Second Life Ranker

23. Kelat Auction House (6)

With many people's attention focused, the third auction day for the table has come.

Despite the secret auction at the highest level of the nine compartments of the Callat Auction House, the Auction House was crowded with large numbers.

Although the Strawwind combinations only selected VVIPs and sent invitations, they received a lot of complaints after the second auction, and this time they had to make a little more invitations. It was because I couldn't help but notice the giant clan.

Of course, there's no way a giant clan like that could just send one or two.

Even if there were only four or five representatives, their escort also filled the auditorium.

Plus, there were many high rankers who came to the Alchemists' Guild, the Academy of the Tower, and personally.

Of course, the word "secret auction" became obsolete.

So I frowned publicly as if I didn't like those who like quiet things.

But no one could think of it as a combination.

It's because most of them came by force, and they were able to check who was competing for a table.

“You're from Elohim. Four senators, one commissioner? We're all crazy together." “I see the family heir to life. He's got a heavy butt, but sometimes he comes out.” Aion, the family-leader of the protogenous clan (- family), is famous for not only being known by its name, but also for not being well seen outside the world.

But here he is right now, sitting in the first-class audience, Aeon's gaze of solitude shimmering coldly.

He's just offended by a lot of heavy lifting. I was waiting for the auction to start soon.

Moreover, the elders sitting to the left and to the right and the bystander are the leaders of Elohim.

It was easy for you to see that this auction was never going to work.

But it wasn't just Elohim.

“The Marquis of Nagelling and the Marquis of Scraps have arrived in the bloodline. I think the person on the inside is Duke • • Ardbad.” Duke Ardvard was the king of the bloodline, who presumed the 'strength' of the Four Guardians of the Gods.

When I was young, I was so good that the tale of even the sea was told, that even the emperor was famous for not sending me out.

Nevertheless, his presence was a reflection of how interested the Food and Drug Administration was in the auction.

“It looks like there's a fourth and fifth bishop in the army. The sea of poetry? Are they here, too? Crazy. Crazy.” On the left, there were two people sitting alone, like a deserted island, without being mixed up.

It's hard to recognize your face because you're wearing a black robe, but you can easily tell that you're from the horse army because you're lured without hiding the dark magi.

But there were others who focused more attention than they did.

Five people who sat just a short distance from the horse's seat. They yawn and read the book they brought, but they don't look around.

As if they were the only ones with free space, no one came close to it.

Sea of poetry.

A hermitage that lies in the most veil of the eight great clans.

In the world of the tower, there has been a myth like this for a long time.

'They are rumored to be everywhere and nowhere. It was oral to cover the sea of poetry.

They were famous for not showing up at all.

It was never known how the job structure or members were formed, where the headquarters were, or anything like that.

They should be treated as mere clandestine groups.

The sea of poetry occasionally showed a shocking performance whenever it thrashed its roots.

Especially at the time of Jundong, Olfowon was the only one to stop him and return him to the 77th floor.

Until then, the Red Dragon had to be devastated as the only one who was evaluated to be able to fight against Ulpopon.

Since then, if you ask the Red Dragon to name the only group that can be opposed, an assessment of the sea of poetry has begun to slip among people.

Of course, no one was stupid enough to pull that out of their mouth.

Nevertheless, the sea of poetry was ranked as the supreme authority among the eight generations and could reign as a force that no one could underestimate.

Other clans that are considered to be less than eight were also considered to be capable of joining the ranks of the giant clans.

There are almost all kinds of people who can say they're leading the modern age of the Iron Brigade, Stray Childran, and the Horse Tower.

The auction house was filled with tension like a furnace that would boil soon.


Despite such sights, there was an end to the chaotic atmosphere, and there was a separate appearance that focused all the attention.

Following the bait-wide open front door, a group of swarms began to emerge in a blanket-free footstep.

Finally. "“ The appearance of the Red Dragon.

Even if the sea of poetry were to be judged as comparable to them, it would never be the same before or now as it is now that the most powerful clan is the Red Dragon.

