Second Life Ranker

22. Kelat Auction House (5)

“Trimegitous' table has fallen for Croix!" Trimegitous.

A player known as the greatest pioneer and alchemist in the tower's history.

Artran named his Mystery Tablet, and people bid as if it really was a legacy left by Trimegitos.

Many alchemists, wizards, witches, and other symbols stepped up competitively to get the tablecloth.

But in the end, the owner of the Tabbon became the golden insect, Croy, who claimed to have the most gold in the world of towers.

Croey felt so good about the way he looked at himself all the way from the auditorium to work or on a single phase.

This is the joy of spending money.

Receiving eyes filled with jealousy and glare from millions of people. Whenever I got these eyes, I was always excited.

It was like everyone who participated in this wide auction house was under their feet. Even those who could never win with power could not keep up with him in wealth.

Kroy cuts off the crowd of mercenaries from the labor market, picking up Trimegitous' tablecloth and returning to his own land.

And then you toss it to the lab beneath your clan.

The loot made me happy when I was drunk, but I wasn't much interested after getting drunk. Still, it was better to investigate so you can find something rather than leave it in the vault.

If it's really worth it, you can put a premium on it and sell it for more.

If it were just a hoax, I would have stuck it in the vault as loot.

And fortunately.

The lab confirmed that his loot was a very valuable treasure.

A new Mana Potion shining in a bright light.

This proved to be more effective than any other potion on the market and was also an excellent disposable tool when solidified.

The lab has spilled a lot more than that.

Those who missed the table and sucked their fingers, those who doubted the value of the table, realized.

The value they judged. It's not even worth it.

Soon the story of Trimegitos' table spread beyond the auction house and throughout the tower.

“Uh-huh. This feels so good. Guatran sits alone in a large office and laughs loudly as he spins his chair. It was his personal office assigned separately after one more promotion from the agency to the director.

Sparkling marble floors and all kinds of expensive pottery, paintings and decorations.

The auction was literally the most outrageous event in the last 10 years, and Artran, who successfully led it, had already become the face of the combination of the strokes.

Besides, rumors about Trimegitos' table keep popping up like a snowball. Atran's reputation was growing.

At this time, we were also asking if we could get a copy of the tablecloth separately. Or there were no other samples and I often asked.

And for what it's worth,

There were several copies of Atran's handwriting hidden away.

As more rumors spread, I decided to solve them again one by one. If that's the case, we could spend a lot more money.

However, I did not make a lot. How to emit that light when a treasure is rare. I never did anything stupid that would make it worth my while.

'It's a shame, though. If I had known it was worth it, I would have won at least 10 times, or 20 times more. I had no idea that a table by Detrimegitous would summon a storm like this.

Atran tasted it again.

And on the other hand, I thought about it.

Obviously there was more behind the scenes when I looked at the tablecloth. Is there any way to save it? 'If we can find more behind it.

At that time, I was really confident that I would shake the tower.

Should we release more people and question the crow again? 'Artran frowned a little while thinking of the lost crow.

If we can figure out where he found the tablecloth, we can trace the original.

He was a mystery merchant who was authorized to come and go from time to time in many dimensions, unlike a manager or player.

Even though the filing site for the Diarrhea Tabernacle was hell, he was confident to jump in.

By the time I was returning my appetite to the sadness.

Suddenly, the secretary walks through the door with a knock.

“What's going on?” “Someone is urgently looking for you. I tried to get rid of him, but he was so bad at it that he asked me to give him a copy. Then send out mercenaries. I should have told you not to let anyone in because I had a chill." But that's why Etran stood up and said he was the original owner of the table.

“Everywhere, there?” Atran followed his secretary down to the first floor, where he was smoking his isoran.

Not unlike that. There was a crow that still couldn't take off its skin screaming whales.

“Come out here, merchant A or something! I thought you said you were in charge! That table was mine! You think I'm just gonna sit here and do nothing about it? Atran frowns slightly.

Turns out, I ripped his mouth off and convinced him to sell the tablecloth to Jessie.

At the time, the value of the Tablet had not yet been recognized by the Tower's system. Without artifacts, the system's permissions could not have easily been compromised.

