house (4)

Merchant A.

When I was running around in the tutorial. He was a mystery merchant who dealt with Yeon-woo from time to time.

He didn't tell me his name. He said "A" in passing. I never thought I'd see you in a place like this.

I could easily tell by the ridiculous tone and posture, even though I couldn't see my face well by wearing the robe upside down.

Of course, I couldn't pretend to know because I was hiding my identity now.

But I thought it was good. He knows some personality, so he seems to be able to handle it easily.

He'll be happy to hear that he's caught an easy favor.

while trying not to be as tolerant as possible. I went to fix the package with a nervous expression.

Artran, a rat trader, was fairly high-ranking in the original Wind Company.

With the exception of an agent, the rank of 'head man' was an executive salary.

In fact, he recently acquired several quartz mines within the tutorial and made a big profit trading at high prices with various clans.

However, he often collided with his superiors due to the lack of common sense and personality.

Likewise now. He was kicked out as a sub exchange manager at the Kerat Auction House for beating the head of an unfortunate agent.

And for what it's worth, There wasn't much to do at the sub-exchange.

Even if there is, it's just that those players come and smack things up at a cheap price. At one time, he dominated the stallion market and the amount he touches now seemed to be only money buried.

“Thank you for using. I love you, sir. We look forward to using that merchant A.” But it was work, so I was yelling at the player when the deal was done.

'Phew. Another favor.' The door opened and another player entered.

He's got a bundle of clumsy looks and he's circling around. I didn't feel any substrates.

It was a good beating, or prey, for that matter.

It seems like you're a novice merchant trying to start a small business with a bazaar.

The more guys like him, the better they'd hit.

Even though the market prices within the auction house were well measured, the merchants were able to hit the players at their discretion.

How about a sunfish about to start a business? I didn't have to.

But it's a stupid mistake to expose yourself like that. It wasn't something a veteran like himself would do.

“What brings you here, Sir?" He even flinched when Artran called. Still a clumsy attitude. I was curious how he became a player with that kind of guts.

For a moment, Artran felt like that novice merchant was acting.

I didn't want to postpone the original at the lower exchange.

“W-we 're here to sell some stuff." “You want to sell.

Is this your first time using our exchange? ”“ Yes. Yes. "“ Oh. Well, you've come to the right place. Our combination of patterns is the most, by far, most conscientious of all the trader combinations and the highest price of the market price. ”Is that so?" Then he smiles as if he's lucky. As expected, I laughed just in time.

“Can you show me the stuff you brought for a moment, since you have to feel it?" ”He started unpacking in the center in a hoarse.

Artran is nothing, so all I had to do was hit him at the lowest price and send him.

But as soon as he saw what was in the package, Artran was surprised.

"Where did you get this? 'They were usually weapons like swords or spears. Sturdy, sharp merchandise. It was never something a novice merchant could handle.

“But isn't the product, though, a little cool? Haha." He smiled confidently, noticing that his goods were okay.

"You're a crow." Atran could see what he was all at once. The so-called crow.

It was a slang that meant those who proudly wandered around the battlefield and "farmed" the corpses to collect goods.

The world of the tower was huge and vast, and even when people could not see it well, battles were frequent.

It looked like it had quite a good share.

It looks a little old, but it's easy to use and would be traded at a fairly expensive price if you put it in an auction house.

Of course, since I couldn't reveal my insides, I had to hit the price from now on.

“Yes, they're quite good together. All right, that's it, very much. And some of them are high-end artifacts with magic embedded in them.” “Then, to some extent • • • • • • •!” It's a bit of a pity, though. ”W-what?” “Look here. As you can see, the runes written on the swords were usually so badly maintained that they were so badly corroded that they were so badly damaged that they were so durable that they wore off. In this case, the value drops down to about a quarter. And in this case, the • • bureau's rigorous management did not reduce the price enough to cut the echo, but it was enough to hit the snow.

Since Artran's speech skills were impressive in the union, the more he explained, the more the countryman became increasingly dull.

I came here with great confidence that I would be able to take a big share, but I smashed it to pieces with my bare expectations, so I decided to go for it. He knew that even if he hit the price too much, the transaction would go off. I don't like the price. If you go to the other exchange, you become a chicken hound.

• • • But even if management is compromised, it doesn't lose value just because the pearls are buried in the sand. If you pay a little, you can sell it for a very good price. ”" Well, right? "His face turned red again.

Artran notices that he's taken the bait tightly, and knocks the calculator out in front of him.

“So even though it was originally about this price, you brought a lot of stuff, and I will increase it at my discretion to maintain a good relationship with you in the future. How are you?" “Joe, great! Let's make a deal right now!" Even though it didn't go as far as I expected at first, seeing how much it went up compared to the first time, he grabbed Artran's hand.

I caught it properly.

Artran holds hands with a good smile.

That's how the deal went down.

Artran left the payment to the blacksmiths who were trading in his head, and quickly calculated the profit he would make when he placed it in the auction house.

