Second Life Ranker

24. Kelat Auction House (7)

“Then let's leave it at that. We move with us.” Yeon looked at Abraham, Galilee, Pant and Edora.

Everyone is nodding heavily. Yeongwoo opened the Intranian and took out several documents.

De Roy's expedition journal. It was the other parts of the auction house. Kelat Auction House loved this. If you have enough money, you can easily solve the related quests.

[Destroyed the De Roy's Journal of Exploration (Part 3).] [Hidden Hidden Piece Revealed! [Skill 'Devil has been leveled up one level.] [Destroyed the De Roy's Journal of Exploration (Part 6).] [Destroyed the De Roy's Journal of Exploration (Part 4).] De Roy's Journal of Exploration totals 10 parts. All six of them were saved by Dual Wheat.

The Demon Skill Rank was able to climb to the BB + Rank.

As I responded, the devil's son was dreaming.

Yeon-woo immediately opened her powers, triggering the demonology.

The black bracelet flutters and vomits a black glow.

[Spirit of Thirty Thousand - Walking Dead] Queek! A large number of ghosts were poured out with eavesdropping.

Pants and Edora look at it, and they go slightly home without even knowing it.

Ever since she took off her mask, Yeon-woo has been showing them a little bit of her hidden skills and powers.

Seeing a ghost that looks like there are over a thousand of them creeps me out.

It was not the difference between scary and fearless. I looked at those who wandered around the bank as if they were a fog, as if they had no choice but to be repulsed by the strange and eerie feeling of ghosts.

[Number of Ghosts Collected: 3,511] In the meantime, the comprehension of the dead has deepened and the capacity of the collection has doubled.

Even after filling over 3,000 of them, there was still enough room.

But more surprising.

In the past, if ghosts were merely collections following them, they would now be able to naturally move each of them like a finger.

I could see how powerful the Three Powers were.

• Will I ever be able to create something like this on my own? 'Even my genius brother did not create power. The wings of the sky were close, but they never crossed the final limit.

Yeon-woo thinks like that. I gave the orders to the ghosts.

“Scattered.” Thousands of ghosts start scattering their horns around the red sky in unison.

Ghosts roam the Devil's Forest at random, targeting the nearby hordes.

One individual at a time. Ghosts seep into the heads of the horses, and the Horsemen notice something unsettling and try to flee instinctively, but they cannot escape the speed of the spirits.

And the Demibeasts, who invaded the demonic brain and occupied the central nervous system, became stiff like logs, and immediately their eyes turned dull and ghost-like color as the veil disappeared.

Yeongwoo's eyes lit up as she felt the mass consciousness following thousands of ghosts.

Lee Mae Mang.

Based on Yongwoo's ability to move ghosts freely, she continued to practice her work on monsters and Maas.

And I realized that the lower the intelligence level, the worse the body, the smoother the possession.

Fortunately, the Horsemen were far less intelligent than the monsters, so it was much easier to deal with them than I thought.

“Make a move." Then, following new orders, the possessed horsemen huddle toward the kith and jump into the adjoining lake of Dray in unison.

The horses began to bite each other under the lake.

After one of them eats the other, the other jumps in, and after that, dozens of others come in and eat and eat.

The lake became a mess in no time.

Kaaaah! That's horrible. "Abraham shakes his head as he looks at it. However, I couldn't look at the lake with the eyes of an interesting scholar.

I used to farm demons myself and make many dragons. I was surprised at the way Yeon-woo looks now.

They use ghosts to fight with the anglers, and the dead souls here are immediately corrupted by the ghosts to bring new sacrifices.

Thanks to this, the number of ghosts that can be cast continues to rise like snowballs, and the number of devils that have jumped into a quarrel with each other so that the predators under the lake can continue to grow.

Kwaaang! Soon, a dragon pushed its head to the surface. But another dragon appeared next to him and gnawed his neck. So many dragons appeared.

The mayhem is now the Inferno.

Flesh spots floated on the red-brown lake. All the demons around you have been crushed.

It was a refreshing expression that hated the devil from the bone, and Edora frowned. Daphne squeezed her fist tightly, giving two eyes a colorful glow.