Atran sent his secretary a glance, instructing the crow to come to Tyler's cabin, and he went there first and waited.

Soon after the door opens, a crow enters.

He stared at Loathran's hearty face. Eyes mixed with frustration, annoyance and grief. But Artran did not miss the greed and the fear that lay beneath his eyes.

This place says there's a lot of money coming and going. If he keeps acting like that, he might disappear without knowing the rats or birds. But greed was paralyzing that fear.

“What are you going to do, you! What?” My other one was a coward and a screamer. In Atran's eyes, you can only see it as trivial.

'This reminds me of him.

It was Cain. He was amazing. He was the one who dared to hit me. 'Artran now recalled the one who had been avoided as a memory. The best Luka, now that she's shaking all the sections downstairs. I met several customers, but he was the only one who had the guts to meet me.

Atran pressed the memory of the dictator, grimaced slightly, and stared at the crow. Then he stepped back.

“Passengers, no, sir. There's nothing wrong with our transactions. You traded Jessica a table, and the tower's system recognized it. The system is working fine, but where are you trying to force it?” “The crow, he clenched his teeth and trembled.

As expected, Artran throws a new bait as he laughs inside.

“But." Change the look of frowning beautifully.

I turned my twisted lips upside down and smiled freshly. The atmosphere was reversed.

“Because we have taken such an absurd statement, we will return the 4 share of the profit to you.” Crow's eyes widened. Your pupils twist. You hear the sound of foolish rocks rolling hard.

The price of the bid has already been widespread. I'll beat up the calculator hard.

And the moment I realized the results. He's gone into the wind.

Like he's gonna breathe in a second.

Artran has now come out of the water and put a harpoon in the strongman.

“You have other parts of the table, don't you? Why don't you leave that to us?” He was flabbergasted as if he had been stabbed. I can see the cracked sweat on my brow.

“Just because a clever man like you has returned doesn't mean he has brought his weapon with him.” He didn't say anything while asking for it. But Artran put the horse in his mouth and soon the crow had a nostril full of holes.

“This time, I will return 5 discounts from the seller to you. In fact, I'd like to give you more, but we have a lot of stuff to take care of, so it's not that big of a deal. What do you think?" 5 Hall.

The crow now remembers the impossible value with his stupid head, and his face is full of red magic.

Suddenly, his eyes were turned upside down.

“Here I am!” Then there were two tablets.

Atran's mouth dries up by itself.

'Idiot.' You look so happy with just 5 halves. He still doesn't seem to know the exact value of the tablecloth. Even if you call Hall 9, you'll have to respond from this side.

The value of the table and the value of the call given the additional positive impact it had when the event was held.

With the contract signed like this, it would be a good idea to play around in the middle in the name of fees. Above all, after this auction, Artran had no idea how far his reputation would go.

Twisted lips filled with expectations for a swelling future and drew darker rays.

Thanks to you, I can't see Artran.

Crows staring at themselves with a satisfied face.

The union sent another letter in the name of Atran.

However, this time it was only sent to a small number of VVIPs in the highest rank, and it was highlighted as a secret auction.

A secret auction that can only be attended if you have an invitation in your letter.

Of course, the tower flips over again.

It is surprising that a new part of the table appeared, but players who could not participate without pride and proceeding in secret among a handful had no choice but to have a firm horn.

But the combination of the wind never broke the principle.

Rankers and clans who didn't receive invitations had to run around sweating to get invitations.

Especially since the first auction was just a huge clan, and high rankers have also declared their participation this time.

Even though it's still before the second auction starts.

The price of the invitation rose to heaven, and the fame of Deng 'atran suddenly became firmly branded in the heads of VVIP's top players.

The new part, which was recovered from the second auction with so much interest, crashed into a tower that was eager to rob the clan of all its assets, not the Golden Insect Croy.

- As long as you don't get out of that ghost, you'll never know. Forever. Probably struggling with loneliness until the end, closing my eyes like that.

It's on fire.

Even in the scorching fire of ashes. 'He smiled faintly and looked at her.

Yeah, it is.

She hated that smile.

I swear, it's horrible.

- Poor, poor Ismereos. The last dragon and the burning flame consumed him.