There are quite a lot of reasons to pass a certain fee on to the union. This appeal was always welcome.

“Oh, me and • • • • - I'd like to ask if we can trade these.” At that time, he looked around carefully. I wanted to see how great it was, but I didn't think of it.

It was not an artifact or accessory.

It was a table.

Most of the run-down scribblers took off a fairly worn memorial stone, making it hard to recognize.

But the moment you activate your crypto-cracking skills. Atran was forced to swallow the flag.

The merchants who had to handle various items had to be good at magazines. Especially Artran has some knowledge of alchemy.

However, the contents of the table were unusual.

It contains a fairly high level of Alchemy knowledge. Whether it was ancient knowledge or unfamiliar knowledge as well.

Occasionally, there was a king like this.

Towers intersect immigrants from around the world. Among the players, there were quite a few who snuck out of their hometown's treasure and fled to the tower.

But most of the time, they didn't have the talent to acquire the treasure, and eventually they would scream. And the treasure that was taken away was thrown away by those who did not recognize the value, and then reached out to the hands of the others.

This is exactly what it was.

What was a bit of a bummer was that the back end was cut off. Clearly, the value of this alone was great. If I studied the broken letters, I could easily repair them.

In order to get it somehow, merchants used the expression 'I've seen it' when they encountered items like this.

Artran wanted to shout, "I've seen it."

Your grip on the tablecloth lifts your strength.

I flashed the thought that this might reverse the damage and return to its original position.

Your eyes glow intensely through the overturned robes.

'I still recognize the value, so I burst out of the exchange and smiled lightly. I was going to let a lot of people's hands float, but wait for the gossip to spread by the person who recognized the value.

Or manipulate it into spreading rumors.

But I didn't think I needed to do that.

In order to trick the mystery merchant, he pretended to be a crow and deceived the goods he had brought with him like a jewel.

With the emerald tablet manipulated here out of the way, you're not as thoroughly prepared as you are to be discovered.

Seeds were sown.

All I had to do was wait for the fruit to bear.

Artran doesn't move straight after he has the tablecloth. Rather, it was complicated with the idea of what to do after this.

'You can't just put it in an auction house. We need to wrap it up properly, make it a rumor.' In the auction house, it was the most important thing to form a public opinion.

It is because the price has to go up to heaven to make consumers feel satisfied and excited that they have gotten valuables over others.

To do so, I had to spread rumors about the goods to make them anticipate and interested.

Then Artran thought of a way and waved the bell on the table.

Ta-da. Ta-da. "You called?” I know a quick-handed scribe, maybe a career scribe. "Wouldn't you be at the labor market?” “Then bring me ten of them. As soon as possible!" Artran ordered his epics to be copied just as much as the top two of the table.

A sample was made.

And she packed it neatly in quality silk and sent a sample to the VIPs on her customer list.

Put a few lines of text together.

- Good luck to those who receive this letter. What's in here, I wish you that luck.

Some of the people who received the letter didn't care much.

There were only strange letters listed in the plausible envelope, and players of the warrior lineage who did not recognize the value of the sample were crumpled up and thrown into the trash.

However, players of the priesthood, apostles, and magical lineage were able to determine the value of the tablecloth at once.

Emerald Tablet! Some of the legendary truths of Alchemy have been written there.

even though I've only seen part of it.

Many people were amazed at the place where they saw the letter. The research that had been blocked was unravelled, and the truth that I was missing was reborn.

Thanks to this, various academics in Madab, the Alchemist Clan, Balpurgis Night, and various religions and sects began asking questions at the Kerat Auction House like in the clouds.

What the hell is this?

Where did you get it, and when did the rest of the manuscript come out of the auction house? Hundreds visited the wishbone association, and thousands of letters arrived in front of Artran.

The reverberation is much larger than Artran expected, and Atran's name quickly spread among rankers.

Even the priests and monks who had lived in seclusion for a long time said that they would understand the word of God.

Thanks to this, I began to be curious about the eight clans I heard the rumors about.

Given the situation, the combination of the winds that had been handheld and putting Artran in the line of duty had to be 'brought' back to the center.

At first, he tried to rob them by force, but as soon as Artran made the sample, he was forced to treat them with a tear because he hid the tablecloth.

And as I resigned as an agent, I ordered that I could safely lead the big event that had just come to the union.

Artran never misses such a curiosity.

We made another sample with an extra five percent in it, and we mailed it to more people, and made it more conformable to people who realized that the tablecloth was' real. '

On the other hand, the Bureau had to take great care of Artran and Table Tender.

The greater the responsiveness, the greater the trading volume of the other items. Rather, I was thinking of making the plate bigger.

They set a schedule for a large group of people and set up the largest main auction house.

In addition, I put the name of the Kellat Auction House up as an advert against the public using messages.

Thanks to you.

Auction day, auction participants, rankers, clans, merchants and spectators.

Hundreds of players flock to the auction house like clouds.