Contrary to the three assessments that we thought we might be able to meet, the devastating power that trampled cleanliness still told us that they were healthy.

As great a clan as that, those who stepped on the carpet in turn boasted a fierce intensity together.

Delusions, karabitos.

Iron Fist, Bismarck.

Sword Wrath, Hanan.

Lion Heart, Richard Doghee, Danghee.

Killer twins, books and reapers.

Hawk Eye, Troy.

81 eyes that are widely known for their faces.

Zero seeds of those who resisted the Red Dragon were known to trample them down, leaving none behind.

But when I saw the last person to enter past them, People blew up more intense flagships.

A man with cold eyes appeared on his beautiful face like a sculpture.

The Summer Queen herself said she had become a child by transfusing the blood of dragons.

The man was Tom, the youngest of them all.

As a total of 81 eyes, he was powerful enough to be evaluated for actually managing the Red Dragon.

He showed up with eight eyes. Of course, everyone had to be vigilant.

However, Tom sat with his legs twisted, ignoring all eyes with a light snoring, as if it didn't matter to him.

That's it.

When there is tension.

“I would like to thank you for coming all the way to this dreary place.” Artran appeared on top of the platform, sweeping the faces of the VVIPs, greeting them politely.

“Since they are all desperate for construction, I will proceed with the auction without gossip. First, we will release the third copy of our auction today, Trimegitous.” Artran strenuously reaps the Insignia next to him. Then the tablecloth stored in the glass box revealed itself.

There was a deep silence.

But the heat was so hot that it rose. The feelings in the eyes of those looking at the table were the same.

It was not only the Red Dragon that discovered that the secret of the multitude had something to do with the Wise Man's Stone.

Although not even a metaphor for the Wise Man's Stone, most of the giant clans and high rankers began to conquer the birth of a superior magical institution, and there were numerous strife in the grave to get even the tiniest hint of this secret.

Even if some of them rise high enough, war can start. The bounty was already being taken care of.

There was only one thought in their heads.

- No matter what happens, I'll take that with me! Even if it means taking all the assets the clan has. Or you could rob a winner of the war. I had to get it somehow.

Artran was too satisfied with the atmosphere that flowed within the auction house. The bigger the greed, the bigger his position. At this rate, I didn't think it would be a problem to get the combination.

After the auction, there is a great risk of a new conflict arising. You know what? You just have to sell yourself for a lot of money.

“Now, let's start the auction before Artran starts the declaration of auction.

Suddenly, Tom, who had been sitting still, said with an annoyed voice, holding up the bid card.

“Elixir." That's crazy. ”Red Dragon! What the hell are you doing?" The High Rankers' expressions distorted at once. Some get angry, and then they get up and scream.

However, Tom and the Red Dragon didn't care about such a commotion at all.

I gave Dory Atran Pinzan a glance as she asked me to keep working.

Atran shudders, and immediately shakes with shock.


The best new drug you can buy without giving a thousand gold.

A long time ago, even Hevon Wing Midnight Falls tried to save it, and it was so stuffed that it was stuffed on the precious stones of the Elixir.

I'll give you a new drug that says there's no disease that can't be cured, and that it can cause disfigurement and monotony. It was a warning from the Red Dragon that no one should touch the table.

But Tom and the Red Dragon had no sense of elixir.

No matter how powerful the Elixir of Full Illness is, if their king can't wash away his horse, it's worthless than a rolling stone along the road.

“I thought you could pay for things instead. Has the rule changed?” Only after Tom roars like water, did Artran regain his cowardice. Still, I couldn't get my hair out of the shock, so my voice was still trembling.

“Well, there's the elixir. C, is there anyone, any, who would like to bid next?” The urgency in the players' faces was young.

But it's impossible for them to have anything more valuable than an elixir right now.

High rankers who had robbed all the houses had to sit still.

“No more, no more bidding, or I'll start counting right away. 10, 9." There's only one blind eye. ”Tom smiled lightly while listening to the count.

At that time, Duke Ardbad of the bloodline stood up and shouted with a pale red face.