With a smile.

The Summer Queen opened her eyes as she took a whiff of air. She glances around, realizing that she's rare and frowning.

The clothes were damp, and cold sweat dripped down my forehead.

“And this guy is in a dream.” The Summer Queen changed her teeth.

Since when? Probably since he died. I couldn't sleep properly.

Bondi Yongjong has maintained her magical power and power while alternating sleeper and activator.

It was because they had to conserve that much energy to sustain their huge bodies and outstanding minds.

But with her sleep machine broken, all of her patterns were ruined.

Otherwise, the dangerous Dragonheart was broken and unable to recover without further magical recharge, and the power continued to leak out like water from a collapsed poison.

Her red hair turned blue like a burning flame, and now it's sinking into silver.

I can't even dream of a polymorph with a body anymore. It was all him.


It was more like a curse.

No, it's worse than the curse. If it were just a curse, I could undo it. This couldn't have happened.

I've always been relentlessly attached to her, and I've lost my mind.

The way he looks when he tries to make eye contact for a little while. I laughed all the time, and I came closer to her with fear.

It would be a lot easier if he wrote evil.

I couldn't get rid of it because I didn't.

The one who remained on her side of the head would always remain smiling, leaving her to be tormented.

Feeling defeated.

The frustration of defeating one person with a "joint", not alone, is the great dragon. Now it has been bruised.

And that bruise was now bringing her to the brink of death. Due to the power and magical power that disappeared from time to time, the Summer Queen had to become increasingly anxious.

Havon Wing, cursing a man you'll never see again.

The Summer Queen, with her bloodshot eyes, tried to access Hawkma, the Dragon Knowledge Storage, although there was no other way to recover the Dragon Heart.

I still can't see the road, but I had to do something. Since Shinhway Palace was chased by the Lonely Tribe, the expectations for him have long been lost.

However, the Summer Queen suddenly received a telepathy requiring her knowledge and had to disconnect.

“What, work?” I haven't spoken in a long time. His usual seductive voice settles down. With a mixture of beast hawlings, Duntroy, across the telepathy, had to lay flat on the ground.

I noticed that the great doubt of their existence was uneasy.

81 eyes on the outside, the absolute one guarding the tower, Hog Aera. Within the Red Dragon, I was merely a servant and apostle of the Summer Queen.

"The words of apology to the Queen. I have something to report urgently, so I became rude. “ What is it? ”Look at this first." Through the ritual of Troy, the Summer Queen was able to glimpse what she was seeing.

Troy's hands are crabbed with tiny stones the size of fingernails. Rough stone with a purple glow.

The Summer Queen read a vast amount of magical power condensed within the stone through Troy's signature skill, the 'Furious Night's Eye'.

At that moment, the Summer Queen's eyes widened.

“That!” I found the Wise Man's Stone. "The Summer Queen clenched her fist.

Wise Man's Stone.

Something I wanted so much, but couldn't have. It was right in front of my eyes that I thought it was gone forever! Though the stone of the sage is far from incomplete. The operating system or configuration principle is clearly the same as what we found in cleanliness.

No, it's much more organized. The Summer Queen asked with a suppressed voice.

“Where did you get it?” This is from the Horse Tower. “The Horse Tower?” Troy explained calmly how the incomplete came into the Red Dragon.

Recently, a strange tablecloth turned into a commotion at the Kerat Auction House, and it seemed that he had made a prototype of this and sent it to the Red Dragon, "recalling what he had secretly asked for, and sent it away separately by the elders of Madab." The Summer Queen remained silent for a moment.

And last night, a third tablecloth was announced to be attached to the secret auction. The Third Tablet. It broke the Queen of Summer's silence.

“Whatever you do, you'll fall for it. Whatever it takes.” Troy has to swallow his breath on the way, not trying to back off. Through the connections, the Summer Queen's deep fury spread evenly. Stab.

He trembles in fear.

Whatever it takes. What this meant was simple.

If money doesn't solve it, even if it's an auction house managed by the Bureau of Diarrhea, it means going into forced labor.

And what that means is it's going to be very heavy. She was that desperate.

The Summer Queen roared between her lips.

“Bring me something else. In front of me. Now!"