Then, Abraham shouted.

“Here we go. Prepare yourselves." The group pulls out their weapons, keeping an eye on Lake De Roy.

The banquet between the dragons and the horsemen was over.

After shredding tens of thousands of horses, the last of them suddenly put their heads inside my body and began eating away at me.

It was a strange sight, when all I could think about was my head. As a butterfly appears after cutting open the pupa, a man appears as the skull of a dragon is opened.

A man laying down a pair of black wings on a white Nazi.

He looked at the lantern with a joyful face.

“Ah! Fresh air.” [You have artificially bred the lowest demon!] [Congratulations! We have found a new way to die. You have a much wider realm where you can control the forces of darkness.] [You have successfully uncovered the roots of the devil and evil. Significant increases in understanding.] [30 for each Trait and Control.] [You have acquired a large number of horse arguments.] [You have acquired a large number of horse arguments.] [Deeper understanding of the soul [Increases capacity in collections.] [The ability to deal with ghosts has become deeper. The skill level of the Thirty-Thousand Spirit has increased dramatically.

21.5%] Acquired [Character Arm].] [Obtained the title 'Master of Horses'.] [You have accomplished a great feat that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public values and additional rewards will be provided.] [You have gained 15,000 Public Values.] [You have gained 30,000 additional Public Values.] [As an additional reward, the Devil's evolution takes place. Explore a new path by calculating your traits and abilities.] [The characteristic 'Armed Forces' is affected.] [A Parent Skill 'Devil Spell' has been created.] [Demonic] Numbering 19 Skill: 0.0% Description • Demonology has been promoted to a few or more levels. Even though it is the most sublime devil in the world, it is only by creating a demon that you have excellent understanding and attributes of the devil.

Based on this, the hocus-pocus and various powers go far beyond traditional limits.

Stimulates the Magic Factor to steadily generate Magi needed to activate a skill.

Raises the grade when using a skill book to express enchantment learned.

The ascending width of the grade varies in proportion to the amount held by the master factor.

Produces a Magic Wang Poison that is more effective than Lethal Poison. The amount and quality of secretion varies depending on the amount of horse factor retained.

An unrelenting message.

It was about gaining traits, titles and skills. It is an achievement that the system recognizes.

And just like we did with Abraham.

The reaction of the 98th floor was full of chaos.

[The gods and demons on the 98th floor sigh.] [Many god societies look at you strangely.] [The majority of God's societies hold an assessment of you. A handful of gods are interested in you.] [Athena looks at you with satisfied eyes.] [Harmes nods satisfactorily.] [Poseidon has a deep discussion with someone else. Reserve your assessment. Azrael reveals greed for you.] [Many demonic societies are teeming.] [A handful of demons have an in-depth discussion about how you do it. Agares reveals his greed for you. Chaos tastes good.] ['The Devil of the Bridge, Dool, reveals his curiosity about you.] but there was a subtle difference from the time of Abraham.

A divine society that was once ruled by authority tends to wander the streets, but now demons are rather interested in seeing Yeongwoo. Rather, there were many people who were explicitly coveting Yeongwoo.

'The list of powers has increased.

Yeongwoo was able to see a large increase in the number of powers following the channel she had opened.

Through this work, those who had been hesitant about Yeongwoo finally jumped in.

With each new achievement, the list will continue to grow.

Then the power of Yeon-woo will grow that much.

I don't know if you know that.

The newborn demon rolls up its mouth and laughs.

“It wakes me up from a long sleep. I can't thank you enough. He took a sudden breath of air and knelt on his knees instead of talking. The shoulders fluttered as if they were heavily loaded. There was a lot of blood on the pale skin.

“What have you done to me?” He was choked by the curse of thousands of spirits circling in his body. As the horses were tangled up, the ghosts were firmly rooted in them.

The Devil tries to circulate Horse to drive out the ghosts. Before that, however, it triggered the softening that Abraham had engraved on the lake.

Tick, tick! A large amount of Shin Jinchul protrudes and restrains him, and a new magic circle begins to fold in turn around him.

Sealed jeans with the structural formula of the Wise Man's Stone. Of course, it was possible that the lowest demon, who had just been born and had no other powers, could survive.