“Red Dragon! You're just as arrogant as you used to be. Do you think you guys can get that thing right?” Duke Ardbad knew he was being pushy, but didn't mind at all. What was more important than getting his notoriety tarnished was stopping the Red Dragon liquor.

Once the tablecloth was in their hands, they had no idea how much the Red Dragon would grow again.

And the idea of Duc Ardbad was to form a sympathy bond with the other players who were there.

They all try to shake the brute force.

If this were to be won by the hand of the Red Dragon, he would immediately be in a position to be knifed.

Chattering! Trojan and the other eight eyes stand up, surrounded and draw their weapons.

There was a tremendous overabundance of news.

As it spread, Artran had to count with a slightly trembling voice. Despite all this commotion, Deguruli's eyes fell into a state of confusion as to why the Bureau would not intervene.

Why isn't he showing up? You haven't had a stabbing yet? However, the Bureau has taken the management of the Kerat Auction House very seriously. There must have been some strange interference.

Then, Tom smiled coldly and told everyone who was staring at him.

“Everyone seems to be mistaken. Let me add something. What we want, it's not just me.” Then, as if having fun, I paused and empowered the hind horse.

“Every table.” What do the players mean by that?

Suddenly, the faces of the clan members were distorted. With telepathic and mechanical skills, all sorts of external news were being communicated to them in real time.

The head of the Yellow School of Martha yelled at me with a sad face.

“What the hell are you doing, Chordo? How to • • • • - How to! This treachery is not enough to ambush the Magdalene and Golden Insects! Red Dragon! You're finally crazy!” “Are you trying to go to war with the tower?" ”High speeches erupted from everywhere.

Right now, everywhere in the tower, Le - Rae = Goi has been subjected to enormous violence.

During the gold rush, Kroy's officers were slaughtering Kroy's head, while a few mercenaries rushed into the tower and slaughtered the Yellow Academy. Moreover, a group of people ambushed the records clerk at the Kellat Auction House under the strict protection of the Bureau.

Atran's face turns pale as he comes to the curtain.

Raid the Exchange registrar.

The original intention was to find out the identity of the table vendor, which had to be thoroughly hidden.

It meant that the merchant's position was also dangerous. Hiic.

Heheheh. I forgot to count my hiccups again and again.

Tom stood up and climbed up to the top as he laughed.

No one could stop the Red Dragon from looking back and doing what he did.

With great ease, Tom smashes the glass box and grabs the tablecloth inside.

A grudge to heal the Great Mother's sickness and make the Red Dragon ruler of the tower.

It was right here.

“Must be fucked by now." On the floor, the Devil's Forest.

As Abraham watched the kite, the world burst into flames.

I couldn't stop laughing thinking about the Kerat Auction House, which would have started by now.

The stage prepared by Yeonwoo was really elaborate. No one who lives by the answer can escape. It was very tight.

The greedy Red Dragon will try to identify the seller in order to claim the Wise Man's Stone, and will find nothing.

He'll only show up anonymously. He was a handwritten opponent in the imaginary recorder's database.

“Besides, they can't even think, can they?” Abraham rubs one end of his lips, reminiscing about the contents of the table.

In fact, they left a delicate prank on the tablecloth so that no one would notice.

The summer queen who made the stone of the sage according to the contents of the table will soon feel something unexpected.

But by then, you'd already been poisoned by the devil. It must be feeding off her flesh.

Otherwise, the body that is heavy with broken Dragon Hearts will become bigger and bigger. It was a fatal wound as a demon and a natural quote.


Where does Queen Summer's fury go when her wounded body grows strong? It was obvious.

We'll go to the source of the table.


Perhaps through the vast network of information that Red Dragons have built over the last thousand years, it should be easy to reveal that the original tablets are Emerald Tablets and flowed through the night of Valfurgis.

The coven was finished there.

“This is useless.” Yeon-woo burned the remaining parts of the tablecloth in her hands. It's designed for when the reaction is aesthetic. I didn't have to anymore.

The charred ashes scatter in the wind.