“Oh, no!" The last room compressed along with the cold tide of Yeongwoo, and he was squeezed as it was. The cost fell over the lake. A ghost picked it up and brought it to the front of the Fellowship.

“This is it.” Abraham's gaze draws near. In Yeongwoo's hands, only birds carry jewelry. The lowest demon was a sealed hornet.

Yeon-woo handed it over to Abraham. From now on, it was Abraham's.

Abraham's hands tremble with the machete. This will heal the shaman. I was so glad that the moment I had hoped for had come.

Yeongwoo activated her core as she watched it.

It looked simple enough to me. In fact, all the magic that was used to bind the devil was spent. He was about to run out of stamina. The Devil is the Devil.

I couldn't do it twice.

Fortunately, the Wise Man's Stone was moving fiercely and was able to harness its magical power and regain its power in no time.

However, I felt Pants looking at me with strange eyes.

“You know what?” “There were only two words that my brother said when he saw the devil.” “Shut up. Yes. This was it. She turned her head as if she hadn't heard.

“I heard the sound of panting behind my toughness, but I deliberately ignored it.

I couldn't face him now.

I could feel a lot of players coming here. I plundered all the horses in the area to create the lowest demon, so I was forced to make a fuss.

Moreover, Yeon-woo broke the 23rd floor. It was a car that got a lot of attention without showing its face for months.

Naturally, a large crowd came to understand things.

Edora and Pants also felt a sense of intelligence and squeezed the soldier's organs. Galilee turns her gaze to one side.

Just then, a group of people appeared.

The herd in red armor. He was like an army of a country in disarray.

The leader saw in the diary, so Yeon-woo ripened during the day.

Blood soup. Among other things, it's one of the many precious swords that dietary appetizers care about.

Marquis Caliban. 'He opened his mouth.

“The one and only, right?” The Summer Queen looked down at Troy and Tom's three authentic tabletops.

“This, along the edge of the eyes of the Wise Man's Stone • • Summer Queen, shined a strange mesh. Your grip on the tablecloth is full of strength.

In fact, the appearance of these tablecloths was too sudden. It's like a gift from heaven. As if to "intentionally" look at her.

It was her usual theory that there were no coincidences in the world.

As the last dragon, it was the truth I learned through a long life. Just as every small stone is made of numerous processes woven together like strings and cords under the packaging of causal fruit, none of the tablets appeared to be touched.

So the usual girl would have been skeptical about dropping the table or looking behind the scenes.

She couldn't afford it now.

The Petrified Dragon Heart was about to break apart, and the body was about to collapse.

At this rate, it was clear that all the powers that were barely holding on were also going away.

Fortunately, Despite the suspicious nature of Table Bon, there was nothing strange about the content. I've carefully examined the knowledge of the Dragon, but it contains only high level Alchemy knowledge.

Rather, the knowledge of the dragon had remained unexplored.

Rather, the Summer Queen felt a whole new frontier.

There is nothing wrong with the contents. There were no traps.

'Maybe if the Godly One took a stand and deliberately joked.' But I wasn't worried that it wouldn't happen.

The Summer Queen operated her magic based on the contents of the table. While the henchmen were making the Wise Man's stone, she intended to seal the dragon heart temporarily.

Then, the collapse of the Dragon Heart, which had been breaking at a rapid rate, slows down, and from one surface, it reaches a slight but restorative state.

The Summer Queen trembled with joy, and all the while, she was bound like a curse. Maybe I could go back to my old self soon.

She wanted to laugh. And I wanted to make fun of him in front of Haven Wing.

Look, you broke me like this, but in the end, you're dead and I'm alive. The Summer Queen is not dead. Rather, he will soon be reborn and eat Olfowon and go up to the 98th floor. Sacrifice him! The moment I was about to burst into laughter, I was like, "Ahhhh!" The Summer Queen screamed unknowingly.

The dragon heart, which seemed to be recovering, suddenly broke.

The lost magic spills out in a single burst of rum.

Magic circuits were broken, and the dragon factor collapsed.

And as the body dies, the collapse accelerates. The venom mixed with the magical power quickly begins to eat away at the body.

It was